If you ever want to make a couple of bucks, try becoming a pro athlete. Yeah, a lot easier said than done, however as you’ll see in this article, the perks can be absolutely ridiculous. We take a look at the personal lives of some of the most popular athletes from around the world, highlighting their living space. Seriously speaking, whether it be the decor of the ins and outs of the homes or their spectacular backyards, these estates can resemble a luxurious getaway resort. We’ll take a look at MJ’s crib in the last entry and we seriously think that instead of selling it, he’ll have better luck turning it into a hotel. With various areas such as a golf course, basketball court and weight training facility, it can be a dream getaway for sports lovers.

So sit back and relax; we just require that you grab one thing, and that’s a napkin... you’ll likely be drooling throughout this article looking at the stunning estates. We feature top tier athletes from around the world, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA and even WWE athletes make up the list. We also feature European soccer stars and tennis players. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 20 athletes that live in homes that are so luxurious, they look like resorts. Let’s get started!

20 Tiger Woods – Jupiter, Florida

Despite his rocky past, Woods managed to weather the storm and he is still among the highest paid athletes in the world. As of 2018, he has a net worth of $740 million, a remarkable number when you assess his divorce settlement as well.

His home in Jupiter, Florida resembles a resort... literally. Have you ever been to a resort with a huge golf course? Well for Tiger, that’s his reality (every single day) as he has a massive 12-acre practice course. The mansion isn’t too shabby either, resembling a resort hotel. Tiger moved into the home back in 2011. It is said that he paid $54.5 million for the stunning property.

19 Tom Brady – Brookline, Massachusetts

When you combine the salaries of Brady and his wife Gisele, you would figure that the couple made such a purchase. However, the breathtaking home might be even better than what most expected. In all seriousness, it looks like a prestigious castle hotel most of us would not be able to afford.

The mansion includes five rooms along with separate walk-in closets. The massive home also features a private gym and personal chef, so yeah, it is basically the dream of any gym goer out there. As if that wasn’t enough, they also invested in a stunning New York condo by the company, 70 Vestry.

18 Conor McGregor – Las Vegas, Nevada (The "Mac Mansion")

Conor McGregor’s net worth surged following a bout against Floyd Mayweather. Cashing in $85 million, one of his first purchases included a family trip. However, he could have easily settled for some relax time in either of his homes, whether it be in Dublin or Vegas.

The Nevada home in particular resembles a polished, high class private resort. The home is more than 11K square feet, and includes six bedroom and ten bathrooms. The backyard is especially stunning featuring a fantastic pool and breathtaking BBQ set. The house design is also very modern, any high end athlete wouldn’t mind spending a night in Conor’s Vegas home, which is rightfully titled, the "Mac Mansion".

17 Lindsey Vonn – West Hollywood, California

Lindsey Vonn made her name on the slopes as one of the most popular skiers from around the world. However, she became an endorsement giant which expanded her name even more. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that she once owned this prestigious and luxurious West Hollywood residence - though it should be noted that a couple of months ago, Variety reported that she sold the property.

The home is worth just under $4 million. It’s a 4,000 square foot home, however the decor inside takes your breath away. From the glass wall at the entrance to the stunning outdoor terrace, most folks would be taking selfies for days in such a home.

16 John Cena – Road Land O Lakes, Florida

Similar to The Rock, John Cena started off in pro wrestling and he’s now branching out into Hollywood. However, even before he entered the entertainment capital, Cena was the proud owner of this luxurious home and one that looks similar to a private and secluded resort. That’s especially true when you take a look at his closed off backyard, featuring a stunning waterfall inside of the pool.

The floors are covered in top of the line Italian marble. A cigar lounge and stunning guest house would make any commoner feel as though they're visiting some top tier hotel for the night.

15 Derek Jeter – Tampa, Florida

When you can become the CEO of a team, that’s when you know that decent coin was made throughout your career. The long-time Yankee has a remarkable net worth of $185 million. He put those dollar bills to good use purchasing a luxurious property most of us would assume is a hotel or a private and secluded hot spot for VIPs only.

