Signing big time contracts, NBA stars aren’t afraid to indulge during the summer time. With the rise of social media, trips are now becoming more and more apparent. Unlike any other sport NBA stars love to push their brands by letting us, the fans, in on their personal lives. A very smart move especially in terms of dollar signs.

When it comes to vacation options it tends to vary among NBA stars. Players that are single typically opt for Cabo or Ibiza. However those that have a family usually book an all-inclusive in spots like Hawaii. Both Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry are recent examples of that. However other destination choices seem to be growing in popularity. Various players visited Iceland and Australia this past year, and Italy is without a doubt the hottest destination at the moment. Just this past summer LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, Kobe Bryant, Matthew Dellavedova and Dwyane Wade were just some of the names to visit the beautiful European destination. You just can’t go wrong with Italy. Beautiful ancient scenery, fantastic food and warm weather, why wouldn’t you take a trip to Italy?

Along with destinations that make us envious, lots of NBA stars also booked trips we’d rather skip. These places might be overly expensive, too touristy or maybe a little too basic for our liking. We’ll feature 5 examples of those spots as well.

Without further ado, let’s get started. Here are 15 of the sickest vacation locations NBA stars have traveled to and 5 we wouldn’t bother with. Enjoy and like always be sure to share the article with a friend!

20 Sickest – Positano, Italy (LeBron James)

Just hours after signing a major deal with the Lakers, LeBron James fled from the US heading to Italy. It wasn’t his first time visiting the beautiful European destination. James also enjoyed his honeymoon at various Italian spots, including Venice.

This time LeBron (along with family) enjoyed a luxurious yacht while indulging on the beautiful scenery that Positano has to offer. James also spent some time in Capri. According to onlookers LeBron fully indulged in the cheeses – let’s just say he put that rigorous diet aside for the trip. James stayed longer than most expected, though given his season with the Cavs, can you blame the guy!?

19 Wouldn’t Bother – Monaco (Michael Jordan)

From one king to another; MJ took a different kind of trip back in 2016. Alongside his wife, Jordan met up with Magic Johnson in Monte Carlo. Johnson was celebrating his anniversary.

Given his near billion-dollar net worth Jordan and his wife fully indulged on the trip enjoying some of the finest boutiques. Monaco is cool and all, but it's also incredibly expensive. Even for those with lots of money it might be a little too overrated. From hotels to restaurants to boutiques, prices tend to be inflated at every corner. For that reason, we put this destination under the “wouldn’t bother” category – sorry, MJ!

18 Sickest - Beijing, China (Kyle Kuzma)

Signing a new deal with Nike last year, perhaps the 23 year old Michigan native has some extra money in his pocket. He can expect that contract to leap up with LeBron joining his team next year.

Since he’s still a young man, Kuzma didn’t require a beach or some cheese. Maybe he’ll opt for that kind of trip in a couple of years down the road. Instead this summer he took a trip to Beijing. Kuzma posted to his IG account expressing gratitude for the city. Among his favorite pit-stops was the biggest tourist attraction China has to offer, The Great Wall Of China. The attraction seems to be on the downfall nowadays, but props to him for making the visit nonetheless.

17 Sickest – Hamilton Island (Matthew Dellavedova)

Speaking of props, major props to Matthew for going off the map with his choice of beach destination. NBA players tend to stick to the same places (such as Bahamas, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas and Maui). However Dellavedova did his homework and went off the grid, booking a trip to the stunning Hamilton Islands. The location is an Australian island. It features stunning beaches, fantastic views and great golf courses. It is also known for featuring some unique animals such as kangaroos and koalas.

Celebrating his one year anniversary the Bucks star also enjoyed a stay in beautiful Rome, Italy. He was one of the many players to choose Italy this summer.

16 Wouldn’t Bother – Venice, Italy (Jimmy Butler)

In fairness to Jimmy, it appears as though he had the time of his life while in Venice. Butler captured several shots for his IG account. When it comes to breathtaking photos, Venice rarely disappoints. However according to numerous recent travel reviews Venice lets tourists down in other ways.

The city is said to be quite overrated and very expensive. Some travelers have also complained about the smell of the city. Take nothing away from its beauty, no destination compares to Venice. It’s just that it might be way too pricey for what it is. Amalfi Coast and Positano might be better options.

