Half the fun of traveling is finding the best overnight destinations, am I right? One thing most of us never bargain for when planning our dream vacations is a run-in with something unexplained in a hotel that holds an air of mystery, but hey, it happens. Many of these hotels are located in some of the world's most beautiful locations and, surprisingly, many of them are incredibly popular tourist attractions and booked up much of the year. Whether it's by history, folklore, or status that cements these hotels in people's minds as "places to go", they all have something to offer...something a bit eerie, that is.

You'll probably be able to recall some of these from popular televisions shows and even novels that were inspired by their scenic vistas, but what you might not know is that many have a somewhat storied past. From crimes that went down in history to a setting that inspired one of the greatest horror novels and major motion pictures in America, these promise an overnight stay that is bound to be truly unforgettable. Stay tuned, because "spooky" is a theme that never goes out of style.

19 The Myrtle's Plantation AKA The "South's Spookiest"

No one in their right mind would deny that Louisiana is home to some serious history and it's history that hasn't always been enlightening. Myrtle's Plantation made its way to the National Historic Register and has plenty of stories to appropriately suit the grounds. It was built in 1796 and while it's open to the public, it's a seemingly permanent home to a spirit named Chloe who is said to have been a slave during the 1800s. Her image was caught on camera not and is what inspired the title of the "South's Spookiest", given by the National Geographic Explorer. It's absolutely gorgeous, yet creepy all at the same time.

18 The Dalhousie Castle, Home Of The Resident Regal Haunts

This is perhaps one of the oldest hotels on our list, as it was first built in the 13th century and since then, has been haunted by some pretty notable people. In 1342, there's a tale that tells of Sir Alexander Ramsay, who was supposedly left without food to meet his untimely fate. It's rumored that he's the one who has walked the castle ground all of these years and many guests claim to have experienced this. There's a second figure that guests believe wanders the castle as well who goes by the name of Lady Catherine, otherwise known as the Grey Lady and keep mostly to the castle's dungeon... Shiver.

17 The Dauphine Orleans Hotel Is Home To Just About Everyone

New Orleans, the city of second chances and home to a plethora of spirits who just don't seem to want to leave. Amongst the city's intense history is the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, which is rumored to be one of the most popular spots for the city's hauntings. Activity is said to be frequent and guests come from all over to experience the eerie, old-time atmosphere for themselves. It's helpful that this hotel is located within a short walking distance of Bourbon Street and still feels as though it's stuck in time. Guests claim sightings such as Civil War soldiers and women who seem real, but simply don't quite fit this current time period.

16 There's A Chance: The Stanley, Birthplace Of The Shining

The Stanley was built in 1909 and still stands today, boasting a fantastic story along with its slightly creepy nature. While its own ghost story isn't as elaborate or harrowing as the story it inspired by best-selling author Stephen King, supposedly F.O. Stanley still haunts his creation. Guests claim to have heard his wife playing her piano or have witnessed him standing on the grand staircase, completely outfitted in formal attire. The hotel even offers ghost tours in keeping with the theme that many anticipate upon their stay at this famous Colorado hotel and fully embrace the nature of its history. As long as there are no reenactments from The Shining, we'd give it a shot. Heeeere's Johnny!

15 Just The Look Of Ross Castle Is Interesting

This is another destination that fully embraces its own haunted history. Ross Castle is located in Ireland and they divulge the juicy secrets behind all of the spirits that are said to haunt their halls. You'll find a detailed history including a video of an actual paranormal investigation which you can interpret for yourself. Europe is full of castles holding stories of salacious medieval history, but Ross Castle is one for the books. The story surrounding it unfolds into a tragic love story of a lover lost and a spirit named Sabina who still wanders the grounds, morning her lost soulmate in her search for him.

14 The Langham Hotel With Its Tragic History

The Langham Hotel is home to the infamous room 333. Not only is this hotel believed to be fully haunted, but it's also believed to hold the most haunted room in all of London. That's a pretty high claim for a hotel that so many frequent, but there's a solid reasoning behind it. In 1865, the Langham was first built in an effort to create London's first Florentine palace-style hotel. For whatever reason, room 333 has been home to at least seven people who have taken their lives in or near that very room or had a particular liking to that room, in particular. While the horrors that transpired are much too dark to go into full detail here, you should know that many people avoid the room and some of the hotel's own staff won't even wander the third floor.

