Airbnb is a website that has not so long ago become the favorite of most travelers from all around the world. It's so popular due to a lot of reasons. First of all, it offers a huge number of types of accommodation, from tiny cabins to huge castle-like buildings. Secondly, it usually has fair prices for the lodgings. Thirdly, it gives an opportunity to communicate with the host and learn more about the foreign culture on your trip. And fourthly, AirBnB usually provides great service and seeks to satisfy the needs of all customers.

But everything has its flaws and this marvelous website isn't an exception to this rule. However good the AirBnB management is, sometimes they allow not-to-good accommodation options to be listed for rent on their website (don't worry, most of them get deleted later). Some of them have insects running around, others are incredibly dirty, and there are also those that offer accommodation, not for the faint of heart. How to avoid renting this kind of places? The best advice is to be careful while choosing one and read all the reviews of previous guests very attentively.

And still, we can't blame AirBnB for these flaws, because most of the accommodation the website offers worth every dollar spent on them.

Are you ready to see the contrast between some of the worst and the best AirBnB rentals from all over the world? Then let's begin!

26 Never Set Foot In: Smallest AirBnB Rental In Boston

Have you ever wanted to live in a house, where you can hardly lie down and can't even stand upright? Well, spending a couple of hours in this kind of house would suffice, but rent it for $55 per night? No, thank you!

But, since this position was quite popular on AirBnB not long ago, some people must've liked it. To be honest, it's even hard to call it a house. It's more like a shelter, where you can spend a night without rain falling on your face. Judge it for yourself: this "house" is a 2.3 square meters green box that has portholes and wheels. Believe it or not, except for a bed, it had a small kitchen and a toilet.

25 Never Set Foot In: Dare You Sleep In A Crypt?

Imagine a crypt that once was home to a body of a Catholic priest. And now imagine it turning into a hotel room. Feeling creepy yet? If not, go ahead and book this room!

This room is located in the former St. Patrick’s Church built in 1887 in Lewiston, Maine. From 1907 to 2009 the remains of Father Wallace, its first priest, lied there, but then the church was closed and the remains were transferred to a cemetery nearby. Then, in 2014, the church was converted into a hotel that began offering a special kind of experience to anyone who's into creepy stuff!

24 Never Set Foot In: Just A Camping Tent

If you've been to quite a few camping trips and think that there is nothing strange about sleeping in a tent, then you should know that this so-called "house" will have a little surprise for you. It's installed on the hard gravel, which will make your night sleep a little bit less enjoyable than you expect.

Besides, the price you're going to pay for the honor to sleep in a tent in someone's backyard is just a bit more than the price for which you can buy this kind of tent. Do you think you want to book it?

23 Never Set Foot In: When Showering Doesn't Seem To Make You Clean

Usually, we go to take a shower, when we want to become cleaner. But have you ever been to a shower room, after attending which you risk to actually become dirtier? You're lucky if you haven't, but the person who rented this AriBnB apartment in Mexico wasn't so fortunate.

According to the description here, the dirty bathroom wasn't the only bad thing about this place. It also had quite a lot of other weird stuff, from oddly placed furniture to a pot with beetroot covered in fungus in the kitchen. Yikes!

Can you imagine paying $23 per night for it?

22 Never Set Foot In: Snow Igloo

What do normal people do after a blizzard? Well, some go for a walk in the snow, others play with snowballs or make a snowman. But there are also people, who try to take the most advantage out of this situation. Patrick Horton and his roommates from Brooklyn were such people. They decided to turn a huge pile of snow into an igloo and rent it on AirBnB for $200 per night!

Their description said, "Dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura lays this snowpocalypse's most desirable getaway. Built completely by hand all natural. Come to experience this chic dome-style bungalow with Bae."

Too bad this listing was quickly removed for failing to meet occupancy standards...

21 Never Set Foot In: Bed In A Closet

This one can be a perfect rental for Harry Potter fans. Well, at least for those, who would like to know how it feels to live in a closet like Harry did before getting to Hogwarts.

Anyway, this place was listed on AirBnB to rent it for $13 per night in New Jersey and, conveniently, it has a tube light above the bed and lots of someone else's clothes around. Some people would think that this is everything you can get for this sum of money, but, hey! In some places in the world, you can rent a place that will be borderline luxurious for this money.

20 Never Set Foot In: Not The Bed You'd Want To Sleep On

Would you dare to sleep on a bed that looks like it? I guess, even if you dared, a good night sleep would remain your dream (forgive the pun). But believe me, this unreliable bed wasn't the worst thing about this apartment. If you want to know the whole story, go here, and I'll only share the highlights from it with you.

Guests staying at this apartment found a pile of garbage under the sink and quite a few other places that weren't as tidy as most people want them to be. The worst thing was, of course, the cockroaches that appeared there on a couple of nights during their stay. And the saddest thing was the host's unwillingness to communicate about the issues and settle them.

19 Never Set Foot In: Ants Are Your Roommates

Most of us expect privacy from the AirBnB apartments and houses we rent. We don't want to be disturbed and we wish to feel like we're at home. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen all the time and, in some cases, we get disturbed by someone very unexpected. By ants, for example.

I don't know what exactly happened in this apartment and why ants were so attracted to it, but I want to wish all of the readers of this article to be spared from this kind of experience on AirBnB or anywhere else.

18 Never Set Foot In: Steve's Backyard. Yeah, Just a Backyard...

If you feel that you're tired of fancy AirBnBs that offer beautiful views and gorgeous lodgings, if you want to have a more extreme vacation and leave your comfort zone for some time, this rental in Napa Valley is for you! It's a polar opposite of everything we're used to seeing on AirBnB.

