A lot of people hold an extreme dislike for airports. They associate them with delays, panic, crowds, and long lines. For the most part, they are not wrong. Airports are central hubs of people and transportation. In today’s technological world, flying is the most efficient and quickest way to travel from one end of the globe to the other. Back before airplanes where created, the only way to travel internationally was by ship. A transatlantic crossing could take up to weeks! Can you imagine being stuck on a boat for several weeks before getting to your vacation? The measly few hours dealing with airport drama seems minor compared to that. While getting to an airport may often be stressful, once you are past the TSA gates, you are golden!

We actually love airports, crazy as that may sound. If time is in your favor, you should always get to an airport several hours earlier. Especially if it is an international airport. Airports are fully aware that they are the last places a traveler will see of the country they are visiting. They take advantage of it by selling amazing souvenirs and opening restaurants that celebrate local cuisine. It may be a tourist trap, with everything usually overpriced, but we still fall for it every time! Today, many airports have become luxury shopping malls with brands from all over the worlds. They also have incredible restaurants that tempt you to get one last exotic meal before heading home. In fact, if you know where to look, airports have some incredible food. Here are 20 airport restaurants that would rival the best places to eat in the world.

20 John F Kennedy International Airport – Piquillo (One Of The First Tapas Restaurants To Open In An American Airport!)

Let’s start with one of America’s most well-known airports, JFK. This bustling center of travel is known by people all over the world. It’s been seen hundreds of times in various films. It is the perfect location to have one last romantic kiss, set off on a new adventure, and even to proclaim your undying love. Seriously though, how did all those people get through TSA so quickly and manage to find their lover to stop them from leaving? We can’t even read the destination board that fast. If Viktor Navorski, played by Tom Hanks in The Terminal, could stay at the airport for almost a year, then we can definitely manage three hours.

If you do find yourself at JFK with a few hours to spare, consider heading to terminal five for a relaxing dinner of Spanish tapas. Piquillo is one of the first tapas restaurants to open in an American airport.

Tapas, which are small plates, is an excellent way to sample several things at one meal. The best way to do this meal is to go with a travel partner, get a glass of wine, and order as much food as possible. We suggest getting the Almejas Marineras – clams with white wine, Calamares A La Plancha – crispy calamari, and the delicious Embutidos platter – a plate of Spanish meats. We’d be willing to spend a few days at this airport! Maybe not a year, though.

19 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – One Flew South

Surprisingly enough, the New York based airport, JFK, is NOT the busiest airport in America as one would assume. Instead, that title goes to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This airport has claimed the title since 1998 with over 260,000 travelers going through it daily. This isn’t surprising since it is the primary center for Delta, one of the world’s largest airlines. For such a busy airport though, at least in our experience, the lines have always moved quite quickly. The massive airport has seven concourses, all which are connected via a high speed ‘plane train.’ Each concourse has a variety of shops and restaurants. Our favorite is One Flew South, located in Terminal E.

This restaurant offers a fascinating blend of Southern meets Asian cuisine. From sushi to burgers, this restaurant has it all. This gorgeous restaurant is decked out in Georgia pinewood, marble, and white leather. World-weary travelers can sink into the buttery upholstery and relax with one of the restaurant’s refreshing craft cocktails while enjoying a plate of melt-in-your-mouth pork belly sliders. We’d also recommended the Concourse ‘e’ Burger, a half a pound of Kobe beef with goat cheese and shitake mushrooms. If sandwiches and burgers don’t suit your mood, this restaurant also has a full sushi bar. You can watch chefs expertly prepare your Southern Roll, a combination of Georgia pecan smoked trout and ginger cocktail sauce. Afterwards, you can hit up Café Intermezzo for a sweet treat to finish the meal off.

18 Hong Kong International Airport – Hung’s Delicacies (We'd Buy A Plane Ticket Just For This Resto)

If you’re a food enthusiast, then you will definitely know what a Michelin star is. Awarded to restaurants of outstanding quality, it is the trophy all chefs want. Chef Lai Wai-Hung opened his first restaurant, Hung’s Delicacies, in 2003. Located in North Point, Hong Kong, this small restaurant quickly became extremely popular among the locals. Chef Hung is especially well-known for his impressive skills with marinades. His braised dishes and roasted meats have people all over the world lining up to sample. His restaurant has won a Michelin star for five years in a row. Unfortunately, Chef Hung’s first restaurant closed down in 2014 due to rental issues. But, before you become too devastated, you will be thrilled to know that a second restaurant was opened. With the same name, Hung’s Delicacies, now has a permeant spot in Hong Kong’s airport.

