Are you a Home Depot fanatic? Both men and women alike get more than a little obsessed with the home supply store. There are actually full threads online dedicated to admitting what impulse purchases people make at this store. Some people can't even go to it without spending hundreds of dollars! At Home Depot, it's easy to go way over budget, since many of the tools and products cost over a hundred dollars for the one product alone. Because the store is huge, Home Depot sells a huge variety of products, not all of which are distinctly 'home improvement' related.

In the past few years, Home Depot has branched out to include items such as rugs, pillows, office supplies, kitchen supplies, and even personal goods. Sure, the company hasn't branched into food goods yet, but who knows what's next! Within the current realm of item types, Home Depot still has some pretty strange products.

In case you're in need of some pretty random and obscure things, you'll find that Home Depot might actually stock them. Here are the top 15 strangest items that Home Depot stocks in USA stores and online, as well as the top 5 weirdest in Canada!

20 17. Coyote Urine (USA)

Who doesn't love a nice gallon of coyote pee? Surprisingly, this is actually available in many Home Depot stores across the U.S. And don't worry - if you need it in a smaller size, that's available too. Apparently, coyote pee is best used to frighten away literally any animal (such as rabbits, skunks, possums, chipmunks, squirrels, etc.) and can help your house be pest free. Who knew?

This large bottle is around $42.99, but you can also get an 8oz size for under $10. All you need to do is sprinkle a bit around; animals have strong noses. If you're having an animal problem outside, this may actually be worth it!

19 20. Hair Curler Clips (USA)

Need some hair products? Strangely enough, Home Depot may be the place to go. You probably didn't think of the store first (who would?) and their hair curlers are pretty unknown, but apparently they work well. The leave-in curlers cost around $42 for a full set, but you can also buy a variety of handheld curlers, straighteners, and other hair products.

Beware that the Home Depot staff may not be able to best assist you in your purchase (their expertise lies in other areas), but if you're in a pinch and are near a Home Depot, keep in mind that there are hair products available in most stores around the country!

18 14. Giant Spiders (USA)

Looking for Halloween decorations? Home Depot might be your place. These giant spiders are actually really cool, as long as you're prepared to occasionally be startled when you look out your window. They can also be a bit hard to hang, never mind fit in your car to drive home from the store. You may need to tie them on the top of your car, as long as that doesn't freak you out as well.

There are a few different options at Home Depot that can cost anywhere from $80 to $290. Sure, that's a high price to pay, but how cool do you want your house to look?

17 19. Biker Babe Pot (USA)

Who doesn't love this very unique flower pot? Apparently a lot of people, since it's not a product that Home Depot exactly promotes. Nevertheless, the store has continued to sell it for over 5 years. For $42.95, you can get this piece of art to plant your flowers in. If you want the full set, then for $79.53, you can get this girl and her bearded biker man.

For those with eclectic, unique taste, this pot is perfect. It's almost always available online and is available in many stores throughout the country as well. Sure, it might not be what springs to mind when you think of Home Depot, but it definitely is one of the store's most unique pieces.

16 12. The Oakly Tree Face (USA)

These slightly strange tree faces are actually pretty well-known and somehow popular. There are tons of different variations (both men and women) with sad, angry, happy, and generally funny faces, and almost all of them will cost under $20. They're available both in the store and online. Many people actually hang these up in their yard, near the driveway, and even in the middle of the woods.

If you're looking for a unique addition to your outdoor decor then you might want to consider these tree faces, as they're one of the most popular (strange) items at Home Depot.

15 7. An LED Zombie Horse (USA)

Isn't this zombie horse cool? It's also pretty out of place at Home Depot and costs over $100. Pair this with a giant spider and you're all set for your Halloween decor! The eyes actually light up (with LED lights) and the batteries will last you for a whole season. A zombie isn't the weirdest Halloween thing you can expect to find, but a zombie horse?

This unique piece isn't well-known to Home Depot shoppers and is only available at a few stores as well as online, although the shipping will cost you a pretty penny for such a large piece.

14 18. Dog "Pawfume" (USA)

Does your dog smell bad? Do you find yourself having to give your fur friend constant baths for no reason? If so, you might want to consider the Paw Perfume at Home Depot. While the brand is clearly a clever play on Juicy Couture, reviews say that the perfume actually works! For under $30, it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

There's also a matching shampoo and conditioner available, and if you're feeling really adventurous, you can even purchase the dog blow-dryer (it looks a lot like a leaf blower). If you make the purchase in-store, you can actually bring your pup with you!

13 16. A Paint Can Lamp (USA)

Maybe this lamp isn't the absolute weirdest thing in Home Depot, but it definitely isn't the most normal. It would probably fit best in an artsy college dorm room, but unfortunately it's pretty hard to find in the store and isn't available online. Only very select Home Depot locations carry it. Sure, it's pretty normal that Home Depot would carry lamps, but this style certainly is one of a kind.

This lamp costs about $30, if you are able to find it. Reviewers say that it works well, and show pictures of it being used in bedrooms, on desks, and even in super eclectic living rooms. If you're looking for a very unique piece that you can't find anywhere else, this might be it.

12 15. 2-in-1 Potty Activity Seat (USA)

How much would any little kid love this potty seat? Kids hate going to the bathroom, but now they get to play on a built-in iPad while there. Unfortunately, this item wasn't that popular, and there's only a few of them left around the country since Home Depot stopped producing them, however the concept seems spot on, especially to a child.

Maybe parents didn't like the idea of extra screen-time or weren't willing to shell out almost $100 for the item when the child can easily just hold the iPad while sitting. Whatever the case, if you want one of these, you better grab it before they're all gone!

