15 Flawless Photos Of Rihanna Traveling (5 Where She Was Obviously Caught Off Guard)

It's hard to define a woman as magnificent and talented as Rihanna. She's a singer, an actress, a designer, a song-writer, let's just say she's an iconic mogul. The Barbados native can do no wrong and is as popular for her award-winning songs as she is for her fashion statements.

Although celebrities like Rihanna can't stand invasive strangers like paparazzi, they do catch some of her most fashionable moments.

If it wasn't for the paps, we mere mortals wouldn't have a chance to be inspired by Rihanna's street style. More importantly, we wouldn't be able to copy all the vacation outfits that she wears when she travels.

Take a look below to see 15 photos of Rihanna's holiday style and five photos she never saw coming.

20 Her Airport Style Is One Of The Best


Street style is oftentimes more important than styles pulled from the runway. It's a chance to see what Rihanna rolled out of bed and decided to wear for their day of travel or running errands. Here, Rihanna has adorably fuzzy flats, cuffed jeans, a sweatshirt, and a jacket.

19 Would You Want Rihanna Flying Your Plane?

Time Inc UK

Okay, so, I don't think many of us would want Rihanna flying our plane but we wouldn't mind her being on our plane! Then again, Rihanna seems to always take private planes so it would be a little concerning if she bought a first-class ticket on a flight with a layover to Philadelphia... But she'd probably look amazing.

18 Beach Walks & Bodyguards

Posh 24

Rihanna's outfit is so simple and yet so perfect for vacation. Wearing a white, breathable skirt and a black crop top, it's the perfect outfit for a daytime picnic on the sand. In her hands are a pair of black, strappy heels, which dresses her beach-day outfit up perfectly for her night on the town.

17 Headphones On, Outside World Off


Wearing all black, Rihanna looks pretty serious on her way in and out of the airport. With a body-sized winter jacket, gold accessories, and a colorful tote, Rihanna pulls off the whole athleisure look without much effort. Most people find it hard to pull off a backwards hat and sleeping bag-like jacket, but not Rhi Rhi.

16 No One Does It Better Than Rhi Rhi

Fashion Awards

I love Rihanna's hair natural and loose with curls. It's the perfect look for a beach-day getaway. With her relaxed hair and pop of color on her lip, her breezy dress couldn't look any better. She looks like she's in an advertisement just by putting on her sunglasses! Someone get this woman a sponsorship!

15 Who Else Could Pull Off Those Boots!


White cow-girl boots, black sweatpants, a Christian Dior sling bag, and a water-resistant jacket... Who else could possibly pull off this outfit and look as put together as Rihanna? Anyone else who saw these articles of clothing separately on their closet floor would never put them together. But Rihanna? It's airport chic.

14 She Makes The Moments Count

Fashion's On Vacation

To be honest, it's pretty hard to accessorize when vacationing on the beach. If you're a water baby, wearing jewelry may be a no-go if you're nervous about losing it in the water. But Rihanna? She just goes for it. She has bracelets, rings, multiple necklaces, sunglasses... She makes wearing a bathing suit into an entire fashion statement.

13 And She Loves Every Inch Of Her


Rihanna has once said that accepting your body will bring peace and comfort. "You may not love it all the way, but you just have to be comfortable with it, comfortable with knowing that that’s your body," Goalcast quotes her saying. And as we can see, she owns every inch of her and her exciting lifestyle.

12 Who Else Looks This Good In That Many Layers?


There's so much to unpack with here. Three laters on top, a hat, a headscarf, a Christian Dior bag... The average person would be swimming in this outfit if they tried it on. Rihanna probably put this combination together to stay hidden from the paps but the opposite happened.

11 Goddess From Barbados

Freddy O

Rihanna's the kind of natural beauty who doesn't need to be dolled up to be a show-stopper. Here, she's wearing a mesh dress, simple jewelry, and she's probably the most beautiful woman on the island. With beautiful views and weather, Rihanna knows how to vacation.

10 Blondes Have More Fun


It's been a long time since we've seen Rihanna with thick, blonde hair and bangs but we kind of miss it. She looks so youthful and peppy here! But it's not just her hair we're looking at. She reminds us that we can totally wear sweats to the airport if we dress it up with a leather jacket.

9 Chanel Flats And Backwards Hats


Those Chanel flats give us Audrey Hepburn vibes and we're all about it. Those shoes are the star of the outfit, with her wearing all black and a backward hat. The hat reminds us that Rhi Rhi is a tomboy at heart but can totally class it up with a touch of Chanel.

8  Sweats And Faux Fur? Only Rhi Rhi

Haus of Rhianna

By the looks of it, Rihanna loves traveling with Christian Dior bags. She must have touched down in a chilly location due to her Ugg boots, sweat pants, and faux fur jacket. And while this outfit shouldn't work at all (fur with beige Ugg boots?), Rihanna totally makes it work. And don't get us started on her hair -- the shine is spectacular.

7 Tropical Queen

Got Celeb

Did this picture trick anyone else's eyes? The tropical design on her dress matches the sky and water behind her. Coming from Barbados, Rihanna loves vacationing in the tropics and brings an entire entourage of people with her. Bringing the party wherever she goes, at least she always has a person to take pictures of her.

6 When The Wind Catches Your Dress Just Right


Is Rihanna shooting a commercial in this dress? The wind caught her outfit just right and her strut just oozes confidence! She is an island goddess in this off guard shot. All we need is some swanky music and Rihanna walking in slow motion to bring this image to life. Anyone else wish they looked this good while walking towards the wind in the sand?

5 Off Guard: She Swim With Sharks


How is it that Rihanna still looks impeccable in a wetsuit and scuba gear? It's very confusing! She may think she looks silly before diving in the deep blue sea to see sharks up close but she looks adorably relaxed here. I guess she doesn't need paparazzi around her all the time for us to get an inside look at her life on vacation.

4 Off Guard: Riding With Friends

Daily Mail

Again, we need an inside look at Rihanna's jewelry box. Or by the looks of it, at her jewelry closet. She wears so many necklaces at once that it's surprising they all don't get tangled together. And there's nothing more annoying than untangling three+ necklaces at once. Thankfully, Rihanna has people for that.

3 Off Guard: Big Friends In Big Places


Rihanna can always be found with famous friends and big crowds of people. It's unlikely to find Rihanna vacationing by herself. Here, she's enjoying fresh fruit with friends on a beach. With a white bikini and a rose-colored bandana, Rihanna just reminded us to bring that headscarf we never wear on our next vacation.

2 Off Guard: No One's Above A TSA Check


To be honest, we were unaware that matching velour sweatsuits were still a thing but then again, Rihanna dresses in what feels right, not what's on-trend. This outfit gives us strong Britney Spears vibes circa 2005 and we don't mind. However, it must be annoying to be photographed doing the most simple of things at the TSA check.

1 Off Guard: They're Never Really Alone When They Need Alone Time

daily mail

Rihanna has been on and off with Hassan Jameel for years now. The couple is notoriously private and can only be seen when they're taking time off and vacationing. It's sweet that this couple likes their down-time and as much as they dislike the paps being around all the time, how can they be mad at this sweet moment captured?

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