You've saved up for it, begun the initial planning stages, and accumulated air miles... Now what? Traveling is a passion and it's something that people are starting to take on at younger and younger ages. With all the tour packages and all-inclusive deals that we have access to, it would be crazy not to expand your horizons and visit a foreign destination. While much of the world is relatively accessible, there are plenty of locations that are tough for tourists or having imaginary caution tape wrapped around them. When you're planning a vacation, it can be challenging to decide where to go when there are so many photos online of only the beautiful aspects of a country. Additionally, travel agencies will boast about the great things you can experience and how safe destinations are, without mentioning that they might have the highest crime rate of all time.

By the time 2019 rolls around, we can expect to see plenty more people traveling. With all of the videos that go around YouTube and even sites like ours, travel has gained a much-needed boost in popularity. It's a wonderful passion to have and a great desire to feed when experiencing another culture, but there are some places to be wary of. Additionally, there are places that are just now being discovered as incredible destination spots and we happen to have both warnings as well as bucket list destinations on this list.

25 Overrated: The Blarney Stone Has One Heck Of A Reputation

Ireland is stunning with its emerald green scenery and rolling hills but there are plenty of tourist attractions that don't involve a rock. The Blarney Stone has a long history and a story of luck to go with it, but just like the Irish, there's always an amusing trick to it. While you're waiting in line to (literally) bend over backward to kiss a stone, the Ireland natives are laughing at your naivete over having stood in line to do so. Not to mention, there's no telling how many people have kissed the thing before you have -- It's not like daily rock-washing is a thing in the land of the lucky... Or unlucky, once you've pulled your back out. Stick to the bluffs, castle tours, and traditional pubs.

According to Viking legend, Iceland was given its name in order to ward off others who might have wanted to claim the land for themselves. Rather, Greenland was given the alluring name although there's not much there but ice and snow. Iceland, on the other hand, is a European treasure. While they do see much of the same weather that Greenland does along with wind that could blow you flat over, there's no way to describe in words the beauty that it holds. Iceland is a friendly country that believes in simple living and it's also the perfect destination for a future vacation. It's comparable to Alaska, but to an extreme -- The cliffs, black lava beaches, Blue Lagoon healing hot springs, and ocean-scapes make this one country that's like something out of a dream.

23 Overrated: Cabo? Forget About It Unless You Adore Greek Life

Many a college kid has chosen Cabo as their premiere vacation destination, especially if they're on the west coast and on spring break. The fact is that it's nothing but party central, filled with the younger generation dancing on tables and illegal drinking concoctions that are way too strong for them. If that's exactly what you're looking for then by all means, but this party spot isn't going to become a family-friend destination anytime soon. It's beautiful, but there are definitely certain places to avoid if you don't want to get hit on, bumped into by oblivious college kids, or randomly screamed obscenities at.

22 Don't Ignore: Indonesia Is Home To A Thriving Reef On The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are what tropical dreams are made of and this can be as much as resort-centered or culturally-centered trip as you want it to be. There's no end to popular places to stay near the islands and you'll have access to tours, wildlife excursions, and, of course, the freedom to roam the island. This remote part of Indonesia has food that will blow your mind and while you're sipping the perfect Mai Tai while sitting on the beach, you'll thank us for including this one on our list. For relaxation and ocean breezes, this is the perfect getaway.

21 Don't Ignore: Luxembourg Is The Perfect Way To See Germany

Traveling to Luxembourg is worth it because not only do you get to see a historical part of Germany, but you can board the train and visit Belgium as well. Luxembourg is filled with outstanding architecture that still stands firm in traditional Germanic style, you'll find archways and cobblestone streets that seemingly have not aged a bit. If you're in the mood for some shopping, you'll be happy to know that the euro that's accepted throughout Europe is accepted in Luxembourg as well. From castles to rich history down every single street, this diverse riverside town is perfect for those who love walking trips and don't mind spur of the moment day trips.

20 Overrated: Milan Probably Doesn't Live Up To The Hype And Is Outrageously Expensive

Milan is a city you hear of when Fashion Week comes around because all of the high-end designers seem to flock there to watch and premiere the latest trends. We're calling it overrated by 2019 because not only has it held the same reputation for decades, but it's also outrageously expensive. If you're into high fashion then perhaps Milan is a dream destination for you, but for others who are traveling, especially with a tight budget, Milan is one city out of many. Italy is full of diverse and wonderful places and Milan is simply just a spot on the map in comparison.