11 13. A Milk Crate (USA)

Milk crates aren't the weirdest thing to find out and about, but the funny thing about this is that people actually buy them. Similar to cardboard boxes, why would you buy milk crates when things are supposed to come to you in them? Apparently, they're often used in artsy DIY projects by anyone from home decor aficionados to college girls.

One milk crate is actually pretty expensive (just under $10), so only head to Home Depot if you're in dire need of them. You can also order them online and have them delivered right to you for a small fee.

10  11. Sprayable Rubber (USA)

Maybe you want to make something rubber so that it has a better grip, or you just like the black look better. If you want a true DIY, then sprayable rubber is your way to go. You can literally just spray this coating on whatever surface you want to become rubber, and you've got it.

At most stores, a can of this sprayable rubber is about $15. The one problem is that the application can be pretty difficult, and it might come out uneven and not as pretty as you'd like. Look up some videos beforehand so you know what you're doing if you choose to go this route.

9 10. Microwavable Dog Bed Warmer (USA)

Does your pup get cold at night? Apparently, Home Depot is ready for that problem. This dog bed warmer comes in various sizes (for various sized dogs) and can be microwaved then laid down over your pup's bed. If you're not a fan of keeping the heat up, then this may be the way to go.

The one problem with this product is that dogs generally need less heat than humans due to their fur coats. It probably works best for older dogs or small dogs with thin hair, as larger, furrier dogs will overheat pretty quickly.

8 9. Castle Bundt Pan (USA)

This pan wouldn't be weird to find in a party store or cooking store, but it definitely is odd at Home Depot. After all, who goes to Home Depot preparing to bake a castle cake? This cake pan is surprisingly popular, and is pretty inexpensive compared to other stores.

The best time to get this cake pan would most likely be if you're remodeling your home and simultaneously having a birthday party for your child. If you happen to be closest to a Home Depot, then grab this item, otherwise it probably isn't worth your time for the trip over.

7 8. A Jean Pillow (USA)

Home Depot probably isn't the best place for home decor, but apparently the store does stock some pretty strange pillows, like this "jean" pillow modeled exactly like a pair of jeans or a jean skirt. If you're into home decor that looks like clothing, then you'll love this piece. It costs about $20, which isn't too bad, and even comes with the belt.

You can buy this pillow online (the outside is separate from the actual pillow cushion) and only have to pay a small fee for shipping. Apparently, it's actually pretty popular, so if you're feeling the jean vibe, then go for it!

6 6. Palm Tree Wallpaper (USA)

Palm tree wallpaper isn't the weirdest thing to find at a fancy decor store or at a tropical boutique, but what about at Home Depot? Most people will shop at Home Depot for wall paint or normal wallpaper, but palm tree wallpaper doesn't exactly fit the bill. Luckily, most Home Depot stores actually sell this wallpaper to make it easier on shoppers.

You can also order this online for a small fee. It might be a great touch to a tropical cottage, even if you just want to do one wall, but you have to know what you're looking for ahead of time since Home Depot isn't exactly the most obvious place to find this print.

5 5. Lost the Shirt Boat Flag (Canada)

In Canada, for whatever reason, you can buy this flag at most Home Depot stores. Sure, it technically makes sense, but what Canadian would want to consistency hang this from a boat? It costs about $30 and is surprisingly available at almost every Home Depot store in Canada.

While this flag doesn't seem to be very popular, some reviewers have chosen to fly it and think it's hilarious. If you have a boat and want to have a pretty random, funny flag hanging, then you can also order this piece online and have some fun.

4 4. Squirrel Hopping On Tree Statue (Canada)

Isn't this little guy fun? Many people place him on an actual tree (for whatever reason) and love thinking that he is real. In many locations in Canada, this is a surprising idea, because there's plenty of real squirrels as it is. Maybe it's an attempt to scare away real squirrels from stealing food, although many reviewers don't think it works.

Surprisingly, this squirrel statue actually costs over $45! If you're really a fan of critters, then it's available both in the store and online (you can check in-store availability on the website) and is actually pretty popular in the statue section.

3 3. Rapping Santa Toy Package

Want to hear Santa rap throughout the Christmas season? You can get this fun singing dude who actually comes with real sunglasses. If you're feeling especially fun, then get the package that is Santa and an elf who do a rapping duet. They mainly do a few Christmas songs, but shoppers actually love the duet regardless of the repetitiveness.

Kids and adults alike make this purchase. It's available in stores all over Canada as well as online, and costs $28.99, depending on the store. For a pretty random Christmas piece, make this purchase. Reviewers say you may or may not regret it.

2 2. Glow In the Dark Spray

Want to make something glow in the dark? You don't have to actually purchase the glow in the dark piece. This spray can basically make anything glow in the dark, the same way that spray paint would. It's only about $15 a can or $25 for this paint on glow in the dark paint.

This is a great idea for DIYers, but for most other people, it's a pretty random purchase. Many would rather just buy an object that already glows in the dark instead of doing the work. Regardless, Home Depot makes it available to customers nationwide in Canada.

1 1. No Slip Spray

Do you slip and slide around your garage floor in the humidity? Apparently, Home Depot in Canada has you covered. No need to slide around if you've sprayed the floor with this no-slip spray. It's simple to spray on and only takes a few hours to dry.

It can also be applied to a variety of surfaces, making it pretty easy to use. While there aren't many reviews available, this certainly is a slightly strange and very specific item to sell, especially since it's only available (in this type) in Canada. However, if you slip around a lot, it might be worth the purchase.