One of the best parts about summer is that anticipation for a trip; however, a sad reality suddenly sinks in when it is over with and a traveler returns to their everyday lives. This becomes a burden and for some it isn’t easy to shake off that vacation rust. In this article we explore some tips that can help make the transition a lot easier while shedding a light on things to avoid upon a return.

In terms of the tips we feature, it can be just as basic as unpacking or setting a goal. Even just intending to change things up and swaying away from that dreaded routine can make all the difference and even add a sense of excitement. On the contrary, we'll feature points on what to avoid. Trying to take on too much at once just adds anxiety for when you return. This must be avoided and we’ll explain how in this article.

The biggest key is to enjoy the trip while making the return an enjoyable one as well. These 15 tips will ensure you return from a vacation better than ever before. You’ll want to avoid falling into these five other routines, though. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. Let’s get started!

20 Tip – Unpack

It doesn’t need to be anything complicated. Just by simply unpacking a traveler may feel a lot better. This can help you to settle in while you slowly piece your life back together. The longer you hold off unpacking the longer those vacation blues might last.

It is best to get rid of this as soon as possible. With the suitcase burden out of the way, you’ll feel officially back and settled.

Don’t make this process a burden and instead, make it a time of reflection. You can get excited putting those valuables away while unpacking some of your awesome new items that you just purchased on vacation. Flaunting those new shoes or jeans in front of your friends and family will eliminate those blues in a hurry.

19 Tip - Develop New Routines

Travelers might not be aware but a big part of the vacation blues deals with the thought of having to return back to mediocrity. We tend to be different people while on vacation and a lot of that has to do with the different environment. Do you see the key word here? Yup, it's: different.

Going down the same path leads to the same results. Instead, why not create a new sense of excitement by setting a goal to change things up once you get back. So maybe, rather than waking up at 8 like you normally do, start the day off at 7 and go grab a nice cup of coffee with a friend. Changing things up isn’t a bad thing!

18 Avoid - Planning To Do Too Many Things At Once

This one won’t help those vacation blues and instead you’ll just add anxiety to the situation. Just thinking about all those things you have to do once you get back reality - it kind of smacks you in the face a little too hard. It is admirable to get back on track, however it is also important to delegate the priorities properly.

In order to remedy this perhaps take an extra day off from work to get some of these tasks done. It is important that a traveler returns with a sense of relief and relaxation not tiredness and more stress. Make sure to avoid over-planning and keep things simple.

17 Tip – Be Active

Sitting around and watching Netflix or scrolling up and down that IG timeline won’t do you any good. It’ll just cause boredom which leads the mind to go into a state of wondering for no apparent reason. It can be so easy to side-step this. Make it a priority to be active once you get back.

This can be as easy as going for a walk, hitting the movie theater with some friends or heck, enjoying a night out at a fine restaurant. It is key to keep active once you return from a trip. Don't be lazy! Not doing so will cause you to dwell and that won’t help in battling the vacation blues!

16 Tip – Gratitude

The unfortunate part about gratitude is the fact that lots of people tend to express it only when things are going well. That’s great but gratitude should always be expressed and that’s especially true when times aren’t so great. Gratitude can instantly shift a mood.

When a traveler feels those vacation blues, they’ll feel a lot better by simply listing the things they were grateful for while on vacation. However, here’s the twist: try to be grateful for all the things you have back home. Just by making a list of 10 things a mood can instantly change and suddenly, being back home really isn’t a bad thing.

15 Tip - Going Through The Memories

This is a classic way of fighting those vacation blues. When you are truly mourning the end of a vacation, that's when the pictures and memories come into play. This doesn’t need to be done once you arrive back home.

A traveler can also scroll through these memories while waiting for a flight or while on the plane. It’ll make the time pass rather quickly while putting you at peace with all the great moments you were able to capture. Prolonging this step will only make you miss the trip even more – leading to an extended amount of time with those post vacation blues.

14 Avoid - Comparing Your Shape

A common part of vacation is travelers getting in great shape for when they hit the beach. Come vacation time, however, it is time to indulge while resting the mind as well. Eating different foods is that much more worthwhile considering all the effort you put in beforehand.

A big time no-no is stepping back on the scale once you return. The truth is most of that weight is just water weight due to all the traveling. Seeing an elevated number can cause an instant negative mood. Instead give it at least a week. With all those training and cardio sessions in between you’ll be back at your normal weight without even noticing the shift.

13 Tip – Exercise

With all those added cals from the vacation a traveler might not be feeling all that ideal physically. A big mistake is to sulk and think about those fine meals and continue to lie on the couch while feeling those tough vacation blues. Setting a goal to exercise can make all the difference.

Exercising can instantly allow anyone to feel better - after all, that is one of the biggest goals, feeling good. Exercise doesn’t need to be gym related only. One can perform a variety of weight exercises at home or heck, partake in a sport outdoors. This can ease the transition while giving you a new goal to focus on.

12 Tip - Take a Personal Day

We touched on this one briefly earlier in the article. Thinking about everything you need to do, the vacation blues will only get worse once you return. Instead of trying to take on everything at once why not take an extra day off from work? This can release so much tension.

