15 Things Only Foreigners Do In The US (And 10 Locals Do Every Day)

While we live in a world where it's easy to travel from one place to the other, it's amazing to see how people are still so divided by where they're born and where they grow up. Without realizing it, people take on various traits and quirks that are entirely based on where they're from. It's not until they move to somewhere else, either to visit or stay there, that it starts to become apparent that things aren't exactly the same across the world and that sometimes, it can take a while to get used to things somewhere else.

What we've done is pull together some of the things that tourists always seem to do when they come to visit the US, before having a look at the things that the people of the US do that tourists find ridiculous. It'll give us all a chance to have a look at the things we choose to do, and whether it really is a choice or whether it's because of where we're from!

So, we think it's about time we took a look at the US and the people that come over to take a look. Get ready for a good laugh at these!

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25 Only Foreign tourists: Eat All Sorts Of Horrible Food

via lukethroughthekeyhole.com

The US may be known for food, but there are a lot of snack foods out there that a lot of the people who live in the US won't touch. Sure, they'll have them from time to time, but it's definitely not something they'll eat regularly.

It's the tourists who enjoy this sort of thing.

We're talking about food like corn dogs, pretzel dogs, essentially any sort of food that includes the word dog, and people can be sure that it's mainly tourists who are trying out these culinary delights.

24 Only Foreign tourists: Spend A Night In A Motel

via history.com

In a lot of ways, the humble motel is actually a major part of the US culture. Because it has appeared in so many novels and movies at this point tourists seem to think that every US citizen has used one in the past.

This, thankfully, isn't the truth.

Most motels aren't that nice to be in, so it seems that a lot of tourists will spend a night in them just to say they've had the experience. Most people who live in the US will stay far away, unless they have no other choice.

23 Only foreign tourists: Actually Seek Out A Road Trip

via: loneplanet.com

Sure, people in the US will go on road trips, but once they get over the age of twenty-five, it's not exactly something they enjoy doing. It's more something that they're forced to do to get from one part of their country to the other.

It's different for tourists.

Believe it or not, there are actually people from around the globe that travel to the US with the hope of going on some seriously long road trips. In fact, most tourists seem to think that it's the best way to see the country!

22 Only foreign tourists: Visit A Mall

via: racked.com

A shopping mall is a place where people tend to go when they're younger, where they hang out when they're not old enough to spend time anywhere else. However, some US citizens don't realize that the sort of malls they have aren't usually found in other countries.

Malls in the US take it to a whole other level.

For some tourists, a shopping mall is a chance for them to see US excess at its best, and its worst. While they're there, they'll get to see a lot of people spending their money, in genuinely impressive structures, built purely to sell people things.

21 Only foreign tourists: Listen To Too Much Radio

via: much.com

Radio around the world tends to be pretty limited. Sure, most places have it, but they're held to strict codes of conduct, or they have to play the same music again and again. The US has a lot more radio stations and they seem to have individual stations that cater to every form of music out there. It's no wonder that tourists come to the country and then find out that radio here has a much broader scope than what they are used to back home, choosing to indulge themselves while they visit.

20 Only foreign tourists: Infringe On Personal Space

via: acart.com

Many places in the US might be crowded, but that doesn't mean people in the Western World don't prefer to have their own personal space. Tourists will often come from countries where it's normal to hold hands or kiss when they meet someone, so it's funny to see how these people can suddenly be hit by a population that finds both of those things to be pretty out there, at least when they've only just met the person.

A word of warning to any tourists: make sure people have their own personal space!

19 Only foreign tourists: Stop And Get In People's Way

via: spillwords.com

It would be a lie to say that there aren't places across the US that prefer life a little calmer and slower, but these aren't usually the places that tourists are coming to visit!

They migrate to the places where life runs a lot faster.

Travel to somewhere like New York City and people will find that tourists often move at a slower pace, stopping to take in the sights that are deemed usual and boring by the people who see this stuff on a daily basis, and who are on their way to work and have no time for delays.

