Subway is one of the most beloved food chains in the world. United States residents specifically love enjoying a sandwich from their local Subway location. There are branches everywhere with most people having at least one Subway within driving distance. The idea of ordering a large sandwich with various options to choose from makes it a fun process. No other sandwich restaurant has been able to combat Subway, regardless of the marketing, menus or overall appeal they’ve tried to sell to win consumers. Subway has the trust of the public and they continue to get new customers that love choosing from their menu.

The average person does not typically know about the behind the scenes information or the fun facts about a favorite restaurant. So we'll attempt to delve into that side of the history behind Subway. Various interesting things have happened throughout the years to add both positive and negative aspects to the restaurant. There will be things about Subway history that you likely never heard about. On the flip side, a few things that you don’t want to know will be discussed as well.

Find out more about your favorite sandwich chain. Here are fifteen things we didn’t know about Subway along with five we don’t want to know.

20 Didn’t know: Unique secret menu options

Many food chains have a secret menu designed for certain special customers or those with a unique code to get the extra options. Subway is one of the top options that offers a secret menu in certain situations. It is more so the customer getting creative by inventing their own sandwich by putting it together with the ingredients offered.

Some of the secret menu sandwiches are chicken cordon bleu, tuna melt and grilled cheese with tomato. Not every location will appease this as some employees only know how to put together the sandwiches on the menu, but there are more than enough chains that would indulge the off-menu sandwiches.

19 Didn’t know: Founded by a 17-year-old

Not many customers of Subway would be able to guess that the restaurant was founded by a teenager. Fred DeLuca was the one to come up with the idea for a sandwich shop. Another co-founder Peter Buck was part of the process as the friend to lend DeLuca $1,000 to get it going.

The restaurant found success instantly with customers enjoying their sandwiches. Most restaurants to become massive global fast-food chains typically have similar stories of one vision starting it all. Subway is unique in the sense that someone yet to become a legal adult was the person to create such a successful business.

18 Didn’t know: Wasn’t originally named Subway

Fred DeLuca opened the first Subway in Connecticut, but it wasn’t technically named Subway. The name of the first location was Pete’s Super Submarines, named after the co-founder. Its success led to the realization that expansion was likely going to become an option.

The name changed to Subway in 1968 as DeLuca was smart enough to make the change within a couple of years before it was too late. Subway was the better name to stand out and find a broader success. Many people would have been content having one successful restaurant with a unique name, but DeLuca wanted Subway to continue growing under its new name.

17 Don’t want to know: Chicken teriyaki gets stale quickly

Some customers like to avoid the riskiest options on a menu in fear of getting sick or dealing with food poisoning. The chicken sandwich options at Subway are the ones with the shortest shelf life, according to Subway employees who've revealed secrets about working there.

Chicken teriyaki must be thrown out by the fifth day after it was made at the absolute latest. Unfortunately, some managers have told employees to continue selling it for another day or two which can lead to sickness.

Subway’s upper management likely would be livid at this given the importance of the ‘fresh’ aspect of the food marketed.

16 Didn’t know: Southern California offers a unique special on rainy days

Most customers enjoy Subway for their good deals to get offered at certain times. The $5 Footlong specials have become its most popular deal at different points in the year. Southern California fans of Subway have it even better, with a yearlong deal that allows them to enjoy a meal on days with bad weather.

There is a special Rainy Day Special for Subway restaurants in Southern California that allows one to receive a free six-inch sub and soup with the purchase of another sub and a large drink. It can be done to give two people a quick bite or a larger meal for one person.

Rainy days are a lot more fun for folks in Southern California.

15 Didn’t know: Prior name for the 6-inch sub was "The Snak"

One of the biggest decisions for a customer at Subway is trying to decide between the footlong sub or the six-inch sub. The hunger level for someone is the biggest factor, but the prices are also different. Footlong subs are pricier leading to both sizes being popular among different customers.

Subway used to have a fun name for the six-inch sub to market it better. The Snak was the name used to order the smaller sandwich. It was easier for marketing purposes to have a cute name to attempt to win over customers. Subway ultimately decided it was too confusing as customers asked for the exact length of the bread.

14 Didn’t know: Toasting subs changed the game in 2005

The option to toast a sandwich is among the most popular aspects of Subway. Most customers love to have their bread toasted in the oven with the sandwich being in perfect condition upon eating time. However, it is easy to forget or not realize that the toasted subs are a relatively new thing.

Subway didn’t start toasting sandwiches until 2005. They went many decades without the toasted option. The new addition to the restaurants in 2005 was a massive hit. It inspired Subway to place it in every location to become part of the experience. Subway is tough to imagine today without the toasted subs, but it wasn’t always available.

13 Don’t want to know: Mouse found in sandwich

One of the lowest moments in Subway history featured a customer finding a dead mouse in one of his sandwiches. The story didn’t take off enough to destroy Subway’s credibility, but it put fear into anyone who saw the viral image of the mouse under a bed of spinach in between the bread.

Employees have spoken out about mice and other vermin being a problem in Subway locations. The food wastage of expired food often attracts vermin into a restaurant like Subway. It is a very rare issue to worry about, but the fact that it happened even once is enough to second-guess your next Subway sandwich bite.

12 Didn’t know: Takes bread measuring very seriously

Customers often question the accuracy of the size of their Subway sandwich. It is human nature to want more of a good thing, and many folks believe their footlong or six-inch subs should be larger when getting it. However, Subway does take this quite seriously when getting the bread ready.

Every footlong and six-inch sub is each measured to specifically fit exactly the size it advertises. Subway makes it known that the integrity of their brand could come into question if the bread size is inaccurate. Unless it is a unique situation, the length of your bread at Subway is exactly what it is supposed to be.

