Walt Disney World is considered one of the most magical places in the world for a fun vacation trip. Families mostly enjoy going out to Florida for a time that will provide fun for people of all ages. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs are some of the areas in Disney World where you can find various rides and attractions. There are rides that have been recently created to bring new fun to those visiting the parks. The newer ones are more modern in terms of references and trying to appeal to a new generation of fans.

Older rides still also deliver a great deal of entertainment to people of all ages. The nostalgia for Disney World veterans make these rides the most appealing part of the trip for those that have been riding them for years. Younger kids seem to enjoy these older rides as much as new ones. We will look at both the historic rides that can deliver fun today, along with the newer rides hoping to make an impact for many years to come. Find out which ones most appeal to you as we look at 13 of the newest rides at Disney World along with 12 of the oldest that are still awesome.

25 New: Slinky Dog Dash

One of the newest additions to Disney World saw Slinky Dog Dash join the Disney’s Hollywood Studios park as part of the Toy Story Land attraction. Fans of Toy Story have a few new rides to choose from, and Slinky Dog Dash happens to be one of the most popular.

It is a roller coaster designed like the Slinky Dog from Toy Story to give you a fun experience tying into the movie. The ride only last two minutes, but Toy Story fans have loved the newest addition to Disney World.

24 Old: Mad Tea Party

The Mad Tea Party is among the most beloved attractions in Disney World.

It was part of the original Magic Kingdom park all the way back in 1971. There have been modifications, but the charm remains the same.

The ride is inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s Unbirthday Party scene. Anyone can ride the teacups as they spin in a fun manner. This original ride continues to remain popular as multiple generations have loved it. Mad Tea Party is rightfully one of the first visuals shown whenever Disney World is referred to in various forms of media.

23 New: Na'vi River Journey

Avatar was one of the most popular movies in box office history leading to the film getting its own attraction in Disney World. The World of Avatar is located in the Animal Kingdom park. Many attractions have been created to try to deliver a fun experience tying into the movie.

Na'vi River Journey is a ride that has a great reputation despite only being around for about a year after opening in May of 2017. The ride takes the passengers on a dark journey into the Kasvapan River of Pandora from Avatar for a beautiful time.

22 Old: Liberty Square Riverboat

Unlike most other attractions on the list, the Liberty Square Riverboat is not much of a thrill ride. In fact, the official Disney World website describes it as a slow ride. The riverboat is located on the Magic Kingdom park and gives a serene trip for those wanting a less intense experience.

This attraction opened back in 1971 and has been a part of the park over the past couple of decades.

Many reviews indicate the animatronic wildlife seen during the boat ride puts it over the top as a fun experience to share with the family.

21 New: Frozen Ever After

Frozen became one of the most successful movies in Disney history leading to it becoming part of the Disney World attractions.

The log flume ride is located at the Epcot park and has been an attraction since opening back in June of 2016.

Frozen Ever After features an immersive experience with scenes starring the Frozen characters as there are a couple of drops for the ride. A combination of entertainment from the beloved film and intense fun from the ride coincides for a successful new attraction.

20 Old: The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion was one of the original attractions at Magic Kingdom. It is a dark ride that takes the passenger on a journey that is basically meant to spook you in a fun manner. This ride has been a hit for decades and remains quite popular today.

Most rides are inspired by hit Disney movies, but The Haunted Mansion has the opposite story. The ride was popular enough for Disney to produce a movie based on it featuring Eddie Murphy as the lead star.

19 New: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is not so much a ride as it is an attraction recently added to Magic Kingdom. It joined the Disney World attractions in Orlando back in November of 2016 following initial success in Tokyo Disneyland.

The show features characters from various Disney films from the distant past and recent years each. It is described as a spectacle using fireworks, lasers, searchlights and other fun dynamics to deliver a memorable experience. Once Upon A Time is considered a top attraction since joining Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.

18 Old: Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

The Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is a longstanding attraction at Disney World after being part of the opening back in 1971. It is a beloved part of the Magic Kingdom park despite many other rides coming and going through the years.

Many would expect a ride like a carrousel to get outdated with the inception of fancier rides and technology. However, the ride still appeals to families. Children and parents have great fun together on carrousels, and the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is among the best ones in the world.

17 New: Alien Swirling Saucer

The inception of Toy Story Land was discussed earlier, but there are quite a few rides based on the hit movie franchise. Disney’s Pixar is a booming brand, and Toy Story’s three iconic films are the main reason why it took off.

One ride to celebrate the film is the Alien Swirling Saucer located in Disney’s Hollywood Studio Attractions. Passengers board one of the toy aliens from the movie and enjoy the spinning ride for a couple of minutes. Children especially love the experience of this ride.