19 Don't Ignore: Basel Isn't Just An Herb, It's One Of Switzerland's Best And Also Underrated

The interesting thing about Basel is that it's shared on three sides by Switzerland, who claims the most of it, France, and Germany. It's the only port in the country which makes it a more popular spot but don't worry, you're not likely to run into any massive crowds here. Should you choose this as your destination, you'll have access to some of the finest confectionaries as well as Switzerland's personal take on the traditional brewery. Many surprises await in this city, as it has both a "modern" side to the north and a traditional, "old" town to the west bank. There are plenty of shops to stop in at and historical tours to complete, but overall it's just a blast to walk around and view the city streets and architecture. It's also pretty tourist-friendly, so feel free to explore!

18 Don't Ignore: Italy Has More Than Food, Like Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina d'Ampezzo is, simply put, incredible. It's Italy's response to what we call a ski resort town but it's also so, so much more than that. It is a bit pricey to stay here but it's completely worth it because you'll be nestled in picturesque mountains and surrounded by the extraordinary food that only Italy can brag about. This wintery town is perfect for those who enjoy being active on vacation as you can ski, hike, bike, and even go rock climbing. The Alps play the perfect background for a special town such as this and it's almost like Italy's best-kept treasure and just remote enough to feel cozy and comforting.

17 Overrated: There Are Plenty Of Other Places In NYC Besides The Empire State Building

The truth is hard to face but there it is -- The Empire State building is not the only place to visit in New York City. While it is tempting to have a bird's eye view of all of Manhattan, you should know that there are so many other unique, fun, and exciting things to do in a city of that caliber. Take a subway (or a brisk walk) down to Central Park, check out the history at the tenement building tours, or chow down on some epic food in Hell's Kitchen (the location, not the Gordon Ramsey show). You could even cross the Brooklyn Bridge or check out the Flat Iron building. Even the Skywalk is much more enticing than waiting on line to ride up to the top of a skyscraper. Whatever you do, don't hang out in Times Square for very long -- It's mostly a tourist trap.

16 Overrated: Hong Kong Is Not For The Claustrophobic

When most people think of China, they automatically think of Hong Kong. While this massive city is reminiscent of New York City, it's also completely packed to capacity, not at all spotless, and chances are, you'll be getting much closer to people than you'd like. China is also a place with high traditions and customs, many of which we highly suggest studying before booking a trip anywhere in Asia. While Hong Kong might seem like a cool place to do some shopping and grab some authentic Asian cuisine, the population is only getting larger and there are other nice places in China to visit.

15 Don't Ignore: Queensland Is The Most Amazing Island Getaway

I spent almost a month in Australia at a very young age and although I was terrified of being halfway around the world, it gave me an experience that truly changed my life. Australia seems to be gaining a bit more recognition as far as travel goes and you can occasionally find great deals on travel sites. Queensland is on the east coast of the country and referred to as the "Gold Coast". You'll have access to tropical resorts with flawless beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, Great Barrier Reef Tours, unique wildlife, unbelievably fresh food (skip the vegemite), and people who genuinely want to share their culture with you. Additionally, you'll be not far from Sydney, which is definitely worth a day trip since it's one of the cleanest cities you'll likely have ever seen. You can even explore shipwrecks off Moreton Island!

14 Overrated: Vegas Will Just Force You To Empty Your Pockets And Maybe Land You A Cheap Chapel Wedding

Vegas is so overrated, it's not even funny. It seems to be on everyone's list and the fact is unless you're into gambling or spending extravagant amounts of money while shopping, there's nothing crazy there. It's one of those places you'll visit just to say you had, but what will you really come back with? If at all avoidable, skip this destination and at least try another place on the west coast, if not in the world. With so many things to explore, a city that receives its grandeur from casinos and clubs isn't high on the list of "must go" places for 2019.

13 Don't Ignore: Hoi An Is A Unique Vietnam Treasure With Friendly Strangers

Vietnam is another country that often gets a bad reputation but it's really quite beautiful. They have their customs and traditions, but Hoi An is a unique place with people who are not afraid to be kind to you. This town is much more tropical than you'd think and offers a waterfront escape in a way you probably haven't seen before. You'll really have the best of both worlds, as you can spend time in the old village, take a hike down to the riverfront, or even hang around after dark to see what all the nightlife is about. There are hotel accommodations in a variety of price ranges which is helpful for first-time travelers. Overall, it's a beautiful, tourist-friendly, shopping-friendly, food-friendly place to be.

