The behind the scenes life of a WWE Superstar certainly is not as easy as the portrayal of their on-screen characters. That works double for the likes of John Cena and Nikki Bella. Due to their popularity, the two are easy to recognize and they're also some of the hardest workers out there. What that also means, is a lot of traveling and a lot of fan interaction. As you might expect the two are only human and they're not always as pleased to see the fans – of course depending on the scenario. According to The Undertaker, one thing wrestlers don’t like it when fans try to take sneaky photos of them hoping that they don’t notice. That’s a big no-no and instead, a fan might be better off just approaching them and politely asking for a picture. As you’ll see in this article, that was the case in a couple of instances.

On the flip side, we’ll also look at photos these two didn’t back down from. Nikki is one of the most social WWE stars and always a class act with the fans. Cena’s no slouch either, during the WWE’s recent trip to Melbourne he was one of the only Superstars to really take his time and greet a lot of the fans at the airport. We’ll feature 10 photos these two had no problems with.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 images Nikki Bella and John Cena did not want to take while on the road along with 10 they didn’t mind.

23 Didn’t Want - Cena’s Uncomfortable Selfie

In this day and age, a fan doesn’t need another fan to hold the camera while they pose for a picture. This is the beauty of a selfie, fit both the two of you in the photo by looking at the screen and boom, there you have it, the picture is taken.

On this particular day, Cena was more than patient. WWE recently headed to Australia and John was one of the few wrestlers to stop for a photo with a lot of the fans waiting at the airport. He took various selfies and regular photos outside of the airport. Judging by his facial reaction in this photo he might have been reaching his limit for selfies on the day.

22 Wanted To Take - Nikki Embraces Her Young Fans

Nikki happens to be one of the best WWE stars when it comes to dealing with the fans in public situations. She is very easy going, we can’t say the same for lots of WWE stars. Even when Nikki turns down a photo she does so politely, however rarely does she turn anything down and she usually does her absolute best to make her fans dreams come true.

This is especially true during tours overseas. Given the rarity of WWE holding an event in the country, most wrestlers usually go the extra mile with the fans. That was the case with Nikki during this tour as she took the time to greet as many fans as possible.

21 Didn’t Want – The Secret Trip

Despite reports that the couple had broken up, Cena and Nikki caused quite the stir when they were spotted together out in Lake Tahoe alongside Bella’s family. The leak took place when John posed for a photo with a young fan. Nikki is noticeable in the background trying to avoid the picture.

Nikki would later take a family picture; one Cena did not take part in. He was later spotted with the family at a restaurant as well. It was a trip both these two didn’t want anyone to know about. However, thanks to the fan photos, the secret trip leaked out.

20 Didn’t Want - Quick Stop At Apple

It is hard to do anything without getting spotted. Now imagine heading to Apple located inside of a public mall? Given Cena and Nikki’s popularity, it is impossible not to get noticed, no matter which Apple they’re at.

This fan takes a sneaky photo of the two – the type that wrestlers despise. Most WWE stars admit they don’t mind taking a photo, as long as the fan asks for permission. Just snapping a secret photo is irritating and something WWE stars really don’t like. You can see it in John’s face, he’s none too pleased with the secret snipe.

19 Wanted To Take - Nikki All Smiles At Melbourne Airport

Along with John, both took part in the recent Super Show-Down event in Melbourne, Australia. The trip wasn’t a short one, all the wrestlers spent hours on a flight and that included both of the Bella Twins.

Despite the hellacious travel time, both Nikki and Brie seemed to be upbeat once they got off the plane. They were met by lots of fans at the airport. Brie looked a little rattled just getting off the flight while Nikki seemed very happy and more than willing to engage with the fans.

18 Didn’t Want - Walking With John In Australia

The two are broken up however it hasn’t stopped the former couple from spending time together. Although in truth, they would likely prefer we didn’t know about it. Given John’s lack of WWE appearances lately, it was one of the rare times the two had a show together. Without a doubt, they did some catching up on the trip.

This fan catches the former couple together, surely a photo they wanted no part of. Once again it caused quite the stir with rumors swirling that the two got back together. However, Nikki was quick to deny the allegations claiming they are just friends.

17 Wanted To Take - Finally Smiling

It wasn’t the easiest time for Nikki following her breakup with John Cena. The couple spent some of their best years together. The split was one very few saw coming. Following the announcement, it was as if both had gone into hibernation mode.

Finally, a couple of weeks after the announcement Nikki was spotted while on the road alongside her sister Brie. The two were about to get a workout in. The best part of this photo is Nikki finally smiling again. She was in good spirits and didn’t really mind the photo.

16 Didn’t Want - Without The Engagement Ring

TMZ and other entertainment news media outlets had a field day with this candid airport photo. What seems to be a normal photo is actually one that came with a lot of controversies. In the photo, Nikki is without her engagement ring. The same ring she hardly took off since John Cena’s proposal back at WrestleMania 33.

What’s truly surprising is just a year after that proposal, the couple was already rumored to have been split up. A crazy turn of events that nobody expected. Spotting Nikki without the ring just added the cherry on top.

15 Didn’t Want - Flight Delay With Big Show

The taxing part about being a WWE Superstar isn’t the in-ring work and the hours upon hours in the gym. Most WWE stars hardly complain about that factor. What lots of wrestlers complain about and what causes early retirements is the constant traveling. If lucky, a WWE star gets to spend two may be on a good week, three days at home. Usually, WWE has three to four shows per week, making the schedule quite the grind for its employees.

