Honeymoons are generally a once in a lifetime experience, some couples plan their honeymoon long before they plan their weddings. At times, these honeymoon destinations can get very common, normal, even boring. There has to be another way to make this romantic time of newlywed partners than memorable. It has to be unforgettable, one of a kind, somewhat with an element of danger, and nothing anyone has ever seen before. Friends should see their pictures and go, whoa! Was that an elephant? This is an amazing villa! How did you get there?! There’s a bed on the, what? Under the… this is mind-blowing, comments like that.

Honeymooning has taken the game to a whole new level by taking the dive into a safari. Honeymoon safaris are not new, but they are not common either. For starters, most honeymoon destinations, those that are amazing at the very least, are crazy expensive. Not everyone can afford it. But not everyone gets married in their lifetime, so why not spurge, live a little? Secondly, a safari is not for everyone, it has a specific audience, so check with your soon-to-be wife or husband before booking one. But if you are the couple we are describing, read on and you might get some great ideas.

20 20. South Africa - Cape Winelands

A perfect romantic honeymoon means heading out to South Africa, to Kruger National Park and Cape Winelands. It’s a balancing combination of passion and danger. The Kruger National Park is an area of land that’s massive, 7,523 square miles and almost 150 different kinds of mammals roam it. On the other hand, Cape Winelands is an idyllic and picturesque vineyard that seemed to be made for honeymooning couples. The feel of the countryside, the view of the hills and vineyards, all makes romantic sense. It’s a luxurious experience with luxury accommodation as well. An unusual, but a complimenting romantic combination for new couples celebrating their honeymoon.

19 19. South Africa - Ulusaba Safari Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve

Knowing where to go is just half the plan in a successful honeymoon, one also has to know where to stay in that place. South Africa is a big place, and if you plan on having a nice safari, that’s all well and good. But if one is planning a honeymoon safari, then everything has to be ironed out. Ever found a search result that said Sabi Sand Reserve. The best accommodation in this place is the Ulusaba Safari Lodge. They specialize in honeymoon safaris and all couples are taken care of in this lodge. They guarantee a romantic time, 100 percent pampering, and a safari experience like no other.

18 18. Botswana - Little Mombo

Over to another part in Africa, the many safari destinations spread in this continent are also found in the country of Botswana. There are quite a lot of options to having a safari vacation in Botswana, but nothing like Little Mombo. New and improved, couples can have the honeymoon destination they’ve been dreaming of, one of comfort, privacy, seclusion, and Africa’s best wildlife areas. Little Mombo is the sister camp of Mombo Camp, the little sister. It overlooks a floodplain with tree islands and grass everywhere. Wildlife you can spot easily are the buffalo, blue wildebeest, giraffe, elephant, leopard, spotted hyena, and lions.

17 17. Botswana - Zarafa

Savute and the Linyanti areas in Botswana have romantic spots, take Zarafa for example. It’s a camp that specializes in luxurious and quintessential tented accommodations. Located in the private Selinda Game Reserve, the Zarafa Camp was called one of the greatest viewing regions in the world. It is a haven for photographers, with game spread all around the area, especially big predators. Here leopards and Selinda lions frequent if one’s lucky they’ll see a cheetah and the rare African wild dog. The camps are informal, meaning you can dress down to what you are comfortable with, but the service is first-class.

16 16. Botswana - Savute Safari Lodge

In Botswana, there is that most famous safari lodge, and in Botswana, that famous safari lodge is the Savute Safari Lodge. Overlooking the Savute Channel, the lodge is so exclusive, it only accepts 24 guests at a time. The facilities are built to provide comfort, privacy, and a romantic stay. For the full wilderness experience, they have a variety of options guests can choose from. Game drives, boat cruises, photographic safari, and many others give guests the chance to witness African wildlife. Rare animals are common here, like the tsessebe (a type of antelope), kudu, impala, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, and the ostrich.

15 15. Botswana - Walking with Elephants and Sleeping in Star Beds

Botswana is a country in southern Africa, right above South Africa and in between Namibia and Zimbabwe. This is where one will see the famous Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta. It’s a big, flat plain. In the whole of Botswana, with only 2 million people residing, there’s more wildlife than humans in this country. Couples can book a romantic 8-day Botswana Honeymoon Safari, complete with accommodations, transfers, day cruises and tours. Experience the unforgettable trek and walk with elephant herds and sleep in a comfy star bed with your sweetheart under the cover of the night sky and millions of stars.

