O' Canada! If you haven't been lucky enough to explore this beautiful country yet—you have to get on that. With its breathtaking scenery and friendly people, Canada should definitely be on your bucket list.

From the West Coast to the East Coast and everything else in between—Canada has a lot to offer travelers. It's the kind of place that is the best of both worlds, with both stunning skylines and lush nature.

Canada is an idyllic place to visit no matter the time of year as provinces and territories are full of fun things to do and incredible sights to see each and every season.

The picturesque country features the serene ocean, towering mountain tops, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, vast prairies and vibrant cities—just to name a few.

It's filled with hidden gems and beautiful spots that are so surreal—you will feel like you've been transported right onto a postcard.

Be inspired by the beauty of Canada and start plotting your next trip here. A good way to see Canada is by embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. You can easily drive through all the provinces by car or RV for a truly memorable experience unlike any other. This way you can travel at your own pace and spend as much time as you want in each place.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get some playlists ready for the epic ride and grab your friends for a road trip adventure you won't soon forget.

20 Whistler - Charming Mountain Town

A quaint little mountain town brimming with natural beauty and charm. Take a stroll through the adorable village or take on some epic adventures throughout any season of the year, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking and mountain biking.

It's also home to the serene Scandinave Spa with various cold and hot baths, saunas, steam rooms and hammocks. The spa is nestled right in the wilderness making it a peaceful getaway.

Whistler is one of the most beautiful places in BC and all of Canada. The drive there is also a memorable experience along the stunning Sea-to-Sky Highway.

19 Squamish - Explore The Sea To Sky

Also nestled along the Sea-to-Sky Highway in BC, Squamish is another adorable mountain town en-route to Whistler. In the Winter time, it's a great place to go back-country skiing or snowshoeing. During the Summer months, it's a hot spot for hikers and explorers.

The Sea to Sky Gondola makes it easy for tourists to access the mountain and have scenic views with a ride up to the top of the mountain. Once you arrive you can brave the heights and walk across an epic suspension bridge and then grab a bite at the restaurant overlooking Howe Sound.

18 Vancouver - It Has Got It All

It's easily one of the most stunning cities in Canada. The city of Vancouver has a lot to offer for locals and tourists alike. It's been put on the map since the 2010 Winter Olympics and tourism has grown immensely since.

Take a walk through Stanley Park, hit up one of the sandy beaches, indulge in its vast culinary scene or go for a hike in the North Shore mountains. No matter what you decide to do, you'll be rewarded with a pristine backdrop as it has it all, from the ocean and mountains to an abundant city life and culture scene.

17 Grouse Mountain - The Peak Of Vancouver

Known as being 'The Peak of Vancouver,' this gem is a must-visit. You can reach Grouse Mountain by embarking on a super steep hike known as the Grouse Grind, sometimes referred to as 'Mother Nature's Stairmaster.'

If you're not up for a hike, you can also get up there by taking a gondola up. Once you reach the top you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the city below. You can even see the resident Grizzly bears in a sanctuary at the top. It's a popular spot for both locals and tourists to go for a day of adventure and fun.

16 Tofino - Enjoy The Island Life

The abundant and picturesque Tofino is a popular place for beachcombing, surfing, hiking and taking a dip in the various hot springs. It's a great place to visit at any time of the year, especially in summer with warm weather.

But during the colder months, it's also a cool spot to do a cozy storm-watching tour, so no matter what time of year you choose for a trip—you really can't go wrong. Tofino has endless opportunities for places to see and explore. It's definitely a nature lovers paradise, pack your camera and get some unreal shots here.

15 Yoho National Park - A Little Slice Of Heaven

One of the most breathtaking parks you can find on earth. Yoho National Park is a little slice of heaven tucked away in beautiful British Columbia. It's also home to Emerald Lake which is a vibrant emerald-green colour—hence its name.

Stop here for a relaxing time in nature where you can hike, swim, kayak, canoe or literally any other outdoor activity you can think of. Its majestic clear waters are to die for—you must plan a trip here if you haven't been already. The pictures don't even do it justice—it really is heaven on earth.

14 Lake Louise - Hello, Paradise

Anyone who has traveled here knows it is the true definition of paradise—I mean, just look at it. Alberta has a lot of beauty and this spot just may be at the top of the list. It is easy to see why, with the incredible lake and mountains as the backdrop. It's incredible to see in the summer, obviously but don't let it being winter stop you from going either.

During the winter when the lake is completely frozen over, it's also an amazing sight to see. This is a destination everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.

13 Jasper - Spectacular Scenery

This place is totally a postcard come to life. The crystal clear waters and stunning mountain views reflected in the pristine water will keep you coming back again and again and again. It's also a great place to visit any season of the year. So, really you have no excuses not to make a trip out here at some point.

Jasper has many things to do and see, like hiking, kayaking, swimming and taking in all the serene surroundings around you. It's also home to an epic glacier ice walk and ice fields that will take your breath away.

12 Moraine Lake - Serene Beauty At Its Finest

If you're visiting Banff National Park then you should definitely make a stop at Moraine Lake. The glacially fed lake is just 14-kilometres outside of Lake Louise and is just as stunning. Enjoy the beauty of being in The Rockies with this luxurious escape into the wilderness.

It's a great place for hiking, kayaking, wildlife viewing and just soaking up the nature that surrounds you. The turquoise waters intensify in colour as the glaciers melt, making it a majestic backdrop for your photos. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and explore this jaw-dropping destination.

