Part of the perks of being a celebrity is only getting the best out of life. They get to travel and see the world, they get to rub shoulders with other A-Listers, and they also get to have only the best in their flights and accommodation. Well, at least that’s what we thought.

As you’ll see from the list below, not all celebs are about that flashy life. Some of them are surprisingly just okay kicking it in coach with the rest of us. This, of course, is very puzzling, especially since we’ve read what the net-worths are for some of these A-Listers. How does someone who is a millionaire (some are billionaires) decide to fly in economy? We just don’t get it because if that were us, we would be rolling in only the best private jets. Isn’t that the whole point of reaching A-List status?

This list is not only about the coach flyers though. Nope, we also have 10 celebs who make it a habit of sharing their private jet life on their social media accounts for us all to envy. Hey, they certainly have the cash so, we can’t hate on that. We would probably do the same thing if we were in their shoes. Read below this interesting list of how some of our favorite celebs prefer to fly.

24 Flies Coach: Blake Lively

We’re starting our list off with Blake Lively, who has been spotted numerous times at the airport, flying coach. She expressed to Jimmy Fallon how the experience is not always so great because the airlines like to play her husband, Ryan Reynold’s, films. “I was on a plane with my baby, James. It’s kind of torture these days because I’m on a plane and everywhere I look, every screen is my husband in a s** montage throughout the holidays with another woman. Everybody wants to watch Deadpool on the plane. Everyone!”

23 Flies Coach: Katie Holmes

When Katie was with Tom Cruise, the pair would only fly in private jets. Why? Uhm, because she was with Tom Cruise. The man is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and also has his own private jet…Did we also mention he has his flying license? Okay, so flying economy would make no sense. But since their split, Katie has been regularly seen in coach with her daughter, Suri. This usually occurs when she’s flying to her parents in Toledo, Ohio.

22 Flies Coach: America Ferrera

It really shouldn’t be a surprise to see America Ferrera on this side of the list. As the star of Ugly Betty, we just feel like she’s one of us, right? Well, she’s not really “one of us” as she’s a celebrity with quite a substantial net worth to her name and regularly rubs shoulders with other A-Listers. But still, she doesn’t mind flying coach. Fans spotted her in economy in 2011 when she was making her way to the Sundance Film Festival.

21 Flies Coach: Jessica Alba

Number 21 on our list is certainly puzzling. Why on earth would Jessica Alba fly in coach? As a billionaire businesswoman, she can most certainly buy herself a plane. Well, that’s what we would do – but it turns out, not Jessica. She regular flies coach when on business and personal trips but what we think is extra special is how she always puts her kids, Honor and Haven, in first class. Lucky kids! We’ve just decided that we want Jessica Alba to be our mom. Where do we sign up?

20 Used To Fly Coach Together: Brad & Angelina

By now, we are all well aware that Brangelina is no more. However, we decided to add them onto the list because we just can’t get over how this big family used to travel in coach. Emphasis on “big”. Brangelina and their six kids, Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox, have been spotted multiple times at the airport, flying coach. We can’t help but suspect that this had something to do with the fact that they have a big family. Can you imagine how much it would cost to fly all of them private or even first class?

19 Flies Coach: Nicolas Cage

It seems like every time Nicolas Cage flies, he tries to do so incognito. He’s been captured wearing hoodies, sunglasses, oversized jackets…pretty much anything to draw attention away from him and for us all not to notice him. Well, all that clearly does not work as there are numerous pics of the A-Lister with fans at the airport. We particularly like the fact that although he’s certainly not looking his best, he’s always willing to take a selfie with a fan.

18 Flies Coach: Bow Wow

Alright, so Bow Wow is an interesting addition to our list. Many of the celebs we’ve mentioned certainly make it seem like they don’t mind flying coach with the rest of us but with Bow Wow, it seems like he would rather not. The rapper regularly used to post pics of a private jet that we all assumed was his. Wrong!

BravoTV highlights that “an eagle-eyed passenger spotted the star flying coach, and put him on full blast on Twitter, writing, ‘So this guy lil bow wow is on my flight to NY. But on Instagram, he posted a picture of a private jet captioned ‘traveling to NY today.’”

17 Flies Coach: Amy Adams

Okay, so Amy Adams may not necessarily regularly fly coach, but we know that she has done it before and the circumstances that led her to fly economy class, while being a Hollywood A-Lister, are certainly worth mentioning.

Amy spoke to Inside Edition about how she gave up her first class ticket seat to a military serviceman whom she realized was in coach. The pair swopped seats and she felt very proud about that moment. “It was something I had always wanted to do.”

16 Flies Coach: Bill Murray

68-year-old Bill Murray has also regularly been seen in coach by fans and airline staff. Not so sure about how you feel but, this is certainly a huge surprise for us. The man is practically a Hollywood legend. Classics such as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Lost In Translation and Mad Dog and Glory, were all brought to life because of him. If there’s anyone who certainly deserves to only fly with private jets, surely it’s Bill? Well, the actor clearly doesn’t feel like he needs to as he often flies economy.

