Don’t hate her cos she’s beautiful (! Instead of envy, why not join us as we plan a unique itinerary so that we “just happen” to rub shoulders with THE Jennifer Aniston out and about. Naturally, the places where we’re the most likely to spot Jen directly relate to her lifestyle choices. Think yoga, Budokan Karate, Transcendental Meditation, all kinds of fitness, fine dining, shopping and spending time with friends, and you are on the right track.

According to Wikipedia, Jen has clocked a net worth of a cool USD $200 million thanks to her dedication to her craft as one of the world’s most lauded actresses. Jennifer received critical acclaim for her roles in movies such as “Cake” (2014) and “Friends with Money” (2006). Fun Fact: After watching the movie “Cake” I actually had a dream that I called Jen to congratulate her on such a gripping performance. She’s that good.

As for the long-running sitcom “Friends,” Jen attracted a legion of fiercely loyal fans who continue to follow her (now, I think, more artistically credible) career and would love to just happen to bump into the star at one of her top-secret hangouts (which I’ve graciously listed for you here).

We’ve listed the top places you’re likely to see Jen out and about and a few where she definitely goes so as to avoid the press.

21 Rome: In Luxury Hotels

If you’re spending time in the Eternal City, you’re likely to spot Jen at a luxury venue, hiding from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Jennifer chooses to stay in high-end venues such as Rome’s St. Regis Hotel. From as far back as 1894, the St. Regis in Rome has been serving up deluxe glamour for the discerning traveler such as our Jen. Situated only five minutes’ walk from Via Veneto and just ten minutes from the Spanish Steps, the five-star haven is THE place to stay if you want to run into Jen in the lobby.

20 Toronto: At TM Class

Only those in the know will be aware that Jennifer Aniston is a huge advocate of Transcendental Meditation. Along with Ellen, Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry, Jen has been practising TM (Transcendental Meditation) for a long time now. So when you’re in Toronto, you’re likely to spot her at the Toronto TM Center at 1498 Yonge Street.

19 Wine Regions - Adelaide, Australia

Only those in-the-know will be able to find the hidden gem known as the city of Adelaide, in South Australia. Jennifer is rumored to have been spotted sampling some of the finest wines of the nearby Barossa Valley Wine Region while staying at the Playford MGallery Sofitel!  The hotel itself is within walking distance of Adelaide’s high fashion boutiques and curiosity shops, where Jen has been spotted while on her most recent Australian tour.

18 On the green - Sydney, Australia

Also in Australia, Jen has been seen out on the putting green driving herself around in a luxury-style golf buggy, and why not? She’s known for being a dab hand at getting a Hole in One. The prestigious (aka “snooty!”) Castle Hill Country Club is similar to any internationally-renowned golf course except in one regard: its SIZE.

Yes, the expanse of land is massive and you will definitely need some kind of buggy to get you from A to B (unless you’re an exceptionally fast walker).

So if you’re fortunate, you will also get a glimpse of Ms Aniston trying her luck with keeping her handicap down at this upscale members-only club, located at Spurway Drive, Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

17 The Rolex store, Zurich, Switzerland

Not only is Zurich home to Tina Turner and Sophia Loren, but also discerning Rolex wearers (including our Jen). Eschewing the risk of fake versions of their favorite time-pieces, discerning purveyors of handmade Rolex watches flock (albeit discreetly) to the flagship store in the financial capital, Zurich.

While not one for overly flashy or gauche displays of her (sizeable) wealth, Jennifer Aniston is yet known to pop in to the Zurich Rolex store while in Europe to pick up a statement piece or two and/or to have her trusty gold Rolex (shown above) serviced annually to keep it running like…clockwork!

16 Around her home in Bel Air

At home and around the neighborhood are the best places to see Jen in her natural habitat. Back in 2011, the stunning home was purchased for USD$21 million and was home to Jen, her (then) partner Justin Theroux and their three pooches.

Jen is noted for having told Architectural Digest about her penchant for interior décor, stating that: “If I wasn’t an actress, I’d want to be a designer; I love the process. There’s something about picking out fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul.”

The Bel Air pad, originally designed by the architect known as A. Quincy Jones, was constructed back in 1965. Jen tracked down the celebrity designer, Stephen Shadley, to transform the home into a true work of art. Fans of LA Aniston have reported seeing Jen out in the garden, watering the plants and going in and out of the stunning building. Reportedly, the star is super friendly and will often give fans a smile and a wave.

15 By the water - Melbourne, Australia

The fashion capital of Australia is also home to some of the world’s most picturesque sailing spots and Aniston has been spotted escaping from the paps out on a yacht there from time to time. Fans have reportedly spotted Jen during her photo shoot for “Marie Claire” magazine (above) and have noted that the star is approachable and friendly in person.