If you are looking for one last meal in Hong Kong before flying out, this is the place to go. You can sample Chinese delicacies such as braised goose, marinated duck tongues, and five-spiced beef shanks.

We’re drooling just talking about it. We're not the least bit surprised that some locals head to the airport just to eat at the restaurant. We’d buy a ticket just to visit the airport if it meant we’d get a hand on some of that goose!

17 London Heathrow Airport – Plane Food (Located In Terminal 5, It's Anything But Plain!)

There is no doubt that everyone knows who Gordon Ramsey is. If nothing else but for his hilarious internet memes, this famous chef has the Michelin stars to back up his skills. Chef Ramsey has over 30 restaurants scattered throughout the world. Of course, the British chef is particular to his home country and has 13 restaurants in London. One of his restaurants is located in the bustling Heathrow Airport. Plane Food, located in Terminal 5, is anything but plain! Gone are the days of grabbing a cheap bag of McDonald’s before sitting in front of your gate for the next two hours. Instead, you can grab a seat at this gorgeous open kitchen restaurant and allow your taste buds one last culinary trip. At this restaurant you can order a dry-aged Hereford steak, roasted Atlantic cod with a chardonnay wine sauce, or indulge in a sweet treat with a classic English sticky toffee pudding. If you end up at the airport for a morning flight, they also offer a breakfast menu. You can go for the hearty full English breakfast, some ricotta pancakes or eggs benedicts, or nibble on a platter of fresh fruits. Even better, on select days, children can eat for free off of Chef Ramsey’s daughter’s menu, “Tilly’s Treats.” This restaurant is so popular that you even have to make reservations to dine at it! So that’s two timelines you’d better stay on top of!

16 Schiphol Amsterdam Airport – Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar (The Name Says It All)

Aside from sounding like a sneeze, the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is Europe’s third busiest airport. Interestingly enough, unlike most international airports which have separate terminals for domestic and international flights, the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport uses one terminal for both flights. There are many restaurants in this airport, but the one we’ve chosen is Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. Not going to lie, the main reason is because we love the word ‘bubbles.’ You can’t be angry and say ‘bubbles.’ You just tried, didn’t you? The second reason why we love this restaurant is because of its awesome food and drinks.

As the name suggests, this restaurant is a seafood bar. You can enjoy various delicious fresh cuts of sashimi and sushi rolls. So you got where the ‘seafood’ comes from in the name of the restaurant, but have you figured out why ‘bubbles?’ This bar has over 50 different selections of sparkling wine that you can choose from.

You’re sure to find a glass that goes well with your spicy tuna roll at this establishment. If you want to try some local Dutch cuisine, order the raw herring served with fresh bread and onions (don’t lean too close to your neighbor on the flight after, though).

15 Geneva Airport – La Chef (We Know Why The People Of  Switzerland Are So Happy)

When President Trump was inaugurated back in January 2017 many people claimed that they were going to move to Canada to escape. We, on the other hand, were looking up airfare tickets for Switzerland. This gorgeous snowy capped country holds one of the top positions for “Happiest Country.” You may laugh, but the World Happiness Report is a real study done every year. It takes six factors into consideration, income, social support, trust, generosity, healthy life expectancy, and freedom. If the news channels in America are reporting correctly, we’re sadly failing in all six categories. So, if you’re looking for a change, hit up Switzerland. We would especially recommend the lovely city of Geneva. No guys, this is not the same place where Princess Diaries took place. No, Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi-Moscovitz (aka Anne Hathaway) lived in Genovia. We can understand the confusion, though.

Anyways, the Geneva Airport has a fantastic restaurant called La Chef – which replaced the old restaurant Altitude (also a great place). La Chef offers a contemporary menu that is influenced by international flavors. You can find dishes such as beef tartar, taglierini with giant prawns and saffron lobster bisque, and fish of the day. Even their desserts sound incredible with pear pie with pink berries and melted center with salted caramel, mandarin puree, cocoa and caramel ice cream (OMG). We don’t even need access to the rest of the country. We’ll be fine just living at the airport!