12 Overrated: Party People, Please Skip Miami

There's not much to say about this party town except that it's all for the tanned, bronzed, beach bums. Miami still upholds its reputation as being a party town, remaining popular for spring break. Additionally, the locals enjoy the nightlife too, and who can blame them? It's a higher strong area of this tropical state and if going out every night is your bag, then maybe this is for you. If it's a cultural and raw travel experience that you want, though, Miami wouldn't ever be first on the list.

11 Overrated: The Galapagos Islands Are Really Too Environmentally Fragile For Tourists

Many people think that because they've watched a documentary about the Galapagos Islands on the Discovery Channel and seen other people visiting, that it's okay for them to do the same. The reality is that these Islands are not only incredibly fragile, but they're also fairly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. It is still a wild environment but it's also one that can potentially face destruction if it did become a tourist destination and for that reason, it should really be avoided. Regardless, petting a Kamodo Dragon isn't really our idea of a stellar vacation.

10 Don't Ignore: The Azores, Portugal, Is Uniquely Set Apart From The Rest

We can't help but marvel at how stunning this remote European destination is. It was hailed as potentially one of the most beautiful places in Europe so if you do make the trip there, bare in mind to leave it how you found it. It's a bit of an adventure to be in this part of Portugal because it is a volcanic environment and is definitely not for you if you're looking for nightlife, parties, etc. Similar to Iceland, The Azores has those famed black sand beaches as well as hot springs that you are able to bath in. You'll also have access to crazy outdoor activities such as hiking, canyoning, paragliding, whale watching, diving, and swimming with dolphins, to name a few. Bear in mind that the weather is a bit unpredictable here and be aware that travel between the islands, as well as cabs on-island, are pricey. It's relatively affordable otherwise, though, and their food has an outstanding reputation.

9 Overrated: Amsterdam Will Not Take Kindly To Your Tourist Attitude

It's a well-known fact that Amsterdam has a reputation for being open to anything and as such, its citizens living an "anything goes" lifestyle. While this is wildly misrepresentative of the city, it's due to this reputation that young people have flocked there with the desire to participate in all things that are illegal elsewhere. In recent years, there has been a noticeable change in the way Amsterdam views tourists and we're not sure it'll be so hot for 2019. It's a fun city with some great features, but whether it's still completely tourist-friendly is up for debate.

8 Don't Ignore: Cape Town Is Perfect For The Adventurous Few

South Africa is really unlike any other in the world. It's somewhat wild but also contained, and has a rich history that can be overwhelming at times. The town is completely coastal but sits against a backdrop of towering rocks that provide for the most stunning views at the top, with one of the tallest being Table Mountain with an elevation of roughly 3,500' post-hike. You'll find markets to be visited, breathtaking sunset views that are simply unparalleled, colorful beach huts worth of Instagram, and ocean life that's unlike any other in the world. Try not to dive too much into touristy places and get the word from the locals on what to do, and this will be an experience you won't soon forget.

7 Overrated: Phang Nga Park Has Taken A Beating, Sadly Because Of Its Rate Of Tourism

When tourism takes over, deterioration begins to play a part and can severely damage the environment of what was once a beautiful place. Last year, a section of this park was closed down due to the onset of so many foreign tourists in addition to the citizens of Thailand who visited there on the regular. While we're not saying to avoid Phan Nga Park, we are saying to use caution if it is on your list of places to visit. It's beautiful and tranquil, but it's also a natural habitat and sometimes travelers can forget that.

6 Don't Ignore: Canada Has Its Charm Too, And Newfoundland Is Still Stunning

Canada is expansive and it can almost be overwhelming when you're planning a trip there. With great cities such as Toronto and Montreal as well as coastal towns such as Nova Scotia and remote locations like Alberta, you have plenty of options. Newfoundland joined Canada as a province in 1949, making it still relatively new as far as territories go. However, that hasn't prevented it from being one of the most beautiful towns on the coast. St. John's is the oldest city settled by the English out of all of North America and is definitely a place you need to visit, if only because it's the capital and rich with history. The food is unparalleled and you'll have your choice of elevated comfort food favorites, along with some you might never have heard of. If you time your visit just right, you'll be able to jump on an Iceberg Quest Ocean Tour and watch massive glaciers float by as they make their way down from Greenland.