When we have to go somewhere far from home, the normal way to get there is most likely to fly. It’s faster and much more efficient, even though it might not always be the most cost-effective solution.

There are plenty of reasons to not like to fly. When you get into the coach seat that most of us have to sit in, you are stuck there for the duration of the flight. Sometimes it may be uneventful but other times it’s not. We have all had that bratty kid nearby or the obnoxious person who's indulged in too many free wines, or even the person next to you that just won’t stop blabbering. These are things that we have to deal with because we don’t have the financial means to fly first class. Those seats are extremely expensive.

It turns out though, the seats really are so expensive that a lot of celebs also choose to go the coach/economy route. Why wouldn’t they? The destination is the same and flying first class doesn’t get you there any faster, but it just might run them a thousand dollars more.

With this information, you can come to the conclusion that the chances are pretty good that you just might run into an A-Lister on your economy flight home to visit your parents. Here are some A-List celebs you might actually bump into on your next flight!

20 Blake Lively Doesn't Like The In-Flight Movies!

Even though Blake Lively is super famous she doesn’t at all mind climbing into the back of the plane and flying coach. For the most part, she has no problem with it but she once told Jimmy Fallon that when her hubby’s (Ryan Reynolds) movie Deadpool was huge in theatres, everyone on the plane wanted to watch the movie.

She told Fallon “I was on a plane with my baby, James. It’s kind of torture these days because I’m on a plane and everywhere I look, every screen is my husband in a montage throughout the holidays with another woman. Everybody wants to watch Deadpool on the plane. Everyone!”

19 Kanye West Tries To Sneak Into Coach

Kanye West has been seen flying coach many times over the years. Back in 2015 he and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, flew coach on a trip to Armenia. Now while some people might get excited when they find out they are seated next to this “power couple,” there are plenty of people who would immediately request a seat change.

After all, wherever these two go, there are paparazzi close by and who wants that kind of attention on them for an entire flight? Sure, I guess it’s okay if you live your life in the spotlight but for us common people, we can live without it.

18 Anderson Cooper Can Afford First Class But Doesn't Use It

Anderson Cooper is one of the top anchors/reporters at CNN. He makes roughly $11 million per year. This would allow you to think that whenever he flies he would obviously choose first class. However, the high prices of that have led to his decision many times to fly regular coach like you and I have to do.

Nothing can drain a bank account faster than several first class airfares. So, enjoy the peanuts and pretzels, Anderson!

17 Kim Kardashian West Doesn't Always Fly Like This

Kim Kardashian West can’t do anything without being noticed. When you live in the spotlight that’s just the way things are. She has been seen many times, alongside her hubby, Kanye West, boarding JetBlue flights out of JFK and having a seat in the economy section. With all of the money between the two, this is a little surprising.

Before you feel bad for them for being as cramped as we are on their flight though, think about this… they don’t have to go through the long security lines or waits. Their celeb status allows them to pass right by those while we stand there and wait.

16 Paris Hilton Doesn't Care How She Gets There!

If you are a regular follower of Paris Hilton you’ll know that she built her dog a doghouse that puts a lot of our regular human houses to shame. That’s what happens sometimes when you have way too much money and time on your hands. Knowing this happened you might be surprised to find out that she has no problem at all flying coach.

She once told The Mirror “I fly commercial as well. Whatever it takes to get where you’re going. I don’t mind going commercial. I’m normal.”

Well, I wouldn’t go quite that far but kudos to her for thinking that.

15 Caitlyn Jenner Doesn't Mind Flying Coach

Here is something that most people will never want to see while seated comfortably in your coach seat as the plane is filling up with your fellow passengers: Bruce Jenner heading in your direction, seeking out that empty seat next to you. Because when Bruce is around, there is a media circus that you don’t want to be a part of

The former All-World male athlete actually flies economy quite often. Who wants to be stared at for an entire flight? That’s what will happen if you are unlucky enough to have your seat next to Jenner’s on your next flight.

14 Jessica Alba Sits In Coach While Her Kids Go First Class

Jessica Alba is officially a very rich woman. Her work on the silver screen has actually been outdone by her work with The Honest Company. This is someone you would never think you’d run into in the economy section of your flight. However, she actually flies economy quite often and has a reputation for not being afraid to sit with the much less famous people on the flight.

One odd thing about her flying habits though is the fact that while she sits in coach, she makes sure her kids, Haven and Honor, always sit up in first class. Probably to keep them away from us.

13 Brad Pitt Doesn't Have A Private Jet Yet?

Back in the day, Brad Pitt and family were seen flying economy to their summer home in Nice, France. In those days the family consisted of wife Angelina Jolie and kids Maddox, Vivienne, Pax, Knox, Shiloh and Zahara. That flight was not cheap, even by economy standards. Do the math on a basic first class flight and you’ll quickly see why this wasn’t an option for the family.

Having a family that big fly first class would certainly be a strain on the bank account, no matter how much money you have.

With a family and bank account that size, why didn't they have a family plane?

12 Mitt Romney Still Hasn't Been On Air Force One

In 2012 Mitt Romney had a dream of flying on the luxurious Air Force One. We all know that the dream never came true and it has got to burn him up every time he gets on a regular aircraft and takes his seat in coach.

Mitt flies economy quite often and he has been spotted a few times even being placed in the middle seat between two strangers. That’s not a good place for a politician to be. There is no escape route available and it could make for a miserable flight… for the people sitting next to him as well!

