The age at which people end up going traveling is getting younger every year, which is why it's important that people keep in mind the best places to visit based on how old they are and what the city can offer people depending on what they're looking for. This is exactly what we're wanting people to find out as they work through this list.

We've pulled together fifteen of the greatest cities for young people to visit and travel to, along with ten more that they should definitely be steering clear of. They will all offer a variety of different things to every traveller, but they can be sure that they're the best cities for any young people out there who are looking to journey across the world.

So are people ready to take a look at the best places for young travellers? We think it's important for everyone to know that they're heading somewhere that has what they want and will welcome them with open arms! The only way to get the best advice is for us all to get started.

25 Glasgow, UK

Glasgow is known for being a growing area for younger people and travelers, filled to the brim with street art and culture. Not only that but they also cater well for vegans and those with other dietary requirements.

That doesn't mean the Glasgow of old isn't still here for those who want that side of things though.

It's a city of contrasts, allowing people to take a walk down some rough streets before moving into a more cosmopolitan area when they're ready for more of a quiet night!

24 Vienna, Austria

With Austria rating incredibly high on the scale of happiness, with so much of the population claiming that they are satisfied with where they live, it's no surprise that so many young people are thinking of moving there.

Housing is incredibly cheap in Vienna, it is known for having a fantastic transport system, and has a very low rate of crime as well.

Now, it's time to talk about the culture in the city, with the various museums and galleries showing off the modern culture and the city's famous classical culture, filled with old music and visual art.

23 Madrid, Spain

It's not known for having great work schedules, but that doesn't matter when it has one of the best transport systems in the world, offering everyone a chance to get to and from work.

Not only that but the cost of living is incredibly low, so people can choose to work less than in other places around the world.

The nightlife in Madrid is well worth a look, for anybody. The party never stops, starting on Friday evening and not ending till work starts again on the Monday, perfect for any partying youth out there, and they have a very cool amusement park, totally worth checking out.

22 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Everyone thinks of Amsterdam when they think of the Netherlands, but Amsterdam is a thing of the past! Rotterdam is where people need to go if they want to see the best of the Netherlands.

In Rotterdam, travelers will be able to see some really futuristic architecture and both Classic and Modern Art.

Just like Amsterdam, Rotterdam can be seen on a bike, allowing travelers to speed from one place to another, picking up food from the exquisite food markets that are on offer.

21 Oslo, Norway

With some of the most beautiful sights around the world, this is a city for someone who likes to take in brilliant views, perhaps someone with a flair for photography.

It's also known for being filled with youngsters, which makes it a great place for any young travelers to visit if they don't want to be alone.

Oslo is one of the healthiest places in the world, filled with people who look after themselves with a good diet and plenty of exercise. Here's hoping that any young person traveling there is able to pick up some of these habits as well!

20 Bristol, United Kingdom

One of the best places to visit once in Bristol, is the waterfront, where people can take in one of the loveliest sights in the UK. Once they've done that, they can walk away and take in some of the best food in the UK!

Any young person visiting Bristol will be able to take in some absolutely fantastic nightlife festivities after filling their day with street art.

There's an artsy vibe at Bristol that makes everyone seem so much more calm and friendly than most other places in the world, which is great for a visit.

19 Toronto, Canada

Toronto loves the fact that they are known for their diversity, so Toronto is a brilliant place for any traveler that is looking for somewhere with some multiculturalism. This gives the city a fantastic vibe, filled with culture and great food.

Another thing that Toronto is known for is having a brilliant music scene, one that anybody can dip into while they're visiting before going on their way.

If music isn't the sort of thing a traveler is looking for, the city is known for leading the way in performance art, so there's always a performance that people can take in while they're there!

18 Auckland, New Zealand

Any young up-and-coming person could do a lot worse than Auckland where there is a huge amount of job opportunities. This means it's not that good for travelers who are looking for nightlife, but great for any youngster who is looking for the next step in their lives.

It is known for being incredibly diverse, offering a whole range of cultures and cuisines for people who choose to make the journey there. If that wasn't enough, it also has beautiful scenery that people enjoy their time getting lost into, either solo or with others.

17 Manchester, United Kingdom

While it's certainly not where young people should be visiting if they're looking for stunning weather, the rainy city of Manchester has a lot of other things to offer, such as a huge bar and restaurant scene.

Known for their music, Manchester continues to pump out amazing bands that people can see pretty much every night of the week.

