Who doesn't love Disney? Some people go for the rides, others for the characters, and others to feel like a kid again. Then again, a lot of Disney's guests are children themselves. You don't often hear about someone visiting Disney just for the good eats, but many foodies out there will agree that if you know where to go, Disney can have some amazing edible creations. If you stop by the World-Wide Pavilion in Epcot, you can experience food and drinks that are authentic from over 12 different countries! How much better can you get than that?

Unfortunately, Disney has also got its fair share of bad reviews for having food that critics say is just simply not good. In the Magic Kingdom, your food options are more limited, and if you don't make a reservation you'll be stuck with choosing from a few options at the outdoor stands or fast-food counters that are all pretty bad. If you know where to go and are ready to make reservations ahead of time, you can actually have a great "foodie" experience in Disney. Check out these 15 meals that you should definitely avoid and 5 that you should plan ahead to try!

20 20. Pizza at the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland: A Puddle of Grease

Tomorrowland is pretty famous in Disney's Magic Kingdom for having some cool futuristic rides and attractions, but the pizza doesn't seem to be up to guests' standards. It's often described as one of the worst choices you can make for food in the area. Mainly, the grease is what bothers most customers.

The pizza is served on a cardboard plate that is completely grease-soaked by the time you sit down. The pizza itself is known to taste like cardboard, and some guests believe that it's always a few days old. If you're looking for a quick and easy bite, the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland probably isn't your best bet. There's a reason the lines are never long!

19 19. Cheeseburger Spring Rolls: Egg Roll Wagon at Animal Kingdom Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

The Egg Roll Wagon in the Animal Kingdom is a pretty easy stop for families with young children who want to keep going at a good pace, but it's known for having pretty terrible cheeseburger spring rolls. This already sounds like a horrible combination (aren't spring rolls typically vegetarian?) but it's the quality of the meat that really makes guests turn away.

Sure, you wouldn't expect a food cart in Disney to have the most high quality meat, but reviewers have compared this hamburger meat to day-old airplane food. The cheese is also supposedly pretty terrible and tastes more like something you'd get off the kids menu at McDonald's rather than the type of cheese that should be in spring rolls.

18 18. Barbecue Chicken Macaroni & Cheese at Friar’s Nook: Not the Best Mac and Cheese by Disney

Friar's Nook in Fantasyland is well-known for its wonderful mac and cheese, but apparently adding a barbecue chicken version didn't help out the restaurant at all. The bacon cheeseburger macaroni and cheese was insanely popular among guests, but when it was replaced with barbecue chicken mac and cheese, many frequent Disney-goers were quite unhappy.

While there isn't anything inherently terrible about the mixture, Disney is well-known for having gourmet mac and cheese meals and guests feel that this version just isn't up to par. If you're looking to experience a different take on the typical American meal, you may be better off sticking to the other versions Disney offers.

17 17. Turkey Legs at the Carts: Salty and Fattening

Sure, you see plenty of photos with happy visitors holding huge turkey legs purchased at one of the many street carts in Disney (particularly Magic Kingdom), but apparently they don't live up to the hype created in photos. Firstly, guests complain about how unhealthy these legs are: one turkey leg is over 1,000 calories and has over 5,000 mg of sodium, which is more than the average person should have in 3 days!

If you don't like over-salted food, you'll want to steer clear. Not only are you already in the hot Floridian weather and running around a theme park at the height of the day, but you'll really need to drink some water if you indulge in one of these legs. These turkey legs are pretty famous but unappealing in reality for a large number of factors.

16 16. Fish and Chips at the ABC Commissary: If You Like Day-Old Food...

In Hollywood Studios, you can head to ABC Commissary for a wide variety of fast food counter service that spans through multiple cuisines. While the "restaurant" typically gets a bad rap no matter what you choose, the fish and chips is known for being especially horrible. It's greasy, fishy, and just generally damp. The batter tastes like it's a few days old and almost manages to mask the terrible taste of the actual fish!

The fries are known for being overly soggy and old. For such a hefty price tag of over $14 for just the fish itself (keeping in mind that this is just fast food counter service), you'll more than likely end up being disappointed with your food.

15 15. Caramel Apple-Stuffed French Toast at Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom: Classically Known for Not Being Worth It

Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle has always been pretty popular and is well-known for being fattening as well as delicious, so it's surprising that guests report really disliking the newer caramel-apple stuffed french toast. It comes looking more like a donut or pastry, so french toast lovers might be upset that it really doesn't resemble their favorite dish at all.