11 Angelina Jolie Isn't Always A Welcome Sight!

Whether or not Angelina Jolie is with Brad Pitt, she can certainly afford to fly first class. Obviously, if she is with him, their combined bank accounts are something that would make you sick, and can more than afford to pay for any first-class flight.

They’ve been known to fly coach, and you have got to wonder, why? It has got to be no more than a money-saving thing because why would they do that to themselves?

If you were waiting for your flight to board and you saw her coming toward you with six kids, would you want her to sit next to you? Of course you wouldn’t. Angelina Jolie or not, nobody wants to sit next to six kids for an entire flight!

10 Bill Gates Flew Economy Even After Making Forbes Billionaire List

Bill Gates has been said to have more money than God. If you look at some of the huge amounts that he has dropped in lawsuits, without it hurting him a single bit, you might believe that the saying is true. For many years though, even after he became a regular member of the Forbes billionaire list, he flew economy. That just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Around 1997, he obviously grew tired of the hassle and went out and blew $21 million on his very own private jet. One has to wonder what took him so long to make that purchase.

9 Amy Adams Did Something That Most Don't

Amy Adams is an awesome woman. Maybe you have heard the story by now of what she once did, and even if you have heard it, it’s still worth repeating.

She once noticed a military man seated in economy and swapped seats with him, allowing him to make the flight in her first class seat. She’s a former military kid so the act of kindness makes perfect sense. She told Inside Edition that “It was something I had always wanted to do.”

There is no word on if she has done this again but once is plenty enough. She showed someone respect that they never thought was coming. Way to go Amy!

8 Nicolas Cage Still Flies Economy?

Sometimes celebs don’t want to be noticed and bothered. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense though is why they would fly economy if this is the case. Especially when they can easily afford a first class ticket. Nicolas Cage is a perfect example. He has a TON of money and has been known to blow large amounts on some very odd collections. So why wouldn’t he just spring for a first class ticket?

Instead, he tries to use disguises so he isn’t noticed on the flight. One time a couple across from him recognized him on a flight to Canada. This is because his choices of disguises aren’t always as successful as his acting ability is on the silver screen.

7 Katie Holmes Cutting Costs By Flying Economy?

When Katie Holmes was with Tom Cruise she didn’t have much to worry about at all. When your husband has a net worth of close to six-hundred million bucks, life is pretty easy. But when they split, most of that money went away. Now don’t feel bad for her because she got a very nice chunk of change from him.

One major difference in her post-Tom Cruise life is that she does have to watch her spending somewhat now. She has been spotted flying coach when she goes home to Toledo, Ohio to visit her parents. She’d probably like to have half of the amount that he gives to Scientology every year.

6 Claire Danes Does What She Has To Do

Claire Danes is a busy woman. A jam-packed schedule sometimes can lead to travel that isn’t always at the top of the list of choices. Mainly a red-eye coach flight.

Back in 2011 Danes won a Screen Actors Guild award due to her part in Temple Grandin. The celebration was cut short because she had to be back in New York the following day for more work that was waiting for her. The only way that she was able to make it was to catch a red-eye out of LAX and fly economy across the country. We all have hectic days, right?

5 Alec Baldwin Flies Economy Often (When He's Allowed To Stay)

Alec Baldwin is as famous for his off-screen actions as he is for his on-screen roles. Maybe even more so. He has been flying economy for quite a long time now and while most flights are uneventful, that isn’t always the case.

One time he was flying on Am Airlines and he was booted off the flight because he refused to put his phone away. He got a lot of bad press over it deservedly so.

You would think that someone with a history of altercations might want to drop the extra dough and fly first class if for nothing less, to avoid the regular people like you and me.

4 Bernie Sanders Is The People's Politician

Bernie Sanders isn’t above flying economy with the rest of us. When he was running to be top dog, he spent the first part of the campaign flying coach around the country. It’s not a bad way to campaign because your audience can’t get away.

Once he got deeper into things though, his schedule got so hectic that regular flights were no longer an option so he had to move over to a private Gulfstream. There weren’t as many people to chat with on those flights but at least he was able to get where he needed to be on time. Try that on United!

3 Kendall Jenner Sits In The Economy Section? Yup!

When Kendall Jenner was invited to Paris Fashion Week she had to figure out how she was going to get there. Her mom, Kris, took a private flight over there with her boyfriend Corey Gamble but Kendall decided that economy was the way for her.

Maybe she wanted to go by herself on the flight, but choosing economy over first class seems a strange choice for the woman that everyone seems to want info and gossip on. It’s not the only time that she has flown economy and for some reason, there are others in her family who do the same thing.

2 America Ferrera

America Ferrera was one of the judges at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. When she was on her way to the event she actually flew economy and was spotted by several fans and one film blogger in particular who made note of the sighting.

There are many reasons that the star of Ugly Betty could have been back in coach, the main one could have been that there were no more first class seats available. After all, the festival is attended by thousands of people and there are only so many flights to the same destination.

1 Glenn Close

Glenn Close is a Hollywood icon who has put on numerous unforgettable performances. She is known for her roles on Damages, The Shield and in countless movies. However, just because she is first class all the way on screen, that doesn’t mean that she has to be first class every single time she boards and airplane.

She was seen flying in coach on a JetBlue flight once, and it wasn’t because all of the first class seats were sold out. There were options available to her but she chose to sit back in economy, in a middle seat. That’s just crazy.

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