There are a lot of thoughts and feelings to get over before setting off on an adventure across the world, but those usually don't have anything to do with the place people are visiting. They're more about whether or not people will be suited to the lifestyle of travelling, or over the smaller aspects of dropping the comfortable life they have and moving somewhere completely different. However, we wanted to find some of the places out there that do genuinely seem pretty freaky or creepy.

We've pulled together some of the scariest and creepiest areas from around the world for everyone to take a look at, and while the fifteen aren't all that bad really, we think that the last ten definitely deserve the status as no-go areas. Sure, somebody has to go and check them out at some point just for the excuse to explore the entire world, but we wouldn't blame any traveller out there for scratching these off their worldwide bucket list!

So, it's about time that we all took a look at some of the scariest and creepiest places out there. Don't worry, this list won't put anyone off travelling as long as they stay away from the areas on the list!

25 Snake Island In Brazil

Located off the coast of Brazil, the name of this island is likely enough to put some people off. The island is so full of poisonous snakes that the Navy has now banned anyone from visiting the area.

This doesn't mean that people aren't still doing what they can to get there and take a look for themselves.

Once people do get there, they will be greeted by one to five snakes per square meter. That means it's essentially impossible to move without stepping on a snake, many of which have fatal poison.

24 The Door To Hell In Turkmenistan

This natural gas crater was actually purposefully set on fire by scientists to stop the dangerous spread of methane gas, which is why it now looks like this. Much to everyone's surprise, the crater has now been burning constantly since 1971.

The area surrounding the crater has been visited by numerous people, who come to camp and visit the fiery crater.

We think that the people who choose to travel to this area have won the right to boast about this for the rest of their lives. They can say they've literally been to the 'Door To Hell'.

23 Volcano Of Sinabung In Indonesia

There are numerous volcanoes throughout the world, but most of the active ones are not exactly high on a traveller's list. This volcano is unstable, can go off without warning, and has taken numerous people at this point.

The most recent eruption actually took seven people from us.

Tourists are able to visit and come within miles of the active volcano, but many of them are warned that their days and night will be filled with regular tremors and shakes that don't exactly inspire calm.

22 This Road In Brazil

Referred to as one of the most dangerous roads in the world, this is one for the thrill seekers. Many people choose to take the journey on a bike, travelling down a road that will often widen only up to three meters.

Throw in the fact that people actually attempt this road by car and it's not hard to see why many people want to stay away from this place. 

The road has taken 300 people at this point, so if this one is on people's lists, they better make sure they're ready for some real nerve-wracking riding.

21 Mount Washington In New Hampshire

While it is known for being one of the coldest areas on the planet, it's the wind that really turns this place into a problem. The summit of this mountain is known for winds that can sometimes reach heights of 203 miles per hour, which should have anyone cringing at the mere thought of it.

It's an adventure that some will want to take on, but many will turn away from the dangerous peak.

Honestly, if the wind doesn't put anyone off, it's the cold that should do the job.

20 Boiling River In Peru

It's often the dangerous parts of the world that can't be explained that scare us the most, and quite rightly. This river releases vapours into the air constantly and can reach temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

This isn't exactly the sort of soothing spring that a lot of travellers are looking for!

Many scientists have tried to figure out exactly why this river boils in the way that it does, but they've been unable to do so so far.

19 The Poison Garden In England

There are a lot of ideas in the history of humanity that just don't seem very smart when we look back on them, and this garden is one of them. Originally created by the Duchess of Northumberland, this garden is made up entirely of plants that can take down human beings.

Many people come to visit, but they're warned at regular occasions that everything in the garden is poisonous.

People are given tours around the garden and are required to stay quite far away from the plants, yet many people still faint due to the fumes.

18 The Heavenly Stairs In China

This old mountain range stands at 7,000 feet tall, meaning that it's a complete nightmare for anyone that struggles with heights. At the top, all that can be seen is clouds and greenery, meaning that any adventurers who can make it to the top are welcomed by a fantastic view not seen by many people on this planet. Not only that, but the peak of the summit is known for having some of the world's best tea to fill people up before their way down.

17 Hashima Island In Japan

This place wasn't always abandoned, as it originally started out as a busy coal mine, but it has since become a creepy place for any travellers brave enough to visit. As there is no human contact there, people who visit say that they can hear murmurs and whispers around every corner. While it's likely just the wind blowing through the various buildings found on the island, many people believe that these sounds are actually caused by ghosts and spirits that live there.