14 14. Tanzania - Zanzibar

Ever wondered if Tanzania is a real country? It is. It’s a country in East Africa. What about Zanzibar? It is not a country, but a group of islands, four main islands, and forty-two smaller ones, in the Tanzanian territory. Zanzibar is a white-sand archipelago with ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site cities. Accommodations are not a challenge, there are the popular Mnemba Island Lodge and a few other great choices. Take a walk and wander around town and soak in the culture, or have a swim in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. Take trips to Spice Island, Stone Town, Pemba Island, or the beaches of Jambiani, Bwejuu, and Matemwe.

13 13. Tanzania - Serengeti Safari

Relax in your lodge overlooking a view of the grasslands of the Serengeti. Wake up to the sight of a herd of elephants, seen from your lodge. Staying in the Serengeti is not exactly like camping, it could be quite the opposite. Couples can choose to stay in canvas tents for the full safari experience, but if they want comfort, they can stay in walk-in tents with lavish utilities such as hot showers, quaint but luxurious bathrooms, with a matching personal assistant. Pick a spot on the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge and find that there is nothing else you’ll need, just the embrace of your partner.

12 12. Tanzania - Mnemba Island Lodge

Tanzania is home to grassland habitats and marine life as well. In the Zanzibar archipelago, there is animal life in the oceans, and even abundant right there on the shores, that would make a honeymoon safari experience that much more memorable and one of a kind. Take a ride in their dhows (the famous Zanzibar boats) and visit virgin islands. Watch dolphins swim in the clear waters, and take a walk in the wide seashores while holding hands with your partner. Mnemba Island Lodge offers a more than exclusive stay in their seaside cottages, blue safaris, and private tours. Enjoy the beach with the available water activities like kayaking and windsurfing.

11 11. Kenya - Solio Lodge, Solio Reserve

Tanzania is an East African country famous all over the world for the Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro. It also has some amazing national parks and conservation areas. One such area is the Solio Reserve, a protected and private wildlife park in Kenya that breeds the endangered black rhinoceros. In this vast 45,000 acre land there is only one place of accomodation, the Solio Lodge. Here is where couples spend their best honeymoons. Not only will they see black rhinos outside their window, they can also chance upon other animals, too, like the white rhino, giraffes, warthogs, zebras, and buffalos. Take a guided walk, or go mountain biking or even a horse ride, or go trout fishing in Aberdare National Park.

10 10. Kenya - Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

A hotel with giraffes as neighbors, it can’t get any wilder than that! In the Langata suburb of Nairobi, in Kenya, there’s an exclusive hotel standing on private 12-acre land, but not to giraffes. These giraffes, who seem to have gotten used to people, are Rothschild’s giraffes, they are not shy, but these are a giraffe breed that is in danger of getting wiped out and sent to extinction. But in Giraffe Manor they feel at home, even craning their long necks and peeking their heads into the hotel windows. Have a great honeymoon and breakfast with giraffes in this amazing manor in Nairobi, Kenya.

9 9. Kenya - Maasai Mara

Good classic films are shot in real locations and not studios, take Robert Redford and Meryl Streep’s Out of Africa. This was 100 percent shot on location in Africa. They filmed at numerous sites in Africa, but the best location was the one they used on the film’s poster. That is the Angama Mara, a lodge in the Maasai Mara. The Maasai Mara is like the city center of wild animals here in Kenya. There is no shortage of animals here, left or right, it’s easy to spot one, sometimes hundreds of them. Book a room in the Angama Mara and enjoy your honeymoon and then some, a hot air balloon ride, champagne breakfast, a walking safari, and pretend you’re Robert and Meryl, as the staff can set that scene up for you.

8 8. Zambia - South Luangwa

An important tip, to truly enjoy a honeymoon safari in South Luangwa, one must book it for a duration of at least 12 days. That’s four different destinations in 2 weeks. Kuyenda is the first stop, a bush camp with the authentic charm of old Africa. Feel the nature and animals right there with you. The next stop is the Zungulila camp, a peaceful place with a breathtaking view of the Kapamba river with the plains teeming with grazing animals. Next, they’ll take you to Lake Malawi, there you’ll stay in Nkwichi Lodge. Enjoy a lakeside view with unparalleled tranquility. Close out your honeymoon in Kaya Mawa, one of the top lodges in Africa.

