We all love to see our favorite celebrities travel. Whether it be to a job, for a vacation or to a convention. Now that Instagram and Twitter are the places to be, we often get a sneak preview of their travels from an insiders point of view. We no longer have to just see them going to and from the airport in a tabloid magazine, we get to see them through the gate into their cozy seats on the plane. Often with a glass of champagne or extremely comfy looking bed waiting for them. Sometimes we see snaps of our favorite celebs humbly taking an economy seat, but they still have to deal with the struggles too.

While we get to see all the glitz and glamor that comes with traveling as a celebrity, we don't often see the hassles that they go through. Some things are just unavoidable. There are hassles that every traveler has to go through whether they're flying economy or first class. Unless you pilot your own private jet, this list will be discussing 20 travel hassles that happen to anybody and everybody. These are the issues that you think your favorite celebrities just breeze past but trust us, they have to wait just like the rest of us. If you're curious and trying to think back to some of the negatives of traveling, there's no need. the 20 things on this list will definitely jog your memory, as they are such annoyances when they happen to you.

20 Waiting In Line

Yeah, we think just about every person on Earth hates having to wait in line for things. One especially long, seemingly always slow line is the line when you're waiting to check-in at the airport.

It seems to take forever to get to the desk, even if you turn up early. It's worse on international flights as there are so many more people. The honest truth is celebrities often have to deal with this struggle as well, they just don't Instagram it.

19 Delays

Whether you're going on a domestic flight to see family or traveling internationally for fashion week, delays stop for no man. Delayed flights are an annoyance for every traveler. It's usually caused by weather but can be for different reasons.

Mother nature doesn't quit just because you've got a plane to catch, and that happens to celebs too. Next time you see a filtered Insta shot of a drink with and airport tag and time stamp, chances are their flight has been delayed.

18 Stopover Times

With careful planning stopover, times can usually be avoided. Usually. Sometimes, you just have to deal with waiting in the middle airport for six hours so you can continue to your destination.

Admittedly this can be avoided by flying on a jet, but not every celeb does. Even if you're first class stopovers are stopovers. Although they might not take a nap on the floor like the rest of us, they're just as bored waiting in the airline lounge.

17 Boredom

As we were just discussing, airports are boring. Traveling is fun and something most people love doing, but not many enjoy the boredom of waiting in the airport. We have to admit the luxury has improved with WiFi and apps on our phones, but still. No one likes to sit still for hours on end.

Celebrities have to wait sometimes too. We're sure they get bored of playing whatever game it is on their phone too. Even more boring is being on a long flight. The movies help but stuck in one place is not fun. Just think of the poor souls who had nothing to do but sit there and fly. Thank God for technology.

16 Long Flight Exhaustion

Even though you spend most of your time doing absolutely nothing, long flights are still super tiring for some reason. Everyone says traveling takes it out of you and it really does. We assume it's because of the long wait times and flight, it adds up to you being awake for a lot of hours.

Your favorite celebs can't escape the feeling either. No matter how they travel they get there at the same time you do, meaning that they're most likely pretty tired as well. Bed or not, planes aren't very comfy.

15 Jet Lag

Jet lag affects everyone. Timezones are confusing and no matter how, where, when or why you travel, jet lag will hit you. Of course, it won't hit if you're flying an hour to a different state, but international travel.

Celebrities sometimes, but not often, show the world the effects of jet lag. Being awake in the middle of the night and wanting to pass out at 1 pm. If you see an Instagram story with Netflix and a time stamp of 3 am, it's a good bet that jet lag has hit that person hard.

14 Uncomfortable Seats

Okay, so this one is a little different when you buy a first class plane ticket and get your own little bed. We're going to be talking about business class vs economy mainly. The only real difference is a bit of legroom.

It can make all the difference for tall people but when it comes down to it, plane seats are uncomfortable for everyone. Celebrities and normal people can rejoice in the fact that plane seats aren't built for comfort.

13 Cold Planes

We're not 100% sure why, but planes are always freezing. Whether you're on board a flight to Antarctica or the Bahamas, your plane will be cold. It's just how it is. We recommend bringing a blanket and wearing suitable, warm clothes because it gets chilly.

We don't know how flight attendants do it in skirts and heels but we totally commend them. Celebrities are the same, which is why we often see them, wearing scarves or long pants when getting papped at the airport.

12 Lost Baggage

It doesn't happen all the time, or even frequently enough to make you hate traveling, but lost baggage sucks. When it happens it's one of the most annoying things ever. If your bags are going to be lost in transit somewhere, they're going to be.

