America is a big country. Let's say huge to emphasize the size. You'll not be surprised if your fellow countryman from afar off state treats you as if you come from a different planet altogether. The culture is so diverse, and another states culture, laws and contact come as great surprise to the other state.

Someone will ask, "What? You said they eat what? And that's the nature. And each of these states holds on to a specific claim of fame, and the reason why you should visit. Forget about California and New York, these are the distinct states everyone wants to visit, whether an American or someone from abroad. In fact, if you visit America and you miss New York, you won't be able to convince your friends back home that actually went to America. How could you miss New York?

America has a lot to offer, not just in California, Las Vegas, and New York, but across all the 50 states. What makes America charming, is the strange things, weird believes, and the extraordinarily different contact of people across all of them.

In this article, our focus is on 15 of the strangest states that no one wants to visit. We will also look at 10 of them that are overly underrated. If you’re a wanderer who plans on exploring the less explored, this is for you.

25 Strange: Iowa (Mammoth Remains)

If you wanted to run for the presidency, I'd suggest you visit lowa, but you don't want to. So, how about skiing? If you're a skiboarder novice, the Sundown Mountain near Dubuque is a pretty good alternative to the expensive skiing states. You can also visit the Coralville Lake and the Devonian fossil gorge outside the city of lowa. Do you want to see the strange part of Iowa? A huge number of large creatures died in Iowa, and you can see some of their mammoth remnants in Mahaska County.

24 Strange: Maine (It Has A Desert) 

Maine is one state that is known to have beautiful lakes, and forests, not forgetting the lighthouses. But did you know that Maine also has a desert? Oh, yeah, the expansive 40-acre desert of Maine. That gives plenty of good reasons to start packing. It wasn’t there before, but due to over-farming, it was created. You can come to Mount Desert Island in the Acadia National park, watch the glacier peaks, and spend your beautiful afternoon watching whales.

23 Strange: Massachusetts (Can Go To Prison For Pidgeons) 

There is a lot of history to learn here, and pretty plenty of good foods. That’s not enough reason to visit though, but, think of the quaint seaside towns, the amble little fishing villages, and the seal and shark watching experience along the national seashore. Come in Halloween and visit the two living museums of Plimoth Plantation or Old Sturbridge Village built in the colonial era. And hey, beware of pigeons, you might spend the night in prison for scaring them out of their homes.

22 Strange: Michigan (Four-Day Magic Convention. Yep.)

You don’t have to brush your shoulders with other visitors on the busy streets of the state, there is the Isle Royale National Park on the islands of Lake Superior. And you can get here by abandoning the beaten path, and taking a boat ride to the park. Apart from the national parks and other natural attractions, we also have magic in Michigan – a lot of it. The state holds a four-day magic convention every summer. It also has magic oriented attraction sites like the museum and the cemetery.

21 Strange: Montana (Most Protected State In America)

Welcome to the most protected state in America, Montana. The government owns the largest part of the land in this state; state land, or national forest. The state boasts of over 700 miles of trails where you can hike, or just explore the nature of the state. Glacier National Park has the greatest collections of geysers you can ever see in the world. Its home to the Yellowstone National Park, and other wildly beautiful, rolling landscapes.

20 Strange: Oregon (Honey Fungus is 8650 Years Old)

This state is all about nature: mountains, rivers, and falls. For example, from Mount Hood and Crater Lake, you get to experience a real-life volcano. From here you can drive to the great Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. From Multnomah Falls you can go to yet another mountain, the Blue Mountains, home to the largest living organism in the world. The Honey Fungus measures 2.4 miles across and is believed to be 8650 years old.

19 Strange: West Virginia (Almost Heaven On Earth)

West Virginia, commonly known as “almost heaven.” And not because of its proximity to Pittsburgh, or the many special clubs in the state, but because of the many outdoor, natural attractions. The International Mountain Bicycling Association has labeled the 25-mile North folk mountain trails as epic, which is one very big reason you should visit. Here is the catch about West Virginia, you can do all your outdoor activities, having reserved a room in the Legendary Greenbrier Hotel, where half of the American presidents love to sleep.

18 Strange: Wyoming (No Escalators?)

While Wyoming is not a popular destination. It is home to one of the best National Parks in the country. And even though it covers three states, Yellowstone is one the main reason anyone will park and leave for Wyoming. The vast, extraordinary geyser collection is one of the most beautiful natural attraction in the state. The crazy fact about Wyoming is that it suffers a severe deficit of escalators. Imagine an American state having only two escalators? And both of them are in Casper city.

17 Strange: Vermont (Religion Is Not A Big Deal) 

Sitting at the U.S – Canada border, Vermont is the only state in America that gives you an opportunity to go to an Opera in Canada. Come to Vermont prepared for outdoor activities. Enjoy wild adventures at Champlain Lake with sailing, fishing, boating, and bicycling. It also has too many breweries than it should have, and it holds the record of having the less religious people in the whole country. Only 22% of the state residents attend church services, the rest don’t consider religion that important.