Now let's see if Steve's backyard will sound enticing to you. There is no-frills accommodation that offers plastic chairs, rusty dumbbells, and a dirty grill. Tent not included, so bring your own. It's pretty much it and it costs... $80 per night.

17 Never Set Foot In: Berlin's Smallest House

Here is another extremely small house that you can find on AirBnB. This one is located in Berlin and it offers accommodation for as little as $14 per night. This house was built from a recycled playhouse for kids and it measures only 1 square meter, so if you want to take a nap in it, you'll have to flip it on the side and tuck your legs.

If you ever decide to book this weird lodging, I'd advise you to keep your valuables somewhere else, because it doesn't have any locks.

16 Never Set Foot In: 22 Beds In One Bedroom

All of us, seasoned travelers, have lived in hostels at least once and we know how it feels to sleep in a room with several people you're seeing for the first time in your life. But what about spending a night with 21 strangers in the same room? This is the experience you could actually find and book on AirBnB until recently (now it's removed from the website).

Not only was it strange to let 22 people live in the same room, but also the housing rules there resembled a prison. Luckily, the host was permanently banned from AirBnB at some point.

15 Never Set Foot In: Bedroom Where You'll Never Feel Alone

Some people fear dirty places most of all, others don't like unexpected guests, such as ants or cockroaches. But there are also those, who'd never set foot into a haunted apartment. And yet, there are quite a few of them on AirBnB evidently offered for those, who like their nerves tickled.

The bedroom you can see in the photo above is, allegedly, home to "a young girl in a yellow dress from the 1890s" who is described as a shy child occasionally coming to this room to see who lives there. If you're ready for such an experience, also be ready to pay $115 per night for it!

14 Never Set Foot In: Rental Not For The Faint Of Heart

Here is another haunted apartment listed on AirBnB. This one costs $160 per night and, interestingly, it was designed to recreate "in nightmarish detail the bedchamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child complete with books, toys, and ephemera." The description of the accommodation warns potential guests that they can feel "unexplained smells and sounds" while staying there. And, of course, there's a fair warning that it's "not for the faint-hearted."

Am I the only one, or do you also feel shivers down your spine right now?

13 Worth Every Dollar: Indoor Forest In Australia

But of course, there are many more awesome AriBnBs out there. Let's take a look at some of them to forget the horror from the first part of the list!

The apartment you can see in the photo above was designed to look like an indoor forest. It perfectly suits those travelers who enjoy spending time in nature but would like to make use of the facilities of city life at the same time. For guests to have a nice experience of walking in the forest, this accommodation is filled with climbing vines and houseplants, as well as wall-size photos of forests.

This rental is located in Melbourne, Australia and you can rent it for $78 per night.

12 Worth Every Dollar: Romantic Suite With Ocean View

Blue walls, comfortable furniture, intricate windows, marvelous ocean view... Aren't those the things you'd like to see in the accommodation you rent? And what if this accommodation is located in a family home that is over a hundred years old? Doesn't it make it even more special?

And when you learn that by renting this accommodation you'll become friends with a hospitable lady who will cook you a delicious breakfast every morning, you might want to go to Valparaiso, Chile ASAP! The price of this room is $60 per night.

11 Worth Every Dollar: Exquisite Property in New Delhi

If you ever wanted to live in a glass house but worried about your privacy, this accommodation in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi is for you. Since it's located on the top floor, no one will interfere with your privacy. Besides, it has a large terrace and offers beautiful views of the lake and the cityscape of the capital of India.

So if you're a budget traveler and believe that paying $57 per night for accommodation in India is too much, think about all the marvelous panoramic shots you're going to take from the balcony. Aren't they worth it?

10 Worth Every Dollar: Trullo Aromatic Green

The Puglia region of Italy is known for its typical conical architectural structure called a trullo. So if you want to live in a 300-year-old trullo and experience the Italian way of life, this rental will be a perfect choice for you.

The building has thick walls, which helps it remain cool in the summer heat. Besides, it has a gazebo with a hammock hanging in the shade of olive and fig trees, where you can relax during the day or in the evening. The price of rent is $102 per night.

9 Worth Every Dollar: Cozy Nest in France

This house is called "Cocon Douillet Dans Les Arbres" in French, which can be translated as "Cozy Nest in the Woods". Indeed, it's as close to a nest as anything can be. It was built for those travelers, who like to live in remote areas, but don't want to be isolated from the civilization. It provides you with quiet ambiance of the forest, but you only need an hour to get to Paris from it. So you're free to enjoy your solitude for as long as you want and when you want to escape, go get some cheese and wine in the city.

All this luxury costs $97 per night.

8 Worth Every Dollar: Dome in the Desert

Travelers who are looking for an escape from reality can also find it on AirBnB. Imagine beautiful desert views, scenic landscapes, and a geodesic dome located in the middle of it all. Feel the isolation, while still living only a quick drive away from town.

Not only the outside of this building is beautiful, but the interior is also decorated with great taste. It has a large kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and even an AC to keep you away from the heat of a desert in Joshua Tree, California. It all costs $165 per night.

7 Worth Every Dollar: House with No Walls

According to the description of this accommodation on AirBnB, it's located only 100 steps from the ocean in Baja, Mexico. It's interesting that the house doesn't have any real walls or doors, so if you value your privacy a bit too much, it won't be a god choice for you. But if you want to experiment and see how you'll feel living in this kind of dwelling, go ahead and book it! It costs only $45 per night and it has everything you need, from cozy furniture to hosts living just yards away to provide you with any kind of assistance.