Celebrities are some of the most well-traveled people in the world. With their hectic schedules, they should have some useful travel hacks up their sleeve. These people travel more in one month than we do in one year. In other words, if anyone’s going to know the secret to packing or preventing jet lag, it’s bound to be a Hollywood star.

Traveling is fun and all, but not always. There’s all that waiting around we have to do in airports, ensuring our precious toiletries don’t leak everywhere in our bags, and of course the several-hour flight or more that gets us to our destination. In spite of all that, it’s worth it when we arrive...finally. But what if we told you there were ways of making the process way more fun?

We can’t afford to travel like a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t copy their genius travel hacks. If you’re a bit of a travel junkie, you won’t be able to get enough of these fabulous travel hacks as told by jet-setting celebs. And then there are the travel hacks that don’t make much sense to us. But we’ll touch base on that later on. For now, focus on how you can make travel easier with these useful celebrity travel hacks.

20 Jessica Biel: Pick a color scheme (Useful)

Less is more is the travelling philosophy of Jessica Biel, a travel enthusiast. Although the best advice she ever got for packing is to choose a color scheme and stick with it. That makes sense! Let’s say we just chose black, green and white, we know everything would always match. Plus, just think of all that time we’ll save planning outfits.

We know on vacation we have a tendency to want to take all our nicest clothes with us. But if we want to make it easier on ourselves, picking a color scheme is always the wise option.

19 Adriana Lima: Get a suitcase with a GPS (Useful)

Losing our luggage is a recipe for a bad vacation. To prevent it from happening, we can follow Adriana Lima’s lead and invest in a suitcase with a built-in GPS system. This way we can always keep track of our luggage along the journey using a simple app. Keeping track of our luggage in real time can take a lot of the stress out of our journey. And it’s such a neat idea.

Then again, when you’re a supermodel like Lima with suitcases bursting with designer attire and cosmetics, the last thing you want is for it to go missing.

18 Gigi Hadid: Stick to carry-on bags (Useful)

This might not be the most practical tip for all of us, especially if we’re travelling for longer than a few days. But if we want to save time, avoiding checked bags might be a good idea. Gigi Hadid swears by this travel hack. She doesn’t have to wait to check in her bag or at the carousel when she lands. That’s a whole lot of time she’s shaving off her trip. "I try to only travel with carry-on at all times," she said. "I pretty much spend half my life at the airport, so checking in bags is just going to add more onto that."

17 Chrissy Teigen: Rock a sheet mask in the air (Useful)

Beauty maintenance doesn’t stop for celebrities even when they're in the air. Chrissy Teigen likes to rock a sheet mask whilst she’s flying. It keeps her skin hydrated and gives it the boost it needs when she arrives. Flying is known to suck all the moisture out of our skin, so it’s good to find a way to keep that moisture in. Teigen regularly uses these sheet masks in her beauty regime.

It actually sounds like a pretty cool way to relax during a flight, while simultaneously doing big favors for our skin. So bring on board a sheet mask next time and fly Teigen style.

16 Kim Kardashian: Bag every item (Useful)

Kim Kardashian likes to put everything in bags when she travels. This is to protect the rest of her clothes. She even puts shoes in shoe bags so they don’t stain her clothes, which is a smart idea. Who wants to the bottom of their shoes scuffing up their white chiffon dress? Not us!

Clearly, Kardashian has some expensive designer clothes in her suitcases, so the last thing she wants is for cosmetics or dirty-bottomed shoes staining any of her clothes. This might be something you do already, but for those who don’t, it’s a tip we can all definitely use for future packing.

15 Julia Stiles: Bubble wrap toiletries (Useful)

The last thing anyone wants when they arrive at their destination is to open their suitcase and see a massive leak coming from their toiletries. Unfortunately, this kind of situation pops up all the time.

