The United States of America serves as the global symbol of 'madness' and 'non-stop chaos' in the best and worst ways possible. Whether it be through something small or something quite significant, it's a nation that never fails to amaze the rest of the world courtesy of the fact that they do things, say things and eat things that we couldn't possibly fathom.

In many ways they're the wacky uncle of planet earth, forever making us feel amused and bemused in equal measure. As the years have gone on we, as foreign friends, have grown to accept them for their notable quirks - but that doesn't mean we can't still address them, right?

Some would argue that some of these points are too picky, but it really does depend on your perspective. If you're someone who grew up idolising the Americans while also wanting to move there someday, then your point of view may differ greatly from ours.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you've got people who wake up in the morning and wonder how they can criticise the USA in a new and unique manner. That's the overwhelming joy we have for bringing a topic like this to your attention because there are just so many different opinions and thought processes to get through.

So whether you're American or you're not - sit back, relax, and enjoy, as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through the ins and outs of this larger than life nation. Who knows, maybe by the end you'll be draping yourself in the red, white & blue.

20 'Soccer' - It's Called Football!

While we can appreciate that Gridiron, also known as American football, is widely popular in the USA, that isn't necessarily the case around the world. There are several countries in Europe that have grown to love the sport in all of its glory, but that doesn't mean it isn't frustrating when Americans use the term 'soccer' to describe what most of the world actually considers football.

The fact that it's used because of Gridiron, and more specifically the NFL, is the worst part for many out-of-county sports fans. The traditional argument tends to focus on the fact that 'soccer' actually requires you to use your foot, so it makes sense why it should be called football. Whereas the use of feet actually plays a very small role in American 'football'.

19 Required Tip - A little excessive don't you think?

Something that everyone can appreciate is how difficult a waiter or waitress' job can be sometimes. Whether it's customers belittling them or working long hours, it can't be easy to have a job in which every single little thing you do is scrutinised and magnified.

However, some would argue that doesn't give restaurants the right to charge a minimum tip. Most of the time, outside of North America, you need to provide phenomenal service in order to warrant a tip being given to you. Alas, in the States, it seems as if it's something that occurs even if someone hasn't particularly earned it - with 15% being considered a standard amount.

18 The Portions - Mount Everest of Food

More often than not when you're ordering food, you know what you're going to get. It doesn't matter if you're ordering your usual at a different establishment or restaurant to the one you're used to, because the average portion size tends to be the same no matter where you go. Unless that is, you visit the USA.

It feels like they've selected every single meal imaginable and increased the font size, making everything you eat feel like a starter, main course and dessert rolled into one.

This isn't always a bad thing, but in the context of this list, it most certainly falls under the category of 'crazy'.

17 Patience Deficiency - 'How Much Longer?'

As we all know, in life, sometimes you have to be incredibly patient in order to get the things that you covet the most. Whether it be a physical wait or a mental wait, it doesn't really matter, because as the saying goes - good things come to those who show patience. Well, that isn't the exact saying, but you can understand the sentiment.

Alas, when Americans are tasked with this in the form of queuing up for things, they don't seem capable of keeping their composure. The rest of the world have perfected the art whereas Americans always come across like they're one or two seconds away from reaching their boiling point.

16 24/7 Restaurants - Stick To Regular Hours

We're going to talk more about fast food in a little while, but we'll touch on it here because one of the main benefits of it lies within the fact that most of those joints are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The fun thing about normal restaurants is that there's a specified time when you're allowed to eat there - but not in America.

It just feels a little bit unnatural more than anything else, because three-course meals aren't usually served in such a setting at that 4.30am. Perhaps it should be seen as revolutionary or game-changing, but it most certainly isn't normal.

15 What are all those baseball players chewing?

Smoking may be viewed as a filthy habit by the general population, but engaging in the act is still a personal choice. It doesn't really matter if you aren't on board with it or you don't consider it to be a very socially smart thing to do, because only the person doing it can really decide what's best for them.

But then, when you think about chewing tobacco, it all gets a little bit odd. This is viewed as a replacement for cigarettes themselves which should be seen as a positive step forward, but you could then argue that it already exists in the form of vaping.

Other countries do this too, by the way, but it does largely feature in the US with 8.9% of high school students admitting to having tried chewing tobacco.

14 College Sports - Astonishing Commitment

In the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, universities have sports teams that compete on a week to week basis. It's usually considered to be a fun exercise outside the realms of studying that fellow students can get behind, although there are rarely crowds that exceed 100 people.

When you compare that to college sports in America, particularly American football and basketball, the figures are astonishing.

Some USA college teams are able to accumulate an average of 100,000 fans for every single game that they play.

Some people even argue that college sports are even more important to them than the top four major professional sports leagues.

13 Creating Insane Flavours - A Sea Of Colours

There's no getting around it: the Americans know how to mix things up with their food and drinks flavours, with the 'sweet' category being particularly profitable for them. The US is always coming up with new and inventive ideas to sell to the public, and as consumers, the country is usually willing to pay up.

Mountain Dew and Gatorade are two of the biggest examples on the liquid side of things, but we're going to focus on Oreos for the sake of this entry.

Here are a handful of the dozens of Oreo flavours that have been released in the States over the years: Candy Cane, Limeade, Spongebob, Fruit Punch, Cookie Dough, Blueberry Pie.

12 Loving The Accent - 'Say It Again!'

This entry is centred around the Brits more than anyone else, although anyone with a unique accent probably qualifies. When heading over to the States it can be easy to get carried away with the scale and grandeur of everything, and that feeling is multiplied once someone catches an earful of your accent.

They'll act as anyone with a foreign accent is a celebrity, asking you to repeat any given phrase that you may have uttered.

