15 Hotel Rooms With The Most Awkward AF Themes (5 We'd Stay The Night)

There are plenty of weird hotels out there and with them, some equally strange hotel rooms to match. Most of us are used to our Best Westerns and Days Inns, but what about those who enjoy a bit of adventure on their overnight stay?

From sleeping in an airplane cockpit to feeling like we're sleeping in Gotham City, there are some rooms we'd love to spend the night in and some, well... let's just say we'll pass.

Located all over the world, each of these themed rooms has something to offer the kid in all of us. With a bit of imagination, an open mind, and a decent bank account sum, any one of these rooms could make our wildest dreams come true.

Or, they could just make us feel really awkward and confused. Either way, an adventure is an adventure, right?

20 Viking Hotel For A True Barbarian Feel


The Viking Hotel is located in none other than Iceland, which makes perfect sense. For those who have always wanted to live like a true savage of the land, this hotel offers rooms that are fully decked out with real stonework and more animal fur than you could dream of.

19 A Galaxy Dream Come True At Fantasyland Hotel

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Whether you've always wanted to sleep in a space capsule or feel like the first man on the moon, this space-themed room is for you. It'll have guests seeing shades of blue (literally) in no time, complete with capsule beds, themed bed sheets, and a mirror that makes you feel like you're in a futuristic video game.

18 Medieval Dreams Come To Life At Chateau Avalon

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It's comforting to know that if we get into a fight with our significant other, all we need to do is pull up the drawbridge to the bedroom... or something to that effect. This stone-walled room is at the one and only Chateau Avalon and it's truly unique, albeit a bit outdated by several centuries.

17 Adventure Suites Offers... Well, An Adventure Is One Way To Describe It

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Did you ever want to know what a pearl feels like while it's still only a grain of sand? Well, here's your chance. Adventure Suites offers some pretty unique room arrangements, but none as unique as their underwater room. Complete with a pearl 'light', this is either very claustrophobic or very different.

16 Deely House Is Actually Perfect For A Family Vacation


It's super cute, super colorful, and super kid-friendly. For families looking to book a stay that's entirely kid-themed, the Deely House Hostel is pretty spectacular for kids of all ages. With everything from fairy tales to Alice in Wonderland-themed rooms, this hostel has plenty of otherworldly options.

15 Eden Exoticism Planet Hotel Offers A Batman Room

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Jump in the Batmobile and speed on over to Eden Exoticism, where guests can enjoy a combination of luxury and vigilantism in the form of the Batman suite. Complete with realistic wall murals and even a bathroom to match this dark theme, any lover of the bat-hero will be thrilled to stay here.

14 We Love Chocolate, But Not As Much As The Fabrica Do Chocolate Hotel


Is t a gingerbread house? Willy Wonka's Factory? A closet? Who really knows? These rooms at Fabrico Do Chocolate really bring the sweets theme home. Caution: Watch for Oompa Loompas, as well as sporadic pop-up games of Candyland. This hotel is for serious chocolate-lovers only, sweet tooths only need apply.

13 Keio Plaza Allows Us To Live Our Kawaii Dreams

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Anyone who claims they don't love Hello Kitty is lying just a little bit. There's nothing not to love about this adorable, cute Kawaii kitty and at the Keio Plaza, guests will be surrounded by it. While not every room is decked out in pink, this one can be booked on request.

12 The Medieval Hotel Detinice Is A Lot To Take In During This Century

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Medieval-themed hotels seem to be a common thing, what with all the Renaissance Fairs happening year-round nowadays. If fans want to go one step further, they can book a room at the Hotel Detinice - featuring historically accurate wall hangings, wooden beams, and even bed frames.

11 Pineapple Villa Is Only For Hardcore Spongebob Fans

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At the Nickelodeon resort, hardcore fans of the show might just get to live out their dreams of staying at Bikini Bottom. There's no scuba gear required for this room stay; however, a strong love for all things spongey and marine is necessary. Fun for kids and adults alike!

10 Sato Castle Is Beautiful...

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Sato Castle has, by far, the most variety as far as adventurous rooms. While we could have created an entire article dedicated to their suites alone, we wanted to pick out a few of the crazier rooms just to show you what it's like... Such as this room, complete with a jacuzzi, cherry blossoms, and a built-in TV.

9 ...But Also Makes Us Feel Like Walking With The Egyptians

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For those who have a serious dedication to pharaohs, we present an ancient Egypt-inspired room. We don't suggest trying to crack open any of these sarcophaguses, but it's pretty awesome to look at. This definitely makes us feel like royalty, or at least like we should be eating grapes while being fanned by our staff.

8 However, This Room Would Make Anyone's Spidey Senses Tingle

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The coolest room of all, though, has to be the Spider-Man-themed room. This suite features 3D models of everyone's favorite Marvel hero and has been designed with colors to match. You can't swing from the ceiling or between walls in the hallway here, but it's still pretty epic.

7 Wacky Stays Makes Us Feel Like True Pioneers

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Did you ever play Oregon Trail and think, 'wow, it would be so awesome to spend the night in a covered wagon'? No? Neither did we. At Wacky Stays, though, guests will have the chance to live like Laura Ingalls, at least for a little bit. This is a true-to-life covered wagon that has been reinforced and designed to be an actual hotel 'room'.

6 For Those Who Love Flying, A Cockpit Stay Is At Woodlyn Park Motel

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Alternatively, maybe at some point, you thought that it would be awesome to hunker down in the cockpit of a small plane. No to that, too? Woodlyn Park Motel might just change your mind with their plane 'room'. And yes, that is a real cockpit set up at the foot of the bed.

5 The Muraka Is Not For Those Who Don't Like Water


Things just keep getting crazier and crazier here. If sleeping in a covered wagon, in the cockpit of an airplane, or in a medieval fortress isn't your thing, then maybe snoozing underwater will be the ticket. The Muraka, located in the Maldives, is an awesome experience, albeit a bit nerve-wracking.

4 The Yays Crane Apartment Triggers Our Height Fears

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While this bedroom doesn't look too crazy, what you don't see is the fact that this is one of several that have been stacked on top of one another. These cube-like bedrooms sit precariously perched on a crane overlooking the water, reminding us of what it was once like to have our feet planted firmly on the ground.

3 Helga's Folly Has Us Confused But Also In Awe

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We're sure there's a story behind why Helga's Folly is so colorful and bold, but for now, we're just in awe of everything that's going on in this hotel. From crazy painted walls to antiques and random findings scattered every which way, there's literally no rhyme or reason for anything... and we kind of dig it.

2 Utter Inn Is An Experience, To Say The Least

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This tiny, one-room cabin is just like any other - except for the fact that it sits in the middle of a lake. With just a little bit of room to spread out, guests will need to enter and exit this lakeside cabin by boat. If you don't have an issue staying in one place for the duration of your vacation, this spot is for you.

1 The Loisaba Wilderness Ranch Doesn't Even Have A Roof... Or Walls

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We may have saved the best for last. Everyone always wonders what it would be like to go on a safari trip, but not many consider what it's like to sleep in safari territory. This 'room' consists of a completely open bed and not much else - but don't worry, there are safari warriors ready to protect you at the slightest hint of unease.

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