Flying is a very important part of traveling that we all must deal. There comes a time where it makes zero sense to drive over taking a flight. Some places are impossible to get to without flying from location to location, and while very few people love to fly, it’s simply a necessity for the art of traveling.

Celebrities have to deal with flights as well, often due to their careers taking them all over the world. Most people assume that celebrities will always fly in private jets or take first class flights to get to their destination. While that may be true for most, there are some exceptions to the assumption.

Quite a few celebrities opt to fly like the rest of us in coach. There are sometimes issues with flying first class that make them uncomfortable to go for it. Certain major names just think it’s a waste of money. We will look at some of the big names that have been spotted often flying in coach.

Another aspect we’ll focus on is the celebrities that don’t like flying at all. The disdain for flying sees them avoid trips or try to drive unless it’s impossible to get out of. Find out which superstars in the entertainment industry have unique lives when it comes to flying.

These are fifteen Hollywood stars who sometimes fly in coach like the rest of us, along with ten that don’t want to leave the ground.

25 Flies in coach: Blake Lively – Sees Ryan Reynolds Even When Not Flying With Him

Blake Lively is one of the most famous actresses that chooses to fly in coach like a 'normal' person. The actress always has the option to sit in first class, but she finds joy in sitting in coach. Lively has referred to it in interviews when discussing the movie choices showing.

Her husband Ryan Reynolds is most known for his role as Deadpool these days. Lively jokingly complained about Deadpool showing on too many flights she was on. It must be an awkward moment seeing your husband on the screen during a flight.

24 Flies in coach: Seth Rogen – Still One of Us

The rise of Seth Rogen has seen him become one of the most successful actors over the past decade. Rogen is typically the lead actor in a comedy and the film will almost always find major success.

The traveling schedule of Rogen sees him taking many flights for filming, promotional work and just general fun trips. Rogen has been seen in coach a few times. The laid-back personality of Rogen allows him to fly in coach if need be rather than becoming addicted to the first-class lifestyle.

23 Hates leaving the ground: Kate Winslet – Made Husband Fly on Separate Flights

Actress Kate Winslet has been involved in some very successful movies throughout her career. There is no debate that Winslet is an A-list actress deserving of all the success, praise and accolades she has received in Hollywood.

One fear that Winslet does have in her personal life is flying. Winslet avoids them if she can. During her prior marriage, Winslet and her ex-husband used to avoid flying together in fear of the plane crashing. The thought process was that at least one parent would survive. Winslet clearly is not a fan of flying.

22 Flies in coach: Alec Baldwin – He Has Even Been Kicked Out of Coach

The success of Alec Baldwin has seen him as a top actor in Hollywood for many decades now. Baldwin thrives in movies, television shows and sketch comedies. The successful star truly does have a strong legacy in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean he is snobby about flying.

Baldwin has been spotted on multiple flights in coach. One high-profile instance of this featured him getting kicked off a plane for refusing to put away his phone. Baldwin may be on your flight, but there’s a chance he will cause a delay with his shenanigans.

21 Flies in coach: Katie Holmes – Often Flies in Coach Back to Her Hometown

Katie Holmes has been a major celebrity since a young age. The role in Dawson’s Creek set her career off right away as she continued scoring major movie roles following the introduction to the industry. Holmes is also known for being involved in high profile relationships with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx that led to many trips.

People have spotted Holmes in coach, especially on flights returning to her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. The actress does not mind flying like a regular person and can enjoy her flight in coach going back home.

20 Hates leaving the ground: Britney Spears – Only Likes Flying in Music Videos

Pop star Britney Spears has been among the most famous people in the world since becoming a superstar in the late 90s. Spears clearly must travel a lot for her job with tours, promotional work and general music lifestyle.

Various interviews have seen Spears reveal that she gets anxious in airplanes and wants to get through flights as quickly as possible. The irony here is that Spears portrayed a flight attendant during her music video Toxic. That likely would be the nightmare job for Spears in real life.

19 Flies in coach: Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy the First-Class Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar found fame decades ago as the star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The success from that time in her career has kept her relevant for a long time. Fans still binge watch the show and enjoy the work of Gellar for the first time today.

Despite finding fame, Gellar enjoys her traveling on flights as modest as the rest of us. There have been a few instances of fans spotting Gellar on their flights. A career of vampire slaying did not make her too spoiled to feel above flying coach.

18 Hates leaving the ground: Megan Fox – Finds Unique Method of Calming Down

The acting career of Megan Fox has seen her become a major celebrity all over the world. Fox has been involved in a few hit film franchises as a lead actress. The traveling schedule saw her develop a fear during her career.

Fox revealed she has a fear of flying and often used to get panic attacks in the air. A method to get through the flight was listening to Britney Spears music to calm down. Fox may have had a tougher time using the Britney music if she knew Spears also had a strong dislike for flying.

17 Flies in coach: Claire Danes – Award Shows Can’t Stop Her from Flying

Claire Danes is another talented and world-famous actress that does not mind flying in coach. The award-winning actress has even taken flights in coach following major moments of accomplishment in her career.

Danes revealed she did fly in coach following a Screen Actors Guild award win. The aftermath of the award show featured her book a flight in coach to get a red-eye back from the awards show in Los Angeles to get back to filming a movie in New York. Flights in coach don’t square Danes away from traveling.

