14 Surprising Celebs Who Own Hotels Only For The 1% (11 Who Own Private Islands)

There’s money in Hollywood. Lots of money. And the stars are always looking for someplace to invest. And not just in Hollywood, but in the entertainment industry; music, and sports included. Many celebrities have invested their hard earned money in the hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, transportation, nightclubs, and, most importantly, in the hotel business.

In this article, we are looking at not just celebrity owned hotels, but high-end hotels owned by celebrities. Among the best ones include Andy Murray who owns Cromlix Hotel. His facility is among the best-rated hotels. And it has been so since he opened it in 2014. Sundance Resort is one of the most sort-after hotels in Utah, which is owned, Richard Redford.

Many times you won’t even know that the owner of that hotel you’re sleeping in is a celebrity. Even the workers don’t many times know who their boss really is.

Apart from these high-end hotels, we also have rounded a list of celebrities who own exclusive private islands. You’re wondering what for? What do you do with your money when you have paid all your bills, you’ve lived the way you’ve ever wanted, and you still have some extra $10 million? You buy your own exclusive private island.

Here a list of 14 celebs who own high-end hotels around the world, and 11of those who own exclusive private islands.

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25 High-end Hotel: Richard Gere – Bedford Guest Inn

Via wikimedia.org

Richard Gere and his lovely wife took up this structure that had survived the revolutionary war and transformed it to one of the most sort-after luxurious boutique hotels in New York. Carey Lowell worked on the design of the hotel personally, giving it the romantic and stylish feel it has today. It was opened in 2007, with only 8 guest rooms. Enjoy top room amenities like claw-foot bathtubs, and fireplace workplaces, as well as exciting outdoor activities like horseback riding. Richard is frequently seen around the hotel.

24 High-end Hotel: Hugh Jackman – Gwinganna Health Retreat

Via pinterest.com

The Wolverine star loves nature, and nature took him to this beautiful retreat and health center. He was getting fit for the filming of the blockbuster Wolverine so he decided to spend a couple of weeks here. The few weeks turned into a month, and another, and he ended up purchasing shares from this luxurious health retreat, becoming a co-owner of the business. The beautiful Asian-inspired spa located at Australia's Gold coast offers nurturing treatments; spa treatments, stress therapy, outdoor activities and more.

23 High-end Hotel: Andy Murray – Cromlix House

Via nine.com.au

Cromlix House is owned by the Scottish tennis champion Andy Murray. It is a beautiful Victorian Perthshire mansion located 3 miles from Dunblane, Andy Murray’s hometown. Andy transformed the mansion into a 15 bedroom luxurious hotel offering decadent experience. It has some very crucial and elegant amenities like Chez Roux restaurant, an in-house chapel, and a house loch. The mansion sits on a 34-acre of beautiful, secluded countryside in Scotland. It also has free Wi-Fi connectivity, and it is pet-friendly.

22 High-end Hotel: Robert Redford – Sundance Mountain Resort

Via huffingtonpost.com

Robert Redford does not just own this resort, it is also his most favorable holiday destination. It is located 40 minutes from Park City in Utah, at the foot of Mount Timpanogos. This is where the largest independent film festival in America, the Sundance Film Festival takes place. The Sundance Mountain Resort is all about entertainment, outdoor activities, and plays and concerts. It also features 92 rustic guest rooms made from local materials like pine and cedar and some private homes for rent at the mountainside.

21 High-end Hotel: Francis Ford Coppola – Palazzo Margherita

Via nyfa.edu

Francis Ford Coppola is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, and film composer. This celebrated star owns hotels in Belize, in Guatemala, and Argentina. But with all those, the Palazzo Margherita is the dream property of Francis Ford. The 19th-century mansion is located in the picturesque small hilltop town of Bernalda, a few minutes from Gulf of Salerno. The small luxury hotel is overly gorgeous and intimately welcoming. It has a wide range of luxurious facilities including free Wi-Fi connectivity.

20 High-end Hotel: Bono and the Edge – The Clarence

Via rollingstoneindia.com

The Clarence is an original rock ‘n' roll 5-star luxurious boutique hotel located inside temple bar, in the heart of Dublin. The hotel was built in 1852 and sold to Bono and the Edge (Paul David Hewson and David Howell Evans) in 1992. The duo refurbished the hotel and made it all new again. It boasts of 50 bedrooms and suites, as well as a beautiful penthouse. The Clarence is like an official meeting point of actors, musicians, and other celebrities discussing non-official business.