Flight delays can also play a nagging part in the journey of a WWE star. Just ask Cena and Big Show who look none too pleased in this throwback photo as they wait for their flight. A photo was the last thing they wanted.

14 Wanted To Take - Blue Suit Selfie With Young Fan

When it comes to younger fans, Cena does his absolute best to please them with a photo. After all, nobody has come close to the number of wishes granted by John during his work with Make-A-Wish. The amount of dreams that have come true because John is quite remarkable.

He lives a quiet life outside of the ring, however, when it comes to young fans Cena definitely has a soft spot and he’ll always take time to pose for a quick photo. This is just one of the many photos Cena has taken at the airport alongside a young supporter.

13 Didn’t Want - Snubbing The LAX Cameras

Both Nikki and Brie are usually all smiles even after a long flight. However, in this rare instance, both twins didn’t acknowledge the LAX cameras. Brie kept her eyes on the floor while Nikki avoided the photo by looking at her phone.

Even some of the most social WWE stars aren’t always down for a photo. How would you feel getting photographed seconds after stepping off a flight? Not the best feeling. Flashes in your face aren’t always fun especially when it happens regularly for the WWE and reality TV sisters.

12 Wanted To Take - All Smiles With Brie

Ironically, once the sisters made their way out of the LAX airport they were all smiles. Oh, how much of a difference proper timing can make. This is a clear example of when to take a photo of a celebrity.

Once they just got off the plane isn’t a good idea at any point. The proper timing would be once they get off the plane and have time to gather themselves and get their personal belongings. Clearly, that’s the best idea as in this instance; the twins are willing to smile for the cameras.

11 Didn’t Want - The Grin & Look Away

The polite way of refusing to take a picture is on full display in this candid airport photo. Cena respectfully pulls a causal grin while looking away. Basically, that means take the picture while I walk away.

Perhaps wearing that flashy suit wasn’t the best idea as it put an even bigger spotlight on the former WWE Champion. In truth, even if he wasn’t John Cena such a look would get lots of attention. It also doesn’t help that he’s a mammoth sized man that anyone can easily spot to begin with. The suit doesn’t help his cause.

10 Didn’t Want - The Early Stages

This is a photo of John Cena during his earlier days with the WWE. He got his start with the developmental brand in the early 2000s. By 2002, he was already traveling with the WWE.

The photo above is right around the time he started to become a household name and the face of the company. Surprisingly, one of his first popular character portrayals was a villainous type rapper. Perhaps he was trying to keep in character with this fan photo above. Just a couple of years later, he would turn into a fan favorite and arguably the biggest name in WWE history.

9 Wanted To Take – Nikki Talking To TMZ At LAX

Nikki is in and out of the LAX airport quite frequently. With that, comes a lot of attention from the paparazzi along with TMZ. Both outlets basically camp out waiting for celebs such as Nikki to arrive.

In this instance, Nikki was all smiles and she was also willing to answer any questions the TMZ people had. One of them was actually a personal question about John. Talk about getting way too real following a flight huh! Nonetheless, Nikki answered the question in good spirits and had nothing but good things to say about her former partner.

8 Didn’t Want - John’s Not Impressed

Depending on the security, trips overseas can turn stressful pretty quickly for WWE stars. There is nothing worse than a short-staffed security team leading to a long walk in the airport surrounded by fans. That might have been the case in this instance as Cena doesn’t look impressed.

Thankfully, he also has the Big Show by his side, not a bad security measure... Nonetheless, Cena didn’t look to be in similar spirits to his recent Australia trip. Instead, he was dodging and looking to vacate the airport ASAP.

7 Wanted To Take - Smiling For A Recent Selfie

Another selfie taken by John Cena with another young fan -this one came from WWE’s recent tour of Australia. Cena was in a great mood and perhaps a lot of that has to do with his reduced travel schedule. Instead of taking non-stop flights, Cena is spending lots of time at one location these days shooting for films away from the WWE.

With an easier schedule, John admits that he’s able to take a lot of things in these days, especially WWE related shows. Given his prior schedule with the company, he didn't enjoy the moments as much as he is these days. Perhaps that explains Cena stopping for a lot more photos.

6 Didn’t Want - Serious John Cena

He isn’t smiling or as energetic as we’re used to seeing him on WWE television. Instead, this is a rare occurrence of Cena looking to be all business. At times, getting from point A to point B can get a lot more complicated due to the fan involvement at public places like the airport. Again, even someone like John Cena is only human and wants to be left alone from time to time.

Who knows, with all the wealth he seems to be accumulating perhaps he might invest in a private jet similar to one of his best friends, Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

5 Wanted To Take - Nikki Taking Selfies With The Fans

Even at the conclusion of the Australia event, Nikki kept consistent with her fan interactions. Some wrestlers quickly bolted passed the fans and made their way onto the plane. This was not the case with Nikki who took her time and greeted as many fans as possible before getting on the flight.

She was one of the select few to actually stop, showing just how much of a class act she truly is. Sister Brie also took her time greeting the fans as well prior to taking off and heading back to the US.

4 Didn’t Want - Head Down At LAX

Head down is the universal sign language for, I don’t want to be seen nor spoken to. Putting Cena aside, just try and think of situations that resulted in your head straight down looking towards the ground due to not wanting to be seen or spoken to. Admit it - that likely happened more than once. A big factor is also how you might be feeling on that particular day.

When we aren’t in the best mood, engaging with others really isn’t what we’re looking for. That might have been the case with John as he walks through LAX with his head completely down.