16 Old: It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World has been part of Disney World since the opening back in 1971. This ride is clearly a classic given how it remained a part of the original Disney World along with joining some of the other locations in Tokyo and Paris.

The water ride takes the passengers on a relaxing trip seeing over 300 singing audio-animatronic dolls representing cultures from all over the world.

It’s a Small World is up there when discussing the most popular attractions in Disney World history for good reason.

15 New: Up! A Great Bird Adventure

One relatively new addition to the Animal Kingdom Park in Disney World features a show celebrating the hit Pixar film Up. The project of Up! A Great Bird Adventure became a reality in April of 2018 with a show about beautiful birds.

Characters Russell and Dug discover various species of beautiful birds while informing the audience of new facts about the flying creatures. While this is not a wild ride, it is a new attraction that has been met with a positive response, especially for the younger audience.

14 Old: Splash Mountain

We can’t discuss important Disney rides without bringing up the classic attraction of Splash Mountain. The log flume ride was introduced in the early 90s and was met with overwhelmingly positive responses.

Splash Mountain has become a timeless ride that will likely always remain part of the park. The ten-minute ride culminates with a 50-feet drop for the thrill seekers looking for a ride of such nature. Magic Kingdom has many top attractions, but Splash Mountain often has one of the longest lines at the park.

13 New: Under the Sea

Disney started the decade by introducing the Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid ride to Disney World back in 2011. The slower ride has been a great addition to the park with enough success to keep its spot in the park.

Under the Sea is meant to appeal to the biggest fans of the movie that want an immersive experience about it. Detailed story elements bring the movie to life with this fun yet relaxing ride for Disney fans of all ages at the Magic Kingdom park.

12 Old: Peter Pan's Flight

The legendary ride known as Peter Pan's Flight has been a part of Disney World since its opening day back in 1971. This ride is a slow one with small drops meant to take you on a journey flying over London with Peter Pan on a pirate ship to Never Land.

Peter Pan's Flight has been updated in recent years to have a more modern appeal with the colorful and detailed additions enhancing it.

Regardless of when you ride it, this is certainly an iconic Disney World attraction that will stand the test of time.

11 New: Festival of Fantasy Parade

Magic Kingdom added a new attraction back in 2014 when creating the Festival of Fantasy Parade. The parade takes place each day with stunning floats created by incredible artists along with memorable characters on each float.

Newer films like Tangled and Brave merge with classics like The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty for this attraction.

It has created a new event for families to take in together during their time at Disney World. The Festival of Fantasy Parade was an instant success for Magic Kingdom when joining the park.

10 Old: Tomorrowland Speedway

Tomorrowland Speedway has been a part of Disney World since opening day back in 1971. The ride features a race car track that allows you to do the driving for the fun experience. It's designed for all ages as children mostly love getting to feel the wheel and take control on the miniature motorway.

The ride is located in the Magic Kingdom park and has a height requirement of 32 inches.

Tomorrowland Speedway has been entertaining kids for many decades. Multiple generations have been able to experience this ride together.

9 New: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

A classic movie to get a new ride saw the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train join Disney World back in 2014. The thrill ride dedicated to the legendary movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs features several small drops to deliver the excitement.

This roller coaster is meant to appeal to families as long as the children are 38 inches or taller for the height requirement. While it is described as a thrill ride, it is one tame enough for children, yet exciting enough for adults to experience a fun time together on a family vacation.

8 Old: Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Legendary Disney character Dumbo the Flying Elephant has a ride named after him. This attraction was part of Disney World since its opening day in 1971. Following a one-year hiatus, the ride was reopened with a few new changes in 2012.

The ride is an aerial carousel allowing you to fly a few feet in the air aboard Dumbo. It is a fun ride for families with young children as it’s not too intense but offers enough to feel like a cool experience. Dumbo the Flying Elephant has become a timeless ride at Magic Kingdom.

7 New: Rivers of Light

The nighttime show called Rivers of Light has become a new top attraction for Disney World. This attraction is in Animal Kingdom park and offers a colorful show to those looking for such fun at the end of a big day.

Rivers of Light uses breathtaking special effects, music and animal folklore to create a gorgeous light show. This is an experience that everyone in the family can enjoy from children on their first vacation to grandparents spending time with loved ones. Rivers of Light is a top attraction for Animal Kingdom.

6 Old: Space Mountain

The legendary Space Mountain ride joined Disney World back in 1975. It is a part of Magic Kingdom and arguably the biggest attraction given the history of it. Space Mountain instantly became a hit when joining Disney World with people still loving it all these years later.

The indoor roller coaster tries to deliver the experience of traveling through space. Space Mountain is considered one of the more intense thrill rides at Disney World with bigger drops compared to the other roller coasters in the park.