14 Japan Narita Airport – Nanosato

Any flyer will know the tediousness of dealing with long layovers. If you’re lucky and the layover is overnight, you can get a hotel to spend the night at. If you’re unlucky and it’s just a couple of hours, you’re stuck wandering around the airport until your flight is called. But, a long layover in Japan’s Narita Airport isn’t too much of a chore. Actually, it’s pretty fun.

Narita Airport often offers cultural events to entertain travelers as they wait for their flights. Activities range from dance performances, chances to try on yukata (traditional Japanese clothing) and armor. There is even a small store that showcases one of Japan’s oldest art forms, kabuki theater. If you’re too tired from traveling and just want to rest for a bit, don’t worry about getting a crick in your neck as you try and take a nap in the uncomfortable seats by the gates. The Narita Sky Lounge is open to the public and offers outlets and pull-out sofas to plop down on. If you really want to get some shut-eye, you can rent out a capsule at the capsule hotel. You can even shower there!

Of course, all these impressive amenities are just a precursor to the trove of restaurants that Narita offers. If you have the time, we definitely recommend hitting up Nanosato for some sukiyaki. This delightful dish is not only incredibly delicious but also fun! A hot plate is set in front of you and slices of beef and vegetables are simmered with soy sauce, sugar, and sake. You can even get some melt in your mouth tempura as a side dish. Deep fried giant prawns, wagyu beef, and dozens of other entrees, we are so ready to visit this airport.

13 Charles de Gaulle Airport – I Love Paris (And We Don't Only Love The Eiffel Tower)

Most people flying into the Charles de Gaulle Airport for the first time will probably have their face pressed into the windows trying to catch a glimpse of the iconic Eiffel Tower (though unless you’re coming from a specific direction, the chances aren’t likely). There’ll be plenty of time to take selfies around the historical monuments of this city of love. We’re more interested in eating as much food as possible, though. We’re taking a page from the hobbits of Tolkien and plan on fitting in at least six meals a day. To accomplish this, we’re going to hit the ground running. Whether we’re arriving into Paris or leaving, we’ll fit a meal in at the Paris airport so that we can make the most of our stomach space! Of course, being Paris, the airport is going to offer some incredible dining opportunities. The one we’ve fallen for is the appropriately named I Love Paris.

This establishment was opened by Guy Martin who has been awarded three Michelin stars, an incredible accomplishment. I Love Paris won the 2016 award for Best Fine Dining Airport Restaurant, actually beating out Gordon Ramsey’s Plane Food which we mentioned earlier.

The restaurant offers an ever-changing menu of exquisite and classic French dishes. Guests can escape from the craziness of airports for a little while as they sip a glass of wine and enjoy a meal in this tranquil spot.

12 Munich International Airport - Airbräu (Its Own Brewery And An Indoor Beer Garden)

If you’ve ever been to Germany, then you know this country knows how to have a good time. Recent surveys show that a lot of younger people are moving to Germany because of cheaper living costs and more opportunities. The result is a city filled with an excellent and thriving social life. When we think of the food scene in Germany we think of pretzels and beer. You can’t walk down a street in Germany without happening upon a brewery. The Munich International Airport doesn’t disappoint.

Airbräu is a Bavarian restaurant that has its own brewery and an indoor beer garden! Have we found heaven? Aside from a collection of house-brewed beer, the restaurant also has some pretty fantastic food. You can get classic hearty fares of sausages, steak, and even roast duck.

Mondays are for schnitzel, Tuesdays for unique delicacies, Fridays for fish, and Saturdays for suckling pig. While you enjoy your food and beer, you can also enjoy some live entertainment. Airbräu invites both established and up-and-coming artists to perform in the evenings daily. Be careful you don’t have too much fun, or you might accidentally miss your flight. Although, is that such a bad thing?

11 Copenhagen Airport – Patè Patè (You Won't Mind Missing Your Flight)

The judges have spoken and they’ve chosen Copenhagen! In 2016, the Copenhagen Airport was awarded the Airport Food & Beverage Offer of the Year. While it isn’t nearly on par with traffic like the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, this airport still sees about 29 million people annually. This airport has over 30 restaurants and cafes. Aside from the run-of-the-mill ‘necessities’ of McDonald’s and Starbucks, the airport also features several restaurants that focus on Scandinavian cuisine. This was actually a strategic move by the airport to improve travelers' experiences.

