People who enjoy travelling know that the world is a big place and that it can often be difficult to see everything that someone wants to. This is why there are so many sites out there that will often get overlooked. We all know about the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Canyon, but most of us haven't heard of the Rock Houses in Turkey! It's about time that these places got another look!

What we've done is pulled together some beautiful sites and places to visit when travelling to various corners of the world, and while the first fifteen are certainly overlooked, we think it's the last ten that should definitely be on the list for any traveller that wants to see something truly spectacular. They may be off the beaten path, but that means there will be a lot less people there than at places like the Great Wall Of China.

So, are people ready to find out where they should be going next for their holidays? Want to know where the best tourist spots are that always get overlooked? Well, we better get started then!

25 Angel Falls In Venezuela

We've all seen a waterfall while on our travels, but we can promise that there are very few waterfalls in the world that can rival the spectacle of this one.

Dropping from a height of 3,212 feet, this is the longest uninterrupted waterfall in the world.

Seeing this marvel would put someone in a very special club, which is why we think it is hugely overlooked by many travellers out there. It gets its name from Jimmie Angel, the first pilot to ever fly over the natural wonder.

24 Sultan Ahmed Mosque In Istanbul, Turkey

Known as the blue mosque due to the use of blue tiles, which we think is enough of a reason to visit it while in Istanbul. It was also the place that saw a Pope make history by visiting a place of Muslim worship.

Pope Benedict XVI was only the second pope to ever do this, and he did it here.

This mosque made history in 2006, so that adds a whole other layer of interest for any visiting travellers!

23 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque In Abu Dhabi, UAE

It's easy to see from the image why we chose to place this one on the list and we cannot believe that, to this day, this Mosque doesn't make it onto people's bucket list.

One of the largest Mosques in the world, this building can hold up to 40,000 devotees while the 35-ton carpet in the main prayer hall can accommodate 7,000 people and is widely considered to be the largest prayer hall ever.

The building was built between 1996 and 2007, showing that it's not only older buildings that travellers should be looking to visit.

22 Pena Palace In Sintra, Portugal

While this palace was once used as a residence for Portuguese royalty from the 15th to the 19th Century. Thankfully, this stunning medieval palace is now an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that any traveller can go in to explore it.

While it is one of the best known tourist attractions in the area, we think that way too many people overlook it throughout their lives.

We hope that including it on our list will get a lot of tourists visiting it.

21  Neuschwanstein Castle In Schwangau, Germany

This is a spot that sees a lot of visitors when it comes to places to see in Germany, but we know that many people forget about it. For example, it attracts 1.3 million visitors annually, but we think that it should be getting a lot more!

Like a lot of palaces, this was originally built as refuge for a member of royalty.

Ludwig II Of Bavaria had it built so that he could have a place to retire to at various points in his life. However, after he passed on in 1886, it was opened to the public.

20 Golden Temple In Amritsar, India

This temple is well-known to the people that live near and around it, but to other people across the world, it's an often overlooked tourist site that we wish more people would visit.

One of the holiest places of worship for members of the Sikh community, the shrine within the temple is visited for religious reasons by over 100,000 people a day.

It also has one of the world's largest free canteens, meaning that anybody can come in for a meal no matter how much money they have, feeding up to 30,000 people a day.

19 Choijin Lama Temples In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

This temple complex in Mongolia is made up of five intricate temples that are decorated lavishly. While they were once a place of worship, now they're just there to be looked at due to their beauty.

They house numerous Buddhist sculptures and paintings as well, so there's a lot to look at.

One of the statues on display even contains the mummified remains of Baltung Choimba, a Buddhist monk known for his teachings. A once in a lifetime viewing to be honest!

18  Twelve Apostles In Victoria, Australia

A lot of the places in this list are here because someone had an idea, a beautiful idea, that they managed to turn into a reality for all to see. However, sometimes the Earth is able to throw something amazing up.

This is where the Twelve Apostles in Australia come in.

Millions of years of coastal erosion have created these beautiful rock stacks, and while it may be named the Twelve Apostles, it is believed that there have never actually been more than nine of the wondrous figures.

17 Széchenyi Chain Bridge In Budapest, Hungary

Designed by William Tierney Clark, this bridge was the first permanent suspension bridge between the cities of Buda and Pest, crossing the Danube River.

Many would admit that they've gone to see the bridge at night when it's all lit up, but they rarely cross it.

While a lot of people end up going to see this bridge when they arrive in Budapest, not many people travel across the world just to see this beauty. We genuinely think that this bridge should be on a lot of people's travelling bucket list!

