We all know that Top Gear is a show that pushes cars to the edge, that gives viewers a chance to see some luxury cars in some ridiculous situations, such as some of the most dangerous roads that exist. These are roads that people seem to struggle on everyday, with others not even making it to the other end of the road before passing on from this world. However, there are some roads that not even Top Gear would take on, as they really just too tricky.

What we've done is pull together these roads to give people a chance to have a look at them in a way that they won't see them on the television. Then, we'll give everyone a look at some of the best roads out there that are actually worth braving, despite the fact that they may be pretty worrying to drive on!

So, we think it's about time to have a look at some of the trickiest roads out there, the sort of roads that even the bravest drivers wouldn't take on. Want to have a look at some of the best road trips out there as well? We think it's about time that we all got started!

25 The Atlantic Road

Here is a great chance for someone to drive over a major body of water, and it looks just as worrying as the first road did. Not only that, but the driver is expected to move from one small part of land to another, constantly looking out of the window and seeing how close that they are to the watery depths.

It may be an amazing look at human ingenuity, but it's certainly not a road that we would ever want to take on if we're being honest!

24 The Eshima Ohashi Bridge

Any bridge that rises at this sort of incline is not something we want to be dealing with throughout our lives. Just like a roller coaster, we'd be thinking about the journey all the way up, except that this bridge won't bring us crashing back down, or at least hopefully it won't!

Not only that, but we don't want to be that high up anyway. We wouldn't be able to stop ourselves peering over the edge at the huge drop below us. We're bad at controlling ourselves in that way.

23 Le Passage Du Gois

This road, situated as it is in the middle of a large body of water, is actually flooded twice a day (dangerousroads.org), and while this can be held to a routine, it doesn't change the fact that this puts us off attempting it.

The image alone proves that there's a lot of natural road to cover here, too much for us to bother with.

What we're saying is, we don't want to put ourselves in a situation where we may have to immediately go from driving to swimming. That's not a change we want to experience.

22 The Guoliang Tunnel

Look, we're not saying there's nothing impressive about a road being carved around and into a tunnel, but we are saying that someone would have to pay us a lot of money to drive through it.

It took around five years from the conception of the idea of the road to it finally being opened up to the public, and it was carved by only thirteen workers, according to the Daily Mail.

At one point during its construction, it was taking around three days to create a metre of road, which should probably have been a sign to those making it that it may not be worth it.

21 The Stelvio Pass

This is the second highest paved mountain pass in the Alp, but it's still regularly used by those who want to travel by bike, usually tourists that want to see if they can manage it.

At this point, the road has been there for nearly 200 years (dangerousroads.org), and we think that's too long for any major paved road to exist.

We're not saying that it's not generally safe, but we want to know that a road was created to modern standards if we're going to be driving down it, never mind riding down it on a bike.

20 The Vitim River Bridge

Okay, so don't get us wrong, this bridge looks very cool and we think it would make an incredibly tense scene in a movie, but we don't want to be driving across it in real life.

Believe it or not, but this bridge is actually used for trains to pass over (dangerousroads.org), so it should be able to manage the weight of a car, but we still don't trust it.

Frequent icy conditions in the area have left the wooden planks destroyed beyond repair, meaning that people have to be very careful if they want to drive over it anytime soon.

19 The Zoji La Pass

According to MapsofIndia, this road is so treacherous that the local government closes it during winter months, as it can get too icy for most cars to be able safely pass from one side to the other.

On a regular basis, various parts of the road will be closed for maintenance, or due to the fact that the weather has quickly changed.

This means that some people may find themselves finally getting to the end of the perilous drive, only to find that they're unable to get to the end, and have to turn back to do the drive all over again.

18 Highway 1

We know that there are numerous bridges out there that go over the water, but for some reason this long highway that goes overseas really gives us the creeps.

Compared to most of the other roads on this list, we can understand that this highway is actually pretty safe, in an area that is well-maintained.

That doesn't change the fact that we would never want to drive on this highway. We don't ever want to have to drive over any major area of ocean.

17 Karakoram Highway

Travel+Leisure states that the KKH is the highest paved road in the world, covered with dangerous drop offs and various hairpin turns that make it difficult to drive up or down.

At times, taking on this road means that the driver must push a couple of the vehicles wheels off the edge just to make it around some of the tighter corners.

