Flight attendants are so much more than "waitresses in the sky" and most really do not like being called that so please stop.

They obviously deal with the public all day long in every shift, which we all know is never an easy job. People have so many conflicting views and traveling can sometimes bring out the worst in people—making it a much more challenging position than people give them credit for.

Flight attendants are on their feet a lot, work extremely long hours in some cases and have to pick up after people all the time. It sounds exhausting and that is because it definitely can be.

Like most careers, it has its good times and it has its bad times. It's a fun and fulfilling job that can take you around the world, where you can see the most beautiful spots imaginable. If you love adventure and exploring new places often, it's easy to see why someone would go down this career path. You also get to meet lots of new people from different backgrounds and learn about their culture.

But there are some things flight attendants just flat out don't like about their jobs and we can't blame them for it.

Whether it's people just being outright rude, not listening to them, complaining for no reason or acting entitled—there is no shortage of passenger habits to drive any flight attendant absolutely crazy.

20 Not Saying Hello

Flight attendants are people too and therefore, they deserve respect just like anyone else. It's polite to greet the staff members as you board and exit the plane. Having good manners goes a long way in life, and on the plane is no exception.

By just simply being courteous you're making the flight attendants job that much easier and maybe brightening up their day a little bit. It can be a tough job so knowing there are nice people out there is imperative and helps to remind them why they got into the field to begin with.

19 Being Darn Right Rude

This goes without saying, but of course flight attendants don't enjoy when you're rude to them, especially when it's about something that is entirely out of their control.

Traveling can be extremely stressful—we get it. But taking it out on the people around you or in the service industry is just not a good idea. A lot of passengers can be grumpy because of the long waits, layovers and jet lag that come along with travel, but that doesn't give them an excuse to be disrespectful or rude to anyone on their flight.

18 Hogging The Overhead Bins

This is just plain annoying for both the flight attendants and the other passengers on board. When you don't listen to the size requirements and completely hog the overhead bins—you're being disrespectful to all of those around you. Don't do it.

Plus, once you are comfortably seated it's the flight attendant who has to assist other people in finding a place to store their bags because you just took up the entire bin. This puts more work on the flight attendant and stresses out the other passenger in the process.

17 Complaining About Food

It's an airplane, not a Michelin star restaurant. Some passengers seem to forget this. While airplanes have expanded their menus significantly over the years and it definitely has improved on a lot of airlines, at the end of the day—it's still airplane food.

If you really don't want to eat the food on board then, by all means, have a sandwich in your bag that you can eat instead. Just don't complain to the flight attendant about your meal being subpar.

16 Bringing Smelly Food On Board

With that being said, please keep in mind what food you bring with you on board. Have you ever worked in an office and had someone heat up fish or something else extremely smelly? It's not fun—the difference is you could just leave the kitchen area.

On a plane, you're stuck with that smell and so is everyone else. The flight attendants and passengers do not want to be stuck in a confined space smelling your foul food. So be considerate of those around you, always.

15 Not Listening To The Safety Presentation

One of their biggest pet peeves is no one listening to the safety presentation. Even if you fly all the time, they're trying to keep you safe and it's important to know all of the information they're relaying to you—so pay attention.

Plus, it's just respectful to give them your attention for the two minutes it takes to give the presentation. Don't worry, you'll be in the air soon enough and can listen to your music, fumble with your belongings and chat to your friend then.

14 Handing Them Trash Whenever They Walk By

They come around to collect trash at specific times throughout the flight—please, wait until then. It's really not that difficult but apparently it happens a lot. Flight attendants can't stand when passengers try to hand them trash whenever they walk by them, whether they're trying to hand out food or answer someone's question.

Only give them your trash when they come around with bins or bags looking for it. Your flight attendant will thank you.

13 Getting Up When the SeatBelt Sign Is On

Flight attendants are responsible for your safety. If the seatbelt light is on—there's a reason. When taking off, landing, or during any turbulence—it's important to stay seated to ensure you stay safe and everyone around you stays safe also.

Even flight attendants will take a seat during this time so don't choose then to get up and try to stretch or use the washroom. It's usually not for a very long time anyway, so you can wait it out.

12 Trying To Get Free Stuff

You can't sweet talk your way into getting freebies on an airplane, all it will do is annoy your flight attendant.

