When we travel, we want to be comfortable in the clothes that we are wearing. For some women, that means wearing the same clothes that they wear at home. But the views on women's fashion differ around the world, and if you are not sensitive to those cultural differences, you could be in for a rude awakening when you show up in a country wearing the completely wrong clothes. Plus, there are some things that really should not be worn while traveling anyway, regardless of where you are traveling.

This list of twenty photos shows women all over the world dressed in ways that make no sense for traveling. Whether they are wearing the wrong clothes for the airport or the wrong clothes for the country they are visiting, these women may be making a fashion statement with their clothing options, but they are sending the wrong statement in a lot of other ways.

Do you see yourself in any of these pictures? Have you ever made any of these travel fashion faux pas? You may have seen a woman or two dressed like these women as you were bustling through the airport or visiting a foreign country. Keep in mind that these nineteen pictures are some of the best examples of how women should not dress while traveling because it just does not make sense to dress this way.

19 Too Much Clothes For Airport Security

Let's break down what is wrong with Chrissy Teigen's outfit. First, she is wearing too many layers. Each of those outer layers is going to need to be removed before passing through security, which means she is going to end up with a pile of clothes on the x-ray belt. Then, she is going to need to put all of those layers back on when she gets through security.

Second, she is wearing sunglasses and a hat. Now, this may not seem like a problem, but if you walk up to the security checkpoint wearing sunglasses and a hat, the security officer is going to think that something is up. As they check her ID, they are going to ask her to remove the sunglasses and hat so they can see her face. She will be left holding both in her hands while her ID is scrutinized and the guard wonders why she walked up wearing sunglasses and a hat.

Third, the colors she chose are going to draw attention to herself. Whether she likes it or not, people (like security guards) are going to focus their attention on the woman wearing all black and gray, rather than someone wearing less somber colors.

She will probably run into some trouble getting through security because she has so many layers, sunglasses, and a hat and is wearing a somber palette of colors.

18 This Woman In A Muslim Country

This woman is in a Muslim country. Now, not all Muslim countries are so conservative that the women are forced to cover themselves up. But this particular woman looks like she is in such a country. Take note of the two women in black on the right of the screen. It is pretty obvious what this woman is doing wrong, but let's go through it anyway.

For starters, there is the pretty flagrant disregard for local customs and practices regarding what women in this country can and cannot wear. Now, regardless of where you are going, you need to follow local customs as much as possible. This is true for any country, not just those where religious practices require women to dress in a certain way.

Next, this woman is flaunting her status with her dress and her purse. Again, this is a country where women have very little status, if any at all.

This woman is dressed all wrong for traveling to this Muslim country. She is showing too much of herself and definitely not following local customs and norms in her style of attire. By flaunting her wealth with what she is wearing, she is telling the men of this country that she is better than them, which would be taboo in such a country.

17 Underdressed On A Subway In Beijing

Take a look at the two women at the center of this picture and then look at all of the people around them. Notice anything different about the two Western women in the middle of the picture? Let's figure out where they went wrong on their travels on the Beijing, China subway system.

It should be pretty obvious from the way that the people all around them are dressed that these two women are sorely underdressed when it comes to covering their legs. They may be wearing heavy winter coats up top, but down below the waist, they seem to think it is a hundred degrees outside.

By neglecting cultural sensitivity, these women are saying that their fashion is more important than the feelings of the country they are visiting. The women, obviously Westerners, are riding a subway full of Chinese (i.e. Easterners) showing off their legs in a world that does not appreciate that.

When they are traveling abroad, these women need to pay more attention to cultural norms for the country and places that they are visiting. That way, they will avoid making others uncomfortable which, in turn, will make their travel more comfortable and enjoyable. While women should dress comfortably, they should also dress in a way that is comfortable for those around them.

But let's face it. If you are wearing a winter coat, you should probably not be wearing booty shorts at the same time, regardless of where you are.

16 Selena Gomez Rolling Up To The Airport

This woman (which, by the way, is Selena Gomez) is showing up at the airport wearing way too little. And what she is wearing is all wrong for travel. If she thinks that she is going to have a comfortable flight wearing skintight everything, she is sorely mistaken. Let's break down where she went wrong with her wardrobe choices.

As alluded to, she should not be wearing skintight everything. Even her jacket is too tight. What is the problem with wearing skintight clothing to the airport (or to travel in)? A couple reasons. One, if your clothing is too tight, you will draw attention to yourself, especially at security. Two, flying in tight clothes is going to be uncomfortable—tight clothing is made for walking around, not flying in.

Also, she is dressed in all black. If you are going to dress in all black, expect someone to take notice. Like the fact that her clothing is tight, the dark clothing is going to get her noticed.

