Traveling anywhere can be an expensive endeavor and it can seem like no matter which way you turn you are spending money. While most people plan and save up all year for these vacations there are some hidden costs that can be deducted and help you save a few dollars here and there. Some of these hacks may seem pretty obvious while others you may never have thought of. They are all extremely useful for traveling and when you get to the destination, some for before you even leave the house!

There are also things that will greatly help your travels but they cost a bit more. These things are things you should definitely try and splurge on if you can. These things can make your vacation much more stress-free as it helps out with inside the airport and at your destination. Things like good running shoes and luggage scales will save you a lot of physical and emotional pain as you just try and take your much-deserved vacation. So here are the things you should cut corners on and the things you definitely need when traveling anywhere.

25 Cheap Hacks - Zip Ties

You may have seen the overly expensive padlocks that can keep your luggage secure from thieves but a simple zip tie can do the same as a hefty lock. Getting a fancy lock may also clue people into the fact that you have something valuable in your suitcase that is worth stealing. With zip ties, you can remain very discreet. Twist ties are easy to put on and fairly simple to remove if you have the proper tools. However, they are just as secure especially in an airport where not everyone has a sharp object to cut open a zip tie.

24 Cheap Hacks - Nail Polish

Nail polish can work great for a glue substitute when you don't have access to glue on the go. Specifically, clear nail polish can work great for repairing something quickly. For example, if you break something like a pair of glasses and you need a quick fix a dab of clear nail polish can work wonders, at least until you get to your hotel. There are so many ways to use nail polish as a quick adhesive including sending a letter and sealing the envelope.

23 Cheap Hacks - Toilet Paper Roll

Having a charging cable that doesn't charge properly can be very infuriating. This is usually due to the wear and tear that wires receive during everyday use. However, there is a simple way to expand the lifespan of your wires. If you simply keep you wires secured in a toilet paper roll then it can increase the lifespan and cut down on wear and tear. You can also use toilet paper rolls to store bulky wires and organize them properly, especially when you are traveling.

22 Cheap Hacks - Shower Cap

To save your shoes from travel wear then you should throw out the plastic bags and look into using shower caps to protect your footwear. Shower caps basically do the same thing that plastic bags too but they are much more environmentally friendly and are also reusable!  Shoes aren't the only thing shower caps are good for. you can also use them to transport expensive electronics in heavy downpours. Now you have a reason to stock up on shower caps especially before your next trip!

21 Cheap Hacks - Sunscreen For Protection

This tip can be especially useful if you are traveling to a tropical location like the beach where you would need sunscreen anyway. If you are prone to carrying around high dollar valuables like your cash, cell phone, and keys then you may want to consider keeping these items hidden and out of sight especially when you are traveling. An emptied out sunscreen bottle is the perfect size to fit most of these expensive but small items. Plus it is the last place anyone would think to check. Just don't forget about them and throw the bottle away!

20 Cheap Hacks - Film Canisters For First Aid

Storing first aid products in a plastic bag can be messy and unorganized. There is a perfect fix to this and it comes in small canisters. To be specific these are small film canisters that can be repurposed to be containers for first aid products like bandages and medicine. They are small and compact and can be labeled to know what is in each of the containers. This will help when you are trying to find a specific kind of first aid quickly instead of fumbling through a plastic bag filled with every first aid product.

19 Cheap Hacks - Sponges For Ice Pack

While sponges may only seem to have one use and that is in the kitchen they can become very useful when you travel. Specifically, if you are in the need of a quick way to make an ice pack. All you have to do is soak the sponge in water then find a durable plastic bag and stick the sponge inside the bag. Next stick the bag with the sponge in it in the freezer overnight and the next morning you should have a DIY compact ice pack. The best part is that you can reuse this hack when the ice has melted.

18 Cheap Hacks - Disposable Razor

Chances are you have a disposable razor with you while traveling and if you don't then you can probably find one easily. This next hack is for when your clothes start to show some wear and tear from your many travels. If you want to fix this on the go then all you will need is the disposable razor mentioned before. All you have to do is simply glide the razor where any tufts or spots that stick out of your clothing are. This is especially useful with towels that are starting fluff up. This is a great way to maintain your clothes while traveling!

17 Cheap Hacks - Laundry Pins

Laundry or clothespins can be used in so many ways, many of which people haven't thought of yet. You can use clothes pins to hold down any items you might have on the beach like blankets or towels on a windy day. Another way you can use it is back at the hotel when you have just finished brushing your teeth. Use a clothespin to stand your toothbrush upright and protect it from the many germs that are crawling on the surface of hotel sinks. There are many other ways of using clothespins to better your traveling experience!

