For some, it truly doesn’t get any better than a sweat filled workout after a long and hard day. Most fitness enthusiasts love to workout due to the fact that for that hour or two, the stresses of life just seem to vanish. It’s just you and the weights or that cardio machine.

A gym setting is key to one’s experience. The first gym opened up back in 1852; the Boston Young Men’s Christian Union claims to be the first ever American made gym. We have only seen that trend grow in the years that followed. Nowadays it isn’t hard to find a gym wherever you are. However, there is something to be said on the quality of a gym. A place like Planet Fitness just doesn’t cut it for everyone.

In this article, we take a look around the world featuring some of the best gyms, and we chose diversity as a theme. We highlight the finest gyms in terms of luxury and decor. However, we also include fine Cross-Fit establishments along with must visit gyms for those meat-heads out there. Outdoor gyms will also be featured in the article. We go around the world from The Mecca Gold’s Gym in California all the way to Oxygen Gym in Kuwait.

Enjoy the article fitness junkies, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Maybe one day you can cross a couple of these destinations off of your bucket list. Here are 20 of the best gyms from around the world fitness enthusiasts need to travel to. We begin with a unique outdoor gym setting offering a unique experience you won’t forget.

20 Tulum Jungle Gym – Tulum, Mexico

Heading over to Mexico? Are you in need of a serious pump? Well there truly is no better place than the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Beach Gym”, located on the beautiful Tulum beach. It is one of the top tourist attractions with its unique weight display located just in front of the water.

The facility is open on a daily basis from 8 to 5. However, it’s a little pricey. A day pass goes for $25 US. However, given the uniqueness of the gym it is definitely worth the visit and admission fee. You’ll likely be posting a ton of pics to your social media account, whether it be using the cool machines or funky weights and barbells.

19 Muscle Beach Gym – Venice Beach

It would be sad not to include one of the fitness Meccas out there, Muscle Beach Gym to our list. Muscle Beach was founded way back in the 1930s, if you can believe it, and the trend continues to stay hot these days.

If you’re visiting the Los Angeles, California area, it is a must stop for any fitness lover out there. Working out in the outdoor setting is also affordable (at the modest price of $10 per session). You can also choose to watch with various events on display or even some of the top weight lifters in the world getting a good sweat on.

18 Doherty’s Gym – Brunswick, Australia

Australia is another country with a strong community of fitness enthusiasts. Fitness type expos take place in the area yearly - one of the preferred fitness destinations for some of the most popular trainees is the historical Doherty’s Gym. It is a unique and compact setting, making it a must. You get an old school vibe in the facility, and for that reason lots of fitness YouTubers make it a must when they head to Australia.

The gym originated back in 1994 opening up in a small warehouse setting. That has changed these days with various locations. But wait, there’s more, you can train at the gym any time you want; it’s always opened 24 hours/day! Weekly passes are also extremely affordable, starting at just $15.

17 Oxygen Gym – Kuwait

Meat heads be aware, Oxygen Gym isn’t the type of fitness facility in which you can slug around weights and grunt uncontrollably (unlike some of the other hardcore gyms on the list). In truth, the gym setting looks like a fancy hotel from the outside. Fitness enthusiasts have posted videos to YouTube and the gym seriously looks like a paradise.

The lobby itself looks as though it’s the size of the average gym. The amount of space in the facility is truly remarkable. If you like top of the line equipment and your own space; then Oxygen Gym is definitely worth the visit.

16 Barbell Brigade – Los Angeles, California

We have chosen to include a wide variety of gyms on this list. We have lots of hardcore gyms, along with some of the finest and most luxurious establishments. However, we also must give a shout-out to Cross-Fit-like gyms such as Barbell Brigade. In truth, you can easily complete any type of workout at the gym. It is known for lifting big weights on its various squat and deadlift platforms. Once again, with various fitness conventions in the LA area, Barbell Brigade is a preferred destination for lots of popular fitness enthusiasts.

Don’t worry if you’re a dumbbell guy, the fitness location has up to 200 pound dumbbells. It also includes 11 flat and incline bench presses along with various other pieces of equipment. It's a lot more than just a Cross-Fit gym.