Instead of being just being limited to the usual fast food options because the higher end restaurants are too pricey, Copenhagen Airport decided to incorporate more restaurants that focus on fresh produce and local cuisine. Many of the restaurants are created by chefs who also run successful restaurants in the city.

Our favorite is Patè Patè. This restaurant is owned by Kenn Husted who also owns an additional 9 other restaurants. At Patè Patè you can choose from over a 100 wines. The tapas menu allows you to sample a variety of dishes without a long wait. So even if you don’t have too much time, you can still relax for a little bit before catching your flight. We recommend the squid ink risotto, braised lamb, and grilled squid with eggplant, yum!

10 Dubai International – The Kitchen (Can't Get In Trouble For Kissing Your Food)

Did you know that PDA is illegal in Dubai? You wouldn’t think so after Hollywood sexualized this country, portraying it as THE place for fast cars, beaches, and hot women. However, outside of the beach resorts, everyone covers up and signs are posted everywhere banning PDA. So, be careful and don’t hold hands or kiss anyone on the cheek! You might get dragged away by the police before you even know what’s happening. We’re not sure how strict these rules are in the airport, though. Aren’t airports the most popular place to give goodbye or hello hugs and kisses? Maybe airports are neutral territories? Anyways, can you get in trouble for kissing your food? Because that’s what you’re going to want to do when you eat at The Kitchen. Opened by celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, this restaurant offers cuisine that is a blend of Middle Eastern, Asian, and Western inspirations. Those that enjoy watching chefs can observe via the open kitchen. Tempting smells from the tandoor oven, lava stone grill, and wood-fired ovens will keep you on the edge of your seats until your food arrives. We’re particularly tempted by the Grilled Welsh Lamb Rack and Singapore Black Pepper Prawns. If you’re interested in stopping by this restaurant when you go through this airport, make sure you make a reservation!!

9 Barcelona El Prat Airport – Porta Gaig (You'll Want A Layover In Barcelona)

If you’ve ever been to Spain, then you know that every single street is lined with some of the best eateries you will ever get to taste. Somehow even a dish of green olives tastes incredible in Spain. Among the restaurant world, Carles Gaig is a well-known name. He is considered the expert when it comes to Catalan cuisine. His restaurant, Restaurant Gaig, in Barcelona maintains its Michelin star status. If you don’t get the chance to visit Restaurant Gaig too bad too sad. Just kidding! You can get a last chance to eat his food if you fly out through the El Prat Airport.

Located in Terminal 1 on the third floor, Porta Gaig has a menu that Chef Gaig lovingly curated. If you can’t decide what you want, you can get a fantastic lunch tasting menu of three small courses with a dessert.

However, the must-try dish would be the cannelloni, Chef Gaig’s specialty. These stuffed pasta shells have been a traditional dish in Catalan cuisine for 70 years. You can complete the meal with a glass of wine and finished it off with their signature dessert, Crema Catalana (similar to crème brulee). We are so hoping that we have a layover in Barcelona soon! Do you think a flight from South Carolina to New York will make a pit stop?

8 Kempegowda International Airport – Tiffin Centre (For A More Traditional Taste)

Out of the 449 airports in India, Kempegowda International Airport has been voted the best. Alright, alright, before you flip out only about 80 of those are commercial airports. The rest are probably government and private airstrips. Still, out of 80 is nothing to sneeze at. There are a ton of restaurants and cafes to choose from at this airport. If you get the chance though, we suggest try the Tiffin Centre. This South Asian restaurant is clearly a favorite with the number of people always at it. It draws its inspirations from southern states such as Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Karnataka. True South Asians will nod approvingly when meals are served in the traditional steel plates. We recommend getting the thalis, a set meal that offers a sample of dishes so you can try a little bit of everything. Although the dishes are difficult to pronounce, such as Ennai Kathrikai, Mutton Varutharacha, and Kerala Parotta, we promise they taste amazing. There is always a crowd here so getting a table might be difficult. Luckily, this restaurant also has a fantastic selection of grab-and-go options so that is always an option.