You should dress like you want to, but if you want to travel in comfort and style, be sure to keep the clothing loose and flowy, not skintight. And wear more than one color or lighter brighter colors, or else you will get noticed.

15 This Could Be Problematic In Egypt

Look at this woman in Egypt, and look at the men behind her. See anything wrong? The men are dressed conservatively in slacks and (in one case) long-sleeved shirt. What is the woman wearing? Exactly the opposite. Let's take a look at what she is doing wrong on her trip to Egypt.

She is obviously blissfully unaware of the fact that the men behind her are dressed more conservatively than she is. She is wearing shorty-shorts and a low-cut t-shirt. She is also wearing flashy colors, whereas the guys behind her are in muted black, gray, and white clothes.

She is wearing some kind of logo on her shirt that could be mistaken for something offensive. This is in Egypt where religion is a big part of the culture, and symbolism is a huge part of everything. This woman could be offensive just by what she is wearing, with the short shorts and low-cut shirt, but the logo on her shirt could cause problems.

This woman obviously does not feel uncomfortable in the heat of the sun in Egypt, but she stands a chance of making those around her feel uncomfortable with her style of dress. And that could prove to be a big problem for her on her travels.

14 These Women In Antarctica

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? These women are in Antarctica. Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. These women are wearing bikinis and playing in the ocean. Let's break down the problems with their travel attire.

These women are obviously dressed in bikinis and playing in the water. It may not be obvious how cold they are, but if they are in Antarctica (which is where they are), they are pretty cold. Do not take summer wear with you when you are going to cold places.

That should go without saying, but there is nowhere in Antarctica where a bikini is an appropriate attire.

Always dress for the weather you expect. These girls are not dressed in any way for the weather to be expected in Antarctica, where summer temperatures are still well below freezing.

Take a look at the weather forecast before you travel, especially if you are unsure of the weather. But Antarctica is always cold, and there is no reason to pack a bikini for somewhere that is always cold.

These women look like they may be having a good time, but they will not be so happy when they get ill from hypothermia because they wore a bikini in Antarctica.

13 A Little Short For The Arctic...

This woman is in the arctic...in winter. The arctic is defined as a place that is very cold much of the year, but especially during the winter. This woman chose to travel to the arctic and wear a short skirt without anything substantial to cover her legs. Let's see why this is wrong.

When there is snow on the ground, this woman should have thought, "I should dress warmly." But instead, the only warm thing she has on is her jacket. While it looks like the sun is shining and the wind is not blowing, it is probably pretty cold where she is, and her legs are certainly feeling that cold right about now as she poses for a picture by a tree.

Women need to dress in layers in the cold climates of the arctic region of the world. Yes, it can get warm(er) there, but it will invariably be cold most of the time, especially in winter when temperatures stay below freezing.

This woman needs to reevaluate her clothing options before traveling to places where there is snow on the ground. Wearing a short skirt and no leggings is going to cause her some serious cold problems.

12 Walking (Or Lying Down) Through Rome

This woman is having a good time on her trip to Rome. Here she is outside the Coliseum taking a selfie while she takes a break. She has her backpack and her clothes look appropriate for touring Rome. But wait, what is that on her feet? Those shoes may be comfortable while she is lying down taking a break. But they certainly are not comfortable while she is up and walking about Rome with its cobbled streets and hills.

This woman is trying to have a good time but forgot a fundamental thing about tourism: wear appropriate shoes. If you are going to be walking from point A to point B, you are going to want to wear shoes made for walking. If you are not going to be walking, then you do not necessarily need good walking shoes, but your shoes should still be comfortable.

Travel can take a lot out of you, and function beats form every time when it comes to the shoes you travel with (and in). This woman looks like she forgot that little tidbit of information, and she may very well be taking a break because her feet are killing her. Always wear appropriate shoes when you are traveling, especially if that travel involves walking around.

11 Selena Gomez In Paris Again (Hopefully She Doesn't  Have To Walk Too Much In Those Shoes)

She may be fashionable (if you can call it that), but this woman (again, Selena Gomez) is clearly not dressed appropriately for touring around Paris, France. She probably will not get far from her hotel with those high-heeled boots, so she is obviously not on a walking tour of the city. And that top that she is wearing is pretty risque, which may fly in Hollywood, but not so much in Paris.

She may think that because she is in Paris she can dress any way she likes, but her choice of wardrobe is seriously hurting her chances of fitting in on the streets. Why would she want to be labeled as an obvious tourist, just based on the way she is dressed? Tourists take enough flak, regardless of where they are, so dressing like you definitely are a tourist is only going to validate the opinion that people have of you as a tourist.

Selena Gomez probably does not care about the fact that the Parisian locals quickly labeled her an outsider, but that does not mean that she should be dressed to validate that label. Being a tourist is one thing. Being labeled a tourist because of how you dress is something totally different...and not desirable.

