If relaxation happens to be at the top of the list for traveling couples, then an all-inclusive resort might be the ideal trip option. As you’ll see in this article all-inclusive trips accommodate the needs of travelers, and that’s especially true for couples. Take nothing away from sightseeing-type trips, as they are usually the most memorable types of experiences, however if relaxation becomes more of a priority then an all-inclusive might be the better option. That’s especially true for couples looking to finally enjoy some quality one-on-one time. A sightseeing-type of trip doesn’t offer the same ease as you’ll see in this article.

We feature some of the top things that couples should indulge on. What makes all these things that much better is the fact that most can be found within walking distance of each other; from spas, couple massages and room service, these are all things couples need to indulge on. On the flip side, we also feature some all-inclusive aspects that must be avoided. We’ll also discuss other factors that might not be worth the extra price, such as extended checkout or VIP car services.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. If you and a loved one are having a hard time deciding on a trip, perhaps this article can sway the both of you in the right direction! Without further ado here are 14 things couples should indulge on at an all-inclusive, and 6 they shouldn’t touch. Let’s begin!

20 Indulge - 21 + Resorts

This is one couples need to be aware of before booking a trip. The ambiance can be the determining factor in what’s deemed a good or GREAT trip. Even some of the best resorts can turn into just a good trip due to the environment. At times when couples just want to relax, screaming children aren't exactly the ideal vacation scenario.

In order for couples to ensure their well-being and tranquility, it might be for the best to search for a resort that is 21 and over. With a sophisticated and mature atmosphere, this can make all the difference, and it's an underrated part couples can fully indulge on!

19 Indulge - Room Service

We’re not talking about a box of pizza delivered to your doorstep back at home. Certain resorts offer top tier room service (and we're talking luxury). Who needs to leave the room when the resort staff can bring you a fine steak or a delicious plate of pasta? This isn’t a luxury most couples are accustomed to back home, unless it’s, well, something delivered from Pizza Hut.

Certain resorts offer this experience and some couple resorts go the extra mile, offering the service 24/7. Let’s say you’re craving a piece of chocolate cake during the wee hours of the night, give room service a call and they'll bring it right to you!

18 Shouldn’t Touch - Extended Checkout

Let’s just say you’re told to check out at 12 PM but your flight is at 6 PM and your transportation is set to arrive only at 4 PM; perhaps then an extended checkout might be a good option, right? Wrong.

Although this might sound like something to indulge on, the price point for an extended checkout certainly tells us otherwise. Certain resorts charge an extra $20 per hour (and per person!) for the extended checkout. That just isn’t worth it especially given that resorts offer complimentary rooms for travelers to use, and they're usually totally free of charge.

17 Indulge - Excursions

This happens to be one of the top parts of a resort vacation. Relaxing at the hotel is definitely rewarding, however leaving the resort and taking on a fun activity alongside a loved one can enhance the overall vacation experience that much more. These types of memories last a lifetime.

Make sure to book the excursion at your hotel with a representative. Doing so in the city or off the resort isn’t recommended (we’ll discuss that even further later). Make it an activity you’re both on board with and check with the weather prior to booking the activity.

16 Indulge - Resort Nightlife

Here’s another great part of booking a resort, the fact that a couple doesn't need to leave the resort location and head to a downtown area in order enjoy the nightlife. Resorts typically have their own nightclub along with various bars and shows that keep the party going. No need to hitch a cab back to the hotel when your room is just walking distance from the party.

Certain resorts go the extra mile providing travelers with a fun beach party. This can definitely be worthwhile for couples looking to have a great time without needing to leave the resort at any point.

15 Indulge - Daily Activities

The daily activities are lots of fun and another aspect travelers should fully indulge on. Resort entertainers keep the vibe interesting throughout the day with a number of activities. Among the most popular includes daytime aerobics in the pool, along with volleyball tournaments and lots of other fun activities to keep the party going.

Before you know it, the day has flown by and it’s time to get ready for a romantic dinner with your loved one. Excursions are definitely recommended, however there should be plenty of activities for couples to take part in on the resort alone.

14 Shouldn’t Touch - Off-Resort Excursion Packages

We discussed excursions as a big time 'must' for couples. However this needs to be booked ON the resort. Lots of travel destinations make this clear - various cases of fraud have taken place in the past when booking elsewhere. When booking off the resort, a couple runs the risk of getting scammed. All too often travelers have booked excursions off a resort only to leave a down deposit and once it’s time to meet up with the same person that booked the excursion, they're nowhere to be found.

In other instances, booking excursions off a resort have led to terrible experiences at less glamorous destinations. Play it safe and book with a trusted representative on the resort.

13 Indulge - VIP Areas

Why not get treated like a VIP while on a much-deserved vacation? Certain hotels offer the ideal treatment with the luxury of having a private bar along with VIP service while at the pool and beach areas. No need to get up, instead you and your loved one can sun-lounge all you want while the staff gets you everything that you might need.

VIP packages might be worth your while especially for those who want to indulge in top tier services. Resorts make it a priority to meet the requirement of those that get this type of package.

12 Indulge - Couples Massage

Relaxation needs to be the biggest motivator when booking an all-inclusive trip. One of the best ways for couples to fully indulge is booking a couple’s massage. It depends on the hotel but resorts offer a variety of different massages. Depending on personal taste, this relaxing activity can take place beachside, in the comfort of your own room or in a luxurious and relaxing setting that the hotel has to offer.

Following a massage you might feel brand new. This is especially true for couples that have lots of stress throughout the year. It’ll truly feel like a vacation booking this type of luxury.