To stop it from happening, Julia Stiles likes to wrap her toiletries in bubble wrap. She actually uses special ziplock bags that are lined with bubble wrap and these protect fragile items like makeup. This is an ingenious tip that we can all use to prevent a sticky mess at the end of our flight. It’s especially useful for those of us who travel with a lot of cosmetics!

14 Lindsay Ellingson: Wear a fanny pack (Useful)

To ensure all our precious items are with us at all times, let’s follow Lindsay Ellington’s lead by bring a fanny pack with us on our travels. This way, they’ll always be in front of us at all times. It also saves us lugging a big handbag around with us – better for our shoulders and back! With fanny packs, we don’t have to worry about our money getting stolen. We can see why Ellingson swears by this travel hack. It’s definitely a smart and safe hack that we can all use. Plus, there are so many cute fanny packs out there to choose from.

13 Lea Michele:  Go For a long walk (Useful)

In order to stay healthy when she travels, singer Lea Michelle takes a leaf from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book. “Go for a really long walk, get your body moving right after you land,’’ Michele told PEOPLE.

Not only does this make us feel better after a long flight, it also adjusts our body clock to our new time zone. “I think that airplanes are amazing, they get us to see the world, but they can be very difficult for our bodies,” says the singer. To be fair, she does have a point. It’s good to stretch our bodies after a long flight.

12 Rebecca Minkoff: Roll clothes (Useful)

This big-time fashion designer knows the secret to smart packing: roll, don’t fold clothes. Not only will this prevent creases, it frees up a lot of space in our bag. Folding our clothes actually takes up more space than rolling.

Minkoff also believes in only packing essentials. We don’t need to pack as much as we think we do. Sometimes we only need the bare essentials. After all, we can buy most of the basic stuff when we arrive. So if you want more space in your suitcase the next time you fly away, take Minkoff’s advice and start rolling.

11 Christina Applegate: Unpack upon arrival (Useful)

How many of us are guilty of unpacking two days into our vacation or, worse, not really unpacking totally at all? Some of us just live from our suitcases rather than bringing our stuff out into the hotel’s wardrobes. Christina Applegate isn’t one of them. She likes to unpack as soon as she arrives because it makes her feel more settled. That means hanging everything up and putting toiletries in the right places. Nothing remains in Applegate’s cases.

While some of us may be too lazy to follow suit, doing this can relieve stress and make us feel more at ease in our new place.

10 Eva Longoria: Bring a travel pillow (Useful)

Being comfortable while travelling is key for Eva Longoria, who brings a travel pillow along with her every time she travels. “I must have my trusty soft faux pillow when I travel,” she says. “It was made by Brookstone, but was discontinued years ago. It’s the best travel pillow ever!” She loves this pillow so much, she even tweeted about it. Then again, it does make a difference if we’re comfortable on a flight. It makes the whole process of flying a lot more enjoyable – especially if we want to nap on the plane. Sleeping is easier if we’re comfortable.

9 Jennifer Aniston: Work off that jet lag (Useful)

Jennifer Aniston is the total opposite of a couch potato. Why do you think she looks so amazing? That doesn’t come from lying on the couch all day. So it makes sense that Aniston’s best travel hack is to hit the gym as soon as she arrives at her destination.

Instead of sleeping upon arrival, Jen either heads to the gym or goes for a 30-minute run. It’s one of the most effective ways to beat jet lag, which affects nearly all of us – particularly when we’re crossing a few time zones. We know not everybody’s going to be motivated to do the same, but maybe we should give it a try and see if it works for us too.

8 Victoria Beckham: Pack silk crepe shirts (Useful)

She’s the queen of fashion. Therefore, when she speaks, we listen. Victoria Beckham is also a woman who’s no stranger to travel. In other words, she should know a thing or two about packing bags.

Her favorite hack is packing silk crepe shirts. It’s a travel hack she swears by. "I always like to travel with a lot of silk crepe shirts — they don't crease at all and you can dress them up with heels, or wear them with flats — a really good tuxedo jacket and a pair of cigarette pants,’’ says Victoria. ‘’I always take a pair of trainers too, because I try to work out wherever I go."