10 Barefoot In Thailand?

She may think she is getting back to nature or something, but this woman should not be walking across a street in Thailand with bare feet. The rest of her outfit makes little sense for travel to Thailand as well, but the lack of shoes is a big no-no. Let's explore why.

Thailand is a growing country, but it is still in the developing world. That means that there could be all manner of filth on the streets. When you think about it, you would not walk around New York or London with your bare feet, and those are relatively clean cities. Why would you think you could walk freely around barefoot in the streets of a less-developed country?

The fact that her top is revealing her shoulders is also going to cause problems for her in Thailand. This culturally-conservative country is not welcome to the idea of seeing a lot of a woman's skin.

This woman probably is trying to show how culturally sensitive she can be with her bare feet and long flowy skirt, but really she is showing cultural insensitivity by demonstrating that she knows nothing about the country she is visiting. She needs to go back to her hotel, but on some shoes or sandals and a sweater to cover her shoulders, then head back to the market.

9 No Idea How To Dress In Sydney, Australia

She looks like she is ready to go out for a day of sightseeing in Sydney, Australia, but what this woman is wearing for her big travel day really makes no sense in a country like Australia. Sure, she would fit right in on the streets of Beverly Hills, California, but this is Australia, where the unspoken rules of what you should and should not wear are a little more stringent. Let's break down where this woman goes wrong with her fashion statement.

Starting at the bottom and working our way up, the low rider jeans really do not fit into a country that is known for boots in the Outback. These jeans may look good on her, but they are totally impractical if she plans to do more than a little shopping and they send the wrong signal about her appreciation of the fact that she is in Australia.

The fact that her midriff is showing and that she is wearing a skintight leather top also demonstrate that she has no idea how to dress in Sydney. It may be hot in Australia, but the Australian people have been dealing with that in ways other than baring their skin for hundreds of years.

This woman should have chosen a more sensible outfit before heading out on the town in Sydney, but she wanted to look her best, which will end up making her look pretty bad in the eyes of her host country.

8 Boarding A Plane To The North Pole?

This woman is standing on the concourse, getting ready to head to the gate to board a plane. Unfortunately, she is not dressed appropriately to be flying on a plane. Let's look at what she did wrong when she got dressed to head to the airport.

Well, really, it is her entire outfit that is wrong...all wrong.

First off, how did she get through security in a timely manner wearing those boots? It probably takes her a minute or more to take them off and put them back on, which is a problem for all of the people behind her in line.

Second, that coat. Has she ever been on a plane? Yes, they can get cold. But a full-on winter coat is more than overkill for what she needs to be wearing when she gets on the plane.

Third, she is wearing gloves and a hat. Why? Why would you wear gloves and a hat inside the airport when you are getting ready to get on an airplane?

Nothing about this woman's wardrobe is appropriate for traveling on an airplane. There is no reason for the boots, the winter coat, the gloves, or the hat if she is getting ready to board a plane. All of that should be put away in a carry-on or suitcase for easy access when she lands in her destination.

7 All These Beach-Going Women

What is wrong with these beach-going fashionistas? These pictures are all specifically focused on one part of the individual outfits of these women. The part of the outfit that really has no place at the beach. Have you figured out that the shoes are beyond questionable?

Why are these women wearing heels to the beach? As if they were not uncomfortable enough on a floor, these women think they should be wearing them in sand. And that is going to cause them major problems. Regardless of how good they think they look, these women actually just look silly with their heels on the beach.

There is a place for every kind of shoe, and the beach is never the place for this type of shoe. No matter what anyone tells you, these women are sorely (literally) mistaken with their choice of foot wear. Shoes do help to complete a fashion statement, but when your body is wrapped in a towel or slightly covered in a bikini, you can probably leave the six-inch heels at home.

Some women really like to wear heels, and obviously, these are some of those women. But when you cannot even walk around safely on the hot sand, thanks to your heels, you probably should really reevaluate how important those shoes are to your overall look.

6 Yacht Life

This woman is very overdressed for the type of boat that she is on. This might be a yacht, but it is definitely not a luxury ocean cruiser. That said, she looks perfectly happy to be wearing a dress that would be more appropriate for an evening on a luxury cruise or on land at a very nice restaurant. Unfortunately for her, she seems to be on little more than a dinner cruise through a harbor, and as such, her dress looks a little silly on her.

Dressing for the occasion is important, even when you are going out on a "cruise." Overdressing can be just as easy as underdressing, and either can be a disaster for you. This woman really does not need to be wearing a long formal dress like this for a dinner cruise up a river. She is probably going to be uncomfortable walking on the small deck in those shoes, and the stares from the other passengers on the boat are going to make her more uncomfortable.