19 High-end Hotel: Clint Eastwood – Mission Ranch Hotel and Restaurant

Via wikimedia.org

Mission Ranch is a historic ranch built in the 1800s in Carmel, USA. It sits on a 22-acre land with an outstanding view of the Point Lobos State Reserve of California, the Pacific Ocean, and Carmel river beach. The former Carmel mayor, Clint Eastwood, who is also a film actor and director rescued this precious landmark from condo developers. He preserved it and developed it to what the visitors have termed as a unique resort experience. There are 10 buildings within the ranch, divided into 31 hotel rooms.

18 High-end Hotel: Gloria Estefan – Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa

Via grammy.com

Have you heard about the Costa d'Este Beach Resort & Spa? It is impossible to visit this high-end spa and not to do the conga. The extremely beautiful, and the attractive resort is owned by musician Gloria Estefan, and her husband Emilio. It was opened in 2008 in Vero Beach, 135 miles north of Miami, and 100 miles from Orlando. Its Wave kitchen and bar displays a Cuban-fusion, Continental and Peruvian cuisine. The hotel beach front is helmed by pool concierge who ensures high-end service.

17 High-end Hotel: Robert De Niro – The Greenwich Hotel

Via vox-cdn.com

New York is best known for the best nightlife experience. And the Greenwich Hotel is located right there, at the cobbled streets of TriBeCa. The five-star resort is co-owned by a famous film star Robert De Niro. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience as well as easy access to shopping and New York's nightlife. The Greenwich has 88 hotel rooms and suites, each with an independent design – none looks like the next. The furnishing is drawn from various cultures; from Tibetan to English designs.

16 High-end Hotel: David Copperfield – Musha Cay

Via time.com

David Seth Kotkin, popularly known as David Copperfield is an American illusionist. He is known to be the most successful magician to ever live. The illusionist owns over 700 acres of lush islands where he has developed Musha Cay, one of the most exclusive luxury resorts in the world. The resort has 12 bedrooms spread out in 5 luxury homes. Each home can accommodate up to 24 guests, handpicked by you. Each home has an exclusive private beach and a spacious living room.

15 High-end Hotel: Benny Anderson – Hotel Rival

Via biography.com

Benny Anderson is a former member of ABBA, and he owns a luxurious hotel called Hotel Rival. The hotel is one the well-reviewed hotels in Stockholm, which features Egyptian cotton beddings in every hotel room. Opened in 2003 after thorough renovations, the chic boutique hotel also features a trendy bar and lounge areas, and an around-the-clock breakfast. The hotel staff will ask you to stay in bed by all means – if you can. Its classic penthouse overlooks Stockholm’s Maria square.

14 High-end Hotel: Cristiano Ronaldo – Pestana CR7 Hotel

Via goal.com

This Portuguese professional footballer could be the latest celebrity to venture into the hotel business. He recently partnered with Pestana Hospitality Group to launch hotels with the football theme. Some of the hotels are already running, and the most famous one is the Pestana CR7 hotel. It is located Lisbon, Portugal and is aimed at young adults, with the main focus being on the outdoor space more than the hotel guest rooms. Pestana is a leisure and tourism group which has over 91 hotels in Portugal.

13 High-end Hotel: Elizabeth Hurley – 11 Cadogan Gardens

Via the-royals.wikia.com

You must have seen this outstanding hotel while on a trip to London, 11 Cadogan Gardens. And if you never thought of the owner, then I'm here telling you that it is none other than the film queen Elizabeth Hurley. It features an attractive color scheme of regal plum and indigo, accompanied by dark wood paneling, and oil painting. While some of these beautiful finishes existed even before Elizabeth acquired the property, the elegant metal finishes and the padded walls came after an early 2016 renovation.

12 High-end Hotel: Paris Hilton - The Paris Beach Club

Via today.com

Paris Hilton was not entirely new in the hotel business, her family owns a chain of hotels. And, quite important to note is that Paris, the That’s Hot star didn't just do hotels to uphold the family culture, there is a chain of luxury hotels in the pipeline that she's about to launch. According to Forbes, the blonde haired TV star is preparing to launch her own chain of hotels in Dubai, New York, and Las Vegas. She helped design the Paris Beach Club Resort in the Philippines.

11 Private Island: Johnny Depp – Little Hall’s Pond Cay

Via fiesta-mexicandublin.com

Johnny Depp loved the Bahamas ever since he went there filming his first Pirates movie, and it became his desire to live in his own private island before he goes to the next life. He invested $3.6 million in 2004 in Little Hall's Pond Cay, in the Bahamas Exuma Isles. He later announced that the secluded spot would run on solar power only, and said that the exclusive private island would be out of bounce for the public, especially the media.