What we're saying is, this road is not for anyone who doesn't have a high level of experience. This drive should only be attempted by someone who has years worth of driving experience.

16 Skipper Canyon Road

This road had a humble start, being trod out by horses in the 19th Century during the gold rush, but as time went on, people wanted a proper road that would allow them through Skippers Canyon (dangerousroads.org).

Heavy machinery started making its way through, along with more horses, but the road continued to remain rather dangerous.

It is now a road that is protected by the government and brings a lot of different tourists to it, who are looking to take on a road, that we would never try to take on ourselves. We want some fences!

15 The Dalton Highway

Any road that is this covered in ice and snow on a regular basis is not a road we would want to drive on. This is the sort of weather that nobody should be driving through, whether they live in Alaska or not.

There is nothing that could be waiting on the other side of this road that would make us alright with driving down it. It should only be taken on by people who know exactly how to drive in treacherous conditions like this, and nobody else!

14 The Million Dollar Highway

Having been originally built in the late 19th Century, this road has been around for a long time, and yet there have still been no guardrails put up, meaning that it's very easy to swerve off of this road if you're not careful.

Like most of the dangerous roads on this list, people drive down it due to the beautiful views.

We would argue that anybody choosing to drive down a road like this probably shouldn't be looking at beautiful views, and instead be keeping their eyes on the road!

13 The North Yungas Highway

Hundreds of people are believed to lose their lives on this road per year, which is enough to tell us that we should probably stay away. Normal roads can be dangerous enough, so this one certainly doesn't appeal to us.

Once a road has been described as one of the most dangerous roads of all time (dangerousroads.org), that's enough for us to stay away forever.

The government would have to put in a lot of safety measures for us to be comfortable with riding in a car on a road like this. Statistics prove that we would be foolish for taking it on otherwise!

12 The Khardung La Pass

This entire road is pretty much entirely surrounded by a side that leads to a sheer drop and, as you can tell by this image, most of the route is covered in snow and other icy conditions.

While some of the roads on this list offer various moments where the people in the car can stop worrying, this one doesn't have that, forcing the driver to be on the edge of their seat the entire time.

The area is also known for a high level of mist, with the fog coming in quickly, making the road even more dangerous by forced low visibility conditions.

11 Caucasus Road

This is one road that is steeped in history, regularly used by the military throughout the years, so people who choose to drive it can know that they're driving on a historical road of memories.

However, this will only be a moment's thought, before you have to be straight back to thinking about the road ahead, terrified of flying off the road. Believe it or not, but historic roads don't work as well as modern roads do.

10 Cabot Trail

In Canada, this trail allows people a chance to drive around some amazing scenery, while also offering various places for drivers to stop and walk.

Like with many of the roads that we would brave ourselves, there's not many places where drivers are likely to go swerving off the road.

Anybody with a moderate amount of experience can get from one side of this trail to the other, taking in some of the most beautiful scenery that Canada has to offer.

9 The Garden Route

When driving, one of the most annoying things that can happen is to end up in a climate that is far too warm, which is why we love the sound of this place.

Throughout the entire year, this road has a mild to warm climate. It's a perfect road for anybody with an open top car.

Stopping anywhere in this road will allow the driver to take in a huge number of birds, hundreds of species living along the road.

8 Columbia River Gorge

There is certainly some danger to driving along a gorge, no matter how safe the road may be. There's always a chance that someone will spend too long looking at these absolutely stunning views.

However, we think we have the talent to make it to the other end, and it looks like it would be worth it as well.

With 80 miles to take a look at, there's no chance of getting bored during this drive.

7 San Juan Skyway

This road is a giant loop that can take people throughout various parts of the US, meaning that they're offered some brilliant views and the chance to see more than one area of the country.

Roads like this are fantastic, as they offer a fantastic opportunity to see a lot and visit more than one place in the meantime. Make sure that you look for places to stay on your journey, as it's important not to get too tired during the long drive.

6 Gobi Desert

This is one of the most famous deserts in the world, which is why many people choose to go there and drive through it.

Not only does this allow people to see it, but they can also travel through vast swathes of the area at great speed.

One thing we will say is that people need to make sure that they're prepared before they set off on their way. Take a lot of water, and depending on how long it takes to get to the next area, take some spare gas as well.