13 There's A Chance: Witch Trials, Ghosts, And The Hawthorne Hotel

With a history stretching all the way back to 1923, it's no surprise that Salem is home to a haunted hotel in addition to many other spooks. It's known most notably for their tragic history rooted in the Salem Witch trials, but tourists who come to visit the small New England town often choose the Hawthorne Hotel as their premier destination. With stunning architecture that truly brought a feeling of elegance to a town with such a sad background, this hotel captures the very essence of 1920s flair. To this day it has been kept in very much the same manner with a few ghost stories to go along with it, including tales from rooms 612 and 325 specifically. I myself have stayed overnight in the Hawthorne and while there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary, I do recall a feeling of unease and being mildly uncomfortable while spending a night on the third floor -- Keep in mind, having not previously heard of these tales, I had nothing to presume upon arrival. However, others have claimed they felt as though they were being touched, have seen or heard their faucets going on or off by themselves, and even seen an apparition of a woman who wonders the sixth-floor hallway.

12 The Russell Hotel Shares Spooks In Sydney

The Russell was built in 1845 but didn't become a full-blown hotel until its restoration in 1981, however, plenty happened during the century of history that passed in that time. The bubonic plague struck the area of Sydney that was referred to as The Rocks, taking with it three lives. With such a dark history, this hotel was bound to absorb some of its surrounding eerieness, thus resulting in the ghost stories that surround the hotel. Not only is this yet another hotel that embraces its dark past, but The Russell actually offers ghost tours for tourists who want to immerse themselves even deeper into the surrounding history. No thanks.

11 Sweden Has Their Own Mystery In The Toftaholm Herrgard

Sweden is arguably one of the most beautifully picturesque travel destinations in all of England and it's a popular vacation spot for people all over the world. Aside from the culture, stunning landscapes, humbling mountains, food, and drink, it's also home to the Toftaholm Herrgard hotel. Rumor has it that a peasant boy fell in love with the daughter of the owner of the property, however, was forced to watch the love of his life marry someone else in an arranged marriage deal. He was so distraught that he took his own life by hanging in room 324, and rumor has it that he has never left the property. This tale is backed up by people claiming to have heard unexplainable noises as well as noticing windows shutting when they'd previously been left open.

10 There's A Chance: Fame And A Lot More At The Hollywood Roosevelt

When glamour and fame meet spooks, a lot can happen in one hotel. The Hollywood Roosevelt isn't just famous due to all the stars that spent the night there in its golden days, it's also infamous for the stars that still continue to haunt it to this day. Marilyn Monroe is said to be one of the permanent inhabitants of this hotel, being drawn specifically to the full-length mirror that was in her regular room (it has since been relocated). Montgomery Clift is also said to be seen roaming the halls or practicing famous lines, however, it's not all classic Hollywood fun for some guests. Room 213 is rumored to be the cause of many an early check-out, what with televisions being turned on and off, sinks turning on and off, and an apparition that many can't shake. You have to wonder, is it worth it for the sake of Hollywood's Golden Era?

9 The Hotel Taj Mahal Palace Isn't All It Seems To Be

There's a story that surrounds this beautiful structure and while it's not as scary as many others, it's still enough to make guests ponder what it is they've seen or heard. The story goes that the architect who designed the elaborate plans for the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace came back from a trip to find that his plans were not followed and the hotel was, in fact, built much differently than he'd imagined it. As a result of the massive blow to his work, confidence, and career, the architect, W.A. Chambers, threw himself from the fifth floor of the building. People have reported finding the troubled spirit wandering the Old Wing of the hotel ever since.

8 Mobsters And Wartime At The Biltmore Hotel

Miami is the party city of Florida and a vacation destination for many a college kid on Spring Break. What many don't know is that it's also home to a hotel that sports a bit of a troubling history and amongst the palm trees, beaches, and beach bods, there lies a dark tale from the past in the Biltmore Hotel. The hotel was built in 1926 and found its golden era in the next few decades as it became the place to be for fashion shows, fancy galas, tournaments, and water shows since it boasted the biggest pool the world had ever seen at that time. Its grand history soon turned tragic though, as a mobster lost his life during a party that got out of hand on the 13th floor of the hotel. Not long after, the government seized the hotel and turned it into a hospital during WWII after which it was abandoned for many years. It became the site of vandalism and break-ins until it was restored by Coral Gables in 1987. It has since returned to its former glory, but many speak of a feeling of unease upon entering the hotel.

7 There's A Chance: Cal-Neva And Their Afterlife Fame

Lake Tahoe is home to the Cal-Neva and the ghosts that are said to roam its hallways. One of which is none other than the famous Frank Sinatra, who is said to have considered the resort a home. Specifically, cabin number five is rumored to have plenty of mysterious activity which, interestingly enough, is the cabin that Sinatra frequented the most. There's an even more interesting tidbit to this haunt, however; Marilyn Monroe is also said to have hung around cabin number three as well, which was a favorite of us. It looks like the Hollywood Roosevelt isn't the only hotel with a claim to fame.