15 Flies Coach: Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has been spotted flying coach quite a number of times. What we think is extra special about her is how she is willing to take selfies with airline staff and passengers, when requested. A lot of the times, celebrities aren’t really crazy about taking selfies in their everyday lives when they don’t look their best. It seems like that’s not a problem at all for Caitlyn as she happily obliges every time. Caitlyn deciding to stick to flying coach may have something to do with the fact that she is currently training to get her commercial pilot’s license.

14 Used To Fly Coach All The Time: Bill Gates

So Bill Gates is a surprising addition to our list. You may think we’ve made a mistake but nope, as a billionaire, the man actually used to fly coach. Bill only stopped flying coach in 1997 but before that, all company trips were coach for him. This was the policy for all Microsoft staff.

What’s impressive is that he followed this rule. The guy is the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation, for goodness sake. Surely he could have demanded to fly private from a long time ago? Well, he could, but he didn’t. He decided to follow the rules. What an admirable man.

13 Flies Coach: Alec Baldwin

How can we write an article about celebs who like to fly coach without mentioning Alec Baldwin? The actor travels a lot because of his work commitments and it seems like every time he does travel, he does so in economy class.

The most noticeable story about Alec flying coach is how he was once kicked off an American Airlines flight as he allegedly refused to put his phone down. This, of course, made the evening news. You would think that this would cause him to stay clear of economy flights. Nope, not Alec. He has since been spotted flying coach numerous times after the incident.

12 Flies Coach: Glenn Close

She’s a 6 time Academy Award nominated actress. She won a Golden Globe award in 2005. She’s also a multiple Primetime Emmy Awards winner…What on earth would anyone with these accolades be doing in coach? If this was us, we would only fly first class. No, actually, we’d buy a couple of private jets and we’d fly with our own entourage wherever we went. That’s what we expect from Hollywood’s A-Listers, right? Well, it seems that Glenn is much more humble as the actress is okay flying in coach with the rest of us regular folk.

11 Flies Coach: Claire Danes

The last celeb that fans may be able to spot at the airport in coach with the rest of us during these holidays is actress, Claire Danes. What we particularly appreciate about Claire is that although she can demand to only fly first class, she doesn’t. Back in 2011, the actress was awarded a SAG for Temple Grandin. That’s great and all, but she had to fly to New York the next morning for work. So, what did she do? She hopped onto an economy class flight, of course.

10 Flies Private: Kim K

We start our list off with the Reality TV queen, Kim Kardashian-West. So, of course, she’s been spotted like once or twice flying coach but we all know that it doesn’t happen on a regular. Kim K is well-known for loving the fabulous things in life. Her Instagram account is regularly filled with pics of her and her close family and friends having the time of their lives in different destinations. How do they get there? Only with private jets, of course.

9 Flies Private: Rihanna

Our girl Rihanna makes her way onto number 9 on our list and of course, she travels in private jets. Would you expect anything from this pop princess? Her Instagram account is loaded with pics of her traveling to different vacations, as well as traveling to her home country, Barbados. What we particularly love about Rihanna is the fact that she lives her fabulous life alongside the friends she grew up with. She regularly jet sets with her childhood friends and this is an indicator that the star hasn’t forgotten about where she comes from.

8 Flies Private: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a starlet who has regularly been seen hopping on and off private jets as she tours and vacations around the world. Considering the fact that she’s only 25 years old, one can only imagine the lavish lifestyle she will lead in the future. What we particularly find interesting is how she is regularly spotted hopping on her jet, with 6-inch stilettos on. Can you imagine trying to make your way through the airport and the TSA with 6-inch stilettos on? Yeah, neither can we.

7 Flies Private: John Travolta

John Travolta is a special addition to our list because not only does the man fly in private jets, he flies himself! After earning his flying license, he started to collect a variety of private jets. At one point, it was reported that he owned 6 jets. Can you imagine that? Who has 6 jets? We’re still trying to get to number 1! Oh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous are so out of reach for us. He is one actor who definitely reminds us that hey, he’s a Hollywood A-Lister and he’ll travel like one.

6 Flies Private: Mariah Carey

Hands up for anyone surprised to see that Mariah only flies in private jets? Anyone? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Of course, “Mimi” only flies in private jets. She’s a diva, after all. How else do divas fly? The superstar fully embraces the term, “diva”.

In a Paper Mag interview, when asked about some of her diva antics, the superstar explained that “I have had diva moments, and then people can’t handle it. I guess it’s a little intense because I come from a true diva: My mother is an opera singer.”

5 Flies Private: Beyonce & Jay-Z

Of course, the music industry’s royalty has to travel in private jets. How else are they going to remind us of who they are? Well, this one on our list totally makes sense and in fact, we actually prefer it this way. Can you imagine running into Beyonce at the airport? Can you imagine sitting next to her on a flight? Wouldn’t you faint? Or at least lose your mind? Yeah, we love Beyonce, but we wouldn’t be able to handle sitting next to her in economy.