Every boy wants to take his girlfriend on that unforgettable date. Whether it be a day, an evening or a weekend, it is a great ego boost to see your girlfriend mesmerized by your choice of date location according to Marie Claire. So, when planning this ideal event, it is important to get the right location. Bargains may abound on the Internet but check out the destination carefully before you get that wallet out. It might be worth spending a little more or choosing travel dates more carefully to avoid making a massive mistake.

Obviously, you need to pick a destination that suits your partner’s needs. Do they love a stroll in the countryside or a picnic in a park? Would they prefer neon lights and shops? If you source your location carefully, you can have the best of both worlds. Many big cities have huge green spaces and an abundance of cultural pursuits to keep you occupied.

Most big cities have a wealth of restaurants, clubs and bars, so check out the best eateries to suit your partner’s taste. If she is adventurous, try out some of the new, funky places with a modern twist on the menu or go fancy and choose a high-class hotel for a cocktail.

25 Avoid: Detroit, Michigan

Over the preceding decades, there has been a sad demise in the status of Detroit reminds Lonely Planet. The city is almost bankrupt, and there is a huge area of the city that is derelict. Unemployment is high, and many people live in poverty, including 60 percent of the children.

It has hazardous waste sites and even a large proportion of street lights aren’t working. So, for a romantic date, it may be wise to pick somewhere that doesn’t have a crime rate that is five times the national average.

24 Avoid: St.Louis, Missouri

This major Missouri port might not be the most romantic destination for a weekend away with the girlfriend. It has a population where 14 percent of people live below the poverty line and the annual income has actually fallen in the last several years.

The crime rate is very high and with murders calculated as 35 per 100,000, it makes it a dangerous place according to The Independent. It is not rated as a popular place to live in the United States and it might not make an ideal date location.

23 Avoid: Reno, Nevada

Boyfriends who want to inject a little glamour into a trip might think of this poor cousin of Las Vegas as an ideal date venue. After all, in the 1950s, Reno was a hub of gambling and excitement according to Travel Pulse.

However, Vegas has taken the shine and focus away from Reno and it has suffered economic decline and high crime rates since its Nevada relative hit the big time. It’s staggeringly hot in the summer and there is little breeze afforded from the desert landscape.

22 Avoid: Cleveland, Ohio

If you are considering a trip to Cleveland, it is wise to take cold weather gear. The city has 62.5 inches of snow each year and the most snowball fights in the United States according to Accuweather. There is only an average of 163 sunny days a year, so it is not the destination for sun seekers.

On the plus side, if you want to get out of the cold, you could always visit the Haunted Merry Go Round Museum, which is jam-packed with relics from carousels and the like.

21 Avoid: Camden, New Jersey

You take your date to Camden at your own risk warns The Daily Mail. Not only has it suffered from economic problems and high unemployment, but it is almost the most dangerous city in the United States. It had a murder rate thirty times higher than New Orleans in 2011, and New Orleans is the most dangerous large city in the country.

Derelict houses have been turned into crack dens and drugs are a major problem in a city with a struggling police force.

20 Avoid: Memphis, Tennessee

A trip to the home of Elvis may seem like a perfect getaway. However, away from the splendor of Graceland in Memphis, is one of the dirtiest cities in the United States. It has a very high rate of poverty and an abnormally high crime rate points out Neighborhood Scout. Visiting Memphis with your partner puts each of you at a one in twelve risks of witnessing a crime.

It’s also known for the frequency of its sudden thunderstorms, and the air is often humid all year round, a no-no for a girl’s new hairstyle!

19 Avoid: New Haven, Connecticut

The historical city of New Haven in Connecticut may seem like a perfect destination for a date, with the history of Yale and all the Ivy League associations point out Visit New Haven. However, if you venture out of the safe zones, there is some real trouble in New Haven. Drug use and prostitution feed the student fraternity and the locals and it can be intimidating to encounter the areas where it occurs.

There is also a lot of snow in the winter, so be aware if you are driving and don’t have experience in heavy snow.

18 Avoid: Stockton, California

The south and east areas of Stockton have a high crime and drug rate and gangs are an issue. The weather can be oppressive as well, according to Weather, with a scorching dry heat in the summer. Visitors also report some unpleasant aromas coming from factory waste in the industrial areas, which is exacerbated in hot weather.

It hasn’t been on any top ten lists for cultural activities! Many people say it has a rather boring, bland ambiance and a disappointing lack of culture or scenery.

17 Avoid: Seattle, Washington (Too Much Rain)

Seattle has a much higher than average rainfall per year, reminds Seattle Weather Blog and the city is often overcast with a light sprinkling rain that will do nothing for your date’s hair! Traffic is heavy and public transportation is not easy to negotiate. If you choose a bus or cab, bear in mind that they are stuck in traffic so much that it may take a while to get anywhere.

If you get stuck for something to wear, you could always check out Utilikilts, which has its headquarters in Seattle and rival your date with your hem length.