16 Cheap Hacks - Ziplock Bags

Chances are if you have ever moved house or traveled somewhere then you have seen the large compression bags that make traveling with your clothes much easier. While these bags are nice they aren't always worth the money as it can cost you hundreds of dollars to purchase enough to fit all of your clothes. It isn't very known that simple ziplock bags do the same exact thing and are so much cheaper than the actual compression bags. If you roll and fold your clothes correctly then you can see the success of a real compression bag in a cheap ziplock bag.

15 Cheap Hacks - Teabags For Odors

While tasting tea is a great experience the smell that comes off a freshly brewed cup of tea is just as good. That is why this next hack takes advantage of the aroma that comes off of tea bags. If you have a stench in your travel bags and can't figure out where it is coming from a few tea bags can solve the issue. The most common use for tea bags during travel is using them to remove odor from your shoes after a long day of travel. Tea bags can also be used to soothe your skin if you bruised yourself or have baggy eyes.

14 Cheap Hacks - Beach Ball Pillow

This may be the strangest hack on the list but it will save you from having to buy expensive neck pillows for your air travel. Chances are if you are traveling somewhere tropical you are bringing a beach ball with you. Instead of trying to cram it into one of your bags simply blow it up and carry it on the plane with you. While this sounds crazy it can actually be used as a pillow during your flight. It may not seem that comfortable but it is better than trying to sleep on the headrest of the airplane seat.

13 Cheap Hacks - Honey As An Antiseptic

Honey can be used for more things than just making your drinks a little sweeter. Honey is a natural antiseptic meaning it helps with scrapes or burns that you may encounter on your travels. Honey has healing factors in it and it also provides a nice thick protective layer on your cut or burns. Not only that but if you consume honey it can help with restlessness and it can even sometimes cure an upset stomach. With honey being used widely everywhere in the world it is generally cheap and can be found anywhere.

12 Cheap Hacks - Tennis Foot-Ball

This next hack can help with aches in your feet after walking around the place you are visiting all day. This can be especially useful if you are taking a lot of tours and are on your feet walking all day. All you need is a tennis ball for this hack. You simply place it on the floor and rub your foot back and forth on the tennis ball adding pressure as you need it. This not only feels wonderful but it also helps relax and stretch out the muscles in your foot. This can be a great cheap way to relax your feet for another day of touring.

11 Cheap Hacks - Apple Cider Vinegar Cures

There are so many things that apple cider vinegar can solve especially when you are traveling. Firstly, apple cider vinegar can be used as a conditioner if you run out of that in the hotel. It can also be used to mask weird stenches coming from your suitcase. Not only that but if you place the mixture into a spray bottle it can be used to clean certain surfaces and it kills bacteria. Apple cider vinegar can be useful on vacation and at home and there are so many more uses for it.

10 Splurge On - High-Quality Walking Shoes

Now we move on to the things you should splurge on and the first one is definitely something that is worth the money. If you don't have a great pair of walking shoes then the tennis ball hack may not even be able to save you. These shoes can be very expensive and it can seem taunting to purchase the non-name brand or discounted brands at retail stores that seem like they are the same quality. However, you will know almost immediately if you chose the right shoe or not because your foot will be the one to inform you.

9 Splurge On - Luggage Scale

This is possibly one of the most important things to do before leaving the house to travel and it is by far one of the most overlooked things. Checking the weight of your bag is important because you don't want to be the person that is splayed out on the airport floor sorting through what you do and don't need. Using a bathroom scale is useful for before you leave the house but a luggage scale is handier for when you are traveling back home. Perhaps you picked up a few more pounds in your bag while you were away. Plus the luggage scale is more accurate and much smaller.

8 Splurge On - Sushi

This hack may not count for everyone reading as you may not like sushi or are even traveling somewhere they are serving sushi. However, if you are an advent sushi eater or are traveling somewhere that has sushi shops you should know not to be cheap with purchasing sushi. Sushi is one of the worst foods that you can buy cheap as the ingredients need to be fresh in order to eat. There are plenty of places that serve delicious fresh sushi that isn't a gas station. Gas station sushi is never a good idea.

7 Splurge On - Nutritious Snacks For Travel Days

This can be an important part of traveling that almost everyone overlooks. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling it isn't that hard just pack your own snacks. While eating pizza and chocolate in your hotel room sounds ideal eating healthy snacks is much better for you. After a long day of traveling and eating junk food versus eating healthy food will show a huge difference in your mood. All you have to do is grab a cooler bag and pack it full of your favorite veggies and healthy snacks.

6 Splurge On - Protective Sunglasses

Sunglasses may not seem something that is particularly worth splurging on but when you by yourself a cheap pair of sunglasses it does much more damage to your eyes than an expensive pair does to your wallet. If you want actual UVA/UVB protection you will want to search for more expensive sunglasses as cheaper ones use cheaper materials that don't always fully protect your eyes from the sun. You don't have to spend a crazy amount as a 60 dollar pair will get the job done and will last way longer.