It's a unique experience and it probably showcases how few Americans are able to travel around Europe and different continents in general. It's different, it's crazy, and it's lighthearted.

11 Fast Food Fans - That Can't Be Healthy

We noted that we'll be moving onto fast food, and here we are. While chains like McDonald's and Burger King have been around for years, the Americans seem to take things to a whole new level. From sponsorship deals to endless commercials, they promoted fast food chains more so than most other brands.

It's become something that has been associated with the country, and many travellers will choose to have their first meal upon landing at one of these places. You always hear the term of 'Everything Is Bigger In Texas', but with these supersized burgers and fries, you can extend that to the entire United States of America.

10 Different Phrases - It's A Pavement!

The English language is a wonderful thing and it deserves to be treated with respect, although because there are so many countries that speak it, there are a handful of variations that often leave people quite confused. The spelling of certain words can tend to throw people off, but the main source of the controversy lies in specific phrases.

For example: instead of saying pavement, Americans say sidewalk, while Australians say footpath. Instead of saying crisps, Americans say chips. Instead of a car boot, they say trunk.

A lot of people can't even begin to fathom that but it's actually quite common, and it only seems crazy to those of us who aren't well-informed on the terms.

9 Red Light - Stop, Look, Listen

No, this isn't the start of Pitbull's 'Greenlight'.

The traffic light system has been in place for decades now, and the common courtesy of abiding by it doesn't actually extend to every single country that has it in place. A lot of nations will choose to use it as an enforced law, whereas others seem to view it as more of a guideline.

In the States, stopping at a red light has been viewed as a choice more than a command by foreigners who have visited the country. Many drivers seem to actually take the red light as a signal to go instead of to stop, more so than any other country in the world. In the majority of the country, even if the light is red, you're allowed to turn right. What's the point of a light then?

8 Overwhelming Patriotism - U-S-A! U-S-A!

Everyone loves to represent their country in any way they can, even if they don't always feel like they should. In most places, the act of patriotism is quite a subtle one, with only hints and indications being given outside of big sporting tournaments.

With the Americans, though, 95% of them are unbelievably proud of their nation and they aren't afraid to let you know it. Whether it be through the parade of flags on every street corner or the art of tourism, the United States of America is full to the brim of over-patriotic civilians from head to toe.

7 Deep Fried Foods - Beyond Comprehension

There have been plenty of food and drink-related entries to feature on this list, but there's a good reason for that. America is a hub for sub-genre whether you hate it or you love it, and you can't turn a blind eye to what they've done for the industry.

Another shining example is deep-fried foods, which seem to exist in every corner of the nation.

Even Mars bars have now gone down the route of being fried, which seems like something that's beyond the comprehension of most people.

It's odd and it's different, and long may that theme continue on.

6 World Champions - The Only Sheriff In Town

Even if you're a non-sports fan, you'll be fully aware of the fact that the 2018 FIFA World Cup is currently happening in Russia. There's 32 teams spread across the globe who qualified for the finals, and this time around, America isn't one of them.

But in America, all you need to do is win a national championship in your respective sport to be called a "world champion". That's always been seen as unusual given that they're the only country competing.

While the Americans would probably stroll to victory if other nations were allowed into the leagues, that isn't the point of the debate.

5 'Bro' - Please Stop, I'm not your brother

There's a common practice associated with the word 'lad' in Britain, as it refers to an individual who enjoys things like drinking, having a laugh with his mates, and generally being a little bit rogue. The American alternative tends to be known as a 'bro'.

But, beyond the definition alone, a lot of American males tend to use the word in day to day life. It's a descriptive way to talk about their close friends or family members, even if not using it to discuss their actual brothers. 'Sup bro?' is a common way to introduce yourself to someone you've never met before, who obviously isn't actually your brother. A little strange when you think about it. It seems like a pretty small anecdote, but it's definitely a noteworthy one.

4 Houses For Fraternities - A Waste Of Resources

With most university societies, the general practice of arranging get-togethers includes nominating someone to host in their halls or accommodation. That way, everyone is given an address to go to on any specified night of the week - which makes sense.

In America, fraternities or sororities are given entire houses with which to host their events and generally live. It's something that has always baffled a large portion of the global population, with these youngsters being given the freedom to do whatever they please.

More power to them, because let's face it, many of us would kill to have the same opportunity.

3 Bumper Stickers - We Can't Read That Fast

Bumper stickers are universal things that people use to demonstrate something that they're passionate about. Driving for hours upon hours can be pretty tedious, so sometimes, it's interesting to learn something new about the individual or individuals that are ahead of you. In the States, they take things to a whole new level.

Many cars on the road are littered with bumper stickers - and a lot of people find it virtually impossible to get through nine or ten, let alone all of them.

Obviously the points they're making with the stickers aren't necessarily for their benefit, but still.

2 Commercial Obsession - It's A Tide Ad

Advertisements that air during television shows usually serve as an opportunity for people to either make food or go to the toilet. In America, however, they can often be the highlight of the entire show that you're watching: especially if you're a non-football fan watching the Super Bowl.

Companies pay millions and millions of dollars for a 30-second long advert during the Superbowl, which really does indicate just how substantial these marketing techniques are compared to other countries. Most commercials are short and sweet, but they get the job done.

Oh, and just in case you understood the reference, this is a Tide Ad.

1 Attire - Boundaries Required

This'll seem a little bit silly by nature, especially given that one or two other countries have adopted it, but it's something that definitely originated in the States. Obviously, we all love wearing our pyjamas, and we also enjoy wearing gym clothes when we've done a workout that we're really proud of.

Yet wearing those forms of attire in everyday life, for example, if you're going to the supermarket, seems a little odd to some people. It's perhaps one of the many reasons why the USA is so different from the rest of the world, and maybe, just maybe, we all need to start embracing that.

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