Instead of landing at 11 PM and needing to show up for work at 9 AM the next day, an extra day can give you the time to properly rest, unpack, clean up the house and grab some groceries. It’ll make the transition so much easier instead of having to rush everything because of a 9 to 5 day back at work.

11 Tip – Plan The Next Trip

Excitement creates a lot of positivity and great anticipation. However once that desired trip comes to an end knowing that nothing is on the horizon can be quite depressing. Once again this can add to those vacation blues.

A strong tip is to start planning for the next adventure. You don’t have to book the ticket a year in advance but instead, at least discuss possible destinations. A traveler can also opt for a short road trip and one that’s affordable. This will keep the party and anticipation going – especially when you know that another trip isn’t far away. Those vacation blues will go away in no time with a new trip to look forward to!

10 Avoid - Keeping The Party Going

Planning another trip is a great idea. Just don’t plan one a couple of days later... It isn’t wise to keep the party going on either. Keeping that vacation mentality will only make you crash even harder when it all comes to a halt. All the exhaustion can lead to further negativity. If you head to a destination with a time difference give yourself some days to get that jet lag off.

This should be done even if the destination doesn’t have a time difference. Avoid overdoing it once you return back to reality or the vacation blues might worsen.

9 Tip - Vacation Detox

Depending on what type of trip you choose to book, drinking can (and probably will) play a role. This only adds to the vacation blues once a traveler gets back. Not only will you feel those blues but you’ll be feeling those withdrawal symptoms which are no fun.

Continuing on and keeping the drinks flowing is not the way to go. It won't make you feel any better even if you think it does in the moment. A detox can get the body back on track but more importantly, it can help the mind restore to a proper emotional state.

8 Tip - Get Some Rest

Yes, it is that simple. Getting some rest is not only the most basic tip on the list but one can argue that it is the most effective in terms of a traveler’s well-being and knocking off those vacation blues. When we’re tired we tend to be over-emotional about certain things.

One of those things can be missing the previously visited vacation destination. By simply taking it easy this can allow for the mind to properly revitalize, helping to shake off that post-vacation rust. Make sure to make this a priority especially following an active trip.

7 Tip – Friends & Family

No, not the TV show but hey if that makes you feel good, why not? However what we’re really talking about are your actual friends. Seeing them can be very motivating. Just dropping some vacation stories can facilitate the blow of being back.

Peers are also great at keeping your mind occupied on other things. After a night out with the crew you’ll forget all about those vacation nights. Be sure to set up a date with some of your buddies shortly after returning from a trip. It’ll make you feel back at home in no time. Family is also a great alternative.

6 Avoid – Comparing

It is unreasonable to compare a vacation setting with a place that you spend every other day at. In most cases a traveler feels better about themselves elsewhere. As we discussed, just by changing things up allows for an improved experience. However comparing will only allow the vacation blues to stay for a longer period of time. Listing all the negatives won’t put you in a good place.

A traveler must keep in mind that a vacation is separate to everyday life. Make it a priority to do things that make you feel good once you return and not those nags that don’t.

5 Tip - Explore Your City

What makes vacation so unique is exploring a place you never got to see before. The key is the explore part. In lots of cases, travelers haven’t explored their own area to the amount of depth that they did with the vacation destination.

This can be a great way to shake off the vacation cobwebs by further exploring your own hometown. It can be another exciting adventure while adding a sense of appreciation for the place you live in. Some of us truly haven’t experienced our own surroundings to their fullest, make it of the utmost importance.

4 Tip - Better Eating Habits

The better foods you eat, the better you’ll feel. Adversely, while pounding down lots of carbs you’ll likely want to indulge on some Netflix and chill. The only problem is that the Netflix is going to be watching you. These types of foods can make most of us crash with ease.

To feel good a traveler needs to fuel up on fresh goodness. Desired options consist of fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins. Making this a necessity can make you think clearly and feel great at the same time. When you fuel your body with top of the line produce, it tends to give the same results back.

3 Tip - Meditation

It might be hard to believe but a simple meditation session can align everything back together. By simply breathing and resetting your new intentions those vacation blues can magically disappear.

The power of breathing along with an internal desire can work together as a strong way to fight any type of symptoms. The biggest perk of meditating is resetting focus while breathing out all of the negative anxiety associated. Make this a habit at least once a day following a trip – focus on the outcomes and mood you want. Don’t just wait for these feelings to arrive, go after them!

2 Avoid - Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can take place in various forms. For one, we touched up on this earlier; the mind can wander off into a state of anxiety given everything a traveler must deal with once they get back from a trip. The second scenario that exists is a traveler getting down on themselves for the difference in how they pursue vacation life as opposed to everyday life.

Know the differences and avoid this type of dark reflection. Instead, meditation, friends and keeping active are easy ways to overcome such unnecessary doubts. When these thoughts creep in take a moment and start to laugh as it's likely the ego trying to create fear for no reason.

1 Tip – Set A Goal

Setting intention and creating anticipation is the biggest way to end those vacation blues. A traveler can work on this anticipation at the airport prior to catching a flight. Simply take out a pen and paper. Start to jot down your biggest priorities and goals for once you get back.

This doesn’t need to be anything complicated. Maybe it’s to get a promotion at work. Or maybe it’s to meet new people. Whatever it might be, create a goal that gets you excited – avoiding this will only cause those vacation blues to creep back up.