The mega home features a whopping seven bedrooms along with nine bathrooms. He’s happy in the Miami area these days with another property as well. It should be noted that he sold his Trump Tower condo penthouse a couple of years back.

14 Cristiano Ronaldo – Madrid, Spain

Over in North America, sports fans really haven’t taken notice of this soccer legend as much as they should. He’s scoring at a remarkable pace, becoming Europe’s finest athlete. And oh, along with being the best soccer player in the world (sorry Messi), he also has an astounding $400 million net worth.

He plays for Real Madrid, so his residence is in the area. The luxury villa is worth just under $5 million Euros, which somehow seems like a steal given the insane decor inside of the home. The backyard alone is enough to make your jaw drop, most of would be thrilled to see such a setup at any resort.

13 Alex Rodriguez – Coral Gables, Florida

Like friend/foe Derek Jeter earlier in the article, Alex has made a fortune during and after his MLB career. Arguably one of the greatest hitters of all-time, A-Rod has a net worth of $300 million. As if having J-Lo by his side wasn’t enough, Alex also owns a stunning Florida property.

The home is truly stunning and one that Alex himself was extremely hands-on with. During an interview with Architectural Digest, A-Rod explained how proud he is of the breathtaking living space;

“This house was the collaboration of a dream team. The words I kept thinking were long term.I kept imagining my kids rushing home from college for the holidays.”

12 Wayne Gretzky – Thousand Oaks, California

Yes, hockey players are able to save a buck or two as well. The greatest player of all-time saved his money wisely and he’s worth over $200 million. Hey, here’s a thought; have you ever gone to a fantastic resort and a couple of years later told your friend or partner, “hey, you want to go back?” Well, that’s the case with Wayne, except we’re talking about his stunning California home that he recently repurchased.

A 12,000 square foot property, Wayne repurchased the house most recently after the prior owner declared bankruptcy. The home is truly ridiculous and like a hotel. It includes a pool, spa, tennis court, outdoor kitchen and even a couple of guest houses.

11 Rory McIlroy – Palm Beach, Florida

Tiger isn’t the only golfer making a decent living. Rory has an impressive net worth as well, estimated to be around $50 million (as of 2017). His home resembles a private villa and one that would give most of us the chills upon entering. Just the drive from the gate to the home itself is something that’ll take your breath away.

Turns out, the house can be yours. Just imagine, it would be like a vacation every single day living in such a home. And hey, if you have $13 million, the house can be yours! During an interview with Golf Digest, Rory himself admits to being astonished by the home;

"Walking through the door, thinking I can’t believe I actually live in a place like this," McIlroy says in the video. "It’s something I really appreciate and it’s something I definitely don’t take for granted."

10 Serena Williams – Palm Beach, Florida

Not too far from Rory is the queen of the court, Serena Williams. She’s one of the most successful athletes in the world with a net worth of nearly $200 million. She’s a beast on the court and a giant when it comes to sponsorship deals off of it.

She admitted to a possible move to San Francisco one day, however for the time being, she’s content in her stunning luxury home. The home is 4K square feet and it includes five bathrooms and five bedrooms. As if that wasn’t enough, she is also the proud owner of another home in Beverly Hills, valued at a nearly $7 million.

9 Floyd Mayweather – Beverly Hills, California

Following the boxing fight, both Mayweather and McGregor took different routes in spending their pays. While McGregor took his family on a lengthy trip, Floyd decided to put his $100 million on a Beverly Hills home, valued at $25.5 million. The house is truly stunning; the backyard features a breathtaking pool and massive palm trees that make you feel as though you’re on an actual resort. Given his net worth, we’re a little surprised he didn’t buy one!

The home is littered with goodness featuring a movie theater, six beds and nine baths. But again, the backyard is the true hero with a stunning lounge patio setup as well.

8 Roger Federer – Wollerau, Switzerland

Tennis players can make quite a living and that’s especially true for Roger Federer. The guy is a sponsorship giant with numerous endorsement deals from both the past and the present. And oh yeah, he's won more than $100 million in prize money throughout his career.