7 7. Mozambique - Benguerra Island

Safaris in Mozambique are clearly underwater or marine, or blue safaris, so pack your bathing suits and get ready to have a honeymoon dipping in the Indian Ocean. A pure and powdery, sandy coastline, perfect for early morning and sunset walks. Enjoy fresh seafood, from sea to table, and swim in the waters and feel like it’s a big warm bathtub. Benguerra Island is the second largest island in Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago, it has a protected marine conservation area perfect for snorkeling. If lucky, you will see creatures like whale sharks, manta rays, and dugongs. Accommodations are also great, with luxurious options for the honeymooning guests.

6 6. Namibia - Sossusvlei & Skeleton Coast

A coastal area called Skeleton Coast, and a desert honeymoon safari in the Namib desert, it could not get any weirder than that. The Namib desert is a massive land, mountainous with a challenging and rocky terrain, 10-million acres big, with streaks of golden dunes and the Atlantic Ocean to the right. One might think this place has nothing to offer a honeymooning couple, but that would be wrong to assume. In fact, they offer luxurious romantic getaways, promising it to be epic and memorable. The rugged terrain is really peaceful, and the visitor gets to experience wildlife in both the desert habitat and the Atlantic Ocean marine life. Seal colonies on the coastline, then lions, elephants, and rhinos in the dunes. It’s a definitive safari immersion for the adventurous couple.

5 5. Namibia - Little Ongava

Little Ongava is located outside Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Much like Little Mombo, Little Ongava has a big sister, the Ongava Lodge. This particular lodge is so exclusive, they only offer three luxurious suites, and all of them perfect for honeymooning guests. The wildlife scenery of Little Ongava is one of the best and one of the top romantic safari destinations in Namibia. It’s situated near a waterhole, so animals will often wander the grounds for a little refreshment every day. With impeccable service and five-star accommodations, complete with an outdoor plunge pool/viewing deck, enjoy the wildlife of Africa in every comfortable way imaginable.

4 4. Seychelles - Fregate and North Islands

Isolated beaches and islands are nothing new when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Do not lump the Fregate Island and the North Island in that particular distinction. These islands are two of the most beautiful islands in the world. Seychelles is a far away group of islands that is miles away from the nearest civilization. It’s the marquee destination for honeymooning couples looking for privacy, elegance, spectacular views, perfect seas and shores, and safari adventures all in one package. North Island accommodates just 11 guests at a time, Fregate Islands, just 16. They prioritize seclusion and intimacy for their guests. Underwater safaris would get you and your sweetheart acquainted with whale sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and giant tortoises at the shores; 600-pound behemoths called the Aldabra Tortoise.

3 3. Rwanda

National parks usually are designated by the government of a country for purposes of protecting and preserving a certain kind of wildlife in the area’s habitat. Much can be said of the Rwanda National Parks, they not only have one, they have three. Not only do these places serve as a safe haven for endangered species, it also is a perfect destination for couples celebrating their newfound love. The ultimate wildlife encounter that Rwanda is proud of just might be the one couples are looking for. It’s a hike through Volcanoes National Park, through jungle and bamboo forests, into the home of the mountain gorillas. An hour with these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is enough to give you a natural high that could last for weeks.

2 2. Canada - Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Africa is too far, isn’t it. Well, don’t get disappointed, because our polite neighbors up there in the north have a resort that specializes in safari honeymoons. Introducing the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada. Surrounded by acres and acres of thick rainforest, here in Clayoquot, couples can choose from activities such as an aerial scenic tour, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and fishing. You can witness animals from bears to whales in their free and natural state, as the resort has scheduled bear and whale watching tours. It’s a luxurious and expensive resort, but with very wild and very safari activities.

1 1. India - Samode Safari Lodge, Madhya Pradesh

Safari honeymoons also made their way to the far east. India is yet another country that caters to the adventurous honeymooning couple. There is a lodge in a very remote part of India that promises a romantic ambiance, a relaxed aura, and private moments all the way. It has only 12 villas, each of them with its own swimming pool, spa, and indoor/outdoor bathrooms. For nourishment, you won’t pick them in the shrubs, they serve four-course lunches and gourmet dinners that are served around a campfire, if the guests wishes. Enjoy a morning safari and chance upon tigers, leopards, and a huge variety of tropical birds. This is the Samode Safari Lodge in the Mardhari Village of Madhya Pradesh in Bandhavgarh, India.

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