13 Spots Overrun With Cheesy Couples (10 For Those With Good Taste)

Relationships are a very delicate topic for many people, and this can be for a number of reasons. Everyone has their own preferences, and sometimes even the most microscopic of habits or attitudes can make or break a relationship. Some people go through many partners before finding ‘the one’, whereas some are lucky enough that they needn’t look far for a life partner. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of fish in the sea and one of those fish will be the one we wake up to every day.

Most people that you come across in life will tell you that the one thing they want in life is to love and to be loved. While this has a different meaning for each individual, more often than not, it is the ones who have the same, or a similar mentality who end up as a couple. Sometimes, however, a couple are so caught-up in each-other’s love - there is absolutely nothing wrong with this - but sometimes so much that we can’t help but cringe when we look at them and what they do. On the other hand, there are couples, who although still in to each-other, but know when to draw the line when out in public, and even behind closed doors.

Below is a list of 15 places cheesy couples go, followed by 10 that couples with good taste go. Enjoy!

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23 Cheesy: Bali, Indonesia


Bali may seem like an exotic and romantic location, however when you delve deep down in to the history of the country, you will see why it is so cheap. Because it is cheap, it attracts many tourists, including couples who are after a cheap yet romantic getaway. eDreams portrays Bali as a location where you and your partner will feel like the rest of the world is gone, this may be so, but it does not outweigh the chances of you or your partner getting ‘Bali Belly’ or falling ill for numerous reasons.

22 Cheesy: Venice, Italy


Ah, yes, Venice, the City of many Canals. This city of famous for a number of reasons, including but not limited to; its array of bridges, Piazza San Marco, many spectacular churches, and most of all, the home of the Gondola. This city has the ability to be classy, yet according to Independent, cheesy at the same time, you know, if you plan on proposing on a Gondola ride at sunset under the Ponte Di Rialto. Of course this is up to the couple to decide what path to take, but nevertheless, it is filled with hidden gems and worth checking out.

21 Cheesy: Paris, France


The City of Love should give it away straight away. Paris is full of love-birds, and is probably on every couples’ romantic getaway bucket list. Getting that must-have selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, getting romantic on top of the Tower, or doing loops in a car around the Arc de Triomphe, these are the things that has every couple in stitches when they are in, or planning to travel to Paris. The city is full of culture and great food, but Independent says what makes it cheesy are the couples who travel there decide they will go by the books and ‘do what you gotta do when in Paris’.

20 Cheesy: Las Vegas, USA


Las Vegas is full of people who want to party and try their luck in the casinos. While it may be a buzzing place to be, the Vice suggests it is not really for couples looking for a romantic getaway. You will likely encounter a group or individual who has had a night of bad luck with their money, and has taken advantage of the ‘free drinks’ service in the casinos. What’s more, Las Vegas is known for its part scene, so I can’t imagine it would be the cleanest place to take a walk down the street and hear nothing except your thoughts.

19 Cheesy: Aspen, Colorado, USA


US News Travel describes Aspen, Colorado, as a real-life winter wonderland. What is cringe about sitting by a wood fireplace, in a hotel room that overlooks the snow-capped mountains, reflecting in the lake that lies at the feet of the mountains? Nothing is. What is cheesy, however, is how couples portray this destination on social media that ruin it for all.

18 Cheesy: Pisa, Italy


There is only one main attraction in Pisa that everyone comes to see. Sitting at a café, looking on to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the lush green grass surrounding it, you will see crowds gathering pulling that famous pose. Journalist on the Run recommends for a much more classy experience, soak up the sun on the coast instead…okay maybe after one picture.

17 Cheesy: Californian Coast


Seems odd that such a famous stretch of coastline is in the cheesy list, but it has ended up here for good reason. Couples think that spending a few days on the Californian coast is the ultimate getaway. Granted, there are some very pretty spots along this very long stretch, but truth is, there are spots a few hours flight that are more worthwhile, or if you don’t have much time, even within California, that are the center of food and drink in America. The coastline is not everything. This is the mentality that has earnt romantic couples’ reputation for hyping up the Californian coast.

16 Cheesy: Disneyworld, Florida


Smarter Travel lists Disneyworld, Florida as a cringe place to go for couples, for many reasons. Firstly, you will be surrounded by children and families all day. Next, any food or drink will be over-priced, and to top it off, the photo with your favorite childhood TV character may seem like a fun idea at the time but just think ahead to when you post it to the world on social media.

15 Cheesy: Bruges, Belgium


Bruges is a very quiet, yet elegant town in the north west of Belgium, and if definitely a must-visit while in the country. Only a 50 minute train ride from Brussels, or 20 minutes from Ghent, Bruges attracts many tourists. Unfortunately, couples traveling here have found a way to make their visit to the town, cheesy and not a very classy place, as is fit for a place like Bruges.

14 Cheesy: Birmingham, UK


According to Travel Supermarket, Birmingham has twice been voted as the most boring city in Europe, making it one of the ‘cheesiest’ places to go on a vacation as a couple. There is one positive with the city, and that is the variety of shopping available and Cadbury chocolate museum. Travel Supermarket has also noted there are plans for a total revamp so Birmingham may soon be off this list!

13 Cheesy: Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Journalist on the Run warns couples not to take the tranquil utopia pictures that portray Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Yes, the waters may be warm and the sun is more than welcoming, but couples should proceed with caution. You will most likely walk past some grim sights, tuk-tuk drivers attempting to flog you some of their product and then some unpleasant people at work on the streets at night. There is nothing classy about Sihanoukville.

