It is of the utmost importance to set some of these intentions before the start of a trip. Little do travelers know but an experience can be lessened even before stepping on a plane. Whether it be negative self-talk, over planning or refusing to socialize with others, these are some of the common occurrences that can hurt a travel experience.

In this article we offer some suggestions on ways to improve a trip experience. The biggest key is being mindful. The mind has a bizarre tendency to turn to fear especially during trips, given the different area a traveler is in. Heck, the easiest triggers can allow the mind to shift into fear. Being mindful of this can not only improve a trip but a life altogether. There are so many tips a traveler can use. Just putting an alarm with a positive statement every couple of hours can easily keep you in a positive state. We’ll visit other important practices for a positive trip experience such as meditation, gratitude, stretching and exercising, along with so much more.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. These points aren't just trip hacks but they can also be viewed as life hacks as well. Be sure to put them to the test on your next vacation. Here are 15 tips travelers need to read for a positive experience, and five things to avoid. Let’s get started!

20 Positive Tip – Music

The brain has certain triggers. When you aren’t aware of the triggers the mind easily reverts to fearful situations. After all the human body was built and made to survive. If you aren’t mindful and aware of your thoughts it’ll become a common occurrence to be triggered by fearful scenarios.

An easy way to change this up during a trip is by listening to music that puts you in a good mood. This will trigger the mind, putting any traveler into that happy place. So try to bring music that reminds you of a tremendous memory or something that quite simply makes you happy. Music can be used as a positive trigger to put you in the right frame of mind during a trip.

19 Positive Tip – Leave Some Time To Relax And Reflect

Thinking about a vacation can turn into a negative experience when a traveler thinks about all the things they “have to do.” Seeing as much as possible is truly admirable, however this can hurt the overall trip experience. Rushing and pushing yourself too much isn’t ideal and all it’ll do is drain you and the experience altogether.

In order to remedy this, a traveler must make it a priority to find some much needed relax time. This doesn’t have to do be tricky or lengthy. Just by sitting for 20 minutes and closing your mind while enjoying the scenery can make all the difference. Doing this on a daily basis during a trip can put your emotions back into check, revitalizing both the soul and mind.

18 Avoid – Culture Change

A spontaneous trip isn’t a bad thing, however culture shock can cause that joyful feeling to go south in a hurry. This negative feeling can start as early as getting off the plane and not being able to speak the language.

In order to side-step this hurdle, things can be as simple as just knowing the basics. So if you’re heading to Mexico, learn some of the common words like 'yes', 'no' and 'thank you'. A traveler should also be aware of their surroundings and what to expect. In this day and age, finding information is just a click away on your mobile device.

17 Positive Tip - Eating Foods That Make You Feel Good

In order for a traveler to enjoy a positive experience they must do things that make them feel good. In terms of food choices it is easy to go off the rails. With so many different food options it can be so easy to overeat. However the sad reality is that eating too much doesn’t make you feel all that good. Especially when it comes to heavy carbohydrate foods (they’ll make you want to hit the bed instead of a night out on the town).

Opt for colorful, fresh and organic foods. Ideally high protein and healthy high-fat foods can make all the difference. A traveler can leave some room to indulge, whether it is during dinner time or dessert. However for most of the day make it a priority to fuel up on healthy treats. Our physique is like a race car, when you feed it some bad fuel it doesn’t run as well!

16 Positive Tip - Openness To Different Experiences

Once again the brain has a tendency to use lazy and old triggers as a way to form a type of reaction. So let’s just say you had a bad experience with public speaking, the brain will always re-trigger that moment, leading to anxiety when the moment shows up once again. That’s just the brain being lazy and wanting us to avoid these situations. An easy way to climb such hurdles can take place through a trip.

Put yourself out there and do something different. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea we guarantee you’ll feel so much better when it is done with. One experience can completely change a past fear – a trip is a big opportunity to create this positive action.

