Traveling is an exciting time for most people. Depending on where you decide to visit, you can get to enjoy different cuisines, interesting cultures and customs, unique art and history, and oh yes…the free hotel amenities.

Hotels have for years been giving us some exciting free amenities and it seems that with the introduction of BnBs and Airbnb, they have had to step up their game in order to attract more guests. This, of course, has largely worked in our favor because – Who on earth doesn’t like free stuff?

While the average person can certainly be excited about getting something for free from the hotel they are staying in, it is also important to note that not all of these complimentary amenities are ideal. For instance, have you ever considered that you could have an allergic reaction from the free soap you’ll get in your hotel bathroom? And then you’ll spend your vacation at the doctor’s and not enjoying all the cuisine, cultures and customs we mentioned earlier. That would suck!

Now, we’re certainly not trying to scare you, we just want you to be precautious about the stuff you use out there. Let’s have a look at the complimentary hotel amenities you should avoid, and the amenities that you should definitely hoard.

25 Never Touch: Gym Equipment

Most hotels have a small gym where their guests can enjoy a workout before or after heading out to see the town or city. The idea that you can still maintain your fitness while on vacation is a great idea, however, have you considered the number of bacteria that is found on the equipment?

Huffington Post reported a study which revealed that “there are 39 times more bacteria on an exercise bike than on a reusable plastic lunch tray. There are 74 times more bacteria on a treadmill than on a water faucet…” If you really want to maintain your fitness, rather opt for a jog around the city or town as this is much cleaner and will help you get to know the area better.

24 Never Touch: Workout Gear

Since we’re on the subject of working out, let’s not forget about the complimentary workout gear that you can also get from the hotel. Many guests aren’t aware of this but you can actually request for your size in workout gear from the hotel.

Now, do you really want to get into clothing that someone else has sweated in? Let’s also remember the fact that there’s no way of telling exactly how many people have worn that gear before you. Of course, the hotel staff will wash it before bringing it to you but you’re better off just bringing your own workout gear than wearing something that has been worn by goodness knows how many people.

23 Never Touch: Vending Machine

So it’s late at night and you have the munchies. You remember that there’s actually a vending machine downstairs where you can get yourself some much-needed snacks and drinks for the night. You head out there and are shocked at the cost of some of these simple snacks.

The concept of a vending machine is nice however, the often exorbitant costs of these snacks are just not worth it. Rather get yourself some snacks during the day while you’re out and about, and then enjoy them later when you feel like snacking.

22 Never Touch: Glassware

Hotel glasses often seem very clean but sorry to tell you this, they are often the dirtiest item in your hotel room. However thirsty you may be, this is one item in your room you definitely want to stay away from. This is because they are hardly ever thoroughly cleaned. Express explains that “the drinking glasses provided in the room are rarely cleaned, despite what people may think. Instead, they are simply rinsed out with water or even just sprayed with cleaning fluid or polish.”

21 Never Touch: Comforter

By now, most people know to check for bedbugs as soon as they arrive in their hotel room but did you know that your comforter can also be just as dirty? Hotel comforters are hardly ever washed. Most hotels concentrate on washing and changing the bedsheets, and they don’t pay much attention to the comforters. So if you arrive and find a comforter in your room, the best thing to do would be to remove it from your bed and never sleep in it.

20 Never Touch: Landlines

Besides the cleanliness fact that we’ve already spoken about (like many of the items on this list, the phones just get wiped), landline phones are just not relevant anymore. It’s 2018 for goodness! Who’s still using a phone with a cord?

If you’re traveling, you definitely will have your own mobile phone from which you can reach your loved ones. Landline phones should also be avoided because you don’t want to have an unexpected phone bill when it is time to check out.

19 Never Touch: Phone Chargers and Adapters

We’re in the digital age and need to be constantly connected. From mobile phones to tablets and laptops, we just don’t travel anywhere without our devices. Hotels know this and they offer chargers and adapters for our convenience. The only problem is that we can’t tell their quality and you certainly don’t want to plug a faulty charger into your phone and then mess it up – that would mess up your whole vacation. Rather just stick to your own chargers and adapters.

18 Never Touch: Scented Pillows

As we’ve mentioned, there is lots of competition for hotels and they are trying every means to attract more guests. One of the new ways they are attracting guests is by offering scented pillows for guests to sleep on. From lavender to coconut, and essential oils, these pillows promise to give you a more peaceful and relaxed sleep. Again, it is best not to try things that could potentially harm or negatively affect you while on vacation. We are all different and some may get headaches and some may be allergic to the herbs or scents added. Just stick to the good ol’ standard pillow you’re used to.