7 Singapore Changi Airport – Azur (Convenient And Elegant)

All travelers know the crazy, frantic hassle of leaving a hotel with all your luggage and catching a taxi to spirit you away to the airport. It’s probably the worst part of going on a trip. Also, most of the time, airports are set pretty far away from the city. It usually takes at least a 30 minute to an hour to get to the city center from the airport. But, what if we tell you in Singapore you can walk out of your hotel room and stroll into the terminal in a few minutes? We’re not talking about those grimy low budget hotels that airports shove you in when a flight is delayed. No, we’re talking about the seat of luxury, the Crowne Plaza.

Voted Best Airport Hotel three years running, this gorgeous structure is both convenient and elegant. Whether you’re checking in or checking out, you can be at your hotel or your terminal in a matter of minutes.

Now, usually, we turn our noses up at buffet places. Food cooked in mass quantities and then left sitting out for several hours? No, thanks. However, at the Azur restaurant, located in the hotel, we’re willing to change our mind. This restaurant is designed to be a show kitchen. You can be wowed by the chefs’ flashing knife skills while enjoying an incredible amount of food. We were won over because you can watch chefs continuously fill all the chaffers with fresh food. The al la carte menu offers more elaborate dishes such as pistachio-crusted racks of lamb and Hainanese chicken rice (our favorite).

6 Vienna International Airport – Café Demel (Those Baked Goods)

When you visit Vienna, one of the top places to visit is Café Demel. This famous pastry shop has been opened since 1786. Even till today, it has the title of ‘Purveyor to the Imperial and Royal Court’ also known as Royal warrants of appointment. These are official degrees that are issued to tradespeople by the royal court. It allows the tradespeople to advertise that they supply the royal court with their goods, lending them an air of prestige over other places. Don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to visit this famous patisserie while you sightsee around Vienna, because you can still visit it when you head to the airport!

Since it is a café, don’t go in expecting a heavy meal. You can still fill your stomach up though with some sandwiches and Vienna sausage. The highlight of this café, of course, the baked goods. The cakes are so famous that they have them pre-boxed for anyone who wants to buy one and go. Those who aren’t in as much of a rush and sit down and enjoy a slice with a cup of real Vienna coffee.

The most famous cake is the Sacher Torte due to its epic legal battle. Franz Sacher, the creator of the cake, opened Hotel Sacher. However, when the hotel folded, his son, Eduard Sacher, went to Demel where he made his own version of the Sacher Torte. Later, when Hotel Sacher reopened and started to sell similar cakes under the title of “The Original Sacher Torte,” a legal battle ensued. In the end, the hotel won the title of “The Original Sacher Torte,” but Café Demel won the rights to put “Eduard- Sacher Torte” on their cake. So much drama over a piece of cake! Still, it’s an incredible dessert, and you should definitely get a slice if you get a chance.

5 Qatar Hamad International Airport – Soprafino (Drool-Worthy Menu)

There is no better advertisement for a restaurant than to have a celebrity chef. There is a reason why their restaurants do so well! They get to continually promote their own establishments when they are on TV. If you’re Canadian, you will probably recognize this next chef, Chef Massimo Capra (that mustache is LEGENDARY). He has been on several TV shows including, CityLine, Restaurant Makeover, Chopped: Canada, and Top Chef: Canada. This chef is far from home though with his partnered restaurant, Soprafino, in the Qatar Hamad International Airport.

Partnered with Qatar Duty Free, Chef Capra has created a drool-worthy menu featuring Italian classics. Although it is labeled as fine dining, this restaurant is a family-friendly place where you can get some comfort level Italian pasta before you fly out.

The ‘al fresco style’ restaurant offers all its entrees in child-friendly portions. You can get classics such as minestrone soup, risotto, and tagliatelle bolognese. Even if you’re not hungry, you can enjoy a beer at the bar while you wait for your flight. Since the restaurant is tucked away from the central area of the airport, you don’t have to deal with as many crowds and commotions. Finding a nice hideaway is always a blessing in an airport!

4 Fairmount Vancouver Airport – Globe@YVR (You'll Want To Fight For A Table)

Any place that has a baked Mediterranean tart with goat cheese and eggplant better have a table with our names on it. We will book a ticket right now just to get to the Fairmount Vancouver Airport.

