Japan is known for its futuristic ways. Why would their beauty products be any different? The beauty industry as a whole is always changing and we feel like we’re always discovering a new invention that can do this or that. But the Japanese are light years ahead of us as far as personal care is concerned. Whatever beauty hitch they encounter, they’ll find a way (no matter how crazy it looks or sounds) to deal with it.

Forget plastic surgery. The Japanese have found cheaper and non-invasive routes to self-improvement, including their DIY nose job device which promises to deliver a straighter, perkier snout. It’s also interesting to hear what they find attractive in their culture. For instance, the women like adding a fake vampire-ish tooth which is also apparent when smiling, because they consider it an attractive feature.

As bizarre as some of these creations are, we’ve got to admit they are pretty useful. Meanwhile, in America, we have our fair share of totally useless beauty products that make no sense. More on that later!

Here, we take a look at 15 of Japan’s weirdest beauty products (that can only be found in Japan) and 10 useless ones found in America.

25 Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack – the lip mask that gives us the creeps

This product is like a lip mask and it is supposed to hydrate, moisturize, plump and reduce fine lines. When we take it out of the packaging, it has this strange, sticky jelly texture which we place over our lips and leave on for 5-10 minutes. After the recommended time, we remove it and massage the remaining product deposit into our skin.

We’re not sure how well this lip mask works, but it sure looks strange. We think we’d almost jump out of our skin if we bumped into a friend wearing that thing. But if it works and really does give us beautiful plumped lips, we’d give it a try.

24 Refa Carat – the bizarre looking beauty roller

One look at this creation peaks our curiosity and has us instantly asking, what is that? Not many people would expect it to be a beauty roller, a device used to manipulate the skin in order to get younger, firmer, smoother looking skin.

Despite its bizarre exterior, the Refa Carat is actually an ingenious product that sounds almost too good to be true. In Japan, women take their skincare routine very seriously and it seems like the Refa Carat is just another part of their regimen. Still, we can’t help wondering how ridiculous we’d look rubbing that thing all over our face.

23 The Pao Facial Exerciser – A non-invasive Botox alternative

Only two 30 second Pao Facial fitness sessions are needed to get stronger facial muscles. But we have to be prepared to look ridiculous doing it. It almost looks like we have an airplane flying out of our mouth when we use this device.

As strange as it looks, Japanese inventors may be onto something with this device. And apparently, this is what the Japanese are using instead of Botox. To be fair, it’s a lot safer and cheaper than Botox and we can see the logic. If we use our body’s muscles, our body gets stronger. Why should it be any different with our facial muscles?

22 Double eyelid trainer – girls use it to get the western look

Eyelid surgery has become a popular treatment in Asia for those wanting to get the Western look. Recently, a new eyelid trainer gadget has been developed that promises the much wanted double crease shape. It only costs around $16, but it needs to be worn at least 5 minutes each day in order to see results.

They’re worn like a pair of glasses, only much stranger looking. Then again, if they’re becoming so common in Asia, nobody else should bat an eyelid at seeing someone wearing one of these double eyelid trainers. We’d love to know how effective they really are!

21 Face slimmer mouthpiece – hello duck lips

The Japanese are fascinated with exercising their faces and they’re not afraid to look ridiculous doing it. Take this face slimmer mouthpiece. We probably wouldn’t want anybody else seeing us wearing it, but if it yields desirable results, why not? Three minutes per day is the recommended usage time. The makers of this product also recommend saying vowel sounds over and over again while wearing the mouthpiece.

We’re going to look like a duck while doing it, but the results should be worth it. Believe it or not, this thing costs around $85. It looks more like a novelty piece of plastic to us.

20 Beauty Lift High Nose Extra – a DIY nose job

From what we’ve seen so far, we have a feeling the Japanese are strongly concerned with the way they look. One minor imperfection must be corrected, in their eyes. They’ve already found a way to fix skin and eyelid imperfections. Now they’ve found a way to improve nose appearance. Instead of plastic surgery, the Japanese have developed a device that, when placed on the nose, vibrates the nose into shape basically by stimulating the nasal bone. By wearing it 3 minutes per day, we should see a higher, straighter, perkier nose. This could be the future alternative to plastic surgery.

