20 Awkward Things People Do At Destination Weddings

When a couple gets engaged, they have a few options for wedding venues, but the biggest question is usually if they're going to get married at home or on a beach somewhere.

Destination weddings have become really big business and many people find them simpler than planning a wedding closer to home since you can buy a package and then all of the food, decor, etc. are taken care of.

For the guests, though, destination weddings can be a bit more complicated than attending a wedding at a place in their own city or town. And they might not behave the same way, either.

There are definitely some less than perfect things that can happen when you decide to tie the knot by the beach or somewhere equally fabulous that requires a plane ride.

Read on to find out 20 awkward things people do at destination weddings.

20 Taking A Date When You Were The Only One Invited

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According to Smarter Travel, it's super important to make sure that you can bring someone to the destination wedding that you've been invited to.

You can't take a date if you weren't given a plus one... but some people do this, and it's definitely awkward. In practical terms, they won't have a seat at the reception dinner, but besides that, it's just not good behavior.

19 Complain About Being Invited (When It's A Fun Vacation, Too)

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A lot of people have shared on Reddit that they didn't want to attend the destination weddings that they were invited to. They said it wasn't fair for someone to basically tell them what trip they would be taking.

It seems strange that people complain about getting these invites. After all, you get to go to a fun wedding and then get a vacation out of the whole deal, too.

18 Not Buying A Wedding Present

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According to some posts on Reddit, a lot of people also feel that there's no way that they will buy a present for the married couple. Their reason? They're shelling out for the destination wedding.

It seems pretty awkward to go to a wedding without a gift... even something small.

17 Saying You'll Go... And Then Staying Home

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Something else that people actually do at destination weddings that is super awkward? They say that they'll go and then they stay home, which is a really awful thing to do to your friends or family who are engaged.

As Huffington Post explains, "in general, you're costing the couple somewhere between $400 and $600 per person."

16 Partying At The Reception Too Much

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Coveuter says that some people will party way too much at the reception when they attend a destination wedding, which is definitely awkward.

This is a problem that a lot of couples run into no matter where they're getting married, but it seems like it would be worse at a wedding abroad. People are in vacay mode so they're intent on having a better time than usual.

15 Actually Ruining The Venue

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Smarter Travel brings up the problem of people going to a destination wedding and then actually ruining the venue. They have too much of a good time. This will cost money and your friends or family members who are tying the knot aren't going to be too pleased or impressed with you.

14 Getting Jealous Of Other Guests Who Got To Hang Out With The Bride Or Groom More

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This really happened to one bride who shared her story on Reddit, and it's pretty confusing.

It does make sense, though, since you're essentially having a week-long wedding that includes a lot of quality time with your good friends. It's easy to see that people could get envious... even though it would make things super awkward.

13 Taking Your Children When It's A No Kids Allowed Wedding

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According to Smarter Travel, taking your children to a destination wedding is a massive no-go if the wedding is a child-free zone.

It's easy to imagine how incredibly awkward it would be if your friends showed up and they had their little ones in tow. There wouldn't be place settings for them or anything for them to do.

12 Complaining That The Couple Even Had A Destination Wedding

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Thanks to a story on CNN, we know that people do complain about friends or relatives having a destination wedding.

It seems super strange that people would whine about this. Don't they want to be invited to a big life event like a wedding? Wouldn't not getting invited be so much worse?

11 Not Actually Sending In AN RSVP Then Expecting To Show Up

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Coveuter mentions that people shouldn't ignore the whole "please RSVP to this destination wedding" thing and then expect that they can show up.

This would make things awkward and tough on the bride and groom, who aren't sure how many people are going to come after all. That makes it impossible to plan the food and reception.

10 Not Wanting To Follow The Whole Schedule

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The schedule for a destination wedding is pretty different from a wedding back home. There is usually a welcome dinner, maybe a rehearsal, the ceremony and reception, and maybe a brunch the day after.

It's easy to see that guests might not want to follow the whole schedule since they figure they're on vacation... but that's not fair.

9 Wanting The Plane And Hotels Paid For

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According to Destination Wedding Details, "You should only pay for the reception dinner and drinks, as well as any other events that you arrange."

But people on Reddit say it's too big an expense and it seems like a lot of destination wedding guests want the plane and hotels totally paid for by the bride and groom.

8 Putting Everything On Social Media Without Seeing If The Bride Is Okay With That

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Refinery 29 mentions that it's only fair and polite to see if the bride is cool with you posting various aspects of the wedding on your social media accounts.

This gets more awkward at a destination wedding because maybe the couple wants it to be a small wedding and they would rather that people didn't do this.

7 Crashing The Couple's Honeymoon When They Didn't Want That

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As a bride told Business Insider, "What we didn't expect was for their extended vacation plans to be identical with our honeymoon itinerary."

It's crazy to think that people actually do this, but since a destination wedding is also basically a trip to a nice location, it seems like this problem would come up more often than not.

6 Saying The Bride And Groom Should Cover Food The Whole Time, Too

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Refinery 29 says,  "Make no mistake: Destination weddings are expensive. You should approach planning this trip like you would any other vacation. Guests are expected to come prepared."

Guests seem to have high expectations about what they should get for coming (besides, you know, attending the wedding of a couple who are in love).

5 Wearing Super Casual Clothing

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According to Vogue, wearing nice, fancy clothing is definitely a must at a wedding, and this totally applies to destination weddings, too.

It seems like people would come in really casual clothing since they're in beach/vacation mode, and that's incredibly awkward. It would be a shame to look out at the crowd during your ceremony and see people in beachwear.

4 Expecting A Welcome Present When You Get There

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Islands.com mentions that it's really nice when the bride and groom will have welcome presents for the people who are coming to their destination wedding.

But it does seem kind of rude to expect this to happen, so if you go to a destination wedding and there are no welcome presents, it seems like you should assume that the couple is already paying a ton and just didn't want to shell out more.

3 Bugging The Couple During The Wedding Festivities About Details

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According to Martha Stewart Weddings, people will totally bug the couple when the wedding time has already started and want to know about a lot of different details.

As the publication explains, "That information is generally available on their wedding website or as an enclosure card in their invitations, so be sure to look for it before asking the couple personally."

2 Leaving The Reception Super Early

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Oyster.com says leaving the reception really early isn't a nice or polite thing to do. Guests do this because they act like they're on vacation so of course, they can do whatever they want.

If you were getting married and you noticed people doing this, you would feel pretty bad and wonder why they were being so insulting.

1 Ignoring Everyone And Staring At Your Phone The Whole Time

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Vogue mentions that a lot of people will use their cell phone a lot to take snapshots of the wedding, which is weird when the bride and groom have a photographer.

It also seems awkward to ignore everyone in favor of your phone. This seems like the most awkward thing that guests could do at a destination wedding, actually. Don't you want to have an epic time on the beach with your good friends and celebrate the happy couple?

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