20 Awkward Family Photos Taken On Cruise Ships

There are many benefits to going on a cruise: There is, of course, all of the food and all of those drinks. There are pit stops at fabulous locales. There are adventures on and off the boat, such as swimming with dolphins, laughing at a comedy club, getting a massage and tanning. And there are memories that are just waiting to be made.

However, some people choose to capture the memories with cruise photos, and some of these turn out to be super awkward.

From the poses that the photographers suggest and the questionable outfits that people choose to wear on the ship to the candid moments that are, unfortunately, caught on camera then shared online, there's a lot that can go wrong. Fortunately, we can learn what not to do from the 20 mistakes down below.

20 All Hands On Deck

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On certain nights during a cruise, guests get all dressed up and can take a formal photo together, in order to look back on the trip for years to come. Were all of these hands placed in all of these spots really necessary, though?

19 Gorgeous Backdrop

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At least once while on a cruise, a family will want to take a picture with the blue ocean behind them. However, when this photo was snapped, there was also something else behind them… and it would seem like whoever took the photo would have noticed and had them move!

18 And Another Gorgeous One

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Obviously, the people in these pictures are the focus, but everything else that ends up being snapped is going to be put on display, as well. That being said, it is very unfortunate that this is what these two have to look back on from their cruise.

17 She’s Not Impressed

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A tropical vacation may come with a tropical-themed form of entertainment with tropical-themed costumes like this one. And while many would love to take a pic with this festive man, this woman was far from impressed or excited, judging by her face.

16 A Vacation To Remember

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As mentioned, cruises offer excursions, such as swimming with dolphins, and people like to buy photos from these moments. Is this the face one would make during this time? Is this the photo that someone would like to take home and show off?

15 Not A Fan Of The Captain?

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The captain and the crew help make the ship and the trip what they are. However, when this woman went to shake this hand, she made this face, giving the world this hilarious and awkward cruise photo.

14 Say Cheese!

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Those who eat in the dining rooms on ships may get their photos taken, as seen here. What did this woman see? What was she reacting to in this moment? And was she pleased with this memory that was captured?

13 The Couple That Rides A Dolphin Together…

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Another vaca adventure brought about this image, and it is another confusing and awkward one. Out of all of the poses, this is the one they chose. And out of all of the images from this trip, this is the one the world knows.

12 Someone Is Camera Shy

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Not everyone enjoys having their picture taken, but a person can tell a photographer no while on the ship. Instead of doing that, though, this woman just threw a napkin over her head… Her poor dinner partner!

11 Anything To Get That Kiss

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Up above, there were some examples of times when the photographer really should have had the subjects move, in order to change up a not-so-great backdrop. Here, the photographer and the couple should have been paying attention and waited to take the pic, clearly.

10 That Hat Was A Choice

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It seems like this couple wanted to take a nice little getaway together, and at least one photograph was taken of them during that time. However, the final product was… well, a bit awkward.

9 Safety First

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On a cruise, a team goes over safety measures, just in case. And while it is good to know where the life vests are and how to put them on, this family probably didn’t need them while on the ship and while taking this picture.

8 Aren't Cruises Fun?

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Cruise photographers love to take photos of people getting on and off the ship, and it is usually a very thrilling time. That is not evident by this example, though! Were these people forced to go on an unwanted trip or something?

7 One Big Happy Family

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On a similar note, there is this group in front of this ship picture. Imagine this being the one souvenir from a cruise; it would not make anyone else want to set sail, that’s for sure. They could have at least tried to smile.

6 Grandmas Gone Wild

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Now, if this is the one image people had of cruises, then they certainly may want to head out ASAP! It would be very interesting to learn the true story of what was going on when this picture was snapped...

5 It’s Fashion, Look It Up

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On a cruise, one will see a variety of outfits, from super fancy evening gowns and very casual swimsuits to things like this. It may be a sort of awkward photo, but these two are owning it and seeming to have a good time!

4 This Trip Is All About Mom

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There are so many pics of people posing in front of blue waters, but there are not many like this one… This mother apparently really wanted to be the focal point, forcing her family members to pose for one unique pic.

3 Power Stance

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This man wanted to commemorate his time on the ship, and for some reason, he decided to hoist his leg up onto the top rail. And the outcome was yet another awkward cruise photograph.

2 Who’s Ready To Party?

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Besides strange family poses in formal wear, there are also themed photo ops on ships, such as this festive one. So many questions come to mind, but hey, at least they look like they are having fun together.

1 What Happens On A Cruise...

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And then there is this last image here, of a man who maybe enjoyed the all-one-can-drink policy too much. It may not be his best look, but it did give the internet and the world another funny photo to enjoy.

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