We all want the best bang for our buck, especially when it comes to traveling. Everyone has a moment of weakness when comparing flight prices when they -- for a split second -- think about opting for the lower-priced ticket. While this is often the result of a great online deal, that's not always the case with every airline out there. Some airlines have cheap pricing year-round while others are cheap for... well, other reasons. With a new year coming up, it's time to sort out which airlines are worth the bucks and which flights are cheap for a reason.

Many of these airlines are popular and many may have flown on them before, but others are still up and coming. This isn't a reason to shy away from them, as they hold travel deals like you wouldn't believe, offering comfortable amenities and affordable travel plans. No matter where you're headed in the new year (or years to come), we've got your flight plans covered with some helpful advice for which ticket option to choose, why, and when.

From Asia to Europe and back to the US, there are flights here for every budget and travel type. If you're adventurous, you could even let your choice of flight determine where you're headed next. Do you like the look of a Brazilian airline? Head to South America. Appreciate luxurious (yet affordable) options that an Asian flight offers? Head over to Japan! Read on to find out what you're destined to make the most of your travel bucks.

25 Cheap: Spirit Airlines Is Out Of Options

Although certain flights with this airline might be cheap, their ratings are far from worth it if you're looking for comfort. Spirit is an airline that is great for functionality but doesn't offer the modern comforts that many other airlines offer, free of charge -- such as reclining seats and entertainment. There have also been complaints of a lack of cleanliness as well as effort on the part of the staff, things that could add stress to an already anxious traveler. While the flights are cheap, they'll nail you with extra fees for carry-ons and don't take kindly to cancellations.

24 Worth It: JetBlue

JetBlue is based out of Long Island and has long been toted as an airline with excellent service and comfort. Their flights are relatively cheap and, depending on the time of year, you can find some great and affordable deals. It's still relatively new on the scene but old enough to have garnered a great reputation, which makes it one of the number one go-to's for those flying out of New York. They have good basic options and even offer complimentary snacks because we all know that half the fun of travel is stuffing your face while in the air.

23 Worth It: Southwest Airlines

Another airline that has earned their stellar reputation is Southwest. This is the choice of many who travel often throughout the United States, but they offer flights to Mexico and the Caribbean as well. Not only does Southwest provide excellent in-flight comfort and attention, but their crews are well-loved by passengers. They even have a reputation for offering extras in the event of a canceled flight, such as flight credit and upgrades. The only thing to be aware of is the lack of assigned seats but compared to the comfort you'll get on this plane, that's a minor detail.

22 Cheap: Allegiant Airlines Is Extremely Limited

Yikes, Allegiant Airlines has run into a number of problems, including scary in-air issues as well as take-offs that never actually take off. Although it's an unbelievably affordable U.S. airline, that doesn't mean it's worth all of the problems that come with it. Loss of cabin pressure was another issue that this airline faced, many of these things coming without explanation or warning. Many passengers shared stories of frightening experiences dealing with the airline and some have gone as far to warn others of their poor quality and poor emergency actions.

21 Worth It: LAN

South America is a pretty incredible place to consider for a travel destination and LAN is a wonderful choice for an airline. They offer great options via email promotions, but already have a solid reputation for being an affordable international airline. A flight with them is an excellent choice for those who need in-flight entertainment to deal with their in-flight jitters, as the options LAN has are nearly unparalleled. With more TV options than you could ever use on one flight, there's something for everyone at a great price.

20 Worth It: Icelandair

This is a wonderful way to extend a trip and add a bit more adventure to your European destination. Icelandair allows passengers to book a stopover in Iceland and extend their stay for up to a week without any excess fees. While you'll need to read the fine print, it's a great deal for longer vacations. the flight is comfortable and welcoming and provides a great starting point for a potential Icelandic excursion. The flight fare itself is affordable and comes at a cost that will fit most budgets, making this an easy choice.

19 Cheap: U.S. Airways And Their Poor Service

While not the worst, U.S. Airways has received complaints in the past of lost luggage as their major downfall. With iffy customer service, it's hard to decide whether this is a flight that should be considered when viewing cheap flights. There have been attempts made to increase the comfort and communication between passengers and the flight crew and services, but their ratings are up just quite yet. Their timing has also been criticized, as their ratings for coming in and taking off on time aren't quite up to par with some others.

18 Worth It: Aer Lingus

Ireland is a worthy travel destination and it has become more and more popular in recent years. Whether you're in the mindset to trace back your family history or just explore the emerald hills of gorgeous land, let Aer Lingus be your airline of choice. Their rates are very affordable and they offer comfort as well as ease when it comes to flying. If you're really looking to score a deal, check out their vacation packages -- which are both affordable as well as convenient for those who have never traveled the emerald isle before.

17 Worth It: WestJet

While WestJet doesn't have a 100% positive reputation, they are an affordable airline without the record that some similar airlines hold. The airline is growing, which means that you'll have more options in the future for affordable flights to your exact destination. While many airlines charge insane fees for carry-ons, WestJet allows for one free bag as long as it's in accordance with their regulations, which is a definite perk. Additionally, they do offer some international flights for those who are so inclined.