16 Strange: South Dakota (Middle Of Nowhere) 

South Dakota is straight up beautiful to visit, and the fact many call it “the middle of nowhere” should not deter you from visiting. The Rushmore Mountains sits in the middle of black hills. You can visit the small town of Belle Fourche and see the monument of the center of America. The residents of this town claim to be at the geographical center of America, and they have made a statue to prove it. But it's all a lie.

15 Strange: Pennsylvania (Edgar Allen Poe Wrote A Poem Here)

Pennsylvania doesn't have so much to offer as a tourism destination, but it is all worth visiting. For historians, this is the best place to visit. Be sure to visit the liberty bell in Philadelphia or the battlefield of civil war in Gettysburg. Now, here's the catch. Visit Pennsylvania and you'll see the real Raven that inspired Edgar Allen Poe to write the poem Raven. What makes this Raven more famous, and worth seeing is because it also inspired melancholy Baltimore poet.

14 Strange: Kansas (World's Largest Ball Of Twine) 

The sweet smelling flowers at Botanica, in the Wichita Gardens, is an excellent reason to make you stop at Kansas. How about a fairytale afternoon at this garden, surrounded by wildflowers and beautiful butterflies? There is also the Cawker city, where the world's largest ball of twine resides. A resident started it in the 1950s, which he later passed the ownership to the town. The locals of Cawker city have maintained the tradition ever since.

13 Strange: Connecticut (Where Hamburger Was Born)

Connecticut is the place where the hamburger was born, and I think like the wise men from the Bible, you should visit this place and see for yourself. Legend has it that a customer ordered some meat in a food joint called Louis’ Lunch in New Haven. When he asked if the meat could be served that he can leave, Louis Lassen, the owner of the joint popped the dining spot's ‘ground steak trimmings' between two slices of bread, and that's how the hamburger sandwich came to be. Travel back in time at Louis Lunch in New Haven and have yourself a legendary hamburger, or visit the ancient mansion at the Gillette Castle State Park.

12 Strange: Arkansas (Home To The Largest Gem)

Visit Arkansas, and you won’t need to spend a dime in a resort spa in the steam baths. The Hot Springs National Park has all these, and more to make you go there. You can dive in the 20th-century bathhouses and you're all good. Arkansas is also home to the largest gem in the whole country of America. One of them, the 8.52 carat Esperanza was found in 2015. You can take a walk at the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park where Uncle Sam discovered the largest rock in 1924.

11 Strange: Alabama (Sweet Home Alabama Is An Actual Place)

There are many reasons to visit the iron state. Apart from SEC football, can you imagine drinking in two states at the same time? That can only happen here in Alabama in Flora-Bama bar near the orange beach. And if none of these excites you, there’s a 35 mile stretch of gorgeous coastline. What is more intriguing about this state is that there’s actually a historical place called Sweet Home Alabama. The unusual architecture and the neo-classical styling make this place in Bessemer city incredibly outstanding.

10 Underrated: Utah (The Best Snow On Earth)

Located at the western part of USA, Utah stands the most underrated of all the 50 states in the country. Those who’ve been there can attest to this. To the north you will find plenty of mountains that tower the skies, providing one of the most spectacular sceneries you’ve ever seen. You can snowboard on the best snow on earth, according to statistics after the 2002 Winter Olympics. Go down to the south and you’ll meet the stunning Natural Red Rock Formations.

9 Underrated: Minnesota 

Ask the residents of Minnesota, they enjoy the most pleasant working hours in the country. Visit the lakes around the twin cities and you will quickly forget that you're actually in mid-west America. The high quality of life that is so affordable, with the lots of recreational activities will give you the best experience you’ve ever had in travel. You can take a walk on the streets of Minneapolis when the weather is not so bad.

8 Underrated: Louisiana

This is among the best-known states in America for culture. For better for worse. Plenty of beautiful food will make you want more. New Orleans is the Embodiment of the ‘melting pot' that makes Americans so proud. Take a dinner boat cruise down the Mississippi river, or take a ghost tour to one of the cemeteries. There are many plantations you can stay in, outside of New Orleans. Go down to the swamp and make yourself a new friend with one of the alligators.

7 Underrated: Colorado

In Colorado, we go straight to the city of Denver. It’s called the mile high city as it sits exactly a mile above sea level. Denver is among the fastest growing cities in America. It is located at the edge of beautiful mountains that provide all sorts of outdoor activities. You can go hiking and rafting during summer, or enjoy a state of the art skiing and snowboarding during winter. Denver enjoys 300 days of sunshine in a year.

6 Underrated: Indiana

Indiana has plenty to offer to travelers, from the cities, lakes and the natural beauty of the state. If you prefer some warm environment you go down to the south, or up north if you want a bit of cold climate. The brown county is best known for natural attractions. You can explore the dunes and Lake Michigan to the north by Hammond. Indianapolis is a world-class city with spectacular state parks, and amicable people.