Remember, dress for the occasion and where you are going to be. If there is any doubt, be sure to ask, just so you know for sure. You do not want to be overdressed nor underdressed.

5 Am I At The Beach?

These women are at the beach, where it is sunny and warm. You can clearly see the blue sky as the backdrop. But they are not dressed in a way that says, "We're at the beach." Let's look at what they are doing wrong with their beach outfits.

These women decided to wear full on clothes to the beach. Why would they do that? Anyone knows that you only go to the beach on a sunny day to soak up the sun and enjoy the warmth. Obviously, these women did not get that memo as they are clearly not dressed in appropriate beach attire. If they think they are going to be cold at the beach (and why would they think that during the day?), they could easily wear something lighter than full on jeans and pants.

For a group of women who wanted to go for a swim, they are clearly overdressed. They are sending mixed ideas about what their plans for the day are. There is absolutely no need for anything like a cardigan during the day at the beach. Clearly, they have never been to the beach, which may be why they are going for a swim without taking off layers of clothes first...

4 This Hiking Woman (?)

She may look like she is having a good time on her hiking adventure, but this woman is seriously not dressed in a manner that makes sense for a hiking adventure. Sure, it can get hot out there on the trail, but a bikini is really not good to wear on a hiking trip. Why not? Let's take a look.

A bikini is a piece of clothing that is intentionally not designed to cover up a lot of the body. That is fine for the beach or lounging around the yard or pool. However, when you are at the beach or the pool, you are not going to fall down on a sharp rock or plant. Bikinis will do little, if anything, to protect this woman from a fall down the trail. She may be one of the finest hikers in the world, but she still runs the risk of getting seriously hurt if she trips.

She may think it is too hot to wear normal "hiking" clothes, but this woman will be in for a rude awakening if she trips. She would have been better off in a light t-shirt and shorts that at least covered parts of her legs and body.

3 This (Obvious) Tourist

This woman looks perfectly normal, which may have you scratching your head as to why she is on this list. Unfortunately, she has made the same mistake that so many traveling women have made in the past and continue to make. She is obviously in a foreign country, and she obviously does not blend in very well. Let's look at this scenario.

This woman is wearing a bright pink scarf. This may be appropriate for back home, but in a lot of foreign countries, this scarf is going to just draw attention to her. And that could be a problem for this woman. Calling attention to herself is the last thing she wants to do. Calling attention to herself with her clothing only makes it worse.

If you are a tourist, you really do not want the locals to know that you are a tourist. It is not going to be 100% possible to fit into another country, but one of the easiest ways to do so is to adopt (as best as possible) the local clothing and fashions. That way, if someone just passes you on the street, you will not stick out as an obvious tourist.

This woman may not realize how easy it is for someone to know that she is a tourist and try to take advantage of her. If she ditched the pink scarf, it would be a lot harder for someone to label her "tourist."

2 Standing At The Airplane Gate (Not At A Pool Bar)

Is this woman getting ready to board the plane in a bathing suit? What does she think there is on this little charter plane? A pool? What on Earth would possess someone to dress like this before getting on a plane?

These (and others) are the questions this woman should have asked herself when she got up this particular morning and got dressed to head to the airport. Let's take a look at what she is doing wrong.

For starters, she is dressed inappropriately to be out in public. She probably thinks she is cute and/or hot looking like that, but it really does not work for her. She needs to take a little more pride in the way she looks when she goes to the airport to be surrounded by a couple thousand other people.

Second, she will be freezing on the plane. She may be headed to spring break in Cabo, but the airplane that gets her there is not going to be 80 degrees and sunny.

Third, when she gets to Cabo (or wherever), she is not going to go straight to the pool or beach. Therefore, what she wears to the beach should not be what she wears on the airplane. This woman needs to second guess herself when she gets dressed in the morning before going to the airport and dress in a manner consistent with someone who will be surrounded by people and on a cold airplane for the next several hours.

1 Getting Ready To Travel The World

This woman is doing it all wrong. From the beginning of this list to the end, she is hitting on at least half of the problems that women encounter when dressing incorrectly and/or inappropriately for travel. Let's take a look at how she is doing it wrong and tie this whole list together.

She is getting ready to board a plane in clothing that is not at all appropriate for a plane. She is going to be cold on the plane, if she ever gets through security with her clothes that are going to call attention to herself.

Once she gets where she is going, she is going to stick out as a tourist, which will make her an easy target for anyone trying to run a scam on her. And even if she is not readily obvious as a tourist, her clothes are not going to fit in anywhere else in the world except a handful of Western countries.

Luckily, this woman is not wearing a bikini through the airport like some of the women on the list. Her shoes are appropriate for her travel, and she is probably not going to the beach or a cold region anytime soon, so at least she is not dressed inappropriately for those scenarios like the other women on this list.