The world is an odd place, filled with places that people build and cherish, but ultimately end up leaving behind. On the flipside of that, there are people out there that want to make the world a better place, people that put their hearts and souls into making the world a better place. We wanted to take a look at both of these sides of the planet, giving everyone a look at the two pieces of the puzzle that makes our planet what it is!

What we've done is pull together some of the places and buildings that were put up by human beings, before being left to rot and decay forever more. Once we've gone through those, we will be showing everyone the places in the world that are made better by human intervention, proving that it isn't all bad when it comes to what human beings are leaving behind on the Earth!

So, it's about time that we got looking at some of the places in the world that have been forgotten about and left to decay, before having a look at the places that were made better by human intervention! Let's get started already!

25 The Pontiac Silverdome

Human beings are always putting up new and exciting structures when they need them, but they often end up left behind as well.

"The Pontiac Silverdome was once home to major events like the Super Bowl and concerts by The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Led Zeppelin. However, since the Detroit Lions left back in 2002 it has been empty and abandoned" (thisisinsider).

Yes, it's amazing to think about, but this massive stadium didn't last long before it was left desolate.

24 Pripyat

"Dolls are scattered on the floors of abandoned kindergartens; shreds of sheets and pillows remain on beds; and dishes rot in sinks. Radiation levels in the city are still too high for people to live there, so it remains untouched" (thisisinsider).

Does anyone else think that this sort of thing sounds just like a movie?

We can't believe that some people out there would actually want to visit this sort of place!

23 Buzludzha Monument

In power during the height of Soviet influence, the party decided to erect the monument to commemorate communism. However, the site was abandoned after the government's fall from power in 1989 (atlasobscura).

Decaying monuments that were once built to highlight the power of a person or belief are incredibly poignant places, as they serve as a visual metaphor for the way that nothing is able to last forever.

22 Beelitz Military Hospital

It was built in the late 19th century to help rehabilitate tuberculosis patients in Berlin, but was later abandoned during the fall of East Germany. The worrying building was used as a set for Oscar-winning film, 'The Pianist' (traveltriangle).

It is amazing to think that even abandoned areas are still being used in the modern world, but it doesn't make this image any less worrying.

What was once a place of healing has become a decaying space on this planet.

21 The City Hall Subway Stop

Another place that seems straight out of a movie, we would not want to get stuck in this abandoned subway stop!

It closed in 1945 as it could no longer accommodate the growing ridership, but apparently you can still see it if you stay on the 6 train after its last stop, on its way back uptown (thrillist).

Why haven't the people in charge of this sort of thing ensured that this place continues to be used by renovating it into a new stop?

20 Graun Church Tower

"Graun Church on Lake Reschen in South Tyrol, Italy, was once a regular Italian church. However, an artificial lake was built in 1950 in order to provide the town with electricity, drowning the historic church."

Apart from offering a chance at a great photograph, we can't believe that this church ended up like this just for electricity!

We need to keep these sorts of things intact and open to human visits if we want to make sure that the past is remembered.

19 improved by man: Dome Of The Rock

"The oldest extant Islamic monument, the Dome of the Rock has served as a model for architecture and other artistic endeavors for over a millennium."

One of the greatest things that a human being can do is bring something into this world that then inspires others to create.

This dome is regarded as being hugely influential in the way that many architects have created buildings since its inception.

18 Ross Island

What we're looking at here is a house that has been taken over by the natural world, various roots built up around the structure.

"The UK residents made it their home with extravagant dance halls, bakeries, clubs, pools, and gardens, until 1941 brought an earthquake and an invasion by the Japanese."

This is a perfect example of how human beings will never be able to keep nature at bay forever.

17 Maunsell Sea And Air Forts

"A group of forts raised above the water on stilts made up the complex, designed by Guy Maunsell, a UK civil engineer. The forts officially closed in the 1950s, but the structures that remain can occasionally be seen from land at East Beach Park in Southend-on-Sea." Seeing as they were built for a very specific thing, it's no surprise that people ended up leaving them behind, the structures left to decay forever.

16 Kolmanskop

People chose to leave this place behind, meaning that it is now left to decay.