Guests have reported that the french toast is dry and plain, with few real apples included (and more of a fake apple flavor). For a restaurant that books up months in advance and can cost over $40 a person for breakfast, you might be disappointed in a meal that isn't really what it says it is.

This carrot cake cookie at the Writer's Stop in Hollywood Studios is pretty famous on blogs and on IG, but the reality is very different from pictures. It's super sweet and sticky, something that might look fun and photos but leaves you with a headache and unclean fingers.

Some guests also feel that the carrot cake cookie has a chemical aftertaste, as though it was made far too long ago and kept "fresh" with preservatives. If you're looking for a sweet treat, there's a lot of other options that will enhance your day instead of deflating it.

13 13. The Lamb Shank at Tony’s Town Square: A Hit or Miss

Tony's is known for having a lot of bad reviews over the years, and while the restaurant has been able to somewhat redeem itself, apparently not all of the meals have changed. The atmosphere (for starters) is incredibly loud and crowded. Modeled after the Lady and the Tramp, the food is generally Italian but veers off a bit to stay widely family friendly.

Apparently, the Lamb Shank and Polenta is known for being a hit-or-miss. Some guests report loving it on certain nights, while others note that it's dry, generally off-taste, or even sickening (some guests believe they actually got food poisoning from it!). If you have a spare night, Tony's isn't a terrible idea, but understand that you may not have the best meal of your life.

12 12. Chili Cheese Dog at Casey’s Corner: Food Poisoning Galore

Casey's Corner is another quick service spot in Disney that has also been rumored to give guests food poisoning. The Chili Cheese dog is especially bad, but all of the hotdogs get low-ratings. Even if you choose to forgo the bun, the dog itself is mostly bread.

The eating area itself is super cramped (and often over 90 degrees around lunch) and the service is notoriously bad. It'll typically take around 20 minutes just to get at a hotdog at this fast food stand, and many reviewers complain that the order is always wrong. If you're looking for a quick, yummy hotdog, there are many better places in Disney to grab one.

11 11. Cheese Steak Sandwich at Pop Century: Greasy Steak, Greasy Restaurant

Want a sandwich mainly loaded with grease and very little actual steak? Head to Pop Century, one of Disney’s well-known budget hotels that also has a restaurant. The food widely thought of as pretty bad, but customers routinely say that the cheese steak sandwich really takes the cake.

It comes on a paper plate that is very quickly soaked through by grease, and the steak tastes like it may be a few months old. If you’re looking for a great steak sandwich, you may want to steer clear of Pop Century, although visitors recommend staying away from the restaurant in general.

10 10. Bread at Tiffins, Disney’s Animal Kingdom: If You Like Crackers

While Tiffins is an incredible restaurant if you like exotic, different meals, when traveling with children or picky eaters it may not be the best choice. It's a pretty expensive restaurant and will leave you feeling a little upset if you end up only liking the bread, which is known for being a little lackluster and resembles chips rather than high-end, luxury bread.

Kids will be pretty upset if this is all they like (the kids menu is sparse) and it definitely won't fill you up before dinner. Sure, the bread technically isn't a meal, but it is something that guests routinely complain about after a visit.

9 9. The “Hardy Har Char” Siu Pork at Skipper Canteen: Tastes Like a Shoe

Skipper's Canteen seems like it would be a great stop for dinner. The decor is a jungle-boat type theme and is pretty impeccable. Unfortunately, the food is not. The main complaint is that everything on the menu is overpriced and the kid's menu is almost non-existent, but the "Hardy Har Char" Siu Pork takes the cake for being the worst meal on the menu.

For $24, guests say that the pork just isn't worth it. It tastes, according to quite a few reviews, like the "bottom of a shoe." It's dry, somehow stale (if that's possible for meat), and just completely unflavored. With few sides or toppings, it seems to be a meal that's best skipped.

8 8. The Buffet at Hollywood and Vine: Plain and Unappetizing

Hollywood and Vine is almost always ranked as the worst restaurants in all of the Disney theme parks, and the food at the buffet doesn't help this rating. It's typical USA food consisting of bread, soups, salads, pasta dishes, and meats. You can sometimes put together your own meal, but this also doesn't add much to the quality of the eats.

Generally, the food is reported to be old, soggy, and just plain bad. The salads are limp and brown, and soups are flavorless (apparently the chefs aren't big on spices) and the service is lackluster. If you're looking for a mediocre meal then Hollywood and Vine will be perfect; you'll also be stuck in the restaurant for a while since the service is notoriously slow, and will be stuck with a pretty hefty bill at the end.