What might be his most fascinating purchase is his Swiss home. The beautiful property is located on a lake and is surrounded by glass. Judging by photos of both the inside and the outside, you would think that you’re at a luxurious ski resort. It’s the type of home any of us would visit in either the summer or winter.

7 Bill Goldberg – Bonsall, California

Both, wrestlers from then and now, are able to afford the expensive things in life. Goldberg, a former pro wrestler is a prime example of that. During Ted Turner’s brief run in the wrestling business, Goldberg was able to take advantage making a whopping profit during the late 90s, becoming a household name in the wrestling industry.

These days, he’s enjoying lots of time in his stunning California residence. The backyard is truly post card worthy, however what might be even better is the massive garage made for any car lovers out there. If you've ever dreamed of a resort that features some top of the line muscle cars, it likely resembles the home of Goldberg.

6 LeBron James – Brentwood, California

LeBron has a soft spot for LA and that was evident with this purchase. James bought the stunning residence for $23 million. The mansion includes eight beds, a cigar room, wine cellar, gym and yeah, a rooftop terrace that most of us dream about at night. The house resembles a dream resort both inside and outside; the modern decor is truly something else.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for LeBron. However, we have no doubt he’ll be spending some time in this luxurious home over the off season as he mulls over his NBA future.

5 Steph Curry – Alamo, California

For the longest time, Curry’s contract status was an absolute joke given what he brought to the table. However, as of the summer of 2017, that all changed as he inked a massive deal worth $201 million in exchange for a five year term.

Rightfully so, he has quite the home and one we can only dream of renting off of Airbnb. The house is 10K square feet and it features five beds along with ten (yes, ten) baths. Once again, the true hero of the home is the spacious backyard with a massive pool (and stunning waterfall) and even guest house setting.

4 Tyler Seguin – Dallas, Texas

A single bachelor that makes millions of dollars, life isn’t too shabby for Tyler Seguin. And oh, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s only 26 years old. Tyler has a stunning home residing in Dallas; he purchased the massive property from Dallas Stars legend Mike Modano, one of the best American born players of all-time.

The backyard resembles every "bro's" dream. It is similar to a high end chalet type of resort. The beautiful home is just as stunning on the inside, as it is filled with modern decor – the average tourist would salivate at such a destination worthy of a stay, to say the least.

3 Neymar – Paris, France

Neymar is another athlete North American fans should know more about. Last summer, the Brazilian sensation was swapped to the French giants PSG in what was a world record transfer fee worth, wait for it, $263 million! With all that money, you can say Neymar put it to good use by purchasing a home that was previously owned by Ronaldinho. According to The Sun, the PSG star pays nearly $13K Euros per month! Hey, maybe he should turn it into a resort to recoup some cash?

The home is a breathtaking five story mansion. Among the top features of the home includes a ridiculous indoor swimming pool.

2 Mario Lemieux – Mont Tremblant, Quebec

If it isn’t Wayne, some will argue that Mario is the best ever to step foot on the ice. Injuries held him back, however when healthy, Lemieux was on par with number 99. Their net worths are pretty similar as well; Mario is worth $50 million less than Wayne but he isn’t losing sleep over it with a net worth of $150 million.

He lives in Pittsburgh, however his Mont Tremblant home might be his most stunning purchase. The 20 million dollar home is truly shocking to look at, in truth, it resembles a Montreal based ski resort. The outrageous estate includes 23 rooms and ten bathrooms.

1 Michael Jordan – Chicago, Illinois

Jordan’s home has to be among the most impressive out of all the athletes in the world. However, he’s been trying to sell it for the last six years. Due to the fact that it’s as big as some resorts, the $100K of property taxes per year might be scaring off some potential buyers.

The estate is 56,000 square feet! Not to mention, it is surrounded by land. The incredible features of the estate include a massive gated tennis court, infinity pool, golf green, pond with fish and yes, a customized basketball court! Oh, and let’s not start on the 19 bathrooms, full gym and cigar lounge. Is it wrong to think that Jordan should convert this space into a hotel?