11 Regina - There's Something About The Prairies

If you're embarking on a road trip across Canada, there are lots of things to see in the prairies. Plus the capital city of Saskatchewan is Regina and while it may not be the first place you think of to visit, it is pretty spectacular. The charming city has the cutest museum, art gallery and architecture.

With beautiful gardens nestled amongst the elaborate buildings, the city has a lot of green space to offer. The quaint city is a vibrant spot for you to add to your Canadian adventures—don't waste any more time, get out there and start exploring.

10 Toronto - The Largest City In Canada

Another beautiful spot to take in the city life of Canada is none other than Toronto. It's the country's main entertainment hub and has a plethora of fun events and things to do both inside and outside of the city.

Take in all the sights there are to see, including the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Islands, Distillery District, High Park, Casa Loma and much more. Toronto is a bustling city that will keep you on your toes busy running around to do everything on your bucket list. There's something about those city lights at night that make it so magical.

9 Quebec City - Something For Everyone

This bucket list worthy spot has something to offer everyone, literally. Visit Quebec's incredible, old Chateau Frontenac and the whimsical Lower Town for a memorable experience you won't soon forget. The city is full of history, charm, beauty and of course—an impressive amount of intricate architecture for you to admire.

It's also home to the jaw-dropping Montmorency Falls and many other natural wonders. All of these elements make it the perfect spot to get some stunning photography in as it'll feel like you're in a postcard yourself.

8 Montreal - A Magical City

Head over to the picturesque Montreal—the largest city in Quebec for a truly enchanting experience. There's something so magical about walking down the cobblestone streets and taking in the scenery all around you. It features a lot of incredible architecture and history. While it's a beautiful place to visit all seasons of the year, there's something about the changing colours of Fall that make it even more special during those months.

While here, you should visit the Notre-Dame Basilica, Mount Royal Park, La Fontaine Park, Old Montreal, Saint Joseph's Oratory and much more.

7 Mont-Tremblant - A Cozy Escape

Another popular city in Quebec, Mont-Tremblant is especially best to visit in the winter months. It features a charming ski resort town for all the winter activities your heart could ever desire. It is set amongst the breath-taking Laurentian Mountains, just northwest of Montreal.

There's also a quaint little shopping village and pristine lakes for canoeing and kayaking for outdoor enthusiasts. During the Summer months, there are lots of lush hiking trails to immerse yourself in nature. Once you arrive here you will see why it's such a popular place to travel to and never want to leave.

6 Niagara Falls - An Iconic Destination

Discover these iconic waterfalls that are right on the international border of Canada and the US. Nestled in Ontario and New York, the stunning Rainbow Bridge links the two countries together. It's one of the most beautiful sights you can see in the world and it's not hard to see why.

Niagara Falls stands at an impressive 176-feet tall. Make sure to bring your camera to this spot to capture memories that will last for a lifetime. There's nothing more relaxing than listening to the rushing waters of these falls cascading down below.

5 Churchill - Polar Bears, Oh My!

Find this gem in Manitoba for a truly Canadian experience of epic proportions. What makes this place so unique is that there are only a few places in the world to see polar bears in the wild.

This is the ultimate bucket list item, especially if you're an animal lover. Watch these incredible creatures in their natural habitat for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you won't regret it. Churchill may be cold but it has some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever come across. Enjoy the pristine snow and the polar bears roaming around for the best photo-opp imaginable.

4 Nova Scotia - The Maritimes Are The Place To Be

See the beauty of the East Coast right before your very eyes and dip your feet in the Atlantic Ocean. You can see incredible wildlife here including seals and adorable puffins. Take up a number of water activities like kayaking, canoeing and swimming.

The Bay of Fundy is an incredible destination, known mostly for its whale watching expeditions. There's so much to see and do here, including a visit to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Citadel Hill, Kejimkuji National Park and the Halifax Harbour for some lively entertainment and scenic waterfront views.

3 PEI - Underrated Sanctuary

The small and quaint Prince Edward Island is truly a gem that more people need to visit. Here you will find stunning red-sand beaches, magical lighthouses, vast farmland, interesting architecture and much more.

Its cuisine is also unmatched, with fresh seafood like lobster and mussels. Visit the capital, Charlottetown, to see Victorian-style buildings, a charming theatre and an impressive art gallery.

This place is simply gorgeous with its small-town vibes and all the natural beauty. Make a trip here for a vacation filled with scenic views, delicious food and friendly people.

2 Whitehorse - See The Northern Lights

Visit Whitehorse in the Yukon for a chance to see the Northern Lights. The mesmerizing and vibrant colours dance across the night sky like Mother Nature putting on a show just for us. It's one of the most spectacular sights the area has to offer.

The Northern Lights are one of the wonders of the world that everyone should experience. There's really nothing quite like it and even photos don't do enough justice for the true beauty of seeing it first-hand.

1 Newfoundland And Labrador - Experience The Beauty

Plot a trip here to explore incredible cliffs, cascading waterfalls and glacial fjords. You should also visit the capital city St. John's to explore the iconic 17th century Signal Hill citadel with a scenic and lush hillside walking trail.

The postcard-worthy province is known as being the Ireland of Canada, with a rich Viking heritage. There are so many beautiful places to explore here including Gros Morne National Park, Western Brook Pond, Cape Spear, the East Coast Trail and Terra Nova National Park—just to name a few. It's such an epic landscape it doesn't even feel like real life.

Feeling inspired? These beautiful places that you may see plastered on postcards are just waiting for you to explore. Start planning your trip to Canada for an epic adventure.

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