Travel smarter with these simple tips to packing a carry-on that will get you through even the worst of flights imaginable.

Whether you travel a lot for work or you are just a jet-setter for fun—being prepared is key to traveling well, especially if you do it often enough.

Sometimes a carry-on is all you need to bring with you, which means you get to skip those dreaded long waits at the baggage claim (and completely decrease the chance of your bag getting lost in the process of being transported). But even if you have a checked bag, there are some items you're better off keeping with you at all times in your trusty carry-on.

Long flights can be highly uncomfortable, especially if you're an anxious flyer or just don't like sitting still for too long. Even short flights could benefit from a few tools to help improve the overall quality of your trip. After all, as the saying goes: 'It's about the journey, not the destination.'

From economy to first-class and everything in between—flights can be a drag. Be proactive and pack accordingly so you can start your trip off on the right foot.

Having just what you need when you need it will help reduce stress when traveling and make sure everything is smooth sailing from the start of your trip to the end.

Here are a few items you must have in your carry-on when you scan that boarding pass. Don't worry, you can thank us later.

20 Entertainment - Bye Bye Boredom

A lot of the time flights do have their own entertainment—from a selection of movies and basic cable. But sometimes these services come at an extra cost and if you're on an especially long flight you'll probably want to mix things up a bit.

Bring a book, games and a notepad to write in for ways to be entertained without needing to be plugged in just in case your device runs low on battery or in case the plane doesn't have a TV or it's not working. But also plan to have an iPod to listen to tunes on, earbuds (obviously) and a tablet or laptop if you'd like to be productive while up in the air.

19 Comfy Shoes - A Must

If you're like most travelers, you try to wear your boots or shoes that take up the most room for the flight so you don't have to stuff them in your checked bag.

It's a great idea to have a spare set of shoes, sandals or slippers even that you can change into while flying so that you're as comfortable as can be for the ride. There's nothing worse than being on a long flight and wearing something uncomfortable, so make sure your entire outfit is something more loose-fitting and that you can relax while wearing it.

18 Camera - Keep Expensive Items Safe

A camera is obviously an essential device when you're off traveling. You want to capture all those amazing moments to give you memories for years to come (or just have a really wicked Instagram feed). Whatever the reason, typically we stray away from just using our smartphone and have an alternative camera to capture our surroundings.

If you have a DSLR or another expensive device, it's probably a good idea to pack it in your carry-on as opposed to your checked luggage. Not only is it great because you can keep an eye on it at all times, but you'll also rest assured it's not getting mishandled by anyone else.

17 A Change Of Clothes - Pack Accordingly

Keep a change of clothes in your carry-on that suit the weather conditions of the place you're traveling to. You may want to change the moment you land and that way you don't have to wait for your checked luggage to come down the carousel or rifle through your suitcase once it arrives.

Also, if your bag does happen to get lost (fingers crossed it doesn't)—at least you have another set or two of clothing to make it through the next couple of days while the issue is being resolved.

16 Medication - Better Safe Than Sorry

If you require any kind of medication then it's a no-brainer that you should have that near you at all times. Don't even risk it by keeping those kinds of personal things in your checked luggage.

Even for general things like getting a headache or feeling nauseous when traveling—it's great to have some Advil or Gravol on you. If you're a nervous flyer you may even need to take something to calm you down prior so be organized and have it close to you so you can take it when needed.

15 Sleep Mask - Catch Up On Some Z's

A long flight is a great opportunity to catch up on your sleep, you have no excuses. Even a short one is perfect for a cat-nap. Some people find it easy to sleep on airplanes while others struggle.

But if you're tired enough and have a sleep mask—you'll probably be able to drift off to dreamland in no time at all. A sleep mask is imperative because you have the power to make it nighttime even when it's not. And you don't have to worry about your neighbour with their reading light on—shut them all out and get some much-needed rest so you'll arrive at your destination ready to go.

14 Toiletries - So Fresh And So Clean

Sometimes when you're traveling on those overly extended flights, you just feel all sweaty and gross. It's easy to see why. You're sitting there for long periods of times and on packed flights you are very close to the people sitting beside you, which doesn't make for a great combo at all.

Do everyone a favour and keep toiletries on you just in case you need to freshen up a bit mid-flight. You'll feel cleaner, fresher and your neighbour will definitely appreciate it, so it's a total win-win situation.

13 Healthy Snacks - Don't Break The Bank Or The Diet

It's easy to grab food items strictly out of a matter of convenience—make sure you don't fall into this travel trap. A snack or meal may be provided on your flight but if you get the munchies—make sure to bring some of your own too.

You don't want to be stuck paying for over-priced unhealthy snacks. Pack a few healthy granola or protein bars. They are better for you compared to sugary and salty snacks and aren't just empty calories. Plus, your wallet will thank you. Don't spend extra money if you don't have to—save it for the trip.

12 Travel Documents - A Necessity

Always keep your ID, credit cards and passport in the safest place possible. That would be your wallet, handbag or your carry-on.

Trust us—you do not want to go through the headache and the hassle of misplacing your cards, passport or boarding pass while you're traveling. It will impact your entire trip and take away time that could be spent exploring. Avoid the chaos and keep it all together organized in one place in the order in which you'll be using it. This will make your trip a more seamless and less worrisome process. A huge plus!

