Syfy is one of those cable channels that have usually interesting and worthwhile shows. This network is the home of shows about science fiction, the weird, the unexplainable, the future, alternate universes, and the paranormal. Some of the best TV series aired by Syfy are Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and the more recent The Expanse. Syfy offers something a little bit different from regular and cable channels; the unknown. What better way to explore the unknown than to do it head-on? This is what the SyFy show Ghost Hunters does on every episode they air.

Ghost Hunters premiered on Syfy in October 2004 and that was 14 years ago. Then, a series of other shows followed their format and made their own versions. But as long as the show lasted, it was the best paranormal reality TV show on the planet. Unfortunately, it was canceled, the last episode aired in October 2016. Here are 15 of the best incidents that Ghost Hunters showed, this is the best of the best. But then, even some of their best shows have holes in the stories in some episodes that are very hard to ignore, thus we also have 10 that we are skeptical about.

25 15. Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Louisville, KY

The cast and crew of Ghost Hunters have visited the Waverly Hills Sanitorium more than once, that's how creepy this place is. Located in Kentucky, the sanitorium in Louisville is a haven for ghostly voices, random banging sounds, and screams, set in an abandoned hospital background. During one of their visits, they caught an odd shape, an apparition that could be Tim, the ghost of a boy. This hospital is one of the creepiest places in the state of Kentucky, definitely at the top when it comes to Louisville. The Ghost Hunters visit to the place was one of their best episodes ever.

24 14. Buffalo Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY

Some places of interest for ghost hunters are so amazingly interesting that they tend to revisit them. Some are just so awesome that they go there more than once. The Buffalo Central Terminal is one of these places. It’s an abandoned train station visited by Ghost Hunters three times, once as their Halloween Special episode. A huge train terminal done in art deco style and then forgotten and cast aside by society in 1979. The best scene was when they were talking to a “woman” who’s been waiting for a train there for decades, it seemed.

23 13. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

The level of eeriness in places the Ghost Hunters crew visits seem to always level up a notch when it comes to prisons and penitentiaries. There is always an added element or sense of danger and trouble lurking when they visit these types of locations. The Eastern State Penitentiary did not disappoint the crew and the viewers. What they experienced here was great stuff, from floating black masks to cell block whispers, to an unforgettable experience caught on camera with Brian. He confronted one spirit and lost, running away while saying “Dude, run!”

22 12. Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, AL

A Ghost Hunters episode gets extra special whenever celebrity Meat Loaf joins the gang to pester the ghosts into revealing themselves. This celebrity seems to have a knack into coaxing ghosts and spirits, or kind of effectively daring them. In this episode, the team heads to Alabama to visit the renowned Sloss Furnaces, which was in Jason and Grant’s list of creepy places to visit for a long time. Although there’s not much evidence caught on video, there were still plenty of scares by way of audio and Meat Loaf brought with him his usual energetic ghost hunter persona, that’s always entertaining.

21 11. Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA

There is a historic site in Philadelphia, a garrison that was used during the American Revolution and the Civil War era. This historic place is called Fort Mifflin and is on the Potomac River. Just like any historic site anywhere in the world, this place is not just rich in history and culture. It is also abundant in paranormal events and scary stories. The Ghost Hunters team managed to capture an apparition walking around via thermal imagery. There was even a ghost that asked for some water to drink, that's so cool, a thirsty ghost!

20 10. Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA

Although there are no animal ghosts in the Philadelphia Zoo, the cast and crew of Ghost Hunters had their hands full with haunting sounds and noises all around the oldest zoo in the United States. The zoo's staff have had their hands full of these terrors all around, they are said to even make the zoo animals restless at times. People say that the zoo is built on an ancient Native American burial ground, a perfect recipe for a spooky trip at the famed zoo.

19 9. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

The Stanley Hotel stands in Estes Park, Colorado. Years ago, macabre genius author Stephen King visited this hotel and it became the inspiration for one of his best books ever, The Shining and the subsequent movie with Jack Nicholson. It is also frequented by our Ghost Hunters team, as the creepy never fail to deliver the goods when it comes to the paranormal. Friendly voices saying hello, tables and chairs rearranging themselves, it was all a lot of fun. They even had a live special Halloween episode there.

18 8. St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, FL

Nine times out of ten, lighthouses look really creepy, it may have something to do with the structures or remote locations. Small spaces, spiral staircase, not a lot of room to run and scream when one gets caught in a frightening incident. This is exactly why this episode is special, it’s a lot different than the other episodes. The St. Augustine lighthouse episode is adrenaline-pumped, with Jason and Grant running around the tower chasing apparitions they heard talking above them, and trying to catch them on camera.

17 7. Fort Delaware, Delaware City, DE

This is the Gettysburg episode where the Ghost Hunters team traveled to Pea Patch island and the historic Fort Delaware. Presently, the building is maintained by the state of Delaware, but there’s only so much a state can do paranormal-wise for one of its haunted buildings. The team even caught thermal footage of a figure walking the grounds. Ghosts of fallen soldiers, even orphaned children, there are plenty of horrors in store for us in this episode.