19 Snaggleteeth - Is there really beauty in fang teeth?

In the Western world, we see crooked teeth as imperfections and most of us undergo work to get them permanently fixed. In Japan, however, they consider an imperfect smile as something cute and attractive.

That’s why they buy these bizarre Snaggleteeth – they’re basically fake teeth that they can add to their own teeth which can be seen even when they’re not smiling. To be honest, we can’t see this becoming a popular product in the US. Teeth, in our book, should look white and straight. No random crooked fangs for us thank you! We’ll stick to our pearly straight teeth.

18 Instant steam eye mask – a steamy solution for dry eyes

Seeing as most of us spend hours in front of our laptops, we’re all prone to bouts of dry eye. The Japanese have obviously come to a solution for it way before we have: the instant steam eye mask. It’s essentially an eye mask that shoots out 40 degrees centigrade steam.

We’re meant to wear it for 10 minutes and after that period of time, dry eyes are replaced with moisturized ones. They only cost around $1 each, so we guess they’re worth the investment if we want to give them a try. As strange as they may sound, the concept is actually interesting and we can see how it could work.

17 Hello Kitty contact lenses – because who wants lame irises?

Most of have never even thought about altering our irises. In Japan, they don’t miss a trick, especially when it comes to their appearance. That’s why they’re not afraid to liven things up with Hello Kitty contact lenses.

Forget about changing eye color, now it’s about adding patterns to irises. Any Hello Kitty fan will be desperate to try this beauty trend. It’s definitely interesting and artistic for sure. In fact, it could be a lot more interesting than colored lenses which are more common these days. It just depends if you want to be seeing Kawaii cats all day long.

16 Snail slime – Japan’s ultimate skin elixir

If the idea of slathering snail slime all over your face doesn’t sound appealing, don’t worry. It won’t have to come to that. Snail slime is just an ingredient in a lotion that the Japanese women swear by for amazing skin. This stuff can brighten, smooth, and heal. In other words, goodbye dull skin, goodbye wrinkles, goodbye acne.

According to Japanese belief, snail slime is really healing for the skin and can work wonders on it. Whatever skin problem we’re dealing with can apparently be cured by slathering snail cream all over our skin. And the good news is, the texture is nothing like snail slime.

15 Hangover makeup – Japanese women actually want to look hungover

When most of us are trying to hide the physical symptoms of a hangover with swipes of concealer and a pair of oversized sunglasses, Japanese women are trying to look hungover and are doing so with hangover makeup. That includes contouring under their eyes to highlight puffiness and smudging eyeliner to mimic the effect of last night’s makeup.

Japanese women apparently consider puffy eyes as cute and happy. It’s a bizarre beauty trend but equally as fascinating is the reason for it. Will this ever catch on in the US? We’re not sure, but maybe one day when hangovers become less common.

14 Beauty voice trainer – for that perfect high pitched voice

In just five minutes a day, this beauty voice trainer is said to deliver the perfect high pitched voice in its users. Whether or not that is true we do not know. What we do know is that it’s the most bizarre invention we’ve ever seen. Never before have we heard of such a thing.

We are meant to place the trainer on our tongue so it opens the voice passage, leading to a stronger, higher pitched voice. It’s almost supposed to help with breathing and enable us to sing better too. It sounds almost too good to be true, which raises our suspicions of its efficiency.

13 The smile trainer – for a wider smile...more like The Joker

Another concern among certain Japanese women is that their smile isn’t wide enough. That’s probably why someone came along and invented the Happy Smile Trainer. By wearing this piece of rubber in our mouths, it is supposed to enhance our jaw muscles and lead to a stronger, wider smile. We’re not quite sure how wide these women want their smiles, but we fear we’ll end up looking like The Joker if we go too wide. Some sites selling this product also claim the device strengthens teeth and gums. For now, we’ll hold off on using this smile trainer and embrace our natural beams.

