Hulk is the most recognizable wrestler in the world. With all that success came lots and lots of traveling – that holds true today in his 60s whether it be WWE related projects or gigs outside of the company.

Hulk’s crazy travel schedule really took shape when he began in the wrestling industry. Prior to wrestling, Hulk was a local musician with his band Ruckus. So even if he didn’t make into wrestling, he would have traveled the world regardless, perhaps as a musician.

In 1977, Hulk chose wrestling and began touring the world, working for various different territories. A pit-stop with WWE changed everything and he would turn into a global icon. One of his most memorable trips has to be his visit to Madison Square Garden for WrestleMania I - decades later he still visits New York for various other gigs and partnerships.

In this article, we’ll highlight some significant pit-stops he made while on the road. We’ll go outside of the ring taking a look at behind the scenes photos of Hulk while traveling. We’ll include various airports from spots around the globe including Australia, Los Angeles, and Saudi Arabia. We’ll also include other candid road photos of Hulk pumping some iron at various gyms – these pics were sniped by onlookers and posted to the likes of Twitter. Enjoy the article folks. Let’s get started!

20 Arriving In Saudi Arabia

After a lengthy hiatus from the WWE, Hogan finally made his return to the company in November of 2018. At the request of those in Saudi Arabia, McMahon was asked to bring Hogan along despite his troubled status with the company. Hulk made the trip and he was the guest host for the night, although he only appeared in the opening segment.

Hogan made his way to Saudi Arabia alongside long-time partner Jimmy Hart. Hulk’s in full character mode arriving at the hotel, rocking his signature black and white NWO colors.

19 Backstage At The Saudi Arabia Event

The Saudi Arabia reps are smiling from ear-to-ear at the sight of Hulk Hogan. In fact, according to Chris Jericho, those holding the show in Saudi Arabia requested various wrestling stars from the 90s and even the 80s. Heck, according to Jericho, they even requested wrestlers that had passed away!

Fortunately, Hulk made the trip and just by looking at the photo above it is rather apparent that they seem pretty darn happy to have the Hulkster there. Flying so many hours across the world, they definitely appreciated Hulk’s presence.

18 Orlando Airport With Jimmy Hart

This fan just couldn’t help it - posted via Twitter, she decided to take a quick snipe of the Hulkster while he was boarding a flight at the Orlando airport. Seriously, wouldn’t you do the same knowing he’s getting on a flight and the odds of a photo alongside the wrestler are pretty much slim to none? Yea, you’d probably do the exact same thing.

However, Jimmy Hart looks less than enthused in the photo above, staring directly at the person snapping the pic. Hulk, on the other hand, is too busy getting his ticket and passport validated.

17 Arriving In Perth

Hulk doesn’t look like his normal self, sitting down while getting bombarded by fans at the Perth airport. There’s a reason he looks so down and a lot of that has to do with the flight time involved for this trip. According to Travel Math, it takes more than 23 hours to get to Perth, Australia from his home in Florida.

Given the lengthy flight, we assume he was feeling quite jetlagged not only because of the long flight but time change. Still, he finds the strength to sign some autographs, even if he is completely out of it.

16 Quick Snipe In Action At The Mecca

Yes, he is 65 but Hogan still has those pipes. By pipes, we’re talking about those muscles! Fitness enthusiasts might recognize the gym Hogan was spotted at, that’s The Mecca, Gold’s Gym located in Venice, California. A hot spot for some many tourists, it was only normal that Hulk got spotted by a slew of fans.

Wearing his all red attire, he was that much more noticeable. This fan wisely doesn’t distract Hogan during his exercise, though he does snap a quick pic.

15 Arriving At LAX With His Wife

Shortly after his separation, Hulk met Jennifer McDaniel back in 2008. By 2009, the two were already engaged and by 2010, they tied the knot making it official. Hulk is a very happy man these days alongside his wife who continues to stand by him amidst all the controversy.

The couple is spotted here entering the LAX airport. Hulk, being the gentleman that he is, actually opens the door for his partner. That’s something we really don’t see all that often these days so major props to Hulk.

14 Spotted At The Gym

Here we see the tough part of the road life. Staying in shape is very important, especially for someone like Hulk. However, that also means going out and about and training at different gyms. Given his iconic look, Hulk rarely flies under the radar, no matter what he wears. That goatee, bandana, and pythons are recognizable by just about anyone.

Nonetheless, he’s in good spirits taking this photo, smiling from ear-to-ear alongside a trio of long-time fans. On another note, props to Hulk for wearing a shirt with his face on it!

13 The Hogan Knows Best Days With Brooke & Nick

This throwback photo is from the days of Hogan Knows Best – a reality show that made its debut back in the early 2000s. In truth, Hulk doesn’t get enough credit as the VH1 show was one of the first ever reality-based shows to hit the airwaves. Hogan’s star status blew up with the show.

Both his daughter Brooke and son Nick were also on the show and they’re visible in the photo above, waiting at the check-in counter alongside their father. Only Hulk can pull off those shades indoors!

12 Sydney Airport A Decade Ago

Oh, man does time ever fly. This photo was taken a decade ago. Ironically, WWE finally returned to Australia in 2018, though Hulk wasn’t part of the show.