12 Cheesy: Hollywood, California, US


Hollywood is so mainstream, it is cringeworthy. It is the same story as Paris when couples travel there, they all do the same thing. Photo with the Hollywood sign, stroll down the walk of fame, and overpaying for souvenirs because it reads ‘Hollywood’. Smarter Travel adds that the majority of people in Hollywood are aggressive, and tend to take advantage of tourists.

11 Cheesy: Ottawa, Canada


The Canadian Capital has been dubbed as ‘the city that fun forgot’, per Smarter Travel. It may have been voted best city to live in Canada, but much like any other lifeless and boring capital city, the majority of residents are government workers, with the only sights being museums and libraries. If your boyfriend surprises you with a trip to Ottawa, be prepared for lots of learning. In saying all this, the city does have some very pretty architecture.

10 Worth It: Amalfi Coast, Italy


The Italian Coast is a breathtaking place to be, no matter what city you look at it from. US News Travel claims the Amalfi Coast to be number one on their list of romantic destinations, and it is easy to see why. This pristine stretch of coastline on Italy’s west coast is dotted with quaint towns, rocky cliff faces and beaches not so big they are over-crowded, and not too small so you can soak up the Italian summer sun.

9 Worth It: The Maldives


The Maldives are no secret for couples looking for a classy getaway. Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Vacation Cluster say these islands are a haven for anyone seeking crystal clear waters, private accommodations, perfect beaches and most importantly, ample sun. Seems too good to be true, right? Actually, no, but it does come at a premium cost (which is worth it by the way).

8 Worth It: New York City, USA


For a romantic and classy couple’s getaway, a concrete jungle that is New York City wouldn’t be the first city that comes to mind. eDreams explains how you can make your trip to The Big Apple an unforgettable one. From calling the Waldorf Astoria home for the next few days and a casual stroll through Central Park with a horse carriage ride to top it all off, to limitless shopping and sporting events, New York has a bit of everything, not only satisfy but exceed individual expectations, making for a wonderful couples trip.

7 Worth It: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Croatia is a country full of historic culture, a vibrant, yet varied culinary scene and home to again, some of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. Independent says Dubrovnik is Croatia’s must-visit destination, along with the northern town of Split. Dubrovnik is home to history dating back to the 11th century, and the Old Town is full of cobblestone streets, subtle alleyways dotted with cafes and restaurants, limestone buildings and precision architecture.

6 Worth It: Santorini, Greece


Santorini is an island located off the Greek mainland and according to Vacation Cluster, is quite popular with honeymooners and couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of mainland Europe. Santorini, unlike its counterpart, Mykonos, is for people looking for chill out and relax, perhaps explore the various landscapes throughout the island and enjoy that stress-free beach life.

5 Worth It: Lucerne, Switzerland


Located in the middle of Switzerland, upon the banks of the perfection that is Lake Lucerne, is….Lucerne. Per US News Travel, Lucerne has it all; snow-capped mountains, old historic charm and its selection if fine treats. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity walking down the street.

4 Worth It: New Zealand


New Zealand is full of snow-capped peaks, dense forest, sparkling clear lakes, a strong cultural history and, world-class food and wine. This makes it the perfect place for any couple looking to stay active on holidays, or simply to try some new thrill-seeking adventures. Matador Network claims that even-though New Zealand is full of different landscapes, you and your partner can still enjoy a romantic getaway here, anywhere on the North or South Island.

3 Worth It: Seychelles


Among the 115 islands scattered throughout the Indian Ocean (Independent) that come under the name Seychelles, there is bound at least one island that suits your romantic bucket list. The beaches are a contrast between greenery, sand so white it looks bleached, and water so clear you can see the fish underneath, and it has kept its panoramic views and cleanliness thanks to minimal inhabitants. A great beach holiday with various forms of accommodation ranging from tree houses to villas, and even hammocks!

2 Worth It: Kilimanjaro, Africa


There are many amazing places in Africa, and if you are a couple looking for a different kind of getaway, look no further than Kilimanjaro. According to eDreams, couples can enjoy 360 degree views from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, meaning essentially you are on top of Africa…in a way. Here, you can stare at the horizon, or more importantly, come to a realization about how lucky you are to be in a loving relationship. Sounds cringe, but trust me, after experiencing something as unique as this, you will soon realise that you are only one of a few people classy and fortunate enough to live this experience. Oh, and I should mention that from the mountain, you can also see different wildlife in their natural habitat going about their day, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

1 Worth It: Bordeaux, France


Let’s take a turn away from Mother Nature at her best and instead opt for exquisite food and wine. Bordeaux, France was voted ‘best European destination 2015’ by TripAdvisor and is one of the fastest growing cities in France, it is easy to see why. A gothic themed history has formed its Old Town in to a vibrant setting where old and young cross paths, and where history meets modern living. Just a mere 10 minute drive will see you in the midst of the world-renowned vineyards and Chateau’s, and you can even stay there for a few days. There is perhaps nothing more romantic, classy and cultured than sipping on a red that has been produced in one of, if not the world’s best wine region, whilst overlooking the vines and on to an amazing sunset. 40 minutes by train is Saint-Emilion which is a charming small town in the middle of the countryside, and a place where you and your partner can spend the day tasting gourmet cuisine and drinking wine. Bordeaux truly is one of the world’s best kept romantic secrets.

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