The Globe@YVR was listed as the number 5 best airport restaurant by The Daily Meal, and it definitely deserves its spot. The Pacific-Northwest inspired menu includes delectable such as Pacific Coconut Crab Cakes (drool), 24 Hour Braised Short Ribs, Confit Duck Poutine (it isn’t Canada without some poutine!), and a seafood platter for two (but really just for one). This doesn’t even include the extensive drink menu that this restaurant has.

Besides an incredible food and drink menu, this restaurant is also doing its best to protect the environment. All seafood from this restaurant comes through the Ocean Wise Program. This Canadian program addresses the world-wide problem of overfishing. The program connects with businesses and helps them make sustainable seafood purchases. The seafood that is used is either caught or farmed with long-term health and stability of the species in mind. So not only is the food fantastic, but it is also sustainable. Goodness, Canada. You guys really are perfect. We’re sorry to tell you that if you’re flying into this airport, you’ll have to fight for a table against not just other travelers, but locals as well.

3 Zurich Airport – Runway 34 (Concept Of This Restaurant Was Created By An Actual Pilot)

All we can say is, “wow.” This restaurant has 500% embraced the fact that it is an airport restaurant. We’re not even close to kidding. They’ve got an actual II-14 airplane in the middle of the dining room. When you’re sitting down at the table, that shadow over your plate isn’t from an umbrella, it’s from the wing of a 30,000-pound metal airplane. Even better, the entire concept of this restaurant was created by an actual pilot – who is still flying today! Reto Seipel, the genius behind Runway 34, decided that there was no restaurant that embraced being an aviation-themed restaurant to his satisfaction. So he decided to create his own themed restaurant. He partnered with Stefan Hunziker, a restaurant business professional, and together created Runway 34. We’re pleased to tell you that you can go into the airplane. It has been transformed into a small smoker’s lounge. You can enjoy a cigar and a tumbler of whiskey against plush red seats. The servers are dressed as flight attendants and most of them can speak several languages. This is such an awesome bonus for any traveler who is going through.

While the restaurant isn’t actually located in the airport, it is as close to the airport it can possibly be. Seipel worked with the city and the airport to design the place. Let’s just say a lot of time was spent on soundproofing the place.

2 San Francisco International Airport – Cat Cora’s Kitchen (We Would Never Say 'No' To Lobster Mac n Cheese)

Although we’ve chosen this for the San Francisco restaurant, Cat Cora’s Kitchen has become so popular that several locations have opened up in various airports. This includes the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, and the Salt Lake City Airport. The restaurant was created by Cat Cora (duh) an “Iron Chef” on the Food Network show, Iron Chef America. The cocktail and tapas lounge offers dishes made with fresh, local, organic ingredients.

The menu often changes because they use whatever is in season first, but we’ve heard rumors about a bacon-infused waffle with whiskey maple syrup (OMG). They also have a raw bar that offers sustainable choices (we would never say no to lobster mac n cheese).

The restaurant interior is elegant and airy. And the wraparound bar is the perfect spot to sit, and people watch for a little while. If you’ve got the time, you can relax with some local craft beers and assorted tapas. But, if you don’t have the time this restaurant is also perfect to grab a quick bite before you dash off to catch your next flight. The restaurant offers to-go options, and everything is packed using eco-friendly products, it is San Francisco after all.

1 Newark Liberty International Airport – CLASSIFIED (Everyone Wants To Get In On The Secret)

Why is that whenever we’re told we can’t have something, it only makes us want it more? It’s like when a cat is told NOT to push something off the table, but those cheeky devils will look you right in the eye as they push that glass over. So when we heard about the new restaurant at the Newark Liberty International Airport that is invite only, you know we’re dying to get in.

When this exclusive restaurant first opened back in August 2017, the only people invited were those of United’s frequent flyer program. Once you’re invited and you’ve accepted the invitation, instructions will follow on how to access the restaurant, because even the location is a secret! However, excellent sleuthing by various people have revealed that the restaurant is hiding behind another restaurant, Saison.

The menu is (ironically) posted online. They offer an extensive menu that includes a 42-ounce Tomahawk steak, West Coast oysters, Foie Gras, and Veal Milanese. Since its opening, the restaurant has relaxed its tight access, but only slightly.

If you want to dine at this restaurant you have to request for an invitation, and you still have to be a United MileagePlus member. Do you think Delta will let us transfer our miles over to United?