10 Private Island: Mel Gibson – Mago Island

Via people.com

Mel Gibson loves private lands, and he certainly has a taste for Private Islands. The Hollywood star purchased a $15 million Island of Mago in Fiji, in 2005. It is not very expensive considering the Volcanic Island is quite extensive at 5,400 acres. There's plenty of space for commercial development, but Mel has decided to leave the Island untouched, except for the construction of his own modest home. He also has some few caretakers who look after the property while he is away.

9 Private Island: Bear Grylls – Island of St. Tudwals

Via mn2s.com

Edward Michael Grylls, commonly known as Bear Grylls is a highly decorated British former SAS serviceman, honorary lieutenant-colonel, and a survival instructor. Outside his military career, Bear Grylls is also an adventurer, a TV presenter, a writer, and a businessman. He purchased 700m by 200m of Island of St. Tudwals west in 2001. While on the Island you can feel strong winds constantly flowing. Bear Grylls is well known for his TV series Born Survivor. The Island of St. Tudwals is surrounded by high cliffs.

8 Private Island: Ricky Martin – Angra Dos Reis

Via popsugar.com

Enrique “Ricky” Martin Morales, a man with many names, and multitalented, and above all, a taste for private islands. Ricky Martin purchased an island in 2008, the same year his twin children were born. The Puerto Rican star is said to have bought it for his new family. The island is located near Angra Dos Reis, off the coast of Brazil, and it said to have cost him $8 million. Angra Dos Reis is known as the bay of kings, and Ricky Martin is the king of Latin pop.

7 Private Island: Eddie Murphy – Long Cay

Via biography.com

Eddie Murphy purchased Long Cay, also known as Rooster Cay in the Bahamas back in 2007. The 15.4-acre island, which is only 5 minutes from Nassau in the Bahamas set his account back $15 million. Rooster Cay was originally advertised as a potential resort island, but it is not clear if the actor has any commercial plans for it, or just keep it all to himself. This is not the first island Eddie Murphy has owned, as he is said to have owned another island before.

6 Private Island: Steven Spielberg – Madeira Archipelago

Via wikimedia.org

You would wonder where this American filmmaker got the idea of buying two islands in a group of volcanic outcrops from. No one knows the exact location of these islands, except that they’re in Madeira Archipelago. He uses the islands to spend quality time with his family, and he’s not planning to use them for any commercial gain. When Steven Spielberg is not on either of the islands they remain inhabited. He is also the proud owner of the 86 meter luxurious yacht, Seven Seas.

5 Private Island: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – Goat Cay

Via celebrityinsider.org

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, a super-hot couple in the country music industry. On their new home on Bahamas’ private island of Goat Cay, they will be close neighbors to Johnny Depp. Their everyday home is in Nashville, but when they need to get away from the hustles and bustles of the city they retreat to their Goat Cay four bedroom home – where there are torques waters and white sands. It is an all exclusive home with just a few cottages for their staff and some selected private guests.

4 Private Island: Tyler Perry – White Bay Cay

Via defendernetwork.com

The White Bay Cay is the second island film director, producer, and actor Tyler Perry has purchased. It is a 25-acre island, in the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas that is still under development. The Hollywood star is working on a 14,000 square-foot home with a Balinese styling, and some bungalows for guests. The guest houses will be either five or six. There is also going to be a tennis court, a marina, and a super beautiful spa.

3 Private Island: Pamela Anderson – Island off the Coast of Dubai

Via wmagazine.com

How many men have you seen on this planet that care so much about their exes that they would do whatever it takes to win them back? But Tommy Lee knows that a mere rose flower would not bring Pamela Anderson back to their matrimonial house, and so he went an extra mile and purchased this lush Island off the coast of Dubai for her ex-wife as an enticing gift. She initially wanted to develop it into a luxurious resort, but nothing has happened so far.

2 Private Island: Shakira – Bonds Cay

Via biography.com

Shakira, in partnership with Pink Floyd’s founder, Roger Waters, and the Spanish musician Alexandro Sanz decided to acquire this beautiful island on the north of Bahamas. The acquisition was made in 2011, and the sole reason was to develop an eco-friendly, and carbon-neutral resort. The plan was to develop an all-inclusive holiday destination exclusively for musicians all over the world. The 700-acre island is located 120 miles off the coast of Florida. It has five beaches and many private coves.

1 Private Island: Larry Ellison – Lanai, Hawaii

Via techcentral.co.za

Purchasing a $300 million island is just like taking a jug of water from an ocean for a man who has a net worth of $46 billion. Larry Ellison purchased 97% stake of Lanai from David Murdock, an American billionaire. After the acquisition, Larry took over everything including small businesses, and some of the large businesses as well. He took over two season's hotels, and two golf courses. He also took over a third of Lanai housing and the public swimming pool. Lanai is the sixth largest island in Hawaii.

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