This is a place where anyone can have a good time, either by taking in the local art scene or just heading to as many bars as they possibly can in the Northern Quarter! They also have two very good soccer teams, Manchester City, and Manchester United, if anyone wants to catch a Premier League game while visiting.

16 Helsinki, Finland

While it's not the craziest place to visit, it does have amazing architecture which is perfect for anybody that visits the area. It also means that this place is a great place to chill out and relax in a very laid-back atmosphere.

A public sauna is a great place to hang out with close friends, as it's a brilliant place to relax after a long day.

This place is great for some peace and quiet, which isn't exactly what all youngsters are looking for. That being said, we think it's important that everyone spends some time relaxing.

15 Prague, Czech Republic

With one of the largest castle complexes in the world, Prague is a beautiful city that has some fantastic views for the traveler that wants to do a lot of walking and a lot of looking. It's cheap as well, so that when people are walking from one architectural masterpiece to the other, they're able to grab some food and drink at incredibly reasonable prices.

Speaking of drink, Prague is known for having some of the most impressive beers in the world.

14 Montreal, Canada

This is a city that exists for people who want to get involved with a city and have some fun, as it includes 100 different events and festivals. There is every type of festival, not just music, which allows people to spend days upon days taking in so much art.

When the festivals end, there's a lot of places to get some real shopping in as well!

The city is also covered in street art, meaning that there's always a chance to take in some sort of creativity, even if its just between the events, moving from place to place.

13 Valencia, Spain

This is one of those places that people should visit if they want to lie on a beach and do nothing, enjoying some real relaxation. It will never stop being sunny, so young travelers need to remember to take some water around with them.

That's not to say there aren't some brilliant green areas in Valencia as well, there are some beautiful gardens that allow people to take in the sun while have a lovely stroll.

While walking, it will allow people to take in the architecture that the city is famous for, but make sure you keep an eye out because people are known for taking their bikes around the city as well.

12 Zurich, Switzerland

For a lot of people, this is the part of their journey around the world that will include the most shopping, or if they've spent all of their money by that point, then they will do the most window shopping.

Zurich is known for some brilliant chances to do some serious shopping, and while they also have beautiful architecture and history, shopping will come first for the travelers.

Almost certainly not the place to be when trying to get by on a budget, so keep that in mind before you book the flight!

11 Berlin, Germany

If someone is young and interested in art, then there is nowhere else they should be going than Berlin, where the people spend their time creating and falling in love with the people there.

Not only can people live on a meagre budget while they're there, as food costs pretty much nothing, booze is also incredibly cheap.

It's certainly not where people want to go if they're looking for a quiet time. This is a place that excels once the sun has gone down, so get out there and party. Drink it all in.

10 To Avoid: Paris, France

It may be known as the city of love, but Paris isn't the greatest place to visit or live these days, due to a rather hostile atmosphere and a lack of safety for minorities. When we see the famous city in the movies, it looks like a great place to visit, and while we would suggest dropping in for a weekend, we think that's enough to see what Paris has to offer. There are so many other places in France that would suit a young person better, so look around instead!

9 To Avoid: Adelaide, Australia

It may be one of the most affordable areas in Australia, which is very good for young travelers, but it's not exactly one of the best places for nightlife!

It's actually known as being the city of churches, which we think says it all really.

For someone who wants to just lie outside and take on some absolutely brilliant weather, like a lot of older people want to, it's an absolutely brilliant city to travel to.

8 To Avoid: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Look, we know that this place is known for being great for young people, but we're not so sure about this. We think that it may be a bit overrated.

Rotterdam is the new place to go in the Netherlands, a place where people can go to relax, have fun, and take in a different place in the world without having to put up with entire groups of people who are only there to get completely out of their own mind.

We know, some people are only traveling so that they can party, but we're not so sure that anyone should be traveling for those reasons!

7 To Avoid: Isle Of Skye, Scotland

This Scottish island has been on the list of many travelers for a long time now, which is exactly why the locals are getting sick of them burdening the public infrastructure and the scenic beauty.

Yes, any young traveler who chooses to go to this island will most likely be met by some very unhappy locals.

We're not just warning people either, as the local police have told tourists to stay away as they can't be sure that people won't resort to violence when they see anyone they don't already know...

6 To Avoid: Dubrovnik, Croatia

More than just the locals have started to turn on the tourists and travelers in Dubrovnik. The UNESCO World Heritage site has been threatened with removal from the list, so the government have started to crack down on the numbers of people who are able to visit.

They put a cap on the amount of people who are able to climb their famous ramparts, while also planning on drastically reducing the amount of cruise ships that are able to dock at the city!