We're well aware of the fact some of these entries would be impossible to knock down. Whether it be due to the magnitude of the destination or the sheer logic of doing so, you should probably consider the title to be more of a guideline or 'metaphor' than anything else.

So many folks consider travelling to the United States of America, and we're not exaggerating when we say that the majority are going in search of some pretty famous monuments. While they aren't all bad, the level of hype and anticipation surrounding a visit to one of the aforementioned landmarks can often have a pretty bad effect on your experience.

So then, we're here to settle things down and look at life from a slightly more amusing perspective.

25 KNOCKED DOWN: Mall of America

While the Mall of America may serve as one of the only major landmarks or general things of note that Minnesota possesses, that doesn’t make it any better in our book.

We just tend to think that the MoA is a little bit tacky, and we’re using the word little in a polite manner here.

24 BUILT: Statue of The Rock

The Rock has gone from professional wrestler to Hollywood star and back again a number of times, and he’s managed to pull off the transition pretty seamlessly every single time. We’re not entirely sure how anyone could hate Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, as he's clearly deserving of a monument.

23 KNOCKED DOWN: Hollywood Walk of Fame

Speaking of Hollywood stars, we want to take quite a few off the streets of Los Angeles, California.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has become a little bit tacky as the years have gone by, and it seems as if that’s going to be the only direction it trends in for the foreseeable future.

22 BUILT: Memorial to Armageddon The Movie

Now we’re really cooking.

Armageddon falls into the ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ category in more ways than we can possibly count, and we’re completely okay with that. In fact, as the kids say, we’re ‘here for it’.

It’s the kind of disaster movie where you really do want the heroes to succeed no matter what, and you totally think it's worth the national recognition of a monument.

21 KNOCKED DOWN: Mount Rushmore

A decade or so ago Mount Rushmore was spoken of as some kind of sacred temple, but now, you’ll be fortunate to find many Americans that are willing to make the trip.

Plus, there's the questionable history of the place, as rumor has it this was a Native American monument first, which was later desecrated to put former presidents up there.

20 BUILT: Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame

From Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan all the way through to John Cena and Batista, there are many great names that have fought for the enjoyment of the masses over the years.

We want an honest to god physical location where folks can enjoy this art form because that’s exactly what it is.

19 KNOCKED DOWN: Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon cannot be knocked down and it’s ridiculous to even suggest that it could be, but we’re going to go ahead and do it anyway – because that’s life, folks.

Why? It’s incredibly dangerous. We’re hearing about more and more accidents occurring there with each and every passing year, and that doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

18 BUILT: ‘Best of the States’ Monument

With 50 states it’s often easy to forget about one or two of them.

The idea of the Best of the States monument is to, essentially, praise and enjoy every single last thing that is good about all of the states. In terms of a marketable landmark, we’re going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it’d do very well indeed.

17 KNOCKED DOWN: Lombard Street

Why would you actively go out of your way to go down a street like this? It just seems a bit much.

In our opinion it’s pretty boring, too, and there are only so many times that you can watch cars weave in and out before you start to get the idea.

16 BUILT: Female Pilots Monument

From Amelia Earhart to Harriet Quimby and beyond, there’s a certain appreciation that needs to be had for female pilots from throughout the years.

We need to honour the women that have made flying a possibility for current and future generations.

15 KNOCKED DOWN: Beale Street

We’re just going to come out and say it: they ruined Beale Street. It’s gone from the birthplace of the blues to the birthplace of misery and sadness, and while it may be a bit mean to say that, it also feels true. From the corporate logos littered up and down the street all the way through to the ‘laddish’ banter, Beale Street just doesn’t feel like a place for me.

14 BUILT: A Walk Through the Eras

The development of American culture has gone far beyond anything we could’ve ever once imagined, and the separate eras (and decades) have a lot to do with that.

So then, if you want to take an in-depth look into the big, weird world of America and where it all stemmed from, we need this type of monument.

13 KNOCKED DOWN: The Gum Wall

Nope, nope, nope.

I’ll deal with a lot of things, but a gum wall is just a bit too much

The Gum Wall is located in Seattle and it actually began back in 1993 as something of a tradition.

We all know that traditions are meant to be broken, though, which is exactly what we want to see here.

12 BUILT: Cats & Dogs Museum

This would be a magical place in which both cats and dogs can be appreciated, and it’ll serve as definitive proof that they can indeed co-exist as animals. You may disagree, but if you do, then we’re automatically going to assume that you enjoy the company of some kind of hamster.

Hamsters are nowhere near as cool.

11 KNOCKED DOWN: Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate was built as a result of a design competition. It’s kind of rubbish really, isn’t it?

This serves as one of those “you really couldn’t have done better, Chicago?” moments.

Chicago has so much to offer the planet and yet this weird looking bean this is all we’ve got – for now.

10 BUILT: Film & Television Hall of Fame

There have been oh so many great television series to have blessed our screens over the years, with many of them still being shown as re-runs to this day. Of course, the majority stem from the United States of America, which is why we’re going to believe the States is the very best place to house an establishment like this.


9 KNOCKED DOWN: Alcatraz

Alcatraz is, was and will continue to be a bad place pretty much until the end of time in our book, and we can’t imagine all too much is going to change that. Nowadays, though, it’s been relegated to nothing more than a cheap tourist attraction and we just can’t really bring ourselves to stand for it.

8 BUILT: International Appreciation Building

The United States of America isn’t the only country that has ever existed... So then, why don’t we go ahead and create a building that appreciates our many allies from throughout the globe? Every single room can have new and interesting facts about an entirely different country to the room before, which is the kind of diversity we can get on board with.

7 KNOCKED DOWN: Hoover Dam

Sure, they’ll happily tell you about what a great feat it was building the Hoover Dam, but they won’t pipe on too much about all of those who lost their lives for the cause.

As long as we aren't causing anyone any direct harm in this imaginary world we have created for ourselves, then we’d like to knock the Hoover Dam down and start fresh.

6 BUILT: Stock Market Training Building

In our mind, one of the best ways to create geniuses out of these people isn’t through ‘work experience’ – it’s through a genuine training facility that teaches them how to overcome what happens on a stock floor every single day.

We don’t want to great a bunch of Jordan Belforts out there because that would be silly, but we just don’t want them to freeze in high-pressure situations.