15 Green Heart Outdoor Gym – Shaw Park, UK

When it comes to Green Heart Gym, it is the total opposite of New York’s Bev Francis establishment. However, even for hardcore lovers it would be an experience they'd never forget. The layout of the gym looks like a playpen that’s basically made up of fitness equipment. A couple of bros out there might be salivating at that thought.

The goal of the outdoor gym is to basically turn people power into electricity. Yes, it is pretty advanced to say the least. The outdoor gym uses the energy from the machines and converts it into useable electricity. You won’t find a bench press but you’ll leave the setting with an unforgettable experience.

14 Embody Fitness – Dubai

Just hearing about a gym in Dubai, you would figure the fitness facility is likely to be top notch. Heck, the decor in the main lobby looks better suited for a high-end Wall Street office in New York. The establishment promotes luxury items along with World Class results - we're not sure about the results but luxury is a guarantee.

You can find the gym in Dubai’s legendary Lamborghini headquarters. The view alone is worthy of the admission price in truth. It is the largest gym in Dubai and it includes various must-see sections such as a private VIP Olympic quality room along with what they call 'private training studios'.

13 Makeshift Gym – Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Heading to Brazil? If so, Copacabana Beach needs to be a destination you make a pit stop at. You’ll find the amazing Makeshift Gym located on the sandy Rio de Janeiro beach.

Like the Tulum beach gym setting earlier in the article, the layout is just so unique. It truly doesn’t get any better than showing off that beach body you worked so hard for while getting your sweat on. With the strong Brazilian sun hitting your skin during the workout, you’re destined for one of the greatest pumps of your fitness career. The unique dumbbells and barbells just add to the experience.

12 Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym – Syosset, New York

So we touched on an outdoor gym and a luxurious gym in the last two entries. If you’re more of a meat and potatoes guy when it comes to fitness, then Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym in New York is the place for you.

It’s a historical gym with lots of bodybuilders and athletes making a pit stop in the past. Hardcore gym lovers would salivate at the old school vibe that this New York gym has to offer. Sweat, growth and groaning is definitely allowed! A gym with such a history and regarded as the top fitness destination on the East Coast, the price tag for a day pass is quite pricey at $25.

11 City Athletic Club – Las Vegas, Nevada

Aside from the "passionate bro", most people who choose Vegas as a vacation destination really aren’t thinking about which gym to hit. Instead, the area is littered with casinos, fine dining and high class night clubs. However, the City Athletic Club might be worth the pit stop. It is one of the most luxurious fitness centers in the world. You’ll feel like you’re in a Vegas club given the decor and lighting inside of the beautiful fitness facility.

The gym isn’t small with 48,000 square feet. It includes various rooms such as private exercise studios, the largest free weight section in Vegas, a double level cardio section and much, much more.

10 Equinox Luxury Fitness Club – Vancouver, British Columbia

For those familiar with the Equinox name in the fitness industry you are likely well aware that the locations tend to be of the high-end nature. Take a quick glance at photos from the Vancouver, Canada setting and you’ll be amazed by its decor and high quality machines and weights.

You can find the gym in various cities across both the US and Canada. If you plan on making a pit stop in beautiful Vancouver, it is definitely worth the workout. Voted the best gym in America by Fitness Magazine, it won’t disappoint when it comes to the luxury factor.

9 DAS GYM – Wien, Austria

DAS Gym in Austria is a heaven for the meat-heads out there. It is regarded as one of the top strength based fitness locations out there. The gym is massive and has even hosted bodybuilding competitions on the upstairs floor in the past. You can also find a full blade of artificial turf on the upstairs.

The gym is a magnificent setting to look at with a lounge area, various bodybuilding posters blown up and just about anything you can need in terms of a workout. This gym is suitable for all training types, whether it be a bodybuilder, Cross Fitter or even an endurance cardio junkie. You have plenty of space to do what you want in this awesome establishment.

8 Metroflex Gym – Arlington, Texas

Like Bev Francis Gym earlier in the article, Metroflex is another highly respected gym visited by various bodybuilders over the last couple of years. The establishment is regarded as the home of various bodybuilding icons such as Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren. For bodybuilding enthusiasts, that factor alone is worth the trip to this historical gym setting.