He has a huge fan base all over the world and that includes Australia. You can see fans in the back of him carrying t-shirts and toys - obviously, the goal is to get those signed. A great part about Hulk is that he’s great with the fans, always doing his best to give everyone an autograph and maybe even a picture.

11 At The Hogan’s Beach Shop

This is a behind the scenes photo of Hogan at his very own beach shop located in Clearwater, Florida, nearby his actual home. The location is quite the spot selling various Hulk Hogan memorabilia pieces from t-shirts to accessories to rare action figures.

And hey, who knows, you might even run into Hulk when visiting the store as he makes several appearances greeting fans that travel from around the world to see the shop in-person. Now that’s some serious love from all the Hulkamaniacs from around the world.

10 More Fans In Clearwater

Here’s a photo of the Hulkster out in Clearwater, this time he’s along the beach meeting fans. Just take a look at the long line across the Sunset Pier, yea, Hogan has a lot of fans and these meet and greets take place several times throughout the course of a year.

It really doesn’t get much better for Hulk enjoying the sun along the beach while meeting fans that admired his work for years and years. Hogan likely wishes all of his gigs were similar to this one.

9 Caught By The TMZ Cameras In New York

More than a couple of times, Hogan was caught by the TMZ cameras while on the road. In this particular case, he’s caught while traveling to New York, a pit-stop he’s made more than once in his lifetime. Who can forget his WrestleMania I appearance in Madison Square Garden, arguably the most memorable WWE event of all time and surely the most historic ever.

He wasn’t asked about wrestling but instead if he’d consider running for office. In true Hogan like fashion, he did admit to being interested.

8 Arriving At LAX

Hulk knows all about that California lifestyle. In fact, he left the world of wrestling during the 90s to pursue a full-time career in Hollywood. Although he was granted several gigs and even a couple of leads, things just didn’t work out as expected.

Soon enough, he was back to wrestling making a name for himself with WCW in an entirely different character – this time around he was a faction leader for the NWO group. Despite the Hollywood snub, he still visits the LAX airport very frequently.

7 On Vacation With His Wife

Given all of his success, Hogan definitely has money to spare. With his in-ring career done with, Hulk can now enjoy some of the finer things in life alongside his wife. One of them is riding around in a boat while enjoying some sun.

Hulk posted this selfie photo via his Twitter account. When he’s not traveling the world for appearances, he’s likely on a beach somewhere whether it be in Florida or elsewhere. Not a bad way to live, not a bad way to live at all!

6 At The Gym In Clearwater, Florida

This isn’t a photo of Hulk on the road at a gym but one he took in the Clearwater, Florida area alongside his trainer. Although he does visit lots of different gyms, this is the one he calls home. Just imagine attending a gym that Hulk’s a regular at, the motivation to pump some iron might be throwing the roof!

In all likelihood, he’s hassled a lot less at his regular gym as opposed to one out in public, somewhere in a hot tourist attraction area.

5 More Of Hulk At LAX

Even the photographer’s pulling a flex – this photo shows Hulk once again making a quick pit-stop at the LAX airport. In truth, he’s probably been there more than a dozen times. Hulk has traveled the world since the mid-70s when he first started in the wrestling industry.

Back in the day, wrestling companies were territorial; meaning the travel to work with different companies was quite common. We can only imagine the number of miles traveled by Hogan since that time more than 40 years ago!

4 Unofficial WWE Return

Hogan traveled to New Orleans for his unofficial WWE return. He took part in the Andre the Giant HBO special debut screening. Hulk’s appearance made lots of headlines considering he hadn’t been a part with the WWE for quite some time.

The trip helped his cause as only months later, Hogan was reinstated back into the Hall of Fame. Things continue to improve as he was also given the platform to speak about his late dear friend during an episode of RAW, Mean Gene Okerlund.

3 Behind The Scenes With Marc Mero

Needing an image change, Hogan needed nothing but positivity following all the controversy. A good way to start was connecting with Marc Mero. Mero the former wrestler turned into a motivational speaker visiting various schools and companies around the world.

Mero discusses his faults from the past openly – to his credit, he learned from his mistakes and he’s trying to let the youth of today avoid those same temptations. Hulk is on a similar path these days and one we all hope he comes out of better than before.

2 Heading To The Gym With His Wife

The paparazzi love to take photos of wrestlers however when it comes to Hogan, that works double given his popularity. Most of the time, Hulk doesn’t seem to mind but this time, he looks pretty darn irate with his gym bag and water bottle in hand. His wife wisely chooses to look away.

There is a lighter side to this photo and that’s the fact that Hulk is once again dawning his own name on his shirt – the guy is a branding machine!

1 From Tokyo To The Beach

Living in Florida yearly really isn’t a bad thing at all. Ever wonder why Hulk looks so tanned all the time? A lot of that has to do with his love for the beach, something he has easy access to back at home.

Hulk earned every bit of his beach time in the photo above. According to his Twitter post, he had just flown back home from Tokyo. Given the different climate and the insane flight duration, we can only imagine how much joy he felt dipping his toes in the sand and having that booming sun on his skin.