15 Positive Tip - Acknowledge Your Trip Partner(s) (And Others You Encounter)

Take a second and try to think of some of the best vacation moments; specifically three that stuck out the most. Okay. Now out of all the moments you were able to think of, how many included someone else in the mental image? In all likelihood, at least two or maybe all three.

Love is the ultimate form of positivity. Thus it shouldn’t come as a shock that some of the best vacation experiences deal with enjoying time alongside a significant other. Make it a purpose to show as much love as possible when traveling with a partner. Use the same mentality with whoever you meet on a trip – it might create a bond that’ll last forever.

14 Avoid - Keeping To Yourself

This is the complete opposite of love. At times traveling couples can be so consumed that all they want to do is just lay while avoiding each other (and others) during a trip. This needs to be avoided.

Laying low and keeping to yourself truly limits how positive one can be. Just smiling and connecting with a hotel staff employee can lead to upgrades and an unforgettable experience. Remember that positivity doesn’t only affect you but it also affects those around you. Make this a priority when dealing with loved ones, those you meet and the hotel staff – it’ll just enhance the experience.

13 Positive Tip - Set Goals Once You Return

This can be the very worst part of a trip. You do all the right things but once it is time to head home the reality of returning to that normal life and routine tends to dampen any traveler's mood. It’s normal, who wouldn’t be down leaving a beach and heading back to a normal 9 to 5 (well for most people)?

However creating anticipation can be an easy way to return with a positive mindset. It’s simple; think of why you got so excited for vacation. It was because you created so much positive anticipation. Why not do the same for the way back? Think of some goals you’ll be excited to tackle. This can be something as basic as eating better or trying to write in a gratitude journal on the daily. Maybe even making more money at work. These small commitments can turn a negative arrival back home into added anticipation.

12 Positive Tip - Take A Minute To Enjoy The Scenery

Whether you’re on a beach in Punta Cana or enjoying a fine beverage in Venice – be sure to take a moment and really take in that scenery. Visuals can also provide the mind with a positive mindset. At times there is just so much to do that we forget to just sit back and take everything in.

If you really want to get the most out of this positive experience, enjoy the scenery while relaxing for several minutes (while maybe even listening to a beautiful piece of music). If you’re keeping track, that combines three positive tips all in one. Something so simple can revitalize the mind and mood instantly.

11 Positive Tip – Books

One should never assume they know all the answers. Even some of the greatest thinkers and wealthiest people from this generation look for answers and continuously ask questions. As they say, knowledge is power; the more you know the better you feel.

A great way to enhance this quality can take place on vacation, whether it be while waiting for a delayed flight or while simply laying on the beach. Bringing a good book, especially one with a good moral value, can instantly boost the quality of any traveler’s mood and feelings. Books not only provide fine knowledge but they have a great way of interpreting deep messages that tend to stick. Now a traveler doesn’t need to bring a stack of books but one of interest can have a positive impact.

10 Positive Tip - Prioritize The Things You Want To Do

This factor alone can make or break a trip. There really is no sense in joining a tour group or heck, visiting sights you just don’t want to see. Skip that and instead, make it a point to only visit the places you want to see. If other attraction areas are considered 'maybes', then put those on the side and if extra time permits then they might be worth the extra time.

Such a move can ensure you’ll get plenty of time to see what you want. There is nothing worse than coming back to reality only to regret how long you experienced certain places. This positive tip should allow that to be avoided.

9 Avoid – Lack Of Activity

Vacations can result in two extremes; one being way too much activity while the other involves a lack of activity – both extremes aren’t recommended. Instead, it is ideal to find an in-between.

A lack of activity can take place during a resort-type of trip. Now there isn’t anything wrong with just relaxing. However this can lead to boredom. Forms of boredom include negative self-talk as the mind starts to wonder. It can also include binge-eating which won’t make a traveler feel good either. Make it a purpose to stay active and avoid these types of negative triggers.

8 Positive Tip – Exercise

Particularly during a resort-type of trip, movement isn’t as common as sightseeing. Not moving enough can actually drain a person and ultimately it can do more harm than good for one’s well-being. A traveler can easily change that by opting for a resort or hotel that features a gym.