15 Sickest – Lonzo Ball (Cabo San Lucas)

Following a tough first season, you can’t blame Lonzo for taking his stuff and heading to Cabo San Lucas - one of the most beautiful islands Mexico has to offer. This is such an easy trip making it a sought-after location for various NBA stars.

Lonzo posted several photos of his experience. He took the trip alongside his brother and several other basketball buddies. Among his favorite activities while on the trip included some jet-ski time with his buddies, along with walking the beach. We hope he got all the rest he needed as the young star is in for quite the transition year playing alongside a certain new teammate: LeBron James.

14 Sickest – Hvar, Croatia (Blake Griffin)

During his days as a member of the LA Clippers, Griffin booked a trip to Hvar, Croatia alongside several of his teammates. That included Matt Barnes and DeAndre Jordan (among some of the most notable names). Griffin enjoyed his time and he made the headlines for his fantastic backflip into the stunning Adriatic Sea. This beautiful body of water is a coast to numerous breathtaking cities such as Zagreb, Rome, Venice and Monaco.

What makes Croatia such a great destination is the fact that it's super cheap and there’s something to do for everyone. If sightseeing is your thing, then Croatia has that in abundance. If you love to party, the destination features various clubs and the popular Ultra Music festival in July.

13 Sickest – Hawaii (Russell Westbrook)

This is another popular destination various NBA players have chosen to book in the past. It’s a great family trip and one that Steph Curry also recently took. Patty Mills is another name to have visited Hawaii most recently.

After a tough season, Westbrook took his family to Hawaii. He posted some awesome photos to his IG account. One of the best pictures featured his son enjoying some beach time. It was a much needed trip for the NBA star given the circumstances of how his season came to an end after such high expectations. We hope he was able to recharge his batteries while enjoying some beach time and visiting the many volcano attraction areas the US state has to offer.

12 Wouldn’t Bother – Playa Del Carmen (Willy & Juan Hernangomez)

Given that both are in their early 20s this type of trip makes sense. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with Playa Del Carmen, just that compared to some of these other resort type trips it falls a little flat (Cabo is definitely an upgrade). But hey, props to the two brothers for selecting an affordable destination. For some, all they really need is a good beach, sun and decent food. Playa Del Carmen can definitely provide that.

Of course the choice of resort is also important – not every Play Del Carmen resort offers the same services. We assume the brothers didn’t cheap out on hotel accommodations. Nonetheless there are a lot of other destinations we’d pick over this one – especially in Mexico.

11 Sickest – Luxembourg (Kobe Bryant)

One of the wealthiest NBA players of all-time, Kobe continues to enjoy his retirement taking several family trips year round. Similar to lots of other NBA stars, Kobe adores Italy. He’s been there several times and in fact, he grew up in Milan.

However this summer Bryant decided to change things up, taking a vacation to Luxembourg. The beautiful European country is close to Belgium, Germany and France. In terms of breathtaking medieval scenery Luxembourg is the place to be. Among the top tourist attraction areas includes several stunning castles, such as the Vianden Castle. The Notre-Dame Cathedral and Adolphe Bridge are also worthy of a visit.

10 Sickest – Iceland (Chandler Parsons) 

Not only are NBA stars travelling to Iceland but it’s also one of the trendiest tourist spots at the moment. Iceland is just so unique compared to other destinations. From breathtaking waterfalls, such as the Gullfoss, to the various stunning icebergs this destination is an absolute must. It also features top tier hotels such various themes (including an ice layout). If it’s something different that you desire, then Iceland is definitely worthy of the visit.

Chandler Parsons went to Iceland this past summer. He enjoyed some of the beautiful waterfalls. He wasn’t the only player to take the trip, as DeAndre Jordan is another NBA star that visited Iceland recently.

9 Sickest – Saint-Tropez, France (Steph Curry)

Back in 2016 Curry enjoyed a luxurious trip along the south of France: Saint-Tropez. Steph took the relaxing vacation with his lovely wife Ayesha. This all took place prior to him becoming one of the NBA’s wealthiest players. Curry signed the first ever $200 million deal. The contract is for a five-year term.

One would assume he’ll take more luxurious trips in the future. He also went to Hawaii back in 2017. With that fat contract and yet another NBA title, Curry has lots of reasons to celebrate these days. Both Hawaii and Saint-Tropez aren’t bad places to celebrate in.