11 Shouldn’t Touch - Private Pickup

You land at the airport and you’ve already booked private transportation. Although this might save you a little bit of time, it just isn’t as worth it. Instead couples can save that money and put it elsewhere (like use it for a couples massage, maybe?). Whether it be booking private transportation or getting a cab on the spot, these tend to be pricey alternatives.

Travelers at times do not realize that free shuttle buses are ready to bring you to the resort you're staying at. All you’ll have to do is give a dollar or two (for tip), as opposed to spending $40 on the ride.

10 Indulge - Cheap Ground Travel

As opposed to spending big bucks once you land, why not just opt for the simple and free ground travel. In truth travelers might save just a couple of minutes with private transportation. Buses usually have their own lanes at Caribbean destinations. This can allow couples to be at the resort even quicker.

Other recommended ways of getting from point A to B once you reach the destination is a bus. You’ll be amazed at the cost difference between a bus and a cab. Taxis offer a variety of rates that tend to be inconsistent. Buses always have one price, which tends to be really cheap. For couples that want to save some extra coin these alternatives are the best ways to go.

9 Indulge – The Spa

Once again we feature a part of an all-inclusive catered to couples that are in need of some serious relaxation time. Certain resorts offer a great spa setting. Along with massages this typically features relaxing baths, hot tubs, steam rooms and various other relaxation forms. Again these types of amenities can make all the difference.

This is the ideal part of booking an all-inclusive vacation. Unlike a sightseeing-type of trip it’s all about revitalizing the mind and body with everything you need just a few steps away. The spa can add to an all-inclusive experience. Couples might feel 10 years younger once they’re done getting pampered.

8 Indulge - Pool and Beach Side Service

There is no need to move a muscle when at a beach or sitting pool-side. Resorts offer top of the line treatment with various members of the staff at your service throughout the day. All-inclusive resorts usually also feature bars located in the pool.

Couples can also opt for the full VIP experience. This features an even greater amount of pool and beach-side services. For couples looking to indulge to the very fullest, this can be worth the extra cash. You’ll also be moved to a private beach and pool area.

7 Shouldn’t Touch – Over-Tipping For Better Service

It is true that the service tends to improve when a traveler includes a tip. After all, when it comes to destinations such as Mexico, most of the workers on the resort make a majority of their earnings off of customer tips.

However this should not become a routine, nor should it turn into something that those working at the resort are expecting on an hourly basis. This can become quite annoying. Instead, it is recommended that couples leave a generous tip at the start of their trip or leave a nice thank you tip towards the end of their experience. The need to carry around money in order to tip various workers can become annoying and hurt the trip experience.

6 Indulge – Room Mini-Bar

When it comes to an actual hotel in which it isn’t under the “all-included” bracket, the circumstances of snacking on something or drinking one of the beverages from the mini-bar can become quite pricey. This is one of the great beauties of all-inclusive trips, as not only are the beverages completely free of charge but the resort workers fill up the mini-bar at various points throughout a couple’s stay. The hotel staff usually refills the fridge at least once a day.

No need to worry about running out of water and heading to the 711, at an all-inclusive it is all free. In the event that you do run out, a simple call to the front desk will ensure a couple gets their mini-fridge filled instantly.

5 Indulge - Buffets and Cafes

Take nothing away from a couple enjoying a romantic dinner. This is one of the best parts of an all-inclusive. However other options do exist in case you might be feeling a casual night. One of the preferred options can be eating at a buffet. A couple can enjoy a fine dinner at the buffet with various options to choose from. A buffet can also be the perfect way to start off a day.

All-inclusive buffets offer a variety of breakfast options, including the option of designing your own omelette. Cafes are another option available at most resorts. Does it really get any better than enjoying a nice cup of coffee alongside a loved one on your room balcony?

4 Shouldn’t Touch - Questionable Food

Buffets and cafes can be great but couples need to be aware of what’s good and what isn’t as not every all-inclusive has the same quality standards. At times snack bars or cafes on the resort have a tendency of leaving out food for far too long. A traveler must be on the lookout early for what’s good and what should be passed up.

The same goes for the buffet which can also feature food that is long expired. If a couple does happen to find a food that seems to be rotten let the hotel staff know immediately. A couple’s well being is the most important part of any trip – make to ensure you and a loved one get the proper food quality.

3 Indulge - Romantic Dinners

This is one of the best parts for a couple looking to book an all-inclusive. Hotels typically offer a variety of restaurants. This can lead to several nights out, enjoying fine dining experiences. The great part about enjoying a romantic dinner is the fact that your room and the bars are just nearby, so you don't need to worry about where and when you'll need to get transportation.

Be sure to indulge on this all-inclusive option. We also recommend that couples read reviews pertaining to the best resort restaurants in terms of both quality and romantic setting. A positive and romantic environment can make all the difference.

2 Shouldn’t Touch - Timeshares

This is one of the first things traveling couples are made aware of when they arrive at a destination - typically a Caribbean vacation. Staff workers make it clear that purchasing timeshares isn’t a smart investment and usually a way for locals to fraud vacationers.

This usually takes place off the resort. Lots of travelers “invested” in this only to get absolutely no return or update following a payment. Similar to booking excursions off the resort, this needs to be avoided at all costs. Agreeing to such a service can destroy a couple’s vacation experience instantly.

1 Indulge - The Beach

A beach isn’t necessarily a part of a trip experience that traveling couples can only find at an all-inclusive. However what various all-inclusive resorts offer is a private beach and not a public one (like most other trips). The experience can also be enhanced with beach-side service as we discussed earlier in the article.

There aren’t many things better than a couple enjoying peace and quiet while laying on the beach and enjoying a good book or some quality time together. This aspect alone can make all the difference in a couple booking an all-inclusive type of trip compared to another type of trip.