Super-fan Kelly Adams reported that she saw Jen at Melbourne’s Elwood Sailing Club. “I saw Jen just getting on board a huge, private yacht at the Elwood club; she looked really happy and was having the time of her life with just a few friends.” Elwood Sailing Club offers sailing lessons and has a history of being a popular location for windsurfing. See you there!

14 Miami Juice Bar at Athens

Yes, Jennifer’s surname is certainly Greek, but the “Athens” juice bar she frequents in her free time is actually located in Miami, Florida! This is the kind of juice bar where you not only go to see, but BE SEEN, as celebrities such as Jen are said to pop in to grab an organic wheatgrass/kale combo in the early mornings as they head out to walk along the nearby ocean shore.

Fun Fact: The Athens Juice Bar is a family owned venue and has been in biz since 1942! The focus is on organic juices and fruit salads and stars such as Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Bieber and of course our Jen are reportedly among the regulars whenever they happen to be in town on tour.

13 ShanghaiLuxury Shopping at Lu Kun Atelier

The internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Lu Kun, was born and raised in Shanghai. “Lu Kun” and “fashion” are interchangeable terms in a city loved for its art deco style and world-class charm. Boasting an upscale atelier which has seen celebrities including Paris Hilton and (as rumored in Marie Claire) Ms Aniston pop in for a personal fitting. Lu Kun’s fashion designs continue to dominate the local and international sartorial scene.

Lu Kun’s aesthetic inspiration is based on the city he adores and the elegance of the Shanghainese women. Think pearls, cheongsam (qipao) dresses and rich silks and you are on the right track. Jennifer Aniston is said to have been seen popping in to visit Lu Kun’s exclusive, VIP atelier for a private couture appointment.

12 In Emirates’ Business Class Section

Being an ambassador for Emirates sure has its perks and these go way beyond anything that would have been on the menu at Central Perk too. Just saying. As a representative for Emirates, Jen has reportedly (according to “The Guardian”) been seen relaxing in the Emirates A380 suite (which is apparently the next best thing to flying in your own private jet!)

If you happen to be someone with that kind of budget, you might like to note that during this type of flight you can order fine dining options at any time, or take a spa/shower any time you wish, or drop into the lounge bar for a relaxing cocktail (or mocktail).

11 London Ritz Hotel High Tea

According to Jennifer Aniston fans in the upmarket neighborhood just around the corner from the London Ritz hotel, Aniston has indeed been spotted popping into the iconic location for a spot of tea. That’s HIGH tea, the much classier approach.

The Brits, being British, tend to NOT bother Ms Aniston as she quietly sips her tea in this charming interior and that’s just the way Jen likes it.

10 Los Cabo at the World’s Number 1 Taco Shop

If you happen to be at the Plaza de los Mariachis, Marina Boulevard in Cabo San Lucas, you’re not only going to experience the best tacos in the world (fact) but you’re actually very likely to run into Jen as she purveys the smorgasbord of culinary delights. Back in 2016, Jen was (according to’s food trends team) obsessed with the revolutionary diet known as the “Taco Cleanse.”

You heard me. It was the year when sold out of copies of the breakthrough new tome, “The Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change your Life.”

It’s a (satirical) cookbook based on vegan options which offer you a cleanse based on three taco meals per day.

Self-styled “Taco Scientists” known as Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris co-wrote the culinary book in which they all claim to have lost a lot of weight after eating nothing but vegan tacos daily for thirty days in a row.

“I’m riveted [by the Taco Cleanse],” a delighted Aniston is said to have enthused. “I can see that being something.”

9 Paris - Verjus Restaurant

If you are in the city of love, remember that there is one upscale restaurant where you’re likely to see Jen popping in for some vol-au-vents and champagne, namely, Verjus.

Verjus is one of those surprisingly affordably-priced places (with selections under 100 Euro) that attract a veritable who’s who of stars who want to basically be left alone to dine in quiet. It's located at 52 Rue de Richelieu, dans le Passage Beaujolais, 75001 Paris (just in case you're getting hungry).

8 The Majlis Resort, Kenya

Situated right on Ras Kitau Bay, Manda Island, off the coast of Kenya, is The Majlis Resort.

Far from the prying lenses of the paparazzi, Jennifer Aniston is said to have secluded herself several times within the serene opulence of this classy resort. Who can blame her? The location is sublime and the resort structure has been architecturally designed to blend seamlessly into the landscape without intrusion. In keeping with local design trends of yore, an authentic African-style thatched roof cover the welcoming bar and restaurant areas.

The resort owners choose to keep the number of guests to a minimum so as to protect guests’ privacy, which Jen obviously appreciates following her separation from fellow actor/director Justin Theroux (which both actors announced in a public statement in February this year, making 2018 a year of massive changes for both stars).