11 Travel Pillow - Sleep Carefree

Along with an eye mask, a luxurious travel pillow is the perfect accessory for all of your travel needs and is a must-add item to your carry-on bag. Not only is it like sleeping on a cloud, but it will also keep your neck in place while sleeping.

Have you ever dozed off on a plane and woke up with the worst sore neck and back pain ever? This can all be easily avoided with the use of a handy travel pillow to ensure you sleep longer and better. Now that's something we can all get on board with.

10 Charger - Don't Let Your Devices Run Low

While being on an airplane is the perfect excuse to disconnect from technology, it's only beneficial when it's on your own terms.

If you're in the middle of listening to a song or working away on a project during your flight—you don't want it to all of a sudden go black. This can be avoided by making sure all your devices are fully charged before boarding and also by packing a charger. Portable chargers are also awesome to travel with so you can charge up from literally anywhere without being near a power source. But make sure your back-up is also fully charged!

9 Gum - Don't Let Your Ears Pop

It's no secret that when going up to high altitudes your ears pop and it's really not a pleasant feeling. It can ruin your whole flight if it pops and stays that way the whole time, especially if you have sensitive ears.

Chewing gum is a proven way to stop your ears from popping when reaching higher points of elevation. Plus, who doesn't love chewing some gum, it's delicious and helps pass the time. This is a small but significant item that should always be in stock in a jet-setter's carry-on bag.

8 Water Bottle - Need That H20

Do you really want to rely on the few times the flight attendant passes by your row to get your water fix? Especially if you miss a time or two from sleeping. Hydration is important, especially when traveling for hours at a time.

After you've gone through security—there are usually some stations where you can fill up a water bottle to take with you when you board the plane. Quench your thirst and stay hydrated during those long plane rides. This is definitely something you don't want to skip on—make sure your carry-on has a water bottle.

7 Ear Plugs - Block Out The Noise

There's nothing worse than being on any duration of a flight with obnoxious travelers, snoring neighbours or a screaming infant anywhere near you. Obviously, you can't just get up and escape from the situation so you pretty much have to grin and bear it.

One staple you should always have with you when traveling anywhere is ear plugs. It may seem simple and obvious, but they're extremely effective and you'll be glad you brought them along for the journey. These will definitely help block out any noises to help you read, sleep or just relax without loud noises distracting you or keeping you awake.

6 Scarf - Stay Warm

You can't control the temperate of the aircraft, which can become a problem at times. If you find yourself getting chilly, it helps to bring along a scarf. Even if you're traveling to a more exotic locale, a light scarf can do wonders.

It can act as a fashion statement, keep the sun from your eyes and help keep you warm. Plus, it really doesn't take up a lot of space so why not add it in just in case. Plus, it's so much easier to fall asleep when you are covered in some sort of blanket material.

5 Disinfecting Wipes - Get Rid Of Germs

Airports and airplanes are absolutely full of germs, no matter how often people keep them tidy or how clean they may seem to be on the surface level.

With the amount of people passing through–they are obviously full of germs that you're going to want to avoid as much as possible. You don't want to get sick right before or after going on your trip do you? Be proactive and pack some disinfecting wipes to help get rid of germs and keep you as clean as can be during your travels.

4 Lip Balm - Battle Chapped Lips

Everyone has had chapped lips at some point or another and getting it while traveling is common with the change in climate. It's a terrible feeling that will just get worse the longer you go without treating it.

Keep your lips perfectly moisturized during your trip by always having lip balm on you. It will help ensure not only your lips are hydrated but that you'll stay comfortable during your flight, which is definitely an important enough reason to pack it in your carry-on bag.

3 Hand Lotion - Keep Moisturized

Nothing beats hydration. Much like your lips, your hands can get quite dry while traveling. Traveling even an hour away can dramatically affect your skin. Fight this issue by packing a small tube of hand lotion in your carry-on bag for easy access.

Nobody wants dry and cracked skin so adding this simple item to your carry-on will make your life a lot more simple. Plus, it'll make you smell and feel fresher during those long seemingly never-ending flights.

2 A Hoodie - Stay Cozy At All Times

Even if you're traveling somewhere warmer it's a good idea to bring a hoodie along with you. Not only will you stay warm during your plane ride but your hoodie can also cover your eyes should you forget to bring an eye mask with you.

It's also just easier to sleep and relax when you're in something loose-fitting and comfy. Stay cozy and make sure to pack this essential item in your carry-on for those longer flights where you think you'll want to catch some shut-eye.

1 Roll-On Essential Oils - Stay Calm

Many essential oils come in very small roll-on bottles that are definitely travel-friendly, so take advantage of it. Choose some more subtle scents that won't overpower your surroundings, it's always important to be mindful and respectful of your fellow travelers sharing the same flight.

Carrying essential oils are a great way to calm and de-stress for a long flight. Peppermint helps soothe headaches while lavender will ensure you get a good nights sleep. Both will assist in having a worry-free and comfortable plane ride to your destination.

Feeling like a jet-setter yet? Think about what items you put in your carry-on and what things you should start adding to make your travel life a whole lot easier.