16 Cheap: Frontier Airlines Has A Problem With Delays

If you think that having poor on-time flight times is bad, then Frontier isn't necessarily an airline you should consider during a busy season. Their overall ratings aren't great, with the overall quality of the flight being mediocre and the additional details that matter -- such as luggage safety and cancellations -- is incredibly low compared to other affordable airlines out there. This airline has a rough time handling any type of delay, leading to a poor review from its passengers who have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with one.

15 Worth It: Hawaiian Airlines

Recently, Hawaiian Airlines made the news with their introduction of non-stop flights between JFK (New York City) and Hawaii. This is a solid option for those who live on the east coast of the U.S. since you'll be saving money while flying an airline that you can trust. Hawaiian Airlines make things easy at a super affordable price. If you're interested, they also offer several other Pacific flight options, so you can visit Hawaii and even fit an international visit into your vacation itinerary if you have the time.

14 Worth It: Azul Brazilian Airlines

If Brazil is on your list of destinations for 2019, then you'll be happy to know that Azul Airlines has long been regarded as an easy way to travel from the U.S. With the recent addition of nonstop flights from Florida, Azul is sweeping the competition with their ease of access as well as comfort for passengers once onboard. Their flights are affordable and offer a direct way to get from North America to South America easily and without the complications that come with some other airlines in the same flight path.

13 Cheap: United Airlines Has A Bit Of Drama

Perhaps the most notable on this list, United Airlines has garnered their own reputation and it's not one of excellence. In recent years, they've dealt with their own share of drama as far as customer service goes, some of which made national news. Lost luggage is the least of concerns, considering this airline was fined by the U.S. Department of Transportation for their indiscretions and inconsiderate methods when it comes to passengers flying on their planes. This is one airline that might not be worth a flight, no matter how cheap it is.

12 Worth It: VivaAerobus

While the options for this flight are rather minimal, it's still an excellent way to travel to Mexico and the Gulf states without all the cost. VivaAerobus is super popular for those living in Mexico as well as those wanting to visit, and it offers in-flight comfort as well as plenty of affordable options. If Cancun is on your summer bucket list, then VivaAerobus is definitely the airline to check out if you're looking to save some money in the upcoming year.

11 Cheap: Tigerair Boosts The Bucks In Extras

Having a notorious reputation for being one of the lowest-rated airlines, Tigerair, formerly known as Tiger Airways, has earned that reputation for a myriad of reasons. This airline was intended to be an affordable European travel option but ended up angering customer rather than filling a need. Their customer service leaves something to be desired and passengers quickly find that while the flight itself is cheap, everything else costs extra. It's due to these outrageous fees that their ratings have dipped and put them on the map as an airline to avoid.

10 Worth It: Norweigan Air

Norweigan Air is known most recently for their ability to provide flights for less than seventy bucks for those looking to travel from the U.S. to Europe. This airline was fairly popular, to begin with, but its affordable options have really put it on the map as an airline to choose. These flights also offer WiFi, environmentally-friendly travel, and international flights outside of Europe as well. It's great for those looking for a bit of extra comfort, a way to lessen the impact on the environment, and an all-in-one flight between continents.

9 Cheap: Lion Air Is Cheap With Tons Of Delays

While many may not have heard of this airline, it's local to Indonesia but isn't the greatest option for those looking to visit. The flights are incredibly affordable as it is a budget airline, but it does not have a great reputation. Aside from personal drama within its flight crews, the airline is famed for having constant delays. The pilots of these flights are not as reliable as your typical airline which has resulted in serious legal problems for the company. This is a prime example of why cheap doesn't always mean better for your budget or for your stress level.

8 Worth It: Volaris

For the basic of the basics, Volaris is a great option for those looking to travel to Mexico or Puerto Rico. There aren't too many options here, but they do provide a one-stop mode of transportation to make your travel both easy and affordable. While there are no international options, Volaris does offer competitive prices with enough comfort to make the trip pleasant until your arrival. You'll also have the option to travel to roughly 60 different areas around Mexico, making it the better option for Mexico vacations than some other airlines that don't offer as much.

7 Cheap: EasyJet Has Low Ratings To Match Low Service

When it comes to boarding a flight, you expect those on-board to care somewhat about their passengers' level of comfort and need for assistance. One of the areas in which this airline lacked was with off-boarding help, and passengers thought that, overall, customer service was just not up to par. While EasyJet offers affordable flight tickets, most ratings for the airline reflect how low-quality their flights, as well as crew service, are, even for tickets being as affordable as they are.

6 Worth It: WOW Air

Iceland is on a roll, not only as far as their lifestyle as being one of the least stressful in the world, but as far as their transportation goes, too. WOW Air is gaining popularity due to their affordable and comfortable flight options to Iceland, a travel destination that has been added to many a list in the upcoming year. Iceland itself is stunning, but what's also beautiful is the fact that this airline can take you to several other major cities as well, should your itinerary need a bit of variety.