7 7. Anything Mickey Shaped in the Main Street Confectionary: Looks Fun But Gives You a Headache

Kids love getting the Mickey shaped cookies, pancakes, cakes, chocolate popsicles, etc. in the Main Street Confectionary, but these treats are actually pretty overrated. Sure, if you're visiting with children, a quick stop may be unavoidable, but reviewers recommend eating something hearty before-hand so you don't go into a full-blown sugar rush.

The goods are known to taste like cardboard and somehow be overly sweet at the same time. The Mickey-shaped macaron is known for being one of the worst choices you can make. If you're with a group of adults, this is one stop you'll definitely want to skip.

6 6. Chicken Fingers at the Liberty Inn: Dried Out and Old

Epcot typically has some great food, especially if you're into international cuisine. With English, Italian, German, and even Norwegian options, you can have some fun courses around the pavilion. Apparently, the Liberty Inn in the US pavilion is not one of these great choices.

One of the best things you can get at the Liberty Inn is chicken fingers, and even those are dried out and made with old batter. In Disney, you can find chicken fingers literally everywhere (at a much lower cost if you go for the kid's meals) so you definitely don't need to spend a lot of money to sit down at the Liberty Inn, especially not with so many other great options just next door.

5 5. Actually amazing - The Steak at the Yachtsman Steakhouse, Disney's Yacht Club: A Steak for Food Critics

Steak probably isn't the meal you're thinking of when you're planning your restaurant reservations in Disney, but any meat connoisseurs will agree that the Yachtsman Steakhouse has some amazing options. The chef will cook any steak to perfection and exactly according to your tastes. You don't have to worry about ordering a rare and getting a well-done steak here!

The cost is a little pricey but you get the atmosphere to go with it. If you've never been to Disney's Yacht Club, just know that you'll literally feel like you've paid thousands of dollars for a yacht club membership. The service is just as impeccable - you really can't go wrong!

4 4. Actually amazing - Breakfast at ‘Ohana, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort: The Breakfast You Can't Miss

You have to experience at least one character breakfast while you're in Disney, and 'Ohana (located in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort) is the ultimate place to do that. Besides all of the Lilo and Stitch characters, you'll also meet the Disney classics and maybe even a surprise guest. Servers are called "cousins," and the view from the dining room is unparalleled (you can usually spot the castle or even be seated in direct view of it).

The best part (by far) of breakfast at 'Ohana is the actual food. There are all sorts of exotic yet yummy tropical specialties, such as fresh-made pineapple bread, and the coffee is renowned throughout Disney. The main food is also reported to be amazing and is always accompanied by a slew of Mickey waffles. Whether you're traveling with kids or adults, you'll definitely love this breakfast.

3 3. Actually amazing - Fish and Chips at the Rose and Crown Dining Room: Flakey, Fresh, and Classically British

If you really want some good fish and chips, the Rose and Crown Dining Room is the place to be. Located in the England Pavilion in Epcot, you really can't get more authentic than this. If you want to sit down, you'd better book a reservation months ahead of time: the dining room really is that good!

You can get fish and chips at the pub or at the restaurant, and either way you're sure to fall in love with the flakey, light batter, extremely fresh fish, and just made crunchy fries. Even fish and chips enthusiasts claim that this is one of the best which, for a restaurant in Orlando, is definitely a feat.

2 2. Actually amazing - The Braised Short Ribs at Art Smith’s Homecoming Florida Kitchen: A Hidden Gem

Art Smith's Homecoming Florida Kitchen seems like one of the more obscure Disney restaurants, but it's usually pretty busy due to the cool setting, the fast and friendly service, and most importantly, the Braised Short Ribs. Picture the best pot roast you've ever eaten and you're eating this dish. The ribs are served with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and enough sauce to go around.

Sadly, these braised ribs aren't consistently on the menu and are more of a special (although they appear about 1/2 of the time). If you see them on the menu during your visit, almost every Disney critic ever recommends getting them!

1 1. Actually amazing - The French Onion Soup at Be Our Guest: Snap a Reservation!

Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom is one of the only sit-down restaurants in the area and is likewise known for having the most impossible reservation schedule. Even if you book months in advance, you might only be able to eat dinner before 4pm. If you are an early bird and can make a reservation, you can use your Disney dining credits and sample a lot of the dishes, something true Disney fans will love.

The French Onion soup is one of the most famous bites at Be Our Guest. It's a soup that somehow melts in your mouth. It's vegetarian, if you're not a meat eater, and manages to be lightweight while being covered with a thick crust of delicious cheese. Disney fans and critics alike agree on one thing: this soup can't be missed!

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