Relaxing undercover away from the press is key to Jen’s much-needed recovery time so this location is ideal and offers guests a selection of activities from kite surfing, to village/safari visits and of course sailing on the pristine waters surrounding this idyllic getaway.

7 To Dodge the paps: Shopping at Armani Casa, Milan.

Located in the heart of trendy Milan, the Armani Casa interior design store is one place where Jennifer Aniston is said to have been seen buying some goodies for her luxury home. One of the many strings to genius Giorgio Armani’s bow, the Casa store presents understated, elegant, handmade furniture, accessories and trinkets, all with that unforgettable Armani quality that is crafted to last a lifetime.

Testimony to Giorgio Armani’s first career as a surgeon, everything is laid out with medical-grade precision so that every purchase choice you make is effortless and on point every time.

6 To Dodge the paps: Grand Hotel du Palais, Paris

The Royal Suite Panoramique is THE room de jour and the living room boasts its own private elevator. Jen can easily hide from the prying lenses of the paparazzi right here and she has nary a risk of running into any of them in the lifts at this rate. Alongside being one of the most chic places in town, this is THE place to stay when in Paris if you want to be, as Miley Cyrus wisely said, “Sooo Undercover!”

The interiors of the Grand Hotel du Palais exemplify the clean, uncluttered yet feminine style we know Jen adores.

Shopping for rare indigenous art is one of Jen’s lesser-known penchants and the curator of Ninbella Gallery, Mr Grant Vincent Rasheed, has a carefully selected cornucopia of collectibles which represent the best of Australian Aboriginal talent. Proceeds of sales go directly to the artists and so new and established Australian Aboriginals have been able to set their art careers on a steady and profitable track with Ninbella’s ethical representation policies.

Those in the know are already aware that collecting Australian Aboriginal art is THE buzz phrase of interior design trends but how do you know if the art is authentic? The best option is to chat with the team at Ninbella.

Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston has been in contact with the gallery about a catalog of rare indigenous art so be watching for some stunning collector’s items to show up anytime soon in the cache of goodies from around the world as showcased in Jen’s Bel Air mansion.

According to UK “Marie Claire” Jen has been updating the art collection of her Bel Air mansion since her separation from Justin Theroux in February this year. What a great way to brighten one’s home and to of course pay homage to the talents of the local Aboriginal artists represented by Ninbella.

4 To Dodge the paps: The Pearl Eatery, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Mingling with the locals, dressed incognito in a baseball cap, sunglasses, faded (designer) jeans and a favourite sweatshirt and sneakers, Jen is whispered to have visited the off-the-beaten-track Pearl Café several times in recent months.

Situated in the middle of the charming fishing village of North Rustico and Cavendish Beach on Prince Edward Island’s North Shore, this is THE ultimate place to drop in, take off your watch, turn off your phone, soak up the good vibes and delicious food and forget about everything while you deeply recharge. The locals are super friendly but also super discreet and it’s said that when Jen drops in here she is either a) not recognized due to her studied approach to dressing-down or b) recognized but kindly left to her own devices in peace and quiet.

The people of Canada are known for their good manners and this café is a sterling example of that kindness in action. The food is fresh daily and has garnered the restaurant an enviable slew of national and international culinary awards.

I’ll see you there for the Vegetarian Delight with sprouted grains, oven dried tomatoes and garlic-chive “Fauxmage.”

3 To Dodge the paps: Just Fold Origami

Being something of a connoisseur of handmade paper goods is a little-known fact about Jennifer Aniston. The creator of “Just Fold Origami,” Mr Scott Ghex, has been fashioning delightful home décor options through the medium of origami for many years and has developed a legion of loyal, in-the-know fans. The exquisite selection of designs presented with rare types of Japanese style paper attracts the discerning eye of celebrities like Jen.

On the top of every self-respecting celebrity’s Christmas list, for example, is a set of table place-setting decorations from Just Fold.

2 To Dodge the paps: Hoshinoya, Tokyo

Talk about privacy! This is just what Jen needs. Hoshinoya Tokyo is part of Hoshino Resorts, which is a small group of properties with an emphasis on hospitality in stunning environments. At this hotel, in the heart of Tokyo, VIP guests’ privacy is protected at all costs. Each floor’s lounge is meant for the use of that floor’s guests only; the room keys do not allow access to other floors with guestrooms.

In total, there are 14 floors with 6 rooms on each floor. One of those six rooms will be a spacious Kiku room, larger than many Tokyo apartments, with its own sitting, dining, sleeping, and bathing areas. Once you step outside again it’s quite surreal to re-enter the movement of the city below because Hoshinoya is truly a quiet, restorative oasis in comparison.