12 Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears – We can wear our expression (for extroverts only)

Introverts won’t appreciate these brainwave cat ears very much. Only the Japanese extroverts can be seen wearing these cat ears that can read the electrical impulses from our brain and respond to them.

In other words, if we’re happy, the ears wiggle back and forth. If we’re interested, the ears prick up, and if we’re bored, the ears will droop. Everybody around us will know exactly how we’re feeling without us having to open our mouths. Anyone wanting to blend in with the crowd won’t have much fun with these, however. They’re only made for people who are happy to publicly wear bunny ears that move according to their mood.

11 Bird droppings facial – AKA a Geisha Festival

As crazy as this one might sound, it’s actually becoming more common in the Western world. Well, not that common, but it is favoured by the likes of Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham. Long before these two got wind of it, the treatment was used in the 17th century by Geishas seeking perfect skin.

Unfortunately, if anyone wants to give it a try it isn’t cheap. Only a few salons offer this treatment, so we can expect to pay at least $250 for one session. It’s more of an anti-aging treatment than anything else. Does it work? We have no idea!

Now for the 10 useless products found in America...

10 Useless In America: A handheld facial hair remover – painful and pointless

This has got to be one of the most excruciating beauty products we’ve ever seen. We know women will go to great lengths for various beauty practices and endure pain in doing so, but this one seems a bit pointless. It works like an epilator and is used to remove the tiny threads of hair from our face.

Why would any women use this? It’s just a ridiculous amount of pain for a really tiny amount of visible result. How many women, after all, have such hairy faces to warrant a facial hair removal like this? It’s not like we’re competing with gorillas or anything.

9 Useless In America: A vibrating foundation sponge – what’s all the buzz about?

Certain makeup artists endorsing this product say it’s the best way to get flawless makeup. But just how useful is it? Aside from being expensive, an Allure beauty editor says it can be tricky to cover certain parts of our face, like our nose and around it. Frankly, we’d prefer to stick to an ordinary, non-buzzing makeup applicator when applying our foundation. It’s cheaper and we don’t have to worry about uneven application.

This vibrating foundation sponge looks like it could give us a nice facial massage, but as for applying makeup? We’ll give it a miss and stick to our ordinary tools.

8 Useless In America: Blackhead vacuum – gross and unproven

The concept is plausible: a hoover that can suck out all the gross stuff from our skin. Further investigation into the product, however, confirms our initial suspicions: it’s another DIY fad. As dreamy as these DIY machines sound, in reality, they can actually cause more good than bad, including facial redness and bruising. It’s better to give them a miss than to risk damaging our skin altogether.

It’s like that saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. We believe that’s the case with this blackhead vacuum. Hoovering our face isn’t the best idea and requires further investigation.

7 Useless In America: Brow stamp – for instant flawless brows

Drawing symmetrical brows is a feat few brow-conscious women can pull off, which is why one would think this brow stamp creation would be ingenious. The problem is, they look a little...strange. We know it’s nice to boast beautifully shaped brows, but when they look too perfect, they can also look a little bizarre. Eyebrows don’t need to look symmetrical, they just need to look alike. When we try to make them look too alike, they don’t look natural and that can make us look unnatural. That’s what we’re not loving about this brow stamp. It literally does look like we’ve stamped out on brows.

6 Useless In America: Footner Socks – the uncomfortable route to baby soft feet

These foot socks promise ultra soft feet, but is it worth the process to get them? According to users, the socks cause our dead skin to shed off over a period of 10 days. In the end, we should obtain the desired results of baby soft feet, but it’s going to require a big and ugly cleanup job to get rid of all that skin shedding.

It’s almost like a chemical peel on our feet, in the way it sloughs off the dead skin. But it’s not really the gross process that’s as off-putting as the faff that’s involved with using them. It’s basically a really messy job.