15 Disney Rides We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole (5 We Would)

There are numerous rides at Disney World with four main theme parks that include Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. Each of these parks offers its own exciting and thrilling attractions and rides for everyone in the family, however, trying to visit all four parks takes a lot of planning.

In Magic Kingdom, there are over 40 attractions alone, but hands down it is the most magical experience compared to the other parks. To make things easier, we've come up with a list of rides at Disney World that families should just skip. These rides are known for either being a waste of time, boring or the animatronics are downright creepy. Believe it or not, there are rides that not even parents would want to go on because they would easily give anyone of any age nightmares.

Here are 15 rides at Disney that visitors wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole and five rides and experiences that are a definite must do.

20 Uncle Orville At Carousel Of Progress Is Kinda Creepy

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The Carousel of Progress is an attraction that features animatronics that tell the story of an American family going through the joys of technological advances, including electricity in the 20th century. While the show highlights these advancements, the animatronics are downright creepy and Uncle Orville sitting in a bathtub is not something kids plan to see when at Disney.

19 Prince Charming Regal Carousel Is A Waste Of Time

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The Prince Charming Regal Carousel was built in 1917 and later refurbished to match the Cinderella theme. Cinderella-inspired experiences at Disney are always a favorite, but families should skip this carousel ride. While it is one of the historic rides in the park, there are a lot of more fun-filled rides that shouldn't be missed.

18 Stitch's Great Escape's Animatronic Isn't So Kid Friendly

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When this photo of a dismantled animatronic Stitch from Stitch's Great Escape was released, the photo brought nightmares to everyone. The attraction was regarded as one of the worst at Disney World and was only allowed to open when the park was extremely busy, meaning that kids got to see this lackluster attraction during the holiday week between Christmas and New Year's, reported Travel and Leisure.

17 It's A Small World's Animated Singing Dolls Would Give Anyone Nightmares

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According to Dad's Guide to WDW, the attraction, It's A Small World is one of Disney's scariest. While the attraction brings up living in peace and harmony, there are constant break downs, and guests are left abandoning their boats and climbing out of the ride. Not to mention that these singing dolls are also a bit creepy.

16 Disney's Dinosaur Ride Featuring Carnotaurus Even Has Adults Jumping

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If you aren't the type that enjoys things jumping out at you, then you might not like to go on Disney's Dinosaur attraction in Animal Kingdom. According to Trip Advisor, the ride is "a bit jarring and bumpy" and good for "those thrill riders." There are dinosaurs lurking in every corner and let's not forget to mention the gigantic Carnotaurus awaiting its guests.

15 Country Bear Jamboree Has Lost Its Appeal

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This country musical featuring bears playing instruments has always been a staple at Disney World since the park opened in 1971. According to Travel and Leisure, while it still brings in crowds, the audio-animatronic bears have been losing their appeal and are looking rather old compared to other attractions in the park.

14 Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros Is A Slow Lackluster Ride

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This colorful boat ride is like Disney's "It's A Small World" with dancing animatronics that can give anyone the creeps. With a final performance by the Three Caballeros at the end of the ride, the whole experience is "cute" but it's best to go if there isn't a wait time.

13 Tomorrowland Speedway Offers Zero Thrill

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Tomorrowland Speedway sounds like a fun and thrilling ride, but, it’s slow and the line-up to get off the ride is even slower. According to Walt Disney World Info, "guests drive their cars around a 2000-foot track (on a rail) at death-defying speeds of up to 7 miles per hour." This ride is good for children; however, they must be 54 inches or taller to ride alone.

12 TriceraTop Spin Is Not As Fun As Riding Iconic Dumbo

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Why would anyone wait a long period of time for Disney's TriceraTop Spin when there is the iconic Dumbo The Flying Elephant ride that does the exact same thing? Dumbo has always been a favorite for parents and kids, so if you want to go on a flying carousel, it's best to wait for Dumbo.

11 Mission: Space Isn't For The Faint Of Heart

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Mission: SPACE offers guests what it promises as a real feel for what it's like being in outer space. The two rides offered here are not for the faint of heart and if you suffer from motion sickness, you may want to skip this one entirely, a reviewer from Travel Advisor explained.

10 Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Is Only For Thrill Seekers

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If you chose to brave it, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is a launched rollercoaster that goes 0-60 miles per hour in two seconds. "Upside down, topsy-turvy, inside-out - you name it, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster does it," reports Disney Park Moms Panel.

9 Living With The Land Is A Borefest

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A foodie would probably love to go on this slow-moving and highly educational boat ride which features a wide array of agricultural displays and four working greenhouses. However, we don't think any kid would want to waste their fast pass on this particular attraction.

8 ExtraTERRORestrial: Alien Encounter Was Too Terrifying To Keep

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This attraction is no longer available at Disney, but when it was opened from 1995-2003, patrons had sheer horror on their faces after experiencing it. Guests were locked into their seats and centered around a large cylinder with a giant and frightening alien inside. To make it even scarier, guests also witnessed total darkness with an alien wandering around!

7 Coming Face To Face With The Yeti At Expedition Everest Would Give Anyone Nightmares

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Magic Insiders writes, "Expedition Everest is one of the more scary and intense rides at Disney World. The loud sounds, quick maneuvers, high speeds, and drops can be overwhelming for non-thrill seekers. Disney does not recommend the ride for small children." Let's not forget to mention the terrifying Yeti that pops out at you while experiencing this attraction.

6 Pirates Of The Caribbean Features Creepy Howling Voices

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Pirates of the Caribbean gets a low scary rating, but there are about 60 animatronic pirates throughout the ride and some creepy howling voices and sounds. If your child is not a fan of pirates, then this ride is a no-go for them.

And here are 5 that are worth the wait...

5 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Is An Unforgettable Experience

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The Hollywood Tower Hotel is an iconic staple at Disney World. Travel and Leisure writes that this attraction "haunts visitors from its cobwebbed lobby to the very last plunge past the "fifth dimension," utilizing an ever-changing drop sequence for endless thrills."

4 Soarin’ Around The World Has The Most Impressive Sights

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This attraction is perfect for all age groups and allows visitors to see impressive sights from across the world on a virtual hang glide. It is a magical experience that uses wind effects, gentle motions and scents to make guests feel like they are really exploring parts of the world, reports Touring Plans.

3 Splash Mountain Is The Ultimate Disney Experience

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Splash Mountain is a favorite among visitors at Disney World. The attraction was inspired by the Disney film "Song of the South" and features "a half-mile trip with five drops ending in a final, 52-foot tall, 45-degree, 40-mile-per-hour plunge," Trip Savvy writes. Just get ready to get wet on this ride.

2 Expedition Everest - Legend Of The Forbidden Mountain Has Unexpected Surprises And Constant Thrills

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While we mentioned that Expedition Everest is one of the scarier attractions, it is still one of the most fun at Disney World. The coaster situated in the Himalayan mountains has plenty of thrills and surprises for everyone of all ages. Hop aboard this runaway train coaster and through a snowy forbidden mountain to escape the Yeti.

1 Haunted Mansion Will Always Be Unique Even With Returning Patrons

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The Haunted Mansion is Disney World's dark ride attraction where guests board doom buggies and go through several scenes of those that have departed with amazing special effects everywhere you look. Visitors who have been on this attraction before, continue to go back because you'll notice something different every time you ride this spooky ride.

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