8 Wouldn’t Bother – Miami, Florida (DeAndre Bembry)

It seems as though the young 24 year old has a soft spot for Miami. He returned to the vacation destination once again this summer. Miami used to be a hot spot for athletes, especially in the 90s and during the early portion of the 2000s. However nowadays players are opting for different types of trips outside of the US (perhaps for a little more privacy and to get away from all the madness?).

There’s nothing wrong with Miami. It’s just that the destination can be overrated and overpriced. Take South Beach for example, drinks are terribly overpriced and the spot tends to be littered with tourists. These factors alone can hurt a traveler’s experience. For that reason some wouldn’t bother, especially those that are just looking to relax.

7 Sickest – Egypt (Jerami Grant)

Back in the 90s Egypt was among the top vacation destinations. Most of the country’s income also comes from tourism. Though sadly in the last couple of years the tourism is nowhere near what it should be and it's suffering one of the worst touristic declines. A lot of that has to do with increased prices and various security risks. However in recent years tourism seems to be back on the upswing with prices falling and security improving drastically compared to years past.

Props to Jermani Grant for taking the trip – a trip NBA players rarely take these days. Among his pit-stops included various photos at some of the most stunning pyramids.

6 Sickest – Bahamas (Shaquille O’Neal)

Similar to Kobe, Shaq is one of the wealthiest NBA players ever. He isn’t shy about spending that retirement money, either. O’Neal has purchased numerous cars and bikes since calling it a career. Heck, he was even spotted purchasing a bicycle during his recent trip to the Bahamas!

Yes, Shaq was spotted by various tourists. Even the attendant that served Shaq at the bike shop got a little starstruck by the massive athlete. Not only did he have a blast at the location but he also bought himself a brand new bicycle! Props to the store for having a bike that can support his massive size!

5 Sickest - Florence, Italy (Dwyane Wade)

Judging by his IG account, Wade’s having the time of his life during the summer of 2018. He took a tour of Italy last year making a pit-stop at the beautiful destination of Florence. Once again, NBA players just love the Italian culture.

Wade loved it so much that he recently returned just weeks ago enjoying a wedding that took place in Venice. Prior to ending up at Lake Como, Wade also enjoyed time with family and friends in both Barcelona and Ibiza; two Spanish destinations we’d visit without even hesitating.

4 Wouldn’t Bother – Puerto Vallarta (Patrick Patterson)

Once again let’s make it clear, there really isn’t anything wrong with Puerto Vallarta. However signing a $16.4 million deal, we’d assume Patterson might have opted for an all-inclusive that features a little more luxury. Once again Cabo would be a great upgrade to Puerto Vallarta, and one several NBA players have chosen in the past.

To his credit he upgraded this summer. Patterson posted a photo in beautiful Bahamas during the month of May. He also visited Pope Valley, California and Miami. It’s safe to say he’s upgraded since the Puerto Vallarta trip.

3 Sickest - Mykonos, Greece (Draymond Green)

They might be some of the most unpopular and polarizing NBA players but they sure know how to pick a great vacation destination. Draymond Green recently vacationed at the beautiful Greek destination. It was another year of celebration for the defensive player coming off a championship season. Another polarizing player to book the same trip in the past is Dwight Howard.

Whether you rent a secluded villa or stay at a hotel, that breathtaking view does not change. This destination remains one of the top tourist attractions due to the stunning views alone. We don’t blame either Howard or Green for booking this trip.

2 Sickest – Capri, Italy (Karl-Anthony Towns)

In just one summer, Towns visited a number of must-see destinations. For us common folk, it would take a decade to do all these breathtaking spots – the future NBA gem did it all in one summer. He started off by relaxing in Hawaii. He then made a brief pit-stop in LA, only to pack his bags and head to Italy visiting the stunning Capri location and later, Rome.

After returning to LA briefly Towns hit the road once again. Just days ago the Timberwolves star packed his bags for a trip to Madrid. Among his top pit-stops was a tour of the Atletico Madrid practice facility. Pretty darn cool!

1 Sickest - Byron Mills, Australia (Patty Mills)

Patty Mills had quite the summer visiting several exotic locations. Perhaps that new $50 million deal had a lot to do with his summer spending habits? Just days ago Mills was spotted taking underwater selfies in Hawaii. Waimea Canyon and Miami were other destinations he recently visited.

However the most unique trip took place in early July. Mills took a trip to the breathtaking Byron Bay beach. Located southeast of Australia this is a breathtaking vacation destination especially for those that are into scuba-diving. It was quite the summer for Mills who also celebrated his 30th birthday in mid-August.