16 Flies in coach: Amy Adams – Offers First-Class Exchanges with Military Personnel

Actress Amy Adams does often fly in first class, but it is not necessarily something important to her. The traveling schedule of Adams has her flying all over the world for various filming projects and promotional work.

One story featured Adams trading her first-class flight. She saw a military person sitting in coach and opted to switch seats with him in appreciation for serving the country. Adams doesn’t value first-class too much and is willing to give it up for the right reason or right person in this case.

15 Hates leaving the ground: Wes Anderson – Prefers to Travel by Sea Over Air

Wes Anderson is one of the most beloved directors and producers in Hollywood. Film projects by Anderson typically get both great reviews and box office success. Anderson’s vision can lead to movies being true forms of art.

One limitation for Anderson is that he strongly dislikes flying. Anderson goes as far as to take long boat or train rides as an alternative to flights. A fear of flying will only see Anderson on a flight if it’s the only realistic option available. You know someone hates flying if they are choosing to travel by sea.

14 Flies in coach: Nicolas Cage – Tries to Hide in Coach

Nicolas Cage is a respected actor for a variety of work in all genres. We have witnessed Cage deliver great work in dramas, comedies and everything in between. Most would assume Cage only flies in first-class given his status in Hollywood.

Cage, however, tends to fly in coach with the other passengers. The actor will wear hats or outfits that help disguise him to prevent people from trying to get photos with him. It doesn’t always work as Cage sometimes does have to appease fans looking for a photo-op on the plane.

13 Hates leaving the ground: Shailene Woodley – Flying is Worst Part of Her Job

Recent years have seen Shailene Woodley become a top actress in Hollywood. Success in both television and the box office led to Woodley evolving into a relevant superstar. Unfortunately, traveling has seen her fear of flying become part of the job.

Woodley has stated she feels a strong level of fear every time she steps foot onto an airplane. The frequent traveling is leading to her attempting to defeat the fear. Woodley is trying to make progress in accepting that it’s impossible to predict the future of a flight and just tries to get through the time.

12 Flies in coach: Ellie Kemper – Loves Last Minute Coach Flights

Ellie Kemper is known for her incredible work in the series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office. The comedic talent of Kemper has made her among the most successful sitcom actresses in recent memory.

Kemper does not live as fancy of a lifestyle as most of her peers. She revealed she often flies in coach as she makes airplane ticket purchases at the last minute. Kemper even admitted she doesn’t mind fans recognizing her or asking for pictures with her, if doing so with respect.

11 Hates leaving the ground: Whoopi Goldberg – Taking Steps to Find Solution After Decades of Fear

Whoopi Goldberg has been a successful actress in Hollywood for many decades now. That makes it even more surprising to realize Goldberg has had a fear of flying for most of her life. The traveling schedule apparently didn’t stop the fear from following her life.

Goldberg revealed she started taking a program in 2014 to attempt to defeat the intense fear. The hope was that she could start flying without worrying about her fear every time. There’s been no update, but we can only hope Goldberg got past the fear of flying which was described as her one regret.

10 Flies in coach: Sarah Jessica Parker – Frugal Nature Leads to Coach Flights

One reason for celebrities choosing to fly in coach over first-class is the frugal personality trait some may have. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the famous actresses that has been honest about her desire to save money and not get suckered into wasting her money in the celebrity lifestyle.

Parker is not above flying in coach and has done so many times throughout her days of fame. The option to save money is one she’ll take if it makes sense for her flight. Flying in coach on a short flight is just fine with Parker.

9 Hates leaving the ground: Sandra Bullock – Prior Plane Crash Led to Fear

Sandra Bullock is one of the top movie stars in Hollywood following a plethora of hit films. There are few actresses with as much star power or name value as Bullock. Unfortunately, her fear of flying is one negative to come from the superstar life.

Bullock’s fear likely stems from being in a minor plane crash back in 2000. The actress was safe, but anyone living through the fear of a plane crash of any level likely will likely have a level of anxiety on future flights.

8 Flies in coach: Angelina Jolie – Often Flies in Coach with Family

Angelina Jolie is one of the more surprising actresses that does not mind flying in coach. The actress likely will fly in first-class more times than not, but there is evidence of her flying in coach quote a few times over the years.

Jolie used to fly in coach with her ex-husband Brad Pitt and their children often during their relationship. The option to save money and teaching her kids how flights usually work are probably the variables that lead to Jolie preferring to fly coach at times.

7 Flies in coach: Neil Patrick Harris – Sat With Bill Murray in Coach… Seriously

Neil Patrick Harris has many talents that have helped him become a star actor in Hollywood throughout his career. The success of Harris has not stopped him from doing certain normal things like the rest of us. One thing that Harris has been spotted doing is flying in coach.

Most fans would assume Harris is always a first-class flyer given his success starting at a young age and continued fame, but he has been known to fly in coach. Harris once even was with Bill Murray as the two celebrities spent their flight in coach together.

6 Hates leaving the ground: Ben Affleck – Lighting Striking His Plane Created Fear

Batman having a fear of flying seems wrong, but it remains true for Ben Affleck. The successful actor has been a top name in Hollywood with many years of hit films. Affleck travels all over the globe for his work, but the fear of flying still exists.

The story of Affleck’s fear is a lot more obvious than the others. One of the earlier flights for Affleck was struck by lightning. It led to him having a fear of flying following the confronting moment. Luckily, the Batmobile usually stays on the ground in the Batman movies.