17 Never Touch: Travel Magazines

The travel magazines found in your hotel room are often there to advise you on the interesting places that the city or town has to offer. The only problem is the cleanliness factor – You can be positive that those pages were not cleaned. If you’re trying to add some cool experiences to your itinerary, just hop onto google and search for places, or better – ask the hotel reception for places they would recommend. Asking the locals for recommendations is always best as they are likely to know the coolest places around.

16 Never Touch: Desk Stations

Hotel desk stations are just not relevant anymore. If any hotel managers are reading this article, please get the hint. If you have to do some work on your laptop, it is much better to just use the serving tray on wheels that is often in rooms, or just lay on your bed and do your thing. We’re not crazy about the desk stations because they take up too much space and frankly, the chairs are just not comfortable. This is one amenity hotels can just get rid of.

15 Never Touch: Coffee Creamers

This one on our list is more concerned with the brand as well as the expiring date of the product. Most of the creamers have been there for a while so you might end up consuming creamers that are quite old without even knowing it. It is also rare that you actually find the brand that you most enjoy taking.

If you love your coffee creamer, rather just bring your own along. If you’re flying and your creamers or pods are in a glass container, just make sure to wrap them up in bubble wrap so that if they get tossed around, they will be alright when you arrive at your destination.

14 Never Touch: Shampoos and Creams

Complimentary shampoos and creams have been offered to hotel guests for years but you should really think twice before using them. The problem is mainly with the ingredients that are used on these products. Many of the labels aren’t specific enough about the ingredients used and if you are allergic to them, well, that would just ruin your whole vacation. Rather stick to the shampoos and creams that you’ve brought along as you know that they will not give you any unexpected allergic reactions.

13 Never Touch: Toothbrush

Of course, hotels tell us that this complimentary amenity is new but can you really be sure about that? The best thing to do here is to bring your own or, if you’ve forgotten to pack it along in your luggage, just buy one at a local store. Most toothbrushes are affordable and will certainly not break the bank. You would rather spend a few dollars on a new toothbrush than using one that you really don’t know where it’s been.

12 Never Touch: Fruit Bowl

So, you arrive in your hotel room and find some beautiful-looking fruits of all kinds for you to enjoy. We certainly encourage our readers to keep healthy and eating fruits is one way to do that but before you go in to grab those snacks – think about how long they have been out. Think about if they were even rinsed. It is very common for hotel staff to just wipe apples and other fruits down so just because they are shiny, doesn’t mean that they are clean.

11 Never Touch: Shower caps

If you’ve traveled quite extensively, you would have come across a shower cap or two in your hotel room. The concept behind them is great as they help to keep your hair dry however, we strongly advise for you to think twice before using them. The main reason is that you don’t know whether or not the shower cap is recycled and you certainly don’t want to put anything on your head that someone else (that you don’t know) was wearing. Rather bring your own.

10 We Would Use: Fresh Daily Sheets

Oh, yes! It is perfect that we begin our list of amenities we would hoard with fresh sheets because we LOVE them. There are a few things in life that can bring you more joy than sleeping in a bed with clean sheets that smell good. Luckily for us, hotel staff make it a point to change our sheets daily and we certainly will not complain about this one on our list. In real life, most people can’t change their sheet every day so this is a welcomed amenity that we will hoard in hotels.

9 We Would Use: Safe

As fun as vacationing may be, the reality is that we’re living in a world where you can never really know who to trust. A safe in our rooms is, therefore, one of the best amenities that hotels can offer guests. Just make sure that you are aware of how it works as soon as you arrive so that when it’s time to get out and explore the city or town, you know that your belonging will be kept safe.

8 We Would Use: Valet Parking

So, valet parking is often depicted in movies to be for the rich and famous. You’ll always see it at luxury restaurants or fancy balls. Well, now you can experience it yourself. Some hotels actually offer guests valet parking as part of the amenities. Now, of course, some guests might prefer to park their own vehicles or they may just not be clear about how the service works but – wouldn’t it be cool to just arrive and leave your keys with the butler? Like, that’s fancy living! We say – enjoy this service that’s often just for the rich and famous.

7 We Would Use: Board Games

This is one of the best complimentary hotel room amenities. Board games are fun and should keep everyone entertained if you decide to have a night in. Nowadays, we can be so consumed by our electronic devices that we forget to engage with our loved ones. Remember that vacationing is all about having fun. If you’re traveling with family or friends, playing board games is the perfect way to spend quality time with them and also share some unforgettable laughs.

6 We Would Use: Extension Cords

One of the worst and most frustrating things about hotel rooms are the lack of wall sockets and how they are often not conveniently placed. We’ve already mentioned how we’re well into the digital age and this means that we really cannot travel anywhere without our electronic devices. Extension cords are therefore an amazing amenity offered by hotels as we can charge our phones, tablets, laptops and any other devices at any time, and have them at arm’s reach while doing so.