16 Avoid: Tampa, Florida (Too Many Thunderstorms)

Tampa is a very humid city with a lot of thunderstorms says Tampa Bay. There are a lot of bugs in the air, so take plenty of insect repellent if you don’t want to itch all night. Watch out for alligators and the occasional hurricane or tornado.

Tampa is fast-paced, so it’s no good for a relaxing date, and there is a high percentage of Spanish speakers, with Walmart announcements in Spanish in some locations, so maybe pick up a phrase book if you are not familiar with the language.

15 Avoid: Houston, Texas (90 Percent Humidity)

If you are driving to Houston to impress your date, be prepared for a long drive. Once you’re in the city, there are millions of people trying to get around a small part of the world in Houston and drivers here spend an average of 121 extra hours in traffic.

The weather has a history of extremes as well. It is scorchingly hot and humid in the summer says City Rating, and prone to rain and flooding in winter, so take an umbrella, some sunscreen and don’t bother with your car.

14 Avoid: Los Angeles, California (Smog)

Los Angeles is a huge metropolis and is hard to summarize as good or bad. However, what is for certain is that traffic is the worst in the United States. This means that smog is a major problem warns Market Place, especially in the summer. Your beach trip might be more like a visit to Victorian London if the smog is particularly bad.

If the wind is blowing from the wrong direction or wildfires are raging nearby, it can make the smog even worse.

13 Avoid: Lubbock, Texas (Tornadoes, dust Storms)

Lubbock has a reputation for being a little desolate and not having a great deal to do. However, it is the weather that makes it a no-go destination for a date. It is a very flat and dusty region says Earth Sky and when there are dust storms, there is nothing to do but stay inside.

There seems to be a preponderance for locals to drink alcohol, perhaps finding something to do during dust storms, and Lubbock has one of the highest DUI rates in the United States.

12 Avoid: Mobile, Alabama (Too Much Rain)

If you ask a cross-section of people what they know about Mobile, around half will mention the weather. It is known as a hub of tornadoes says Home Facts, and has a lot of rain, even more than Seattle, which is famous for its precipitation!

However, if you are taking a trip in the summer, expect sizzlingly hot temperatures and a muggy atmosphere with the humidity of over 90 percent during at least five months of the year. Tropical storms and thunderstorms are a regular occurrence, so make sure you have plenty of wet weather gear if you are dating in Mobile.

11 Avoid: Lake Havasu, Arizona (average temperature 100 F)

Lake Havasu is in the middle of the Arizona desert points out Visit Arizona and the lake is the result of dams along the Colorado River. Of course, if you and your date want to indulge in water sports or hiking you will be in heaven. However, be prepared to do all this is searing heat, the average temperature is 100 degrees ℉. July and August can raise the thermometer by ten degrees on top of this.

Even during the night, the temperature can hit 98 degrees, so be sure to find somewhere to stay with air conditioning!

10 Worth It: Manchester Village, Vermont

For a romantic Vermont getaway, Manchester Vermont says Manchester Village will oblige perfectly. The pretty churches, cozy inns, and breathtaking scenery are all on offer in Manchester.

There is an artist’s palette of colors in the fall and a shopping outlet for those who are more retail minded. A day of shopping, supper at an inn and an evening nightcap in a comfy rocking chair will charm your date for sure. There are plenty of restaurants and tea shops, and if you fancy a little culture, you can visit the Lincoln family home.

9 Worth It: New York, New York

What could be a better place to take a girlfriend than the Big Apple asks NYC Go? The city that never sleeps offers year-round opportunities for romantic experiences. Head to the Lincoln Center for a movie or a taste of opera or take a peek at the stars through a telescope at the High Line.

Sip a cocktail at an upscale hotel or visit a ‘bring your own bottle’ brasserie. You can enjoy jazz in Harlem or try out a secret location concert in a ticket lottery. That’s before you’ve even started on the well-known city sites.

8 Worth It: Tucson, Arizona

Tucson offers beautiful, innovative restaurants for foodie dates from freshly baked pizzas to delicate cupcakes. You could take in a movie at the Spectrum Center, which even has its own childcare facilities!

You can travel on the Old Pueblo Trolley, take a stroll around the antique center, or dip into the culture at the Performing Arts Center. There is even a museum of Kinetic Art that is sure to impress your date. She won’t have been taken to one before, that’s for sure.

7 Worth It: Boston, Massachusetts

Whether you are dating a foodie or a culture buff, there is plenty to do in Boston boasts Boston.gov. You can try an escape room on a rainy day, visit the Museum of Fine Arts or snuggle up in the water on a swan boat.

If the city life is too much, take a stroll or a picnic to Boston Common and enjoy the colors of the trees or a spot of ice skating in the winter. If something less strenuous is your preference, there is a quaint hop on, hop off trolley bus to allow you to see the sights.

6 Worth It: Big Sur, California

If nature is your thing, then Big Sur will captivate your date assures Big Sur California. She can marvel at the wildflowers or condors on the way to the beaches that frame this central California destination. The beaches are cooler and more rugged than the typical Californian beach, but more charming and romantic as a result.

After a hard day of nature spotting, indulge in one of the restaurants or take a stroll around the shops and pick up some local artisan crafts.