There really isn’t anything better than enjoying a good sweat while giving yourself the okay-to-indulge because of the strenuous activity. Even if your resort or hotel doesn’t include a gym on-site, there are a variety of bodyweight exercises that a traveler can easily perform while on the beach.

7 Positive Tip - Stretching (Or Yoga Positions)

If lifting up dumbbells and barbells isn’t your thing, not to worry. Stretching alone can be just as effective. Especially during a long trip a physique can easily suffer with all the strenuous travel alone. Mixing that in with stress, the cortisol levels won’t help you very much either.

Make it a point to enjoy a fine stretch while breathing in deep. One can decide to do this two to three times a day during a trip. It doesn’t have to be long, just a couple of minutes alone can make a noticeable difference in posture and mood. Yoga movements can also provide a positive for both the physique and the mind. Make sure to breathe in through the nose and out from the mouth.

6 Positive Tip - Meditation

If a traveler desires the optimal physical experience, then slotting these three together at the start of the day can make all the difference. Prior to stretching and exercising, meditation should be the way to go. Not only does it calm the mind but the breathing aspect puts you in a great state. It can also allow a traveler to deeply set their intentions for the day.

A great part about meditating is keeping that mindfulness. You’ll get so caught up during vacation that it isn't all that easy to stay mindful and positive. Making it a priority to meditate is an easy practice that can keep any traveler oozing with positivity throughout the day.

5 Avoid – Over-planning

We touched upon this topic earlier. Instead of over-planning, make it a priority to visit the places of the utmost importance to you. Creating an actual itinerary can create so much stress and anxiety prior to a trip getting started. Thinking about everything there needs to be done, all that mindfulness and positive energy evaporates.

Just go with it while having an idea of what it is that you want to see. As we also discussed, keep the fringe attraction areas in case of extra time. It’ll put the brain at ease while creating an easier trip schedule to follow.

4 Positive Tip - Visualize The Type Of Trip You Want

Before the trip takes place, have an idea of what you want to expect. A traveler might be shocked at how close the outcome can be when this is done properly. Whether it be reconnecting with a loved one or meeting new people, just setting your intention can make all the difference.

Be conscious of what it is you want out of the experience. This thought process can be made just prior to the trip or heck, at the airport before the flight leaves. If the intent is to relax, by all means go for it! If the intent is to meet new people then be a positive social butterfly! Make the intention and visualize the ideal outcome.

3 Positive Tip – Constantly Leave Reminders

Are you ever in a bad mood? If you’re human, then yes you are. Here’s a simple tactic to get out of that funk; ask yourself, 'how do I want to feel?' Something that simple can change a person’s life, let alone a trip experience. Now the difficulty in doing so is the various triggers that allow the mind to wander into fear. That happens a lot during a trip.

An easy way to remedy this is by setting up reminders. So maybe put an alarm every hour with an inspirational message. That’ll keep the mindfulness at an all-time high while detouring the unnecessary negative blocks.

2 Avoid - Negative Self-Talk

Particularly in a foreign country tendencies and norms are quite different. This can easily lead a traveler down a negative path. Before you know it, the mind is filled with negativity. This can cause a downward spiral and one that can hurt a trip experience.

To overcome any negative self-talk, all it takes is just a little bit of mindfulness. Be aware of which situations trigger the mind into negative talk. The mind reverts to such a sentiment because of the past. Once you become mindful of what that is everything starts to improve. The most noticeable change is the amount of energy you’ll have. Put this to the test during your next trip and you’ll be amazed by the results!

1 Positive Tip - Gratitude Journal

If you want to take a positive tip come a future vacation make it a gratitude journal. Expressing gratitude for anything can instantly change one's mood. Remember no matter how bad things are, there is always something to be grateful for.

During a trip the amount of gratitude tends to skyrocket. This can revitalize any traveler spiritually. You can write in the journal as often as you wish. However, make it a priority to start and end the day with some grateful words. This can be hand-written or simply typed onto a mobile device. I am grateful!