16 African Renaissance Monument In Dakar, Senegal

Unlike a lot of the wonders across this world that we think people should see, whether overlooked or not, this is actually fairly new, having gone up less than a decade ago.

Standing at 160 feet, this is the tallest statue in Africa and was only unveiled in 2010.

It was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Senegal's independence from France. What with it being one and a half times taller than the statue of liberty, most people have never seen a statue like it.

15 Potala Palace In Lhasa, Tibet

This building is a marvel, in both the architectural and artistic sense. It was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama until the Tibetan uprising in 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama was forced to flee to India. It is one of the biggest buildings in the world at 12,000 feet, it is a hugely impressive piece of architecture. Over 1,000 rooms spread over 13 stories, it is actually divided into two, both the red palace and the white palace.

14 Borobudur In Magelang, Indonesia

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so any traveller knows that it's well worth a look if someone is passing by. It is a ninth century Buddhist temple that has been standing for hundreds of years, and will hopefully still be standing for hundreds more. Not only is the temple worth a visit, but it is flanked by 500 buddha statues that are amazing to look at. Let's just say there's a lot of chances for people to get a few choice photographs while they're there.

13 Angkor Wat In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Despite the fact that this temple features on the country's flag, there are very few people who know it by name. Rather than an afterthought, we think that this temple dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu should be one of the sights that all of us try to get in.

It was built during the reign of Khmer king Suryavaram II during the 12th Century.

It now stands as not only a tourist site, but also a symbolic representation of the Hindu and Buddhist cosmologies.

12 Batu Caves In Gombak, Malaysia

While it may not be well-known to many travellers throughout the world, it is known to the locals who choose to gather here every single year for their festival of Thaipusam, a celebration that is very much looked forward to. It's a popular Hindu shrine that contains many statues and sculptures for people to take a look at. Not only is the inside worth looking at, but the complex has a 140 foot high statue of Lord Murugan out the front.

11 Blue Domed Churches In Santorini, Greece

Santorini is known for its beautiful seascapes that will take anyone's breath away, no matter how many beautiful beaches they've been too in the past. However, this isn't the sight that we think people should be looking for when they visit!

The Blue Domed Churches in Santorini make for an amazing sight and brilliant addition to the already fantastic landscape.

Not only that, but they can also be visited for anyone who wants to take in some religion and spirituality while they're travelling around the world.

10 Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque In Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

This is yet another major attraction to any tourist who happens to find themselves in Brunei, but we can see why people should be travelling from far and wide for a chance to take a look at this beautiful mosque. Based on Mughal architecture and Italian styles, it is named after Omar Ali Saifuddin III, the 30th Sultan of Brunei. Naming a building like this after someone definitely puts it in the category of places that we want to check out at some point in the future, just to see what he was all about!

9 Trevi Fountain In Rome, Italy

The largest Baroque fountain in the city of Rome, Trevi Fountain was originally conceived and designed by Nicola Salvi, an accomplished architect. It was then finished by Giuseppe Pannini. We know this one is often visited, but it never seems to be the first thing that people think of checking out. But they should...

Standing at 86 feet high and 161.3 feet wide, it's no surprise this eye catching fountain has appeared in numerous films.

Legend has it that anyone that tosses a coin into this fountain is guaranteed a return trip to the city of Rome, which we can imagine many people would like to guarantee after visiting!

8 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

Anyone who passes up the chance to see a cathedral with a gold-plated dome clearly doesn't know anything about spectacle! Widely considered to be an architectural masterpiece, this cathedral's opulent style is actually based on Neo-Byzantine art, giving it a creative look that anybody would be a fool to miss out on. It's nearing a hundred years old and has been considered a national monument and cultural icon ever since 1924, since when people have come from far and wide to see it, but nowhere near enough people!

7 Hallgrímskirkja In Reykjavik, Iceland

Named after the religious poet Hallgrimur Petursson, this church is a whopping 239.5 feet high and is regularly used by those who follow the Lutheran faith.

While the construction on the breathtaking church started in 1945, it was actually 40 years before it was officially inaugurated.

The fact that it took so long to craft proves that it was clearly built to a perfect standard. The largest church in Iceland, this building can hold up to 1200 people, so people know that they won't have to wait around a long time before they can go in and take in the majesty.

6 Tiger's Nest Monastery in Paro Valley, Bhutan

Believe it or not, but this place has been around since 1692 and is considered to be one of the holiest places in Bhutan. This means that if people want to go here, they shouldn't expect a raucous time, but more of a respectful and solemn occasion!

Not one for the faint-hearted, tourists actually need a special permit from the Bhutanese government to even attempt the trek.

No surprise, really, seeing as it stands at an altitude of 10,200 feet.