16 6. Iron Island, Buffalo, NY

Eighteen years ago, when the new owners were cleaning up this place, they discovered boxes of what seemed like human remains in the basement. Iron Island was a funeral home before it became a museum presently. Even then, employees would get the feeling of being followed while working in the creepy place, some heard conversations when there's no other people there. Furniture moving and doors creaking, shuffling footstep sounds, all very creepy. It is a veritable haunting ground and a nice place to have the Ghost Hunters team investigate and roam around. It is now a museum with ghost tours.

15 5. Amber Jones' House, Little Rock, AR

Amber Jones' house is a bonafide haunted house. First off, one will see very old pictures of children, those brownish creepy pictures where the people photographed almost always have a blank stare, it must have something to do with the bright flash photographers used in the old times. The story is that these little girls died in the house after having their pictures taken. The Ghost Hunters cast and crew had a great episode here, with Amy Bruni using a flashlight to communicate with the ghosts, almost like a game with the ghost kids, maybe.

14 4. Christmas Spirit

The Ghost Hunters team went to Pennsylvania in search of a different kind of spirit. They headed to Bethlehem, the famously haunted town in the state. They visited two locations, an inn, and an old roadhouse. The Sun Inn has a permanent guest. People say it's the ghost of a girl who got trapped in the attic. Guests tell stories of chilling encounters with the ghost, seeing her looking out from the 2nd-floor window, some hear a girl's voice singing. In the Hanoverville Roadhouse, a ghost of a boy roams around.

13 3. Haunted Hotel, Cooperstown, NY

Here we have a hotel that cannot compare to the fame of the Stanley Hotel but will not be ousted in terms of the fright level it delivers to the guests who check in. This is the Otesaga Resort Hotel located in Cooperstown, New York. The Ghost Hunters team checked in to investigate the guests' claims of hearing sounds in the hall of scurrying children. Employees claim to often hear and see swinging doors and voices calling them. The creepiest account is of guests hearing sounds on the floor above when they are checked in on the top floor.

12 2. Old City Jail, Charleston, SC

The building's facade looks creepy enough, we’d cross the street just to avoid walking in front of it. This building is the Old City Jail located in Charleston, South Carolina. The Ghost Hunters cast and crew braved this building to check out and maybe catch a glimpse, or make contact with, the ghost of a serial killer. As if a regular ghost is not enough, this particular ghost is a serial killer thirsty for revenge. The team's camerawoman was scratched during their investigation of the bloodcurdling place.

11 1. Myrtle's Plantation, New Orleans, LA

One of the scariest incidents to ever happen in an episode of Ghost Hunters took place in Myrtle's Plantation episode. Shown in Season 2 of the SyFy hit series, the show captured on camera a lamp sliding across the table on its own. Myrtle's Plantation is located in New Orleans, and as young as the show was back then, it was still one of the scariest places they ever visited. Sounds, apparitions, voices, this plantation has all the paranormal events that would make a Ghost Hunter episode superb.

10 Hoax? Buffalo Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY

Perhaps the strongest proof that some are claiming that the SyFy show Ghost Hunters being fake, or faking some stuff, is the account of one person that was on set when the show was filming the Buffalo Central Terminal episode. He claims that the voice that said "get out" was not a disembodied voice, but was, in fact, the voice of the property manager. He claims the property manager was shooing some homeless people out of the property at the lower level while the show was being recorded.

9 Hoax? Staging Crew

A former case manager, who was part of the cast, hinted at Ghost Hunters having a staging crew as part of the usual crew the show has. While this statement is not confirmed, it is not hard to believe that such a successful show could have used a crew that set up a location. The fans only hope that the staging crew did not set up those apparitions and the sounds and scenarios that made the show so popular and successful.

8 Hoax? Don’t Make Up Stories

One example of Ghost Hunters making up stories happened in the Myrtle's Plantation episode. It was Joe Nickell, the investigator, who gathered information from the plantation's staff. He was told a story about a slave that murdered people there, but when he dug into it, with some regular fact-checking, he found no person ever existed. But Ghost Hunters still rolled with the story as if it was fact. If this particular bit was true, then what other stories were fiction?

7 Hoax? Flashlight-Speak

One of the cheapest mechanisms to prove the presence of paranormal activity is a flashlight. The flashlight communication that, not just Ghost Hunters use, most ghost and paranormal reality shows use is a neat trick that is quite easy to pull off. It is just simple physics. When one slightly unscrews the bulb of the flashlight, heat, expansion, and contraction will do the rest. It looks like the ghosts are taking control of the light. But scientifically, it’s just the heat working on the reflector, expanding and contracting, and causing that flickering from the flashlight.

6 Hoax? Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA

Sometimes ghosts can be vague, or maybe they just cannot follow instructions very well in the afterlife. A good example of this is the Fort Mifflin episode. This is where Jason asks the spirit to let its presence be felt and known by the people. He instructed the ghost to make a noise, like knocking or such. Sounds easy enough, but then what we heard next was chains rattling and a moaning sound, clearly not what was asked. They should have rehearsed with the ghost more before filming it.