The toppings and condiments offered by Subway are arguably the biggest reasons for their success. With so many options available in front of you, a sandwich can be created to suit anyone's unique taste preference.

Two specific options that don’t necessarily get as much love as the others are oregano and olives. Oregano is the least popular condiment to add on top of your sandwich or salad. Olives are the least popular topping that very few people choose to place on their sandwich. Don’t worry if you’re in the minority, as Subway has no plans to get rid of them.

10 Didn’t know: Cookies more beloved than sandwiches

There is a huge following for the cookies at Subway as the favorite item on the menu. The soft-baked cookies at Subway are delicious and have a unique taste unlike most other fast food desserts or snacks of such nature. Many customers even prefer the cookies over the sandwiches as the main reason for going there.

Subway employees have claimed that customers often would admit they got the sandwich because it allowed them to also order the cookies at lunch or dinner. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate and raspberry cheesecake are a few of the more popular cookies available.

9 Don’t want to know: Unknown smell at all restaurants

All Subway locations have the same scent when entering one. The bread is the main source of the smell, but many customers have commented about the unique scent. It is unlike any other specific bread or general smell that is associated with other foods.

Many theories have been shared, like the caramelization of sugar. The truth is no one knows what it exactly is, and Subway has never confirmed it. An unknown of such nature can put fear into someone eating at a restaurant. Maybe we should all pretend it is just the scent of good bread to feel safer about it.

8 Didn’t know: THE Secret ingredientS for veggie patties 

The veggie patty at Subway is one of the popular sandwich options available. Many vegetarians opt to give it a try due to the lack of non-meat sandwich combinations on the menu. The veggie patty is often viewed as a secret recipe to those that enjoy it and want to know exactly how it is made.

It is a fairly simple recipe with obvious ingredients. Subway has revealed that it is made mostly with soy and mushrooms. Other ingredients like onions, carrots, red bell peppers, brown rice and soy sauce add different tastes that blend together well. The veggie patty is a good option due to many tasty ingredients delivering success.

7 Didn’t know: Opened restaurant for workers building 1 World Trade Center

Subway has locations all over the country with every state having many restaurants. Most are easily accessible on a food map search, but there was at least one surprising location off the grid. The workers rebuilding the tower at 1 World Trade Center lucked out with a Subway location opening for them back in 2010.

Subway opened the location in a moveable pod for the employees to order sandwiches and have a good meal during lunch or dinner on the job. The workers likely appreciated such an option available in what was a difficult job. If you ever visit the landmark, enjoy the fun fact that Subway played a small role in it.

6 Didn’t know: Restaurants should have 37 million different combos

It is impossible to eat every single Subway sandwich. The different sandwich types on the menu are possible to all try at some point, but the toppings, condiments and breads all add different combinations as well to make each sandwich a little different.

Subway did the math and realized there were a total of 37 million different combinations available when factoring every single ingredient to choose from. Most people stick with a handful of sandwiches once they eat at Subway enough. The 37 million combinations could be inspiration to make a few changes. Just don’t try to eat every single combination.

5 Don’t want to know: Light mayonnaise not always so light

One strong positive for Subway from customers is that they do provide some healthier alternatives. There are a plethora of delicious vegetables and health options for those wanting to eat clean. Anyone wanting to ignore calorie counts can get a Philly cheesesteak or another wilder option. Most people aim for the middle ground of a relatively healthier option that still tastes great.

Light mayonnaise has become one of the top condiments at Subway for those wanting a healthier option. However, employees have admitted that certain cheap managers will put normal mayonnaise inside of the light bottle to fool customers when running out of the healthier option.

4 Didn’t know: Jason Biggs once worked at Subway in New Jersey

Most celebrities have worked normal jobs like the rest of us before finding their way to fame. Actor Jason Biggs is one to work at Subway during his time trying to make an honest living. New Jersey was the place Biggs grew up in, and he took a job as a sandwich artist at a Subway location after leaving college.

Biggs saw his career blow up in the late 90s with the success of American Pie. It has allowed him to continue getting work in the acting industry for many years now. Given some of his scenes in the movie franchise, some of his former customers may have felt mixed emotions after getting sandwiches from him at Subway.

3 Didn’t know: BMT named after NYC Subway line

The BMT sandwich is a popular choice at Subway and has been for many years. A meat trio of pepperoni, salami and ham is known for the acronym of the Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest sandwich when ordering today. However, it used to stand for something else when first created.

Subway was inspired by the New York Subway line titled BMT when coming up with a name. The train line stood for Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation. Both names have changed as the MTA now refers to it as different individual lettered train lines. Subway decided to go for a name that resonates with people outside of NYC.

2 Didn’t know: Passed McDonald's as biggest restaurant chain

One of the most prideful facts for Subway is that it has become the biggest restaurant chain in both America and the world. Most people would not guess it, but Subway officially passed McDonald’s to become the top overall chain with the most locations.

There are approximately 45,000 Subway restaurants as of this writing. The franchising options adds another dynamic that sees Subway found all over the world. No matter where you are, there’s a tremendous chance you’ll have access to a Subway sandwich whenever you want one. Subway continues to grow in major numbers with many more restaurants opening each year.

1 Don’t want to know: Yoga mat ingredient used to be in the bread

A terrible story for Subway featured a gross ingredient squaring away customers to hear about it. The ingredient of azodicarbonamide was found in the Subway bread. An online petition caught on back in 2014 exposing Subway and other restaurants for using the azodicarbonamide found in yoga mats.

Subway wasn’t the only one to use azodicarbonamide, but they received the most flak due to the bread being the main item in orders. A decision was made to remove the item from their bread. Unfortunately, it still makes customers wonder what other gross things are in Subway foods that we don’t know about.

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