6 Shattering Pictures At The Algonquin

While The Algonquin is an extremely popular New York City hotel, it has had its own reports of strange and mysterious happenings. There are plenty of places in the city that boast their own salacious history and creepy hauntings as with any place that's rich in history with a high population, however, The Algonquin is unique. It's been home to many an elite gathering and has somewhat garnered a reputation for it ever since meetings of the Round Table. One of the most notably famous to attend these meetings was Dorothy Parker, who was quite the character. Upon undergoing renovations, a photo of Parker randomly flew off the wall, shattering on impact. There have also been reports of odd noises coming from the attic that goes unexplained.

5 The Queen Mary Is A No-Go

While a luxury liner might sound like the perfect vacation, the Queen Mary is perhaps one of the most haunted and scary places to be once nightfall comes. There have been plenty of paranormal investigations aboard the seaworthy vessel, all following with people who are convinced of the legends that follow her. Amongst these are stories of children who lost their lives in the ships' pool and still remain in spirit, along with a "lady in white"; a sailor who lost her life in the engine room aboard the ship. It has had a tragic history and personal accounts have certainly backed up the notion that this ship has something unusual going on... It's definitely not a place we'd consider spending the night, even if it is in the middle of Long Beach.

4 There's A Chance: Green Park Inn, Complete With A "Ghost Log"

For something a bit less scary (although not really), the Green Park Inn is located in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, which has its own share of freaky history. This inn is beautiful, reflecting architecture that was popular in the 1880s and has been perfectly preserved to this very day. The owners seemed to have embraced their slightly haunted history, featuring a "ghost log" for guests to record encounters during their overnight stays. Many claim this happens on the third floor (what is it about that number?), specifically room 318, after stumbling upon a woman who is said to have passed there fairly recently, roaming the halls. In a brighter light, the hotel has also been the destination of notable men and women such as Annie Oakley, J.D. Rockefeller, and Margaret Mitchell.

3 Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Offers A Hacking Good Time

Yikes. Many of us know the story of Lizzie Borden as well as the horrifying rhyme that goes with the crime she committed toward her parents. The home of Borden has since been turned into a museum and Bed & Breakfast, you know, in case you want a piece of brutally violent history served with your tea and crumpets. In 1892, Borden hacked both her father and stepmother to pieces and since then has gone down in history as one of the more bloodier crimes of the century. Guests can now stay in the very house where this happened and many reports odd events, doors moving on their own, random scents of flowers, and a general feeling of unease upon being in the home.

2 Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Has Stories

Welcome to Alberta, Canada, where you can stay in the Fairmont Banff Springs and possibly even see a burning bride during your stay... Wait, what? The hotel was built in 1888 and features the coziest accommodations you could imagine in the mountains, along with a bit of a haunt to go with them. The setting itself is breathtaking and captures the beauty of Alberta perfectly, however, inside the hotel, some things often go amiss and do so without explanation. There are rumors of a "secret room" in this hotel that were not part of the original plans, with no windows or doors, and wasn't found until after a fire. In addition to this random but creepy room, guests have reported sights of a burning bride who was rumored to have lost her life after falling down the stairs but not before her wedding dress caught fire on candles that lined the stairway. A bellman is said to haunt this hotel as well and many have taken him for a live human being, until they go to tip him or speak, and then watch in horror as he disappears. The most morbid aspect of this hotel, however, is probably room 873; The story goes that it was the sight of a tragic and brutal scene involving an entire family and no one made it out alive. The room was promptly covered up, laid over with bricks, but still doesn't seem to keep anything in or out.

1 Emily Morgan Hotel, Home Of A Form Psych Ward

San Antonio is home to what's known as the third most-haunted hotel in the entire world, which is a pretty big claim. Upon hearing all of the things that people have seen and heard in this hotel, it comes as no surprise that it was once a medical facility, complete with a morgue as well as a psychiatric ward. The hotel doesn't openly boast about its past but doesn't deny that mysterious things happen, either. The scary fact is that unusual things happen very frequently to guests that choose to stay overnight in this hotel and have experienced anything from strange noises to being touched, and there's even one claim of a guest coming home to find their bath fully filled with oddly-colored water. Activity seems to spike on the 12th and 14th floors, which were home to surgical wings and a crematorium. It's one thing to know of a hotel's reputation but it's another to dare its truth...This is one hotel we'll take a hard pass on.

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