18 Only Foreign tourists: Attempt To Explain Why NFL Is Not Football

via ftw.usatoday.com

It may be difficult for a lot of US citizens to comprehend, but what the US fans call Football is pretty much only played and enjoyed by the people that live in the US. Nobody else really cares about it in other places of the world, but they do care about "soccer."

Soccer is what the US calls football.

Try to get into a conversation with someone from a different country about football (NFL) and they will end up talking to you about a completely different sport (soccer) that is loved by a lot of other countries.

17 Only foreign tourists: Forget To Tip

via: therideshareguy.com

In other countries, tipping is often considered a courtesy, something that a patron can choose to do if they feel that their service has gone above and beyond. Even in places where tipping is expected, it's not seen as something that has to be done.

It's different in the US.

Due to the poor wages often handed out to people working in the service industry, the people serving tourists will often expect a tip that is much more than the tourist would be used to offering in their own country. It can get pretty awkward.

16 Only foreign tourists: Talk About Taboo Topics

via: hrreview.co.uk

It's a difficult time in the US when it comes to these topics, with many citizens even being divided with their own families on how the country should be run, so it's a bit of a faux pas to bring up the issue.

It's not the same in many other places in the world.

Other countries consider it perfectly normal to meet up with friends and family before getting into a seriously heated discussion about these touchy issues that plague their country, it's not something that can always be done in the US, unfortunately.

15 Only foreign tourists: Underestimate How Big The Country Is

via: wikimedia.org

This is a huge world, a world filled with so many different countries, but there are few that are as big as the United States. While most tourists know this before they get to the US, it doesn't stop many of them being surprised once they actually get here. They will waste no time in telling people how weird it is to be on a landmass that it can take hours to get from one side to the other.

They even plan their trip thinking that it will only take a few hours from one place to another.

Most places only need trains to get from one side to the other, even from one country to another, while in the US you might even have to hop on a plane to get from one end to the other of the same state.

14 Only Foreign Tourists: Try And Enjoy A Silence

via: fee.org

It's interesting to see how where someone was born and grew up can effect the way that they interact with other human beings. For example, people born in the US just can't handle a social silence.

Seriously, they really struggle to leave a gap of silence.

Don't be surprised to get into a conversation with a tourist and find that they're being rude. They're not being rude though, they're just able to enjoy a comfortable silence without their insides urging them to speak!

13 Only foreign tourists: Get Surprised When Not Everyone Speaks English

via: ticotimes.net

The US is known for being a melting pot, which is why so many different people come to live there, and have done for decades at this point. That's why there are tourists who will come from different countries with less immigrants and be surprised to find so many different cultures.

They don't all speak English either.

If English isn't the first language of a US citizen, they can expect to see shocked faces among the tourists that meet them!

12 Only foreign tourists: Think Things Should Work Like At Home

via curbed.com

One of the more annoying things that tourists can do in the US is be surprised to find that things aren't exactly the same as where they came from.

Why bother travelling if they expect to find everything the same as at home.

Tourists will go on and on about how things are different, for both good and bad reasons. People in the US aren't the best at dealing with this sort of thing, either because they find it annoying or because they don't like people badmouthing their country!

11 Only Foreign tourists: Play Their Music WAY TOO LOUD

via: silentdisco.co.uk

We're not sure why, but some people seem to think that as soon as they're in a different country, they can act however they want. They become a lot ruder than they would be in their own country!

This includes playing their music too loud.

People in the US may not like silence, but they like to have things somewhere in the middle. They want to be able to hear themselves think, for example! This is a luxury that some tourists just don't allow them.

Now, let's move onto what the locals are like!

10 US Locals: They LOVE Flags

via: lookbook.nu

It's not as if the US is the only country in the world with a flag or anything, but it just feels as if the US cares a lot more for theirs than other countries do.

US citizens have their flag everywhere.

Believe it or not, but tourists don't fully grasp how much the US has their flag everywhere, on a daily basis. There's nothing wrong with people being proud of where they're from, but people in the US seem to throw that pride into anything and everything they do.