16 The Hill Of Crosses In Lithuania

While it may be a place that hundreds of thousands of people travel to, a holy place that many people respect, this image shows why it can be quite worrying to anyone that isn't religious.

It's no surprise that many people struggle to spend the night in this place!

It's interesting to note that somewhere that is holy to some people can actually be a very creepy and unpleasant place to others. We only recommend this one to people who want a spiritual experience.

15 Aokigahara Forest In Japan

This forest was recently in the news after a certain YouTube star decided it would be smart to walk through it and make jokes. The reason for this is because it's known in the area for being a major spot for people who just can't take it anymore.

The forest is filled with signs covered in Japanese characters that translate to "life is precious."

Many people will refuse to walk through this forest out of respect, but others will not want to go through such a creepy and freaky area. We don't blame them!

14 Pripyat In Ukraine

There's something about an abandoned area that is creepy, but it's even more creepy when the abandoned place used to be known for its fun rides and amusement park attractions.

Taking a look around, all people can think about is that this was once a place where people came for fun.

Now, the only people travelling to the area are doing so to have a creepy and freaky experience that not many other areas in the world can match at this point.

13 The Sedlec Ossuary In Czech Republic

People probably don't think this looks too bad at first, especially when compared to some of the more unpleasant areas on this list, but take another look...

That's right, the chandeliers, garlands, and coats of arms have been carved out of human skulls and bones.

We know there are a lot of people out there that would be fascinated to see this place, but we also wouldn't blame anyone who wanted to steer clear of it either. It sends shivers down our spine...

12 Poveglia Island In Italy

Abandoned areas are creepy despite their history, but the fact that this island was once a dumping ground for plague victims really adds a whole other layer to the creepiness that we know no visitors will be able to ignore.

There are still skulls and bones in various buildings across the island.

Many people believe that supernatural events occur there on a regular basis, the spirits of the victims still inhabiting the island to this day. One for the ghost hunters out there!

11 I.M. Cooling Tower In Belgium

This cooling tower once had a capacity big enough to hold around 480,000 gallons of water every single minute, so it's no surprise that visiting it now that it's abandoned is quite the creepy experience. Offering one of the most impressive echoes on the planet, the only people who visit this tower are those that want a chance to get away from any sort of human activity, as there are very few who bother to travel to this, now, useless cooling tower.

10 Highgate Cemetery In England

This cemetery contains the graves of numerous famous people, such as Karl Marx and Douglas Adams, so it's no surprise that many people travel there to pay their respects to many great minds.

However, there are some people who claim the overgrown cemetery can get pretty creepy at times...

Yes, there have been countless ghost sightings at Highgate Cemetery, including a ghostly woman attempting to find her lost baby and other people vanishing into thin air before the eyes of the visitors.

9 The Screaming Tunnel In Canada

It's said that the spirit of a young woman haunts this tunnel, meaning that it pulls a lot of supernatural travellers to it by offering a supposedly genuine paranormal experience.

When walking through this tunnel with a lit match, it's said that the wild screaming of the poor young woman will blow out the match, leaving the poor traveller stuck in the dark in the middle of a foreboding tunnel.

That is not a situation that a lot of travellers want to end up in.

8 The North Yungas Road In Bolivia

Like the previous road in this list, there is nothing paranormal or supernatural about this area of the world, but it is considered to be very creepy. This is because it's unlike many roads on this planet, seeing that it is incredibly unsafe.

Eyes have to be on the road at all time, otherwise it's very easy to slip down the side of this perilous trek.

Believe it or not, but some people purposefully seek out this road so that they can attempt to pass the various twists and turns.

7 This Railway In Thailand

This railway took the lives of numerous people as it was being built over the River Kwai, so it should come as no surprise that numerous people claim that it is now haunted by numerous ghostly apparitions. Many people choose to walk over the bridge in the hope of seeing some of these labourers that have now passed on to the other side. We're not surprised that a lot of people decide that the walk isn't for them, whether it's because of the ghosts or the height!

6 Bran Castle In Romania

At first, it doesn't seem obvious why this place is freaky, but when we explain that it is also known as Dracula's Castle, that should probably give everyone a good idea.

Some people choose to stay the night in the castle as they believe they will witness and experience paranormal activity, but many refuse to do this and decide to just visit instead.

It is believed that the castle was once owned by a merciless man, somebody who was ruthless when it came to the lives of others.