7 Jessica Alba: invest in a hand sanitizer (Useful)

We’re exposed to a whole host of germs when we travel. That’s why Jessica Alba always brings a hand sanitizer along with her when she travels. It prevents catching a cold and getting run down whilst you travel. Alba takes her health seriously – even more so when she’s on the road. She also swears by taking Emergen-C during her trips to prevent illness.

Although this might not seem like a big deal, nobody wants to get sick when they go on vacation. We can prevent it with these simple hacks. Not only are they inexpensive, they’re effective too! In daily life too!

6 COURTENEY COX: Buy everything in travel sizes (Useful)

Some of us already do. Although it might already be a well-known hack, Courteney Cox’s travel hack is nonetheless useful to all of us. There are, after all, still many people who try squeezing their 500ml containers of shampoo and conditioner into their suitcases. What a waste of space! We can all save so much space in our luggage by purchasing the little travel miniatures. This will save space for more important things like an additional outfit or pair of shoes for your exotic vacation.

Sometimes it’s the little travel tricks that work the best. Now for the less understandable travel hacks from celebs…

5 Miranda Kerr: Bring the spa to the plane (Makes no sense)

We know Miranda Kerr looks amazing and we always listen to her when it comes to beauty advice. However, we’re not sure taking all those cosmetics on board is that practical for us. Unless we have the money to pay for all that additional luggage, it makes no sense to bring so many beauty products with us on vacation. We know it’s probably the reason why she looks glowing virtually 24/7, but it’s not really a hack the majority of us can use. Plus, who can be bothered to have a full-on spa day on the plane? Some of us just want to sleep.

4 Kim Kardashian: Put post-it notes on outfits (makes no sense)

It’s only natural that a woman like Kim Kardashian, who’s constantly in the limelight wants to look good all the time. We can understand that. For her, the post-it note hack is really useful. What she wears is almost as important for her as making business decisions. She is her own brand after all.

But for us, we just don’t have the time to start adding post-it notes on to everything. Plus, we probably don’t have enough clothes packed to make it worth our time anyway. Kardashian sticks them on clothes, shoes and accessories so she knows what goes with each look. We think we’ll leave this hack with her.

3 Sofia Vergara: Pack weights and resistance bands (makes no sense)

We’re just going to come out and say it: how many of you have the space left in your suitcase to bring weights and resistance bands with you on your travels? Obviously we can see why Vergara would do it. She’s an A-Lister. Thus, she has tons of room to play with – she can pretty much pack whatever she wants.

But for the rest of us, this isn’t always the case. Most of the time we only have just enough room to fit our clothes and shoes in there, let alone home gym equipment. This hack makes no sense to us.

2 Eric Dickerson: travel in pajamas (makes no sense)

We know it’s important to feel comfortable when we travel, but flying in our pajamas might be a bit too much, don’t you think? Well, it’s what works for former NFL player Eric Dickerson. He swears by packing his own sleeping attire for long-haul flights. It does make sense, but it doesn’t make sense to the majority of us. And besides, don’t they get offered luxury pajamas in first class anyway? Surely it would be easier just to take those.

We know this hack is useful for Dickerson, but for the rest of us, we’ll just have to stick to wearing what we came to the airport in.

1 Lea Michele: travel comfort is priceless (makes no sense)

We get why a celebrity who earns a substantial amount of money would splurge on various travel items to feel pampered through the trip. However, this isn’t something all of us can do. Lea Michele says she has an extensive travel routine that involves everything from essential oils to hot lemon water to avocado toast.

This sounds like something we wouldn’t mind having during our flight, but let’s be honest, not many of us can follow this travel hack. Most of us are just happy if we can grab a decent sandwich and catch our forty winks. Isn’t that right?

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