9 US Locals: Shop At Pharmacies For Pretty Much Everything

via: cnbc.com

In most countries, pharmacies are only ever visited when somebody needs medication, or at a push, some form of basic piece of household equipment. In the US, it seems as if they have pretty much everything.

There's nothing anybody could need on a daily basis that isn't stocked in a US pharmacy.

People just like being able to get what they need when they need it in the US, preferably all in the same place, tourists will be amazed to find out how far they take this need!

8 US Locals: Use Their Free Refills

via: blogspot.com

Around the world, free refills are offered, but they're not usually utilized in the same way as the US. People in the US will get their hands on anything that is free, obsessed with getting whatever they can, even if they don't need or want it.

This definitely applies to free refills.

Take someone from the US somewhere with free refills and they will get every last drop into their body that they can before they explode. It's just in the genes. Tourists always seem to be a little stunned by it.

7 US Locals: Eat At All Hours Of The Day...

via: theconversation.com

As we've already pointed out, a lot of people in the US like being able to get what they want, whenever they want, which is why they often have a lot more shops and restaurants open twenty-four hours a day. This isn't the same across the world. This allows people in the US to eat whenever they want, as they know that they can step out of their front door and head into town, safe in the knowledge that they will be able to get food from somewhere. It may not be their favorite place, but somewhere with food will definitely be open.

6 US Locals: Enjoy The Company Of Servers

via: bustle.com

A lot of people don't like being bothered while they're trying to eat, with the UK being a perfect example. They don't like being constantly talked to by their servers there. However, it's a completely different story in the US.

People in the US like to know that somebody is keeping an eye on them.

It's the best way of finding out if the owners of the eatery actually want to know that their customers are having a good time. However, to a tourist a perfectly good meal can be ruined by a server that is obsessed with checking up on them.

5 US Locals: Use A Lot Of Ice

via: abc7ny.com

Ice is one of those things that most other countries will use occasionally, that they'll start to place in their drinks during the hotter months, but it almost seems like people in the US will use ice even in the coldest months as well.

Is there anything that people in the US won't put ice in?

Whether it's soda, water, or whiskey, no matter what the weather a US citizen will get ice in their drink. Once again, we think this has something to do with the innate need to have anything that comes for free!

4 US Locals: Deep Fry Everything

via: cookingwithjanica.com

We all know how the US is seen by other countries, how their eating habits are often made fun of, and often they have more than enough reasons to justify these claims.

Just take a look at the sort of snack food that some people have on a regular basis.

There is absolutely nothing, no part of the animal, that hasn't been deep fried at some point. All we're saying is, look up Rocky Mountain Oysters. If people aren't sure exactly what they are, then they're a lot luckier than the rest of us who do!

3 US Locals: Use A Lot Of Drive-Throughs

via: thechickenwire.com

Honestly, we think that this is something that the entire world has to give the US credit for, because there's nowhere in the world that doesn't use drive-throughs at this point. That being said, people in the US take it to the next level.

For example, US citizens had the first ever drive-through voting booth...

If it gets to the point where people can't even be bothered to get out of their cars to vote for the next president, we reckon that means the population has got too used to people being able to get what they want while sitting comfortably in their cars!

2 US Locals: Advertise Prescription Medication

via: northwestern.edu

The state of medicine in the US is completely different to numerous places throughout the world, especially in places where medicine is not allowed to be freely advertised like it is in the US.

There aren't many places where people can drive past billboards that are telling drivers to look into taking a certain product!

Don't expect tourists to be able to ever truly understand this. They'll get used to it, but it'll always seem pretty alien to their own reality.

1 US Locals: Wear Pyjamas In Public

via: scmp.com

Okay, so not just pyjamas, but pretty much anything they want to wear out and about, they will. Seriously, there is no shame in the US.

For most other countries, there's an unspoken dress code out on the streets.

We're not sure why but the US doesn't seem to have a dress code at all. US citizens just end up wearing whatever they want. They often can't be bothered to get out of their pyjamas just to leave the house, so they don't bother doing!


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