A lot of passengers think by saying they've waited a long time they can maybe get a free drink or special treatment. Remember that the flight attendant has a hard job, and it's not their responsibility to give you anything for free no matter how bad of a day you've had. This isn't a restaurant and it's not their fault you've had to wait long to board or had a flight delay.

11 Leaving Your Headphones On

This also just comes down to respect. If the flight attendant comes by to ask you a question or ask what you want to eat or drink, have the decency to take out your earbuds when conversing with them.

It's respectful and polite to give them all of your attention, eye-contact, smile, and thank them as well. You would do this in a restaurant or anywhere else in the service industry, so it shouldn't be any different in the air.

10 Exercising In The Galley

Yes, believe it or not—this is a real thing. It took over the Internet with photos showing people doing yoga in the galley. We get that sitting on a plane for long hours is not comfortable and that you really want to stretch your legs.

But at the same time, you can't just take over the galley and do yoga or any other kind of exercise in such a confined space. You have to respect everyone's space and doing this is just ridiculous.

9 Taking Out Your Frustrations On Them

Sometimes traveling can be incredibly tough and when someone is tired—emotions can run high and definitely get the best of you. But remember to take a step back and try to remain calm for all parties involved.

Don't let anger get the best of you and don't take your frustrations out on other passengers, flight attendants or any of the other crew on board. Creating a scene is never cool, and it's even worse in a confined space. It will also make the rest of the flight super awkward and uncomfortable, which is something nobody wants.

8 Being Too Loud

When you're in a space with a lot of people—it's very important to be respectful of others. Being too loud will annoy other passengers who are just looking to relax or go to sleep.

And of course, it will also get on the flight attendants' nerves because they're just trying to make it through their shift without getting a massive headache in the process. Be aware of how loud you're being and take other people's feelings into consideration at the same time.

7 Taking Your Shoes Off

No, just no. For some reason, some passengers make the plane feel right at home by taking off their shoes, and sometimes even their socks too.

You're already in a confined public space—there doesn't need to be foot odor added to that mix. This is probably one of the biggest pet peeves of both other passengers and flight attendants. Don't be that person—or else you'll make a lot of people extremely irritated and you'll probably end up finding your photo online somewhere.

6 Asking To Switch Seats

When you board the plane, you have your seat picked already—now just stick to it. There's nothing more annoying than a passenger trying to upgrade their seat by arguing with the flight attendant and trying to get their way. It's just not a good look.

Try your best to make the most of the seat you have rather than causing a big commotion—which is no fun for anyone on board the plane, yourself included.

5 Not Looking After Your Kids

In case you weren't aware—flight attendants have their own job and it doesn't involve constantly playing the babysitter role for your children.

Flying with kids can definitely be tricky, we totally get it. Especially the younger they are. But don't expect flight attendants to pick up after your kids or chase after them if they're running down the aisles or misbehaving. Be a responsible parent and make sure your kids are as well-behaved as possible and don't leave it up to other people to deal with.

4 Pressing The Call Button Too Many Times

If there's a call button, do not overuse it. Flight attendants can't stand when passengers abuse this button and press it repeatedly for the most ridiculous reasons.

While a flight attendant does serve you, they shouldn't be at your every beck and call. So if you think you really need to press it, think again and make sure it's only for a valid reason. You want the flight attendants to be on your side and not annoyed with you the entire flight.

3 Touching Them To Get Their Attention

You should never ever grab, poke or touch a flight attendant in any way in order to get their attention. Use your voice or raise your hand—that's really all you need anyway.

Flight attendants state this as being one of the worst things about their job. You'd think it'd go without saying that touching a complete stranger is inappropriate and rude, but apparently it happens more often than you would think.

2 Not Specifying How You Like Your Coffee

Flight attendants are not mind readers. You can't expect that they will magically make your signature drink from Starbucks complete with your name written on the cup with a smiley face.

Many passengers will ask for a coffee but not specify exactly how they'd like it. Which would be fine, but they then complain afterward about not getting it right. Again, it's an airplane and not your local Starbucks with massive latte machines—just do everyone a favour and drink your coffee and let it go.

1 Demanding A Drink Right After Boarding

This is yet another super common one according to flight attendants. Anyone who travels regularly knows that you board, listen to the safety demo, take off and then you wait for flight attendants to come through the aisle for refreshments.

But some people still try to push the boundaries and ask for a beverage right when they're seated. This doesn't even make logical sense seeing as you can't have your tray down while taking off. Just be patient and wait your turn like you're supposed to.

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