"Most of Kolmanskop residents hurried to the new hotspot, leaving their belongings and the town behind. Kolmanskop has been slowly getting eaten by the desert ever since. Tours to Kolmanskop can be booked in the nearby coastal town of Lüderitz."

We're glad that people can continue to visit this place, despite the fact that so many people left it to the desert.

15 improved by man: Keukenhof, Lisse

"Covering nearly 80 acres, Keukenhof is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. And with all that land comes a lot of bulbs—about 7 million are planted each year for a spectacular spring blossom (the garden is only open between March and May.)" It's important that we remember we're only a temporary force on this planet, whereas the natural world has been here for millennia, and will continue to be long after we move on, which is why this image is amazing.

14 The Orpheum Theatre

"The building has gone through several owners since its closure in 1962, and plans have been in the works to reopen it as a community theater in recent years. While it has not yet reopened, urban explorers frequent the site and claim that it's haunted."

It is funny to think that people are continuing to pick up and put down this place, likely highlighting that it's a much bigger project than many people think it is.

13 Haludovo Palace Hotel

"The founder of Penthouse Magazine, Bob Guccione, invested $45 million in the property and expanded it, turning it into the lavish Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino. Once the Yugoslav Wars began in the early 1990s, Krk was no longer a popular travel destination." What may have seen like a smart investment at the time very quickly became a waste of money and time when a war broke out nearby. We can never guess these sorts of things.

12 improved by man: Great Mosque Of Djenné

"The building is made of earth bricks that have been dried in the sun, mortar made of sand and earth bricks, and a plaster that gives it its smooth surface. Once a year, the people of Djenné have a festival and work together to do any necessary repair work to the mosque." This is yet another example of human beings seeing the world around them and considering how they can use it to create something brilliant, with other humans choosing to repair it.

11 Lynch, Kentucky

"Lynch, Kentucky, was at one time the largest coal camp in the world, with around 10,000 residents at its peak. It even had its own power plant, which was built in 1919. However, as coal declined, so did the city, and the plant — and most of Lynch — now sits abandoned." It's well known that the use of coal has been going down throughout the past few decades, and while that's clearly a good thing from an environmental standpoint, it's hard not to be sad about this now decaying place.

10 Balaklava Submarine Base

Turning an abandoned area into something else, essentially recycling land and structures, is something that we think human beings should be attempting more and more as time goes by.

"The complex remained untouched for a long time, until the Russian Federation gifted the abandoned base to the Ukrainian Navy in 2000. It is now a museum."

We only have a limited amount of space, so we have to start thinking forward like this!

9 Michigan Central Station

"Although Michigan Central Station was once the tallest train station in the world, it has been abandoned since 1988, when Amtrak stopped running there, and has become a symbol of Detroit's decline." It's a sad reality, that even when people live in an area, we can end up seeing certain parts of it decaying. We should always be ensuring that when people live somewhere, that the area around them continues to support them.

8 Athens Olympic Village

"After hosting the Olympics in 2004, Greece simply had no use for world-class, expensive-to-maintain venues for niche sports like softball, beach volleyball, or even swimming, so they became useless immediately after the Olympics left town."

This is a perfect look at why the way we treat the Olympics is just wrong.

Think about all of the money that went into this, despite the fact that people knew it would then be abandoned, never used again.

7 Improved by Man: Kenrokuen, Kanazawa

"In designing their works, Japanese gardeners seek to create an ideal landscape within a particular space. Kenrokuen in Kanazawa is considered to be one of the finest examples of Japanese gardens." Japanese gardens are known for being beautiful examples of what can be done with nature, so it's amazing to see what is considered to be the best of the best. Rather than creating something that will be left to decay, gardens like this are a permanent choice for the local area.

6 improved by man: Gardens Of Versailles

"A list of top gardens would not be complete without mentioning the gardens of the Château of Versailles. Covering nearly 2,000 acres, the current landscape was designed by gardener André Le Nôtre, who was commissioned by Louis XIV in 1661." It's fascinating to think what can be achieved when someone puts their power into creating something magical. It's no surprise that people continue to look after these beautiful gardens.