It doesn't matter if you're a normal, every day Joe or a Hollywood A-lister. Baggage doesn't discriminate. That's why you should never pack anything important like your passport and travel documents in your luggage. If those are lost, so is your trip!

11 Plane Food

Plane food is more for sustenance then enjoyment. We're not comparing plane food to prison food, but we also wouldn't call it a high-class meal. The tea and coffee they serve is nice, as well as the juice and snacks.

The hot dinners aren't really something to rave about, but as they're prepared on a plane we are still thankful to have food at all. With an international flight having hundreds of people, we commend the staff to be able to serve it all quickly. Celebrities get the same meals too.

10 Battery Struggles

One of the biggest worries and annoyances for travelers, especially solo travelers is your phone battery. You may not be able to use it on the plane but it helps when you're at the airport and having your phone just gives a general sense of security.

Celebrities have to buy portable chargers just like the rest of us. Sadly no one has created the extra long lasting battery yet, so no matter who you are, you have to stay savvy with portable chargers and charging your phone on the plane.

9 Visa Technicalities

One of the biggest mistakes in movies is when one character just decides to hop on a plane to a different country on a whim. It just can't happen like that. Most countries, apart from a few areas that are relatively no visas needed, require visas and documentation to enter.

You can't just wake up one morning and decide on a weekend trip to Russia. The visa process is expensive and quite long, especially if you have to go for interviews first. Don't let the Instagram stories fool you, the celebs had to apply weeks before too.

8 Proper Packing

Not many people like packing. Even though the trip is exciting and you're ready to get to the destination, the struggle of trying to fit all the stuff you need into one suitcase takes effort. Even the best Tetris players need to think about packing before they start throwing stuff in.

Celebrities are no different. We have no doubt that a few have used the 'sit on the suitcase to zip it trick', we just don't see them post it online. Even fewer people hate the task of unpacking because that's the real end to your vacation.

7 Rules

There are a lot more rules in the airport than you might think. Obviously, you can't just do what you want, but TSA's rules about what you can and can't pack are something you should research before trying to check-in.

There's a liquids rule that basically states you can't have liquids in your carry on bag, not even a water bottle. Celebrities are no exception. Make sure to hydrate before the plane and buy a water while you're on there.

6 Waiting For Bags

It's such a lucky achievement if your bags are the first ones out at baggage claim. It feels like it's nearly a miracle. You've never been so excited to see your suitcase then you are at that moment.

Most of the time you're waiting huddled closely with the people you just spent staring at on the flight. You're all trying to get to the front to see past the elbows, so you're all way squished together. It's not fun, and sadly, it's unavoidable. We would guess most celebs have someone to collect the bags for them? What a joy.

5 Finding Transport

If you're a very organized person you probably can't relate to this struggle, but it is real. Celebrities often have their rides ready and waiting to take them to the airport, as do many of you.

However, unorganized people will know the feeling of exhaustion, heavy bags and trying to hail a cab or find a shuttle in the middle of the night. You often think of just sleeping at the airport. Before it happens again, we recommend researching shuttle services first.

4 Check-In Times

If you're a frequent traveler you will know that you're supposed to get to the airport two hours early for a domestic flight, and three hours early for an international flight. You will also know that often the check-in time changes.

Or check-in opens about an hour before your flight so you're left waiting. Celebrities have to wait for check-in to open most of the time too. We're sure they sit there staring at the board and hoping the time would hurry just like the rest of us.

3 Extra Charges

Unless you're a precision packer who weighs their bag before going to the airport, you will know the struggle of extra baggage charges. If you're smart you'll pick this tip up and start weighing your bags. It helps the budget so much.

More often on the way back from a vacation, you will have bought stuff and your bag will be heavier which can cause serious fees at the check-in desk. Celebrities have a lot of baggage with them so we're sure they've been hit with an extra weight fee more often than not.

2 Confusing Airports

Generally speaking, each airport differs from the last. If all airports were built exactly the same shape and size, we're sure it would be a breeze for everyone. Since they're not, the new twists and turns can be confusing.

We recommend studying the map of the airport before you fly there, so you know where the bathrooms are, and where to find food. When you first get off a plane you're often delirious, so having a rough idea of where to go is helpful.

1 Strangers Everywhere

This one is more of a struggle for celebrities than it is for us. Airports are a place where reality doesn't matter. No one cares what you do, eat pizza at 4 am, wear pajamas or only one shoe. It's accepted.

Sadly, celebs can't enjoy this comfort because they're always recognized. Imagine trying to make it to your flight, or out to go to your hotel and there are a million people in your face. We understand why airport shots aren't always the happiest.