With dumbbells ranging from 5 to 250 pounds, you’ll find no shortage of weights, that’s for darn sure. The gym setting is also home to various events such as bodybuilding competitions. For Generation Iron type of trainees; this is another must-visit gym to put on your bucket list.

7 Hydropark Outdoor Gym – Kiev, Ukraine

Old school? Yes. Barbaric? Yes. No nonsense? Yes. Outdoors? Yes. This gym just about checks everything a hardcore gym goer looks for. However, if you are more of a luxury-type trainee that needs fancy equipment and an air conditioned setting - then the Hydropark just isn’t for you. Located in Kiev, the blue rusty equipment makes the setting that much more unique. It looks like an abandoned park except instead of rusty equipment, it's fitness machines, dumbbells and barbells.

Again, we emphasize different in this article and rest assured training in this Ukrainian gym offers the chance at a workout you’ll never forget.

6 Muscleworks Gym – East London

It might be a tight space, however Muscleworks is another fitness Mecca located in the UK area. The classic bodybuilder photos that litter the gym might make you feel like you’ve time-warped back to the 70s or 80s. It’s such a cool and different feel, and the old school equipment is another fantastic part of the gym. Again, fans of luxurious gyms might want to stay away but those that love historical bodybuilding settings, Muscleworks is definitely worth a visit or two.

The gym has an extensive history, opened since 1985. You can even stop at the gift shop with various merchandise available, it’ll make the workout session one you won’t forget.

5 David Barton Gym – Westside, Los Angeles, California

David Barton’s gym in LA is another fitness facility that offers a gym goer one of the most unique experiences. In truth, the gym looks like a club out of the LA area. The decor is definitely one of a kind. The gym is upscale and pretty much tailor-made for anyone that loves luxury-type gym settings.

A 40,000 square feet facility, the gym is loaded with various classes on the daily. It also includes various rooms such as a strength training section, boxing ring, jacuzzis, MMA studio, cardio room, sauna and even a live DJ set. The facility seems like a place you can spend an entire day at, never mind a training session...

4 The Bunker Gym – Sydney, Australia

The Bunker Gym literally feels like you’re training in a bunker. But let’s be honest, it is no grungy bunker. Instead it is one of the coolest and most modern gym settings you’ll ever train at. It seriously looks like a massive basement gym (that we all dream of owning).

The slogan on the website describes the gym best: “descend beneath the city to enter a futuristic world of concrete, neon lights and brushed metal”. I bet we lost a couple of the bros out there who have already booked a ticket to Australia. Make this gym setting a priority if you’re planning a trip to the beautiful Sydney location. We assure you, you won’t regret it!

3 Emporium Gym – Birmingham, UK

You’ve likely heard of this gym in the past. UK is another country loaded with fitness junkies. Some of the best in the industry visit the area on the regular during fitness conventions. One of the stops normally made is at the grand Emporium Gym - one of the legendary fitness facilities in the Birmingham area. The gym has welcomed some of the best of the best in the industry; the likes of Kai Greene, Ulisses World and YouTuber Bradley Martyn have all busted out reps inside of the iconic location.

A simple setting with modern day fitness machines and dumbbells, it’s the perfect gym for a quick workout.

2 Sky Wellness – Beograd, Serbia

Located in Serbia, you would think that you're training in the future - like 50 years from now. The gym decor is just so different, from the fascinating outside structure to uniqueness on the inside. This is a must-see gym based off the decor alone. It’ll definitely give you a workout you’ll never forget.

The gym has just about everything you need from various pieces of cardio equipment to dumbbells and barbells. The gym also features a plethora of modern day machines enough to work any body part. Even if you just want to blow off some steam, a kickboxing section exists with various kicking and punching bags available.

1 Gold’s Gym Venice – Venice, California

Nope, Planet Fitness doesn’t come in at number one. Instead, we have placed 'the Mecca of bodybuilding' Gold’s Gym Venice as THE must-see fitness destination. Unlike the other gyms that sell luxury or a futuristic type of workout experience, the Mecca is worth the trip just based off of history alone.

Opened since 1965, you’re bound to run into a familiar face at the gym location, whether it be a well known bodybuilder or even a famous fitness YouTuber. Bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, most have already made the trip down to the Mecca. The question remains, have you? If not, pack up that gym bag and get ready!