Canada has long been overlooked by international tourists, but not because of any reason other than proximity. Canada’s proximity to the United States is an unfortunate fact in its tourism success because tourists tend to stop looking for other options once they are done scanning Brazil, Aruba, and South America, then up to Mexico and the United States. They kind of get tired with New York, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. In all seriousness, Canada has nice tourism, but not quite as popular as many other famous tourist spots in the world.

But last year, the country was able to break its record of international visitors. It was a total of 43 million tourists from all over the world that went and visited The North. Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world, and it has different states or provinces, different climates, different landscapes, and plenty of choices for the diverse tourist. By province in Canada, the most popular and the go-to province of tourists is Ontario, followed by British Columbia, and then Quebec and Alberta. The rest of Canada's provinces share a small number of visitors, small compared to the first four. These provinces are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Yukon Territory, and Saskatchewan. The problem Canada is facing now is the obnoxious tourists that bother the locals and the other visiting tourists. Here are 15 cities in Canada we might want to think twice visiting in peak season, and 5 other cities that are getting there.

19 Filled with Tourists: Toronto

The biggest city in Ontario in terms of population in Toronto. It is also the only city that has more than 1 million citizens living in it. Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and in it is probably the most popular icon in all of Canada, the CN Tower. It would be a shame to visit the place and not go to the CN Tower, it’s like the Statue of Liberty in New York. Tourists also visit the Royal Ontario Museum and another very unique museum, the Bata Shoe Museum. After all, that roaming around, go to St. Lawrence Market for some good food and a little breather.

18 Filled with Tourists: Vancouver

Vancouver is a city located in the province of British Columbia. It is the biggest city in the province with the most population, just like Toronto. But it is not the capital of British Columbia. We’ll learn more about the capital later on in this article. Vancouver is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. It’s because of the different activities tourists can engage in. There are things for families, for couples, for the adrenaline junkies, and for the casual tourist. Some popular go-to spots are the Stanley Park, Granville Island, and Queen Elizabeth Park. For the more adventurous tourists, check out the Capilano suspension bridge and Flyover Canada, where the whole mechanism makes the rider feel like they are flying, hence, the name.

17 Filled with Tourists: Montreal

Montreal is a city with easy activities for the casual tourist. Some of the best things to do here require just walking and sightseeing. First, enjoy a nice ice skating session in Old Port, then enjoy a cultural and historical tour of the place as well. For beach lovers, check out the Parc Jean-Drapeau beach with amazingly clear waters and just minutes away from downtown. For the younger generation, enjoy a show at Piknic Electronik. Hungry? There are very nice eateries in Montreal, be sure to check three of the best: Schwartz on St-Laurent, La Banquise, and Beauty’s Luncheonette. Others go to Mile-end for a nice food tour while walking.

16 Filled with Tourists: Halifax

Halifax is, hands down, the largest city in Nova Scotia. It’s so big in terms of population that all the other towns and cities in Nova Scotia can put all their people together, and that would still not be enough to match the number of people in Halifax. With a population upwards of 400,000, Halifax is popular for Citadel Hill, a hilltop fort that’s a national historic site in Nova Scotia, the Halifax Public Gardens, and Pier 21. One can also visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. If you have a sweet tooth, do not forget to try Mackintosh’s chocolate.

15 Filled with Tourists: Niagara Falls

The Niagara Gorge works like a border between the United States and Canada. It is formed by the Niagara River that starts, of course, from the Niagara Falls. This waterfall is a one of a kind body of water that is rivaled by no other waterfall on Earth. It is actually a troika of waterfalls, namely the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. The city of Niagara Falls is popular for this tourist attraction, catering to an average of 12 million visitors every year. One can only imagine how many tourists flock to the site on a daily basis to marvel at the impressive sight.

14 Filled with Tourists: Whistler

In British Columbia, north of Vancouver is a town that’s very famous for skiing. There are countless winter activities when a tourist visits Whistler during the months of January up until March. They can go skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, winter ziplining, and heli-skiing. Everyone heads out to Whistler Blackcomb, it is the place to be in the town of Whistler. It is one of the biggest ski resorts in all of North America. Want to avoid the crowds here, take a different kind of vacation during springtime. Whistler is exceptionally beautiful in the spring, you just won’t see any snow.

13 Filled with Tourists: Victoria

Here’s the city Vancouver took a step back for as the capital city of British Columbia. Rightfully so, Victoria is one beautiful city. If you are a tourist that enjoys museums, do not miss the Royal British Columbia Museum. For a serene and classy time, go to Cowichan Valley to sample the British Columbia’s best wines. For a nature trip, hike over to Goldstream Provincial Park, then chill out in the Butchart Gardens. Do you like history and culture? Take a trip to see the Victorian-era Craigdarroch Castle, a National Historic Site of Canada. There’s lots more to do in Victoria, and lots of tourists, too, of course.

12 Filled with Tourists: Calgary

A visit to Calgary is a wild time, but it could also be culture-rich and at times educational. Calgary is a city located in the province of Alberta, Canada. It has lush vegetation and animal life, mainly due to its geographical location. With foothills and prairie, the Elbow River and Bow River, and 50 miles from the Canadian Rockies. The wildest tourist attraction in Calgary is the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo festival held every July. It also has the Calgary Zoo, the Heritage Park Historical Village, and the Fish Creek Provincial Park. Check out various museums here, too, the Glenbow Museum, the Military Museums, and the Hangar Flight Museum.

11 Filled with Tourists: Quebec City

Quebec City is obviously the capital of the province of Quebec, Canada. It’s a city with half a million residents, a 175 square mile land area, and countless tourist attractions. Immerse yourself in one of the oldest European cities through Old Quebec. Go to Parc de la Chute-Montmorency and witness the beauty of the Montmorency Falls. Stare in wonder at amazing glacial valleys in Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier, then check out the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine. If you like a nice family fun-filled pale to spend a good day in, go straight to Valcartier Vacation Village. The whole family should also enjoy the Aquarium du Québec.

10 Filled with Tourists: Ottawa

Ottawa is a city located in Ontario. It is one of the biggest cities in the province of Ontario. Much is expected from the capital city of Canada. Tourists feel the same way about this, and the city of Ottawa has an obligation to not let these visiting tourists down. Start with Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, the Peace Tower, and then the National War Memorial. That’s just four destinations that would use up the memory space in your phone or camera from all the pictures you’d have taken. Feast your eyes and soak in the culture and history in the Canadian War Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, and the National Gallery of Canada.

9 Filled with Tourists: Winnipeg

The largest city in the Canadian province of Manitoba in Winnipeg. It is also the capital city of the province. Talk about diverse activities in Canada, Winnipeg will deliver for sure! Take a gander at some of the most beautiful buildings in recent times, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Love zoos? Check out the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Have a taste of Scandinavia right here in Winnipeg at the Thermëa, a luxury spa place. Visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Manitoba Museum for some culture and art. On the topic of history, check out the Forks National Historic Site.

8 Filled with Tourists: Banff

The town of Banff is yet another wonderful tourist-friendly location in Alberta. Popular for hot springs and mountains, plus skiing during the winter. Banff is a destination for nature lovers, hikers, and skiing enthusiasts. Hiking trails will get you to beautiful destinations like the Tunnel Mountain and the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. Nature trips are best in Yoho National Park, take a breather at the Wapta Falls while in Yoho. The next days check out the Radium Hot Springs and the Marble Canyon. The Peyto Lake is one of those places that you have to see to believe, so do not forget to hike there, too.

7 Filled with Tourists: Canmore

Filling again the list of tourist spots in Alberta is the town of Canmore. Two of the most popular tourist attractions in Canmore are the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park and the Elevation Place. Elevation Place is also known as Canmore’s indoor playground. It is a facility with a climbing gym, a pool, and a fitness gym, a perfect day for the whole family. The Canmore Nordic Centre is a provincial park created for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Today, it is one of the world’s best cross-country skiing locations. Venture to Grassi Lakes via a nice hiking trail, a family-friendly hike with lots of beautiful scenery.

6 Filled with Tourists: Jasper

Closing out the Alberta tourist destinations is the specialized municipality of Jasper. Jasper is most popularly known for the Jasper National Park, the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. If you’ve got the extra dough, take the amazing helicopter tour and enjoy Jasper National Park from a bird’s eye view. Hiking, rock climbing, and horseback riding are some of the popular activities in the park. One can also go rafting, canyoning, canoeing, and wildlife viewing. Take Jasper’s signature tour, the Maligne Canyon Icewalk, and enjoy ice caves, natural ice sculptures, and frozen waterfalls. In the winter, skiing, ice skating, and dog sledding are famous activities in Jasper.

5 Will be by 2019: York

York or York Region, or the Regional Municipality of York, is a town in Southern Ontario. Head on to Kortright Centre for Conservation and get educated on renewable energy and technology. This town also has abundant museums, you won’t have time to visit them all in a day. Some of the best are the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Georgina Military Museum, the Fred Varley Art Gallery, the King Township Museum, and the Markham Museum. Check out the National Historic Sites, the Hillary House, and the Sharon Temple. For family tourists, there is, of course, Canada’s Wonderland. There is plenty more to do here in York.

4 Will be by 2019: Durham

Out of the 13 territories of Canada, Ontario, is the most obvious favorite of traveling international tourists. But what most of these people don’t know are the random towns and municipalities that offer more than what the current famous cities in Ontario can ever give them. One good example is Durham in Grey County. What’s amazing about Durham is that the best places here are clumped together, the lazy tourist’s dream. Filsinger's Organic Foods is an organic orchard producing organic food since 1953. Visit the non-profit art gallery, the Durham Art Gallery that displays Canada’s contemporary art. The McGowan Falls is a popular fall in Durham and is located in the Durham Conservation Area.

3 Will be by 2019: Alberta Southwest

Canada is a big country, but one of the most beautiful towns here is Alberta Southwest. It is a place filled with some amazing geographical scenery. Marvel at the Frank Slide Historic Site, then find out why it happened to that mountain. The Waterton National Park is another location that would take any tourist’s breath away. Enjoy the different museums in the town, the Fort Museum of the Northwest Mounted Police, the Heritage Acres Museum, and the Remington Carriage Museum. With all these beautiful places, this town will soon be on the list of popular tourist destinations in the whole country of Canada.

2 Will be by 2019: Windsor

In the south of Ontario lies the city of Windsor. It is the last city in the southern part of Ontario and is neighbors with Detroit, Michigan. There are plenty of reasons to swarm Windsor, diverse tourist activities that are quickly gaining popularity among international tourists. First off, for traveling families, the Adventure Bay Family Water Park is the perfect destination. It has plenty of water activities for kids, teenagers, and the parents. For the classy tourists, here are some of the popular destinations; the Windsor Light Music Theater, Art Gallery of Windsor, and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. And for the traveling singles, the Caesars Windsor is the place to be.

1 Will be by 2019: Lake Louise

Simply because of how picturesque and how unbelievably beautiful this lake is, it will soon be swarmed with unruly tourists. Lake Louise is breathtaking, Instagram-friendly, and just an astounding gem in the Canadian country. Located in the province of Alberta, the small town is called a hamlet. The magnificent lake is in the Banff National Park. This small town may not be able to take the huge tourist crowd that will rain down on them in the next year, this is how beautiful the lake is